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Demi Vs. Selena: It's ON!

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Damn! BURN!!

While there's been some ongoing speculation that Disney princesses and former besties 4 lyfe, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, were not getting along, we think this will pretty much cement it as chilling reality!!

During a recent interview, Demi was asked about her friendship with Selena, to which she replied:

“We’re both busy, and I wish the best for her. True friends don’t let their friends or family be mean to you. If you can’t trust somebody, you can’t be friends with them.”


We wonder what Selena did to get these two all nasty and feudy!

That being said…we're calling Team Lovato!


[Image via WENN.]

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270 comments to “Demi Vs. Selena: It's ON!”

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  1. 101

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING??!?! DEMI LOVATO IS A BITCHY, DIVA, SLUT selena gomez actually has TALENT, CHARM, GRACE, AND BEAUTY. if someone from selena's camp was rude regarding demi, they probably had every right to be…you can't stand up for a friend whose morals have gone completely down the toilet. and seriously, how did demi become famous? that girls is PAINFUL to look at.

  2. 102

    Team gomezzzz

  3. 103

    I can't stand Demi… sorry Demi fans.. she's only famous through Selena & the JoBros, no one knew who she was on As the Bell Rings. & her show, Sonny With A Chance, is just terrible. She's a better singer than Selena but definetely not in acting… plus she acts like she's so hot and 'edgy' when she's not… so I'm gonna have to be with Selena on this one. No one really cares that she keeps going on about what 'true friends' are…

  4. losky says – reply to this


    Re: caring is creepy :( – or maybe selena finds it disrespectful to air dirty laundry for the whole world to see. i dont call that being fake i call that being classy. if you ask me about a old best friend that now i dont get along with i just keep it short and simple, we drifted apart. boom thats all people need to know because once you start bashing someone you look like the bad guy and a bitch .

  5. 105

    Neither! they both suck!!

  6. losky says – reply to this


    and for all you who are like well demi sings better so she can be a bitch. well selena sings for the fun of it but she is mainly an actress and she makes decent money as an actress. even more then miley so i think the girl is doing damn well. she doesnt have to guest star on sinking shows to have fame, shes getting paid millions to be in her own movies.

  7. 107

    Team Selena Gomez…shes prettier less bitchy nicer more talent and knows how to keep things private, shes not trying for attention…i never cared for demi anyways ive always loved Selena

  8. losky says – reply to this


    Re: iluvrob89 – umm when was it that selena was BEST friends with miley? they were on a show together, hardly say they are buddy buddy. if you aint my best friend and i like your ex, fair game bitches.

  9. 109

    Team "Who the fuck cares?" Teenage drama!

  10. 110

    Team Selena ALL the way! Demi is growing to be a bitch, if I might say so myself. Stardom is really starting to get to her. Such a shame these ex bffs can't work out. This really proves what hollywood can do to people.

  11. 111

    Stay classy, Lovato. Stay classy.
    I'm not into the whole "Team" thing, but if I had to pick it'd be Selena.
    She's apparently one of the few disney girls with class.

  12. 112

    What I find funny is that how you guys are calling Selena fake. I mean, you haven't even met the girl before. If you haven't met someone before, what gives you the right to call them a fake. Why are we taking sides anyway? Taking sides is so silly. Let them work this out on their own. We can't tell them what they can or can't do.

  13. 113

    She should've stopped at "We’re both busy, and I wish the best for her."
    But of course, she wants to start drama so she'll keep yapping her mouth.

    She's got a great voice, but her attitude isn't pretty.

  14. 114

    eff that hoe.im sure she deserved everything she got"Gomez" all the way!!!

  15. Genn says – reply to this


    It's like saying
    "She's really nice BUT…. she was a bitch to me blah blah"
    It completely contradicts itself. Quit being such drama attention whore.

    Team Selena, because the girl keeps it classy.

