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139 comments to “Ashton Comes To The Defense Of The MileyBird!”

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  1. 101

    Fuck y'all people saying that all teenagers do that. IT'S NOT TRUE. Some of us actually have some class, and care about our values. YES we do grind and dance like that, but with GUYS OF OUR AGE!!! Or at least, in their 18-19… Omg guys, the man is 44 years old…HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS IS OK??? What kind of parents would be ok with that if not famewhoring ones?? Billy ray is doing the same thing as Dina lohan, pimping out his daugther…MORE CONTREVERSY=MORE $$$$

    Come on, are you all brainwashed??? I can't believe this is what society has become..

    She's a slut with no moral, values, or self respect. End of the story.

  2. 102

    And plus, she's a public figure…Yes we all did very wrong things, worse than that. BUT WE KNEW IT WAS NOT GOING TO END UP ON NATIONAL TELEVISION OR YOUTUBE!!! Personnaly, if i was in the spotlight i would be watching my comportement… Who made her rich and famous?? THE KIDS!! when she was hannah montana! she could show some respect to them and the parents who allowed their kids to watch her and buy her stuff by not becoming the biggest whore on earth.. You say that all teenagers do that..What about demi lovato? Selena Gomez? Taylor swift? to only name some of them…maybe they're doing really bad stuff when they are not on the spotlight, but at least they're not PROUD of it like miley is proud of being a slut and they keep it private…Anyways. ew. Disgusting.

  3. 103

    Re: Pennybitchh – Dude, this happened a long time ago. I'm sure she has already been punished.
    I mean really? They have already moved on from this and people have to throw it in her face. It's kinda fucked up.

  4. 104

    Re: yayforfun – Nope. Not just yours, mine as well.

    But I think its also the fact that there were a lot of under age children there, I think that was another point the reporter was trying to make when referencing his eight year old. These kids got a chance to meet their role model, and the parents felt they had to leave because of her behavior.

    People on other sites are saying that he pretty much "asked for it" but when I watched the video, he leaves and she starts dancing with a girlfriend and then it cuts and she's dancing with him again.

    Furthermore, how in the world does it matter if he was gay, it was still inappropriate regardless.
    Ashton's a moron.

  5. 105

    there is no problem with dancing like that its called having fun and i hav been doin that since like gr.7- with guys (and girls) my own age though. this is how all teens r we are crazy. the only thing wrong witht he vid is that she was grinding up on a 44 year oldd man. it doesnt matter if he is gay or not and i luv how pple want equality for gays but wen something like this happens they r quick to throw out the fact that he was gay. but gotta admitt it wasnt very inappropriate she was just having fun- get over it!

  6. 106

    Re: shaynbelau – i guess our definitions of talented are different..

  7. 107

    its not a big deal, its just dancing, relax!!

  8. 108

    biggest ho in hollywood

  9. 109

    I don't see what the big deal is, 99% of girls I know around that age are fucking slutty, they all behave that way.

  10. 110

    It's funny as I read the comments on this blog, that most of the girls disagree with people labeling her as a slut and ho. I think that may be a bit of an extreme…….yet….but she is on her way to that…And the reason must girls have an issue with people labeling her and this as inappropriate is because most girls this age ARE THE SAME WAY!! Of Course they are going to think this is ok!!!!

  11. 111

    And Dancing, maybe, there are ways to dance..there are ways to be classy…Just because everyone your age dances, like a "ho" does that make it ok?? Not even close…Girls under 25 have lost all morals…and act like sluts….Go ahead girls who read this comment…get mad, deny, call the person who speaks the truth a loser, whatever, but….The truth is the truth…GIRLS GET SOME FREAKIN CLASS!

  12. 112

    One Final Thing…It's not wise to blame the actions of one=Miley…It's smarter to look at Teenage Girls as a whole=Society and where things have gone to these days!! Girls just do what everyone else does, it's not her fault, it is society..

  13. 113

    Has anyone asked Bruce Willis how he feels about Ashton's comments?

    Kutcher's gunnin' for Biggest Douche in the Universe. Sad that Mario will have to give it up.

    Oh, and it's too bad Billy Ray didn't get a vasectomy before he married Tish. The world would be a better place.

  14. lee03 says – reply to this


    Are you people serious????
    I am not a Miley fan but my god people she is 17 not 6!!! Give the girl a break, you walk into a club where you have all the under 18 ladies and they grind and shake their booty all night,she is behaving exactly like all the girls her age world wide,the difference is she just happens to live life in front of the camera! I think that yes the grinding the older man may have been over the top,but isn't that her choice to make? I think people need to stop worring about her or wether she is a good example. I have a 4 year old girl who loves Miley (as well as Montanna) and I have no problems with this at all… I think the world needs to step back and remember when they were 17 and the things that they done than that were considered "over the top". It seems as though you people arnty happy unless you can promote negativety.

  15. 115

    Oh, and this IS the same Ashton Kutcher who was high-fiving when his step-daughter was pole dancing, right?

    So, we shouldn't be shocked by his comments then, shall we?

  16. 116

    Hahahahahahah Perez, I completely adore you!! :D "prostitot" "slutty cyrus" I just might be laughing non-stop for days! You're a genius!!

