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We'd Tap It!

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Looks like Ryan Seacrest has been hitting the gym HARD!

Check out this pic of Ry with Chris Daughtry comparing arm muscles!

He really bulked up.


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54 comments to “We'd Tap It!”

  1. 1

    Gay men do worship their bodies a lot.

  2. 2

    ew ryan seacrest?? i would NOT tap that…

  3. 3

    who is we ?are you talking about you and teddy

  4. 4

    the question is if you tap but who will tap you considering what a pedo you are and a douche to add to it…

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Ryan is so gay!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Daughtry could sooooooo get it. yummm

  9. 9

    How long does he expect to believe he is straight

  10. 10

    wow!! he buffed up fast!!

  11. 11

    Daughtry is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!The guy at Starbucks by my work looks just like him and the ladies just line up to flirit with him =)

  12. 12

    is that all you care about, whether people get fit or thin? it's not bad enough that you call beautiful people like Kelly Clarkson fat? meanwhile, you were fat and you will be fat again soon. and you're ugly.

  13. 13

    Oooh, me likey Daughtry….. a lot.

  14. 14

    yea but his face looks like a frog

  15. 15

    …then they sucked each other off!

  16. 16

    I didnt know Chris was gay?????

  17. 17

    mmm YUMMY! too bad they're both too short for me :(

  18. 18

    After this picture was taken, Ryan's ass got cornholed. You know he's a greedy little bottom.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Awwww, poor Perez. Still looking for your soulmate!? What happened to (Wo)-Man? He didn't want you, boohoo…..

  21. 21

    That looks quite photo shopped. Look at his tiny other arm. Do you think he had only enough time to do one?

  22. 22

    I almost feel sorry for straight men that have nasty's like Perez publicly drooling over them…

  23. 23

    girl ryan seacrest been looking fine since day one haha but he looks way so much sexier with that brown skin hhahahah yes to tanning on him lol seexxxaaay!!!!

  24. 24

    ew Bart Simpson on Steroids!!

  25. 25

    daughtry looks like a leather bottom

  26. 26

    good god! and here i thought he was a skinny bitch!

  27. 27

    Ryan Seacrest is such a Mommy's boy!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    oooooommggggggggg sooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  30. 30

    ryan still looks like a runt… he tries too hard..

  31. 31

    When will pereza put his tittays on display to show the world the results of working out with two trainers?!

  32. 32

    Re: Shaneypoo – Shane, we gotta hang out!

  33. 33

    ryan's deff cute.

  34. 34

    Just changed my avatar to the photo of a fat Ryan Seacrest. Hope it reads.

  35. 35

    Re: DogTown – Agreed! And love your avatar.

  36. 36

    And then they got a room…

  37. 37

    Think he did it for you Perez

  38. 38

    LOL @ he "really" bulked up…lmao
    Compared to you, Perez, yes….otherwise…not so much.

  39. 39

    Still a butterface.

  40. 40

    I have to say…mmmm, I like the two of then together doing that. Nice….

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: rico35 – You are such an idiot!!! Where does it say anywhere that Chris is gay?

  43. 43

    I'd do Daunghtry 6 ways to Sunday and have him pull out my finger nails first before I'd ever shtup Seacrest Perezzie! Seacrest deserves a broom handle in the ass more than anything I can think of…what a creep!

  44. licq says – reply to this


    cute couple.

  45. 45

    He might be able to bulk up but hes still got that face and that crap personality! No gym for being a disgusting, shallow human being.

  46. 46

    ugh, what a goon. he has been so obnoxious this season on american idol, i think they might as well replace him next season as well - the original cast is almost gone anyways…

  47. 47

    awww. now they just need to compare dick sizes and they'll be a nice lil couple

  48. 48

    For ya'lls information Chris is not gay, he is happily married to a very pretty woman named Deanna. And as for Ryan who knows, all I know is that Chris looks hot!!! Yum!

  49. 49

    Perezl, who is writing this crap for you? You'd "tap it." Dude, I took you for being a bottom. A horrific, gross, nightmarish thought that it is. You do know that tap it is a term a top uses about a bottoms f-hole, right? You're gross Perez. So gross. As for Ryan Seacrest, I would love for him to tap my ass and pump his load in me. You? He's run screaming into the night at the thought of you. Yuck!

  50. StayC says – reply to this


    butt budies

  51. 51

    Those look like steroid muscles on Seacrest.

    THAT would explain a whole lot about his behaviour lately!


  52. 52

    Seacrusty needs to come outta the closet(and flatten his pointy ass hair) and the only hot one there is Daughtry..

  53. 53

    he's still creepy

  54. 54

    Poke my booty shrimp man, poke me! Poke me!