  16. 116

    Before I say what I have to say, I could care less about the whole Demi vs. Selena thing and I really don't care for Demi or anything she's done- It's just soo funny to me that everyone can't see past Selena's act.. most of you commenting are sitting here acting like she's the sweetest girl in the world and while I will say her and HER FAMILY have done a great job of helping her maintain that image.. Anyone who actually knows Mandy Teefey (her mother) or their family knows what absolute bitches and snobs they are.. Mandy pushed Selena hardcore into everything she's done and doesn't have a nice bone in her body- probably one of the fakest, two-faced, just mean spirited in general bitches out there. Practically anyone that's crossed paths with her will tell you the things that come out of that woman's mouth when people who "matter" (atleast in her words) aren't around are just unbelievable. I'm really surprised that she hasn't been exposed for what she really is yet, but she wanted to be famous so badly she's more than happy to ride her daughters coattails and milk her for everything she's worth so I'm sure that helps her keep her attitude in check a little.

  17. 117

    Didn't Demi ditch Selena for Jeffree Starr and his crew?
    Plus she's always trying to start some sort of drama.
    And Demi may be a better singer, but Selena's 10x more likeable and is a much better actress.
    I guess I'm siding with her then.

  18. 118

    And in response to the post I've already made.. I wouldn't be surprised if Selena's mother had alot to do with their "falling out"- she works VERY hard to keep her daughters reputation spotless..

  19. 119

    Didn't Miley and Mandy make fun of Selena and Demi's videos? It's funny how Demi can turn to her now for guidance. Which is why their super bffness seems so fake now. selena should have been the one saying 'ask miley'. Well then, she belongs with fake people.

    Oh and Selena did nothing to Demi, her cousins did.

  20. 120

    ive seen demi lovato live, shes AMAAZING! i cant wait to see her again.
    im team lovato too,

    i love you demi,

  21. 121

    really? demi is a bitch? at least she's not fake and she's not afraid to tell the world what she really feels that' why many people hate her unlike selena who's playing innocent like she doesnt make mistakes, that's why many loves her. who' fake now? SELENA. she's fake. and dont u dare say demi is not talented, obviously demi is MORE talented than selena, demi CAN DEFINITELY SING, she can act and she can dance. unlike selena who's just good in acting and a little bit in dancing.

  22. 122

    This is borderline ridiculous…no wait it's just ridiculous. These people are considered gossip worthy for what like 14 year olds? Big deal they got into a dispute it's like walking into an average American high school. But anyways from what I've seen Selena Gomez seems to have slightly more talent than Demi Lovato and that's saying a lot cos I think neither of them have any credible talent after BARNEY.

  23. 123

    YOU'RE ALL LIKE "TEAM GOMEZ" "IT'S DEMI'S FAULT" "DEMI'S IMMATURE, SHE'S FAKE." like really, in case you havent heard, selena called taylor swift her ONLY sister, what about demi? NO. demi's her best friend for 10 years. at least demi didnt say anything like that to miley. selena's like throwing their friendship away cause of that comment, and MAYBE hurt demi. SEE? you're jumping to conclusions stating it's demi's fault. YOU DONT BLAME SELENA even if she said something bad.

  24. 124

    demi even invited selena on her bday party last november, she tweeted saying she wished selena could come, but did she? NO. cause she's so busy shooting her music video for naturally. if demi's important to her, she could at least tried to stop by there, its not like her shooting is until 3 in the morning.

    you know what's the problem with you, you always choose the one who you think is pretty, talented and doesnt make mistakes. (SELENA) but you cant even believe demi who's just being true to herself and just saying what she really feels. so what if selena is a good role model, so what if she's talented, so what if she doesnt have issues unlike demi, that doesnt mean you have to agree with her and go on her side, cause APPARENTLY, based on what's happening it's selena's fault. selena's the one who's always sorry. and there's a reason why demi said ASK TAYLOR.she wouldnt say that just beccause selena's hanging out with taylor.