  17. 117

    it doesnt matter if that adam dude was gay she's fucking 16 years old her parents should be pissed at her but shes thr meal ticket so they dont want to piss her off

  18. 118

    What's funny is that people say that there were under age kids at the party, when in the vdieo, all you see is adults doing the same thing Miley was doing. HA HA! The media always exaggerates things. And Perez is always against any celebrity that does not side on his opinion . Like seriously peeps, this vid is so 11 Months ago! Get over urselfs !

  19. 119

    Re: mrs_Skarsgard – get it str8t , she's 17. She'll be legal in NoVember

  20. 120

    Ok, with Miley being 16 at the time it doesn't make it "ok" with her practically dry humping an older man. Just because he is gay doesn't make it ok for her to do that. You would think that her being signed to Disney she would have more self-control over her actions when she is at a party, or out with friends. She knows she is a celebrity and she knows that she is always in the public eye, so why do things so "slutty"? To be honest she probably does it for attention, to seem "cool" to her friends, and to the public she wants to be wanted by other people. She wants to be that girl that not guy can have, she loves being a tease, and it gets to the point where her actions are just so sad, and pathetic. Its so sad because little girls look up to this teenager, and I'm pretty sure Miley doesn't give a rats ass about these little girls that want to grow up and be exactly like her. She needs to get over herself and grow up. Stop trying to be mature and "adult-like" stop trying to grow up to fast. We all don't see Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Chealse Staub, or even a Veteran like Hilary Duff doing pointless, slutty music videos, and saying stupid comments like Miley Cyrus. I really hope that parents of young children see that female actresses like Miley Cyrus are not real role models, and she is not a good role model for young children to follow. She needs to stop trying to set a point with her pointless music videos, and just stop this sexual grown-up act.

  21. 121

    she's a teenager, what do you expect?

  22. 122

    i dont say this about celebs that much but man that chick is a slut… i hate when people compare her to brit brit…. BRITNEY WASNT SLUTTY WHEN SHE WAS 16/17 like come on people. anyways yea, not cool miley

  23. 123

    D'aww, don't be so hard on her, Perez! So who cares if she rubs herself against a much older man? It's not like the teenage queen has pole danced on national television and has racy pictures of herself on the intern… oh, nevermind.

  24. 124

    umm wait… he's GAY? that kind of changes everything. i highly doubt she would do this with some straight man… that was the creepy factor for me. that she's 17 and he's 44 and they were being so gross together. but come on, he's GAY. they were just having fun, there wasn't anything sexual attached to it.

  25. 125

    None of this is going to matter in a year, let alone a week from now. People keep saying she's a role model for kids..well, she didn't ask to be one, and entertainers shouldn't be kids' role models in the first place.

  26. 126

    i am 19 as well and i've seen dancing ten times worse than what she is doing. i noticed someone said that they have never seen this dancing at high school dances…. thats total crap, everyone dances like this, it's part of our society today and its accepted. she's young and she's having fun which is exactly what she is supposed to be doing.

  27. 127

    Ashton Kutcher is at fault here.

  28. 128

    Oh look she's practicing her tongue action!

    Ashton thinks it's ok because he's got step-daughter's that prob. do this right?

    Puhlease! It was wrong, it's disgusting and their is no excuse.

    Miley and her parents have stooped to an all time low and I did not think that possible. If these were reg. non celeb parents they'd be investigated.

  29. 129

    The problem is that her parents don't see what is wrong with her sexually explicit behaviour at such a young age. Her parents have probably never set boundaries or taught her what is acceptable behaviour. They let her do what she pleases. Remember her performance last year at some awards show where she used a stripper pole and dressed and danced provocatively. her parents were sitting in the audience. also she said recently that dad loves her new music video.

  30. 130

    Re: Anoynomous – I don't dance like that. And im not a slut. And plus, im 20 years old. This happened a long time ago, and I'm sure she has already been punished for it. I don't think its fair for people to be bashing her for something she did over a year ago. She moved on from it. It's time for everyone else to also.

  31. 131

    She likes to be slutty. No doubt about that. The fact that it's a gay man does not excuse her behavior.

  32. 132

    hey my name is perez, im jealous of all the real celebrities so i just bitch about them on my website but to their face im as nice as pie…

  33. 133

    LMAOOOO!!! this made me laugh. of course you'd get that kind of response from him…how old is his wife again?

  34. 134

    I think you rag on this girl way to hard. She is an actress and what she had been doing has been working for her why can't we celebrate her instead of trashing on Miley all the time. Your just teaching people to be cruel and I think that should be trashed on way before trashing on a sweet girl that has only been doing her job! Plus we have seen much worse from other women in hollywood then that!

  35. 135

    Re: partychipgirl – Are YOU a parent? Would you want your daughter grinding on a guy older that her father, regardless of his sexuality? "She can't be thinking all the time", that's BULLSHIT. Everyone has to weigh the consequences of their actions and should be prepared to deal with them. Think before you say ignorant comments.

  36. 136

    the guy she was dancing with was gay >.

  37. 137

    Re: therealstinkweed – agreed!!!!!
    but the difference is she was dancing with a man in his 40s. but i guess maybe they're just good friends since i keep hearing the dude is gay

  38. 138

    almost all of us have gay friends right? well i do, one of them are the same age as my mom. me and him always go out together and mess around dancing to close but its just for fun. and i'm only 14! just get a grip and leave her alone. kay!?

  39. 139

    Re: courtneyrose13 – if you're 14 and spending time with men the same age as your mom (gay or straight), you have bigger issues to worry about than miley cyrus.

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