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The National Enquirer Calls Bull Shiz On Matt Lauer's Denial!

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Uh-oh! What are you going to say NOW, Matt Lauer??

While the Today Show reporter has publicly denied any infediliety or marriage problems, The National Enquirer is standing fiercely behind their story, and claim that his wife Annette's mother, Johanna Struijk, has informed them that her daughter's marriage is essentially over!

They've also apparently staked out his family's apartment, and say that although Lauer says he hasn't moved out of his home, he has not once been spotted leaving for work in the morning - which means he's not sleeping there!

According to their sources, NBC execs are pressuring Matt to pretend his marriage is fine to keep his image as a family man going!


The DOUCHE is out of the bag, bb, might want to fess up before everyone thinks that you're an adulterer AND a liar!!

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46 comments to “The National Enquirer Calls Bull Shiz On Matt Lauer's Denial!”

  1. 1

    i wouldn't be seen leaving my house either….if i were in FRANCE for the cannes film festival. he's in another country, let alone another continent. watch the damn today show. man isn't even in the U.S.

  2. 2

    I call Bull Shiz on Perez who can't keep his web site working properly.

  3. tasha says – reply to this


    You know the National Enquirer did the same thing to Barbara Walters. She had the editor on her show the View to let them know the story was entirely false and yet they insisted right to her face that they stuck by their sources. She kept telling them it wasn't true but he wouldn't believe her. The NE are stupid. So are ones like Us Weekly who we found out you can pretty much tweet a story to them and they'll quote you as being a "source". So unless further evidence comes out I'm going with Matt on this.

  4. 4

    This marriage seems to have always been tumultuous, no surprises here.

  5. Merab says – reply to this


    Oh C´mon…Here we go again..
    Who are you to judge, fatty ? If he wanted to cheat, it´s his business - not yours…
    Seems like you wanna kill anybody who cheated or will cheat…What´s the point? He doesn´t become a "DOUCHE" just because of that…only in your mind ( or minds of some others)…

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's not up to Lauer to force his major personal life decisions just because Enquiring Minds want to know. He's obviously sorting some things out first.
    He might not even know what he's doing yet. He might be in relationship limbo.

  7. 7

    Those idiots need to quit stalking this guy and his family. I swear, I wouldn't wipe with the National Enquirer. It's such a piece of crap.

  8. 8

    Maybe he has a place closer to the studio. I guess his word and his wife word doesn't count. I guess National Enquirer know whats going on in their life better than they do. I will believe the wife rather than National Enquirer.

  9. 9

    Who knows for sure. Maybe all men don't cheat. But its looking like most of them do. Mario ever had a affair with Harvey?? I wont tell… You know who Im talking about.

  10. 10

    Really Mario? You're gonna believe The Enquirer (the assclown of the tabloid business) over Matt Lauer?

  11. 11

    …because the National Enquirer is so reliable.

    Seriously, I don't believe it when your only source is that paper. You're going downhill fast Perez.

  12. mw says – reply to this


    i need more info!

  13. Nesa says – reply to this


    I think Matt is lying. He probably did get busted for having affairs but he is doing damage control real fast. Can you image staring at this douche every morning knowing about his whoring around….He would get fired for sure.
    Gloria Allred here is a live one. Matt will pay you and all his mistresses any amount of money you want for your silence.

  14. 14

    That was a "SHITEOUS" spelling of infidelity. Learn how to spell!!!

  15. 15

    If they're having problem, it their business. He might be lying to protect his family. Doesn't he have kids old enough to read this shit? Leave the man alone.

  16. 16

    Who cares about these ppl's shit?? Is not my problem, my marriage or anything else. Let everyone scratch their back with their own paws…. enough of this b/s with this entitled motherfuckers… Let his wife roast his balls and then go starve herself like she done before… bottom line… not my problem….

  17. 17

    Re: heres2u526 – I second this!

  18. 18

    Half of the crap from The National Enquirer is nothing but crap….. But then again for you to believe pigs are flying you would look outside if they said so….. And at times they do when you are on an airplane………

  19. 19

    You're a jackass. You just automatically believe the Enquirer even though every detail of their story has been proven wrong. You are lower than the slime trail of a slug.

  20. 20

    He is in Cannes…..only Sarah Palin can see other countries from her backyard, I seriously doubt the National Enquirer can see Cannes from their backyard!!

  21. 21

    He hasn't been seen because he's been in Cannes interviewing celebs for the film festival. He hasn't been home all week.

  22. 22

    He's a good fake and this is the first time ever I believe The Enquirer!

  23. 23

    Matt Lauer has been a notorious philanderer for years, and everyone has felt sorry for his beautiful wife. I know so many girls in New York that he has hit on. One of my friends found him watching her through a bathroom window while she was using the facilities at a party in the Hamptons. He is a sham as a great "family man".