  25. 125

    and if u think demi's immature because of her comment, just to remind you she's also a person who has emotions, she also gets hurt. SELENA'S COUSIN is a bitch and assuming that demi's tweet about coat tail riders is about selena. JUST TO REMIND YOU AGAIN, DEMI MADE FRIENDS WITH ALOT OF PPL who she thinks she can trust last year, then on the begginning of the year, she unfollowed all these people, cause apparently they're leaking stuffs about demi. SEE? how a bitch selena's cousin is, she caused so much trouble just by one tweet. she thinks it's selena. SELENA is not the only friend demi has.

    ps, just a question, when demi hangs out with miley, you're like saying miley stole demi from selena and it's demi's fault that she and sel are not friends anymore, but when selena and taylor hang out together, your comments are all positive, you're NOT saying that it's selena's fault, and taylor took selena aways from demi, SELENA AND TAYLOR fan MUCH??

    im done. oh i agree with PEREZ,im TEAM LOVATO, not because im a fan but because i think that demi is just being true to herself :P

  26. 126

    And I hate the whole "True friends don’t let their friends or family be mean to you. If you can’t trust somebody, you can’t be friends with them.”

    Selena isn't anybody's keeper. She can't control her family. I don't see why Demi made it seem like it was Selena bad mouthing her. Selena has nothing but sweet things to say about people.

  27. 127

    demi's not just famous because of her and the jonas brothers. she has talent and that hepled her to become famous. imagine that selena's in demi's position and if she's in camp rock, do u think she will be famous? maybe as an actress but a SINGER?NO. THE POINT IS IT'S NOT ONLY HER AND SELENA THAT MADE DEMI FAMOUS, it's also her talent. CAUSE IF SHE'S DOING A PROJECT AND SHE'S HORRIBLE AT IT NO MATTER HOW FAMOUS HER FRIENDS ARE it still doesnt help cause there's NOTHING TO LOOK UP TO YOU THERE'S NOTHING FOR PEOPLE TO GET EXCITED WHEN THEY ARE SEEING YOU. so PLEASE STOP THAT. selena maybe first to become famous than demi but she's NOT REALLY FAMOUS last 2007-spring of 2008. ADMIT IT SHE ALSO BECAME FAMOUS BECAUSE OF ONE JONAS BROTHER AND THAT'S NICK.

  28. 128

    Re: missingpiece – So Selena is fake because she doesn't make mistakes?
    She does, she's just smart enough to not make big ones and she's smart enough to stay out of the spotlight.
    Sorry that she's the only real and normal teenager on Disney and actually acts more mature. You don't see her yapping to the press about how her and Demi's frienship is falling apart. She speaks the truth, but at least when she does it, she makes it sound nice. Demi just comes off as bitter.

  29. 129

    Selena > Demi in every respect.
    She has a better personality, she's better looking and could go a long way as an actress. Demi's voice is great, but that's all she has going for her.
    Selena's not much of a singer, but it's funny how she gets tons of radio play, platinum hit single, gold album, single and album still selling well. And she's only doing it for fun.

  30. 130

    Re: Christinaaa_x – lol, so what does her mother have to do with her personality?
    People who've worked with Selena, and/or met her have said that she's a sweet person.

  31. 131

    oh btw, im done ranting, you ever is mad at me, be mad i dont care, if you think all i said is wrong it's alright, that's just MY OPINION.

  32. 132

    i forgot, maybe dem has a BIG MOUTH for saying those bitchy comments, maybe she's immature for that, but did u ever realize she's also a person to and she can speak WHENEVER and WHATEVER she wants to say.AGAIN, i know ur gonna say her comment is rude and selena has nothing but nice comments, but you cant blame demi cause that's her attitude she doesnt care what others think of her.im sure she knows that once this artcile will be out in public many ppl will hate her but then again she doesnt care.

  33. 133

    and for those who's saying sel's not a family keeper, maybe she isnt BUT she could at least try to explain to her family about what really happened cause as i have noticed demi seems down at that time, if demi's really important to her she could at least make an effort to defend demi, coz u know what's the problem there, her cousins are jumping to conclusions w/o being sure if it's really about her. and if selena DID try to make and effort to fix that issue they could at least be friends right now AND demi had stopped saying "BITCHY" comments about selena. so dont exactly blame demi, cause apparently it's also selena's fault.

