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Michelle Williams & Naomi Watts BOTH To Play Marilyn Monroe!

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Right now, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan are bitch-slapping their agents RAW!

Two biopics are in development about the famed blonde Marilyn Monroe, according to reports out of Cannes.

The first will be an adaptation starring Naomi Watts as Marilyn. The flick will be taken from Joyce Carol Oates' imaginary memoir Blonde.

At the same time, Weinstein Co. is set to be distributing My Week With Marilyn, a movie about the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl where Marilyn played opposite Laurence Olivier. Playing Monroe will be Dawson's Creek blondie Michelle Williams.

An exciting role for each of them to play.

Who do U think will play her better?

[Image via AP Images.]

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109 comments to “Michelle Williams & Naomi Watts BOTH To Play Marilyn Monroe!”

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  1. 101

    There is NO WAY either one of them could be convincing… they don't even remotely have the sexual aura she had…. the voice….and most important they don't have the BODY.

  2. 102

    both are great actors and very capable to play the part.

  3. 103

    I would say Michelle looks more like her.

    I always thought Nicole Kidman looked the most like her.

    This is only happening because they don't know me yet.

    and they already filmed an adaption of Blonde with Poppy Montgomery back in 2000. interesting. oh well, bring on more Monroe

    and thank god neither lindsay or megan is going to play my idol. I might just die if that happened.

  4. 104

    Re: kiki420 – god love you kiki. we should be friends.

  5. 105

    freakin hell i wanted to play marilyn :( shamers, oh well… im not sure i can see both of them doing it.

  6. 106

    The movies gonna bomb anyway.

  7. 107

    $1,000 bucks says, Michelle Williams will be nominated. This is the role that will show everyone just how talented she is…I'm omniscient.

  8. 108

    Naomi Watts is a talented actress, but she is WAY too thin. She'd have to gain 40+ lbs. Michelle Williams…nah. She has no "X" factor. If she hadn't hooked up with Heath, I wouldn't even know she was alive. Scarlett has the body…but that girl can't act to save her life. All of the Monroe-worship just sort of makes me ill tho. She was a totally average "pretty girl" with an average, current size 8 or 10 body. She wasn't very smart, and she wasn't a good actress. All she could do was purse her lips and show off her body. WHY the hell do you think she was so unhappy to begin with? Because she KNEW she was a one-trick pony, that is why. Why does Hollywood feel the need to deify every large-breasted blonde? An unknown should play MM; give someone new (who actually LOOKS like he) a chance and everyone should STOP worshiping troubled women, no matter how they look. Stop being a sheep! Decide who YOU think is beautiful without Hollywood spoon-feeding you your own opinion! Had MM lived to get old and bloated like Judy Garland, no one would give a flying f**k about her today. Whenever I hear a girl tell me she "loves" or "worships" MM, that tells me she's one dumb chick for sure. Read: if your idol is MM, you are a pathetic, vain, clueless chick! Your idol should be someone who had…I don't know…maybe an OUNCE of self-esteem?? Maybe your idol should be someone who…I don't know…was known for their brain rather than their bra?? MM worship is P_A_T_H_E_T_I_C!!

  9. 109

    HORSE SHIT! these two are way too skinny to play her. !!!!!!!!!!

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