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Efron Helps Promote MTV Movie Awards

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The 2010 MTV Movie Awards are approaching and the network is busy making promos to lure viewers in.

And we just managed to get our hands on one of their clips featuring their 2010 host, Aziz Ansari and funnylady Sarah Silverman.

To sum it up, the promo consists of some water-skiing squirrels, but it really gets good about halfway through with a special cameo by Zac Efron!

And don't worry ladies, Vanessa Hudgens doesn't show up to ruin the clip.

Check out the promo above and fast forward to the halfway mark to view hottie Zacquisha.

As for the MTV Movie Awards, they're set to air live on Sunday, June 6th.

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21 comments to “Efron Helps Promote MTV Movie Awards”

  1. 1

    Don't worry ladies, there is no Vannessa Hudgens in this clip nor is there anything resembling humor in the clip either.

  2. 2

    It's funny. Like…not HAHA funny…. but still funny. =)

    Zac also looks cute =p

  3. 3

    Forget it girls, Zac is gayer than Perez.

  4. 4

    this is kinda gay,,,
    but zac looks cute with his man bag.

  5. 5

    does anyone watch this shit anymore?

  6. 6

    Too cheesy.

  7. 7

    you are a sad, sad fugly gay man… always trashing that girl even when there is not reason to mention her name, jealous ass.. she gets to bang what you lust after…

  8. 8

    Dang hes goten sexxy;D

  9. 9

    and still no one cares

  10. 10

    This Sarah Silverman woman, is pointless and useless most of the time, especially in this promo. In general, this 30-something woman-child is not as funny as she thinks she is. In her comedy; stand up or CANCELLED tv show; she uses racism and derogatory comments and images to seem edgy, but it's just not funny. It is possible to be funny and make relevant statements about social issues with satire, we can see that in the comedy of Chappelle and Rock. Her stuff: Sleeping with a Black God, Holocaust jokes, saying Mexicans smell bad, making jokes about mentally-challenged children. You can just tell how hard she tries to seem hip. She's been telling the same jokes since the 90s, and that's not an exaggeration. Not to mention, she slept with lots of semi-famous men to make her way to whatever amount of fame she has gained. And now her new boyfriend, a writer on Family Guy, is using her to get famous, so, the tables have turned for this low self-esteem stoner.

  11. 11

    Re: Bö!!!SEMICOLON!!!rte Petrarchia

    ha- perfectly said. she's a leach in the comedy world

  12. 12

    Not funny. Kinda pissed me off.

  13. 13

    hah it was cute. although im over all 3 of them. zac tries to hard and i think the movie awards is gettin worse! these boppers need to get with it and come out in better movies if they wanna represent

  14. 14

    You still need to die Perez. I am convinced that the gay community will never reach it's goals as long as you are still breathing fresh air. Now Im not saying I wish death on you or anything like that and this isn't a threat, but for the greater good, don't you think you should sacrifice yourself for the cause? I mean after all, you keep putting yourself as a spokes person for gay rights…so do right thing.

  15. 15

    fucking dumb. this is the best they could do?

  16. 16

    yay! sarah silverman…that'll be funneeey!

  17. 17

    yeah he was cute and funny

  18. 18

    You still need to die.

  19. 19

    Re: Bö!!!SEMICOLON!!!rte Petrarchia – that was honestly, so fuckin lame.

  20. 20

  21. 21

    Who the hell is Aziz Ansari?!!