  34. 134

    Selena without talent? WTF?

    She is the best actress with disney and she can sing. his album went gold, his song Naturally became a platinum .She was at the top of record sales in Europe. Tickets for selena concert in LONDON sold out in 10 minutes. Your video was in the first place on iTunes, radio stations, List of best selling singles according Billabond. His series is a success, has many offers to make movies outside of Disney, will make 2nd album ……………………….. …………

    Selena without talent? really?

    Do not make me laugh. Demi does not do that! . Demi is a Chupa Fame

    Team SELENA !!
    dEMI bItch

  35. 135

    It's clear this is all that slut Taylor swifts fault!
    Miss I can never hit the right key sredded Demi & Selina's friendship!

  36. 136

    OMG Taylor is such a bitch for breaking up their friendship! ugh.. I'm not a fan of hers anymore.

  37. 137

    I love Selena. She's so adorable, and I actually like her music.

  38. 138

    Get the facts first Perez. Team Gomez. Demi can sing but shes not mainstreem like Selenas song Naturally. She also doesnt have the acting chops Selena does. Plus she just comes off as fake to me. We know her mother talks to the press.

  39. 139

    Demi is willing to talk trash about anybody for attention. She's a dumb gap tooth whore. LMAO! Team GOMEZ all the way. Selena is hotter/classier anyways! LOSER!

  40. 140

    Re: poison20 – Of course people who have met her or worked with her say she's sweet lmao.. That was kind of my point. I never said Selena was a horrible person, I said her mother is a complete twat and ALOT of what Selena gives off to the public is an act.. her image is very carefully construed by a team of people. She is definitely not little miss innocent when it comes to the back stabbing or saying cruel things to/about people either, but I'm not going to sit here and argue with someone who "loves" her and thinks she's a model of teen perfection when I have seen how these people act when there isn't cameras around. My point was not to bash her it was to say it's kinda crazy how many people her and her mother have fooled.

  41. 141

    Re: Christinaaa_x – I agree completely with you. I love Selena, she's a very smart girl, but from my eyes Selena isn't completely genuine. She comes off as somewhat fake. As if she feels like saying what she REALLY thinks, but doesn't because she doesn't think it's "proper". I can't put my finger on it, but something about her isn’t as authentic as Demi. Heck, Demi and Miley sure don’t have that same “Good Girl” image as Selena, but those girls have no problem saying what’s on their mind (… AUTHENTICLY!)

  42. 142


  43. 143

    Team Lovato! dont worry Demi you got Miley who is 1000000 better than selena°

  44. 144

    ahh well, i'm not really big into either of them, but if i had to pick, it would definitely be Selena.
    I used to hate Selena, as she was quite the little poser when she started disney, but she has completely transformed herself & gotten herself a bit of originality & a hit single,
    whereas demi has & always will be a poser with her shitty whiny music, her raccoon eyeshow & her strictly black wardrobe. yawn.

  45. 145

    And just to clarify.. I'm not trying to cause any arguments with Selena's fans.. I'm not going to sit and argue/ go back and fourth with anyone else about it after this post. Selena is a gorgeous girl and if I didn't know otherwise first hand I'm pretty sure that I would think she is the perfect role model for any young girl out there. I wasn't making the point I was to try and change anyone's opinion of her or to try to tear her down in any way, shape, or form but after seeing shit loads of comments talking about how wonderful and sweet she is and how she doesn't have a mean bone in her body, I just felt the need to state that everything is not exactly as it appears with her and her family and that it amused me so many people do fall for their crap. So feel free to respond and give your opinion on the matter but that's all I have to say about anything on this post lol I'm done here.

  46. 146


  47. 147

    Wait until Joe dumps Demi's ass then everyone will know that the only reason she was famous was because of him. Go Selena!!!