  24. 24

    He is trash - they covered up his coke use. However, He made Tom Cruise squirm like a pig, then have a Hissy Fit, ON LIVE T.V. ! So, I like him.

  25. 25

    Re: bbbbbbb – This is true. It is all about 'image'. To the mid-west mammas who tune into the show every morn, he is their 'fantasy' man/husband, and they can't face the fact that he likes to fool around, etc. Ratings would dive !

  26. 26

    What the hell is wrong with the bloggers responsible for this website? Perez must not even READ this thing anymore because the grammar is atrocious. I'm so tired of being braced for the next horrendous grammatical error. I come here for some light-hearted escapism, not a reminder that this country is horribly uneducated.

  27. 27

    Over the years, Lauer has gone form being a cute, down to earth guy to a haughty New York wannabe. (what's with those gay European pant legs on him- ugh!) Whether or not he cheated on that ice queen looking wife doesn't really matter. He's already proven to longtime viewers that he has changed for the worse over the years.

  28. 28

    National Enquirer = Pulitzer Nominated. Perez Hilton = Nothing.

  29. 29

    the enquirer makes up most of their stories. hard to believe most of them. also, matt does talk about his family all the time and has stories about his kids, doesn't sound like he is not there. AND lately, when I do watch for a few minutes, someone from the today show is off in another state, another country. ALL THE TIME. right now, he is in cannes. NBC would not have sent him if he was having trouble. he and meredith have rarely been at the desk together lately, one is off somewhere, so the enquirer could have just been stalking on a week he was in another country

  30. 30

    If he did cheat at least he had someone he could cheat on - unlike you Mario and Barbara

  31. 31

    Hello uneducated Mario blog staffer. The word is spelled "infidelity", and not the crazy ass way you spelled it.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Re: adamdallas – If I saw pigs literally flying like airplanes, I would take a gun, aim it up, & shoot everyone one of those ugly creatures dead. There is nothing on this earth that is uglier then a pig-they only thing they are good for is food consumption.

  34. 34

    Much rather find out these facts on this PerezHilton site. Don't want to, in any way, click on Ntional Enquirer. They turned me off with writing about Angelina's twins being possible sufferers of Down's syndrome. Previously they did some other article about children that turned me off, but now the've lost me for good. I've worked with Down's children and they are all-loving and worthy of deep respect, but their syndrome is tragic nontheless. Whoever heads the editorial or managorial department of the National Enquirer is inhumane at best. Thanks Perezhilton for being so humane.

  35. 35

    I should have said, thanks Perezhilton for having limitations that are humane.

  36. 36

    He cheated ……
    What's SAD is the little smirks on they're face because they are so greedy for money that they would fake anything to get paid….
    And THAT attitude and desperation is actually what really ruins them, when people see what they did to hide the shit that's what makes them look worse and hated….

  37. 37

    Matt looked gay from day 1 I saw his face, he is becoming gayer and gayer looking. The wife that he has is totally drag queen looking more a man than woman. I will not be surprised, if a manwhore hire Whoria Allred and claims that he has a long term gay affair with Matt.

  38. 38

    Just because Mario only has a fantasy relationship with the manly GaGa, he has to report on this like a 14 year old1 Really, who the fuck cares? It's his life and it's pathetic how you sit around judging others and wanting to nose around into their personal lives. But then I guess when you have the maturity of child because no real person wants a realtionship with you, except that ugly Gaga who si using your dumb ass for publicity, you would get into this shit.

  39. 39

    Now Katy Couric can go after him and this time he will be geting a divorce soon and she will have her man once again…

  40. 40

    Quickster is not shy she is ready to go,bring it on I love going after these cheats,BEEN THERE BEFORE…BRING IT ON….

  41. 41

    Sorry Matt, the Enquirer doesn't give up any more. Ask John Edwards!

  42. 42

    PLLLLUUUUUUUEEEEAAAASSSEEE! He has ALREADY beed caught cheating and has already moved out, and in, and out a ZILLION TIMES!!!! She has left him a million times, and come back, and left too! What is wrong with everyone's memory??? BUT the most shady thing about this is Matt he has a long history of cheating. He had a girlfriend of 10 years before marrying Annette that he cheated on too! But left her for Annette! Cheating is who Matt is IT IS IN HIS BLOOD!!! He's so gross.

  43. 43

    What the hell did Matt Lauer ever do to anyone? He's a newsman, not an entertainer. Leave him alone. He doesn't seek attention.

  44. 44

    MATT IS A POMPUS (adulterous) ASS. I tried watching him this morning and it was all I could do to keep my Cheerios down. There was a "chill" on the set. No doubt because they're all pissed off that the douche-bag will likely bring down their ratings! HE SUCKS, always has!

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: verama – HA, SO TRUE!!!!