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Ashton Talks Brittany

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Although the pair had dated in the past, Ashton Kutcher has never spoken in depth about the death of his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Murphy.

And her passing is something he cannot make sense of!

Ashton said:

"I don't think you can, I don't know if you try to make sense of it or not.

I just celebrate who [Murphy] was. She was like the person who walked in the room and she was always the first person to dance. You know when you go to a party and everybody is standing around, and the music is going — and you know sooner or later everyone is going to dance. She was always the first person to dance. And I just try to connect to that and celebrate who she was and how she was, and not make sense of it, ’cause there is no sense of making sense of it.

The former flames had not been in touch, but they did meet up again about two month before her passing. It was purely business.

"I mean she came in … We were casting a TV show that we were producing, and I wanted her to play this role in it, and she came in and I got to see her probably about two months before she passed away," divulged the actor.


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33 comments to “Ashton Talks Brittany”

  1. 1

    He went from this pretty young thing to that plastic old hag Demi Whore ? ! Key-rist ! He must have Grandmother issues !

  2. 2

    And Demi is the person to walk in the room and be the first to sit down ! A

  3. 3

    And Demi is the person to walk in the room and be the first to sit down, and ask to have the air condioning turned up ('cos she is having a hot flash). Just say'n !

  4. 4

    she was a drug addict. she died. you barely spoke to the bitch. don't try to catch any press now, you fucktard. shut the fuck up Asshton!

  5. 5

    And he didn't cast her.

    Can gossip sites please, and hollywood too, please stop having the Ex's of people, who haven't seen them in 10 years comment on their deaths?

  6. 6

    Who cares?

  7. 7

    how come people always have something nice to say about dead people? why cant he say 'she was a mega bitch and im glad shes dead'

  8. 8

    This seems so disingenuous! They dated briefly, didn't marry, hadn't been in touch for a long time, married other people…Ashton needs to find another way to spend his idle days.

  9. 9

    poor girl

  10. 10

    I really don't know what you were expecting Perez…they dated awhile back and lost touch with each other over the years. She passed away and he made a statement about it, end of story. Is he supposed to hold a candlelight vigil over her grave every night or can he go back to his wife and stepkids now?

  11. 11

    RIP Brittany… still can not believe it.

  12. 12

    Aww that's so sweet.

  13. 13

    Re: JRodFilms – You don't speak ill of the dead dude.

  14. 14

    Re: JRodFilms – like they will say about you when you go?

  15. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh yeah, he has a stinker of a movie coming out. disgusting. hollywood people even the ones that seem decent are always so disgusting. anything for the project and future gigs.

  16. 16

    Betty Davis said it best when Joan Crawford died. Bette said "I don't speak ill of the dead…she's dead? Good"

  17. 17

    Bette Davis said it best when Joan Crawford died. Bette said "I don't speak ill of the dead…she's dead? Good"

  18. 18

    I remember my friends all the time from way back. So Ashton made a comment and spoke out loudly but it is not a bad thing.

    We all remember and think/speak of others with fond memories which is what Ashton did. For those who think he is trying to get attention you are seriously retarded.

  19. 19

    Her passing was very sad to me

  20. 20

    Anyone who ever hates on Ashton should remember his life story. Britney is the second ex girlfriend of his who died, the first one was murdered. The dude has been through some rough times.

  21. 21

    is it me, does it seem ashton is 12yrs old?
    Re: JRodFilms – ugh, go f*ck yourself. you did not know her!

  22. 22

    iTS sad Brits husband is a using, cheating, LOSER. Used her and cheated on her with Brits MOM! Said it before it came out!! He and her MOM enabled her using of perscription drugs.

  23. 23

    aw they truly were the cutest couple! next to justin and britney of course. ashton should of stook with the fun young girl then the old skinny woman. sry demi

  24. 24

    How long (or lack there of) did he go in school? 'She was like the person who walked in the room…'; what was it, a forbidden room? Isn't that what we all do is walk into a room?

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    I liked these two together. They could have had their own family. C'est la vie.

  26. 26

    They made an adorable looking couple. I always thought she was soooo pretty. I really hate what drugs can do to people.

  27. 27

    awww. i wanna watch just married now!

  28. 28

    Why is he coming out about this now? Is he trying to bring his name back in the spotlight so he can promote his new craptastic movie with Kathrine Heigl?

    R.I.P. Brittany…may you finally be able to rest!

  29. 29

    Kabbalist Asshton, STFU. Britt's Death is STILL a "mystery"-more *revelations* have come out since your first cryptic tweet was published. The *Russian angle* needs to be investigated more thoroughly-your "fellow" KABBALIST *SKUMjacka$$* was likely PIMPing Britt OUT to *his* COMMIE KRONIES there on Dec"Em"ber 19th '09& on the 20th basically SACRIFICED Her to *them*. Her *fraudtopsy report* is unconvincing as well…

  30. 30

    He seems to have feelings for her and regrets……………………

  31. 31

    Ass-ton dumped her for an A-list actress, Demi. "Just Married' flopped, and you needed another outlet to boost up your image, REAL FAST! Spare us your crappy pseudo-memory of Brit. May she rest in peace!

  32. 32

    that's..not really saying much. i figured he had a lot more to say

  33. 33

    Does it make you feel better Perez knowing her husband has just been found dead? Perez you are a completly clueless bitch. I bet now you'll sit and say he OD'd.