  48. 148

    GOO DEMI!!!! TEAM LOVATO!!!! Dont turn into a FAKE boring ass mannequin. TALENT lasts FOREVER

  49. 149

    FUCK selena gomez. lets give her and demi a microphone and let them both sing live hmmmm i wonder who would win. LMAO even RIHANNA sings better then selena

  50. 150

    and this whole DEMI VS SELENA battle is dumb…..Demi has already won. When selena gets some talent then we can talk about her. PS SELENA GOMEZ'S FAMILY GIVE OTHER PEOPLE SOME SPACE TO COMMENT DAMN

  51. 151

    Team Selena! She is classy and Lovato could learn a thing or two about keeping you life private, Right Joe? She is only known for been the JoBros 5 member and been friends with Disney relevant ppl! So w/e Demi… Team Gomez all the Way! Perez u suck at picking sides!

  52. 152

    DEMI is famous for her TALENT. If selena gomez had her part in Camp Rock would she have gotten this much recognition? HELL NO. LMAO i didnt even know Wizards Of a Waverly Place came out since 2007? i didnt hear about until 2009? I sure as hell heard about Demi Lovato's show as soon as it came since it went to number ONE in ratings on Disney. After camp rock ends and Demi's show on Disney people will notice her more for her TALENT she can sing , write songs she even worked with JOHN MAYER, dance, act, shes not going anywhere. Selena gomez on the other hand…..good luck

  53. 153

    team demi here too!!

  54. 154

    Demi comes off waay too much as arrogant and a total snob! thankfully Selena is just too sweet!!

  55. 155

    Selena is well-known for being a skanky little bitch, she sucks as an actress, and to call what she does 'singing' is laughable.
    Demi is talented, she has a wonderful voice, she is not the typical little Disney slut, and she is a nice person on top of that. She's grounded, unlike Selena, who has let what little fame she has go to her head.

  56. 156

    Selena Gomez is only known for dating the JONAS BROTHER NICK. Demi is known for her TALENT and being in a MOVIE with them. not only is selena known for dating NICK JONAS but ALSO TAYLOR LAUTNER, DAVID HERNIE, CAMERON QUISENG, WHOA! SLOW DOWN SELENA! we get it you want to be famous.Of course she will leave Demi for Taylor Swift ! Taylor is a HUGE country artist!

    TAYLOR = $$ + A BOOST IN POPULARITY FOR SELENA! if only all that popularity could buy her some talent and get her show some ratings. Yeah I went there.

    Notice how Selena Gomez's family keeps writtng all this "Selena is Classy" bullshit? come up with something new. Selena isnt classy she is just SNEAKY making her cousins do her dirty work. Nice try bitch. TEAM LOVATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 157

    This shit is so fucking dumb. But I'm Team Gomez all the fucking way. Demi's been running her mouth everywhere while Selena has always been saying nice things about her ! Yes, Demi can sing, but is it doing her any good? Obviously not. And her acting is just sickening.

  58. 158

    Team DEMI!!!! Maybe everyones voting Selena because she acts all inocent and whatever. Truth is she has NO talent and shes not all that pretty either. All her songs have the same fricking beat and they are soo popish. I hate when there are no drums in a song except for like 2 over and over again. Demis music is original AND she writes it herself. Its got A pop sound but it has actual drums and guitar in it. It doesnt have that electronicy sound that selenas shit music has. I see right through Selena. Shes so fake!! Demis real. TEAM DEMI ALL THE WAY FTW

  59. 159

    Oh and btw… Demi did NOT get famous because of Selena or the Jo Bros. She auditioned for camp rock, sonny with a chance, and as the bell rings. Selena and the Jonas brothers had nothing to do with it. She auditioned for ALL of those before she even knew the Jonas Brothers and she was on as the bell rings before selena started wizards so yeah. I hate when people say that shes famous because of them. No shes famous because she has an amazing voice and shes a good actor and role model. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. once again TEAM LOVATO

  60. 160

    Team Lovato!!

  61. 161

    team lovato. selena always came off as fake to me. annd demi's the better singer too. just cuz you work for disney doesn't mean you can sing selena.

  62. 162

    yeaaah and idk if any of you saw lovato's grey's anatomy performance. or heard her sing. saying demi is more talented than selena is an understatement and i'm not even sure why this is being debated. + i can't relate to selena since she walks on eggshells and tries so hard to live up to her perfect disney image. at least demi was honest. she just answered the question she was asked. also selena seems like the kind of person who lets the fame get to her head.

  63. 163

    team gomez i cant stand demi lovato shes a whore and all of her friends are groupies….srryy

  64. 164

    Team Selena! Demi is the one who was spinning out of control before and probably got mad at her friend Selena for trying to get her back on track. Selena has never uttered a bad word about Demi, but Demi's trying to create enmity towards Selena. I wonder who is the nice one and who is the mean one?

  65. 165

    team gomez. demi is a jealous vindictive user. she forgot she has a singing career she cant act to save her life. she depends on the jobro for fame. thats what i call fake, lazy and being a whore.

  66. 166

    oh and also add to that desperately insecure. sad really…

  67. 167

    TEAM GOMEZ…She is prettier, and has better music!

  68. 168

    Demi shouldn't be blabbering to the media. And you… Perez, shouldn't be fueling rivalry between these two teenagers. o_O

  69. 169

    Team Gomez, man. Lovato is a bitch… you can totally tell just by watching her in interviews. She's the shit stirrer.

  70. 170

    Team Lovato. Demi is real and honest, and Selena just keeps bringing and saying bullshit. Its funny how Gomez's fans (prev. Demi and Sel fans) quickly assumed it was Demi's fault for being friends w/Miley or Miley's fault or whatever, and it's neither.. It's really Selena's. What kind of friend wouldn't defend their friend? wtf?

  71. 171

    haha. wow. people are so naive. soo sooo naive.
    team gomez.
    want me to write everything demi has ever done? yeah i know people, and not people of people of people. you dont have to believe me.

    one, selena is not fake. you know celebrities can actually be really good people, and really caring people. i know, it seems uncommon. but it exsists, its real. selena is not "fake." haha jokezzz are funny though.

    two, oh miss. lovato. where to begin. how about the guys you've slept with. alexander deleon. alexander noyes. shall i continue? how about those parties, the ones with the drugs and alcohol, its always fun to try, right demi? im suprised she has gotten away with this so far.

    selena saw where this friendship was headed and got out of it. i would too.

    LALALand, seems like such as ironic song for demi to sing now. because she has changed.

    that is all for now.

  72. Roxxi says – reply to this


    my friend worked for a Nickelodeon (I believe it was) show that filmed on the same lot as Selena's show. They bumped into each other a lot and my friend said she's very sweet and that it was common knowledge on the lot that the reason she and Demi stopped hanging out was because Demi had begun to dabble in coke. Selena wanted no part of it and they parted ways. That's about it in a nutshell. If anything, Demi's words here and in other interviews only confirm that Selena was the one to end the friendship since she seems to be slinging mud Selena's way, but in the most ambiguous of terms, of course.

  73. Roxxi says – reply to this


    Truth-Teller, let's not forget. Demi wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for Selena. Selena is actually way more famous and successful than she is in both music and movies. Demi is just bitter and says stupid things to cause rumors and stay relevant. She goes from Selena, to Miley, to the Jonas brothers, to dating Joe Jonas to boost her popularity. while Selena's album went Gold, her single went Platinum and her concerts are sold in seconds all on her own. Demi can't even do that. she can have the greatest voice ever, but she doesn't have the charisma that Selena has. Selena is more pretty and marketable. Demi isn't.

  74. 174

    So let me get this straight…. you're picking teams in regards to a teenybopper feud…Really? And you're how old again? uuuuuuh huh…

  75. 175

    Selena is so much prettier inside out.

  76. 176

    I'm so team Demi all the wayyy

    First of all selean can't sing for shit &looks really dumb trying Dance to the point where she's embarrassing herself & needs a stunt double for dancing WTF now that's sad Where Demi CAN sing and dance no fake shit rite there I love Demi I love her style and attitude hands down!!

  77. 177

    hmmm i dont mind demi at all, shes a cutie but im team gomez on this one, i just love the selena! shes a cool chick

  78. Scar says – reply to this


    Miley's obnoxiousness and disgusting personality probably rubbed off on Demi. I wouldn't doubt that she's the one who changed and turned into a bitch.

  79. 179

    i like demi but i love selena……it seems like demi can b a bitch…..but i still like her………TEAM GOMEZ!

  80. 180

    Re: Music_Is_Love – I SO completely agree with you. It totally makes sense to me that Selena and Taylor aren't friends with that bitch Demi anymore. Seriously what kind of "best friend" dates one of their friends EX?! Demi needs to get her shit together cause she's getting REAL annoying, real fast.

  81. 181

    Re: Christinaaa_x – Clearly you have no idea who Demi's Mom is. Who rats all her children out to Zac Taylor for a few $$. And for someone who doesnt care you sure have alot to say.

  82. 182

    Team Lovato all the way! Demi is an amazing actress (I was blown away by her performance on Grey's Anatomy), I would say she's the best vocalist that Disney has ever turned out. Selena can't sing, can't act… why is she famous? I'd say it's just cause she's pretty. I think Demi has gotten the best revenge for Selena dumping their friendship for Taylor Swift, she is now friends with the most famous Disney star (Miley Cyrus) and is dating Taylor's ex (Joe Jonas), way to go Demi! Stomp all over that non-talented ex-bff!

  83. 183

    Team Lovato !!!!!!

  84. 184

    Team Lovato all the way!!!

  85. 185


  86. xSaam says – reply to this


    i call TEAM GOMEZ!! Demi's an idiot, and deserves zero success. She can sing, abit. Butdefinately cannot act at all, whether its on disney or greys anatomy or whatever shes in next. IDIOT. she has little talent and is only known for the jones brothers, leaching off there success. Selena is a wonderful person and incredibly talented and im glad se ditched lavoto for taylor swift! Love you perez xoxo

  87. 187

    Its Paris and Nicole all over again!

  88. 188

    I like Demi and all but she always seems to be causing fights or making bitchy comments… keep them to yourself!! if you have problems with your friends it doesnt help to tell the press about it

  89. 189

    TEAM DEMI!!!!!

  90. 190

    team demi !!!!!!

  91. 191

    TEAM DEMI !!!! shes so talented!!!
    selena is fake !!!

  92. 192

    i love her!!!!

  93. 193

    nobody knew selena before she dating with miley's ex!! selena s know for nick jonas ,taylor swift, and now justin bieber!!
    she's good actress but she cant sing!!!
    and Demi's know for jonas and miley !!!! and shes can sing!! and she a good actress!! shes prouves it on grey's anatomy !!!!!


  94. 194

    Team Selena baby :) All the way !

  95. 195

    team miley.
    yeah i just said that ;-)

  96. 196

    TEAM GOMEZ!!! this is the second time demi has said something like this and frankly, i think she needs to grow up and get over it. demi's turning into a bitch. she had to have done something to provoke to split, too. it cant be all selena's fault. demi should stop holding a grudge and get back to riding joe's dick. selena should stick up for herself and say something back cuz i want to hear both sides of the story

  97. 197

    i think demi is just doing all this for publicity. she shouldnt b mad just cuz selena's gonna b somebody in 5 years and all demi's gonna b known for is "selena's ex-bff", "a big mouthed, gap-toothed, butt chin" and "the girl who joe jonas took his purity ring off for"

  98. 198

    Re: losky – xD i agree!

  99. 199


  100. 200

    TEAM SELENA! demi changed so much ”in the LaLaLand machine”. i dont like her too much anymore. ~deception~ nobody even knows what did demi come out on ://

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