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595 comments to “Pitbull Cancels Concert In Arizona”

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  1. 401

    Re: Moogle80 – you have just made my day!! muy bien dicho!!!

  2. 402

    Re: Moogle80 – Exactly, now I'm reading some sense. That's why I really like europeans they're so open about everybody they want to enrich their selves by getting to know other cultures and being friendly to countries. Too bad you aren't the boarder for mexicans, I'm sure you'd handle it much better because you adknowledge things in a global good for everybody way, because that's what we are a global sum of people you Eldridge C Moron! we live in one world and we all have to make it better for everybody.

  3. 403

    Re: Moogle80 – OMG, you're European? This is awesome! Actually, Europe HAS been in the shitter for quite some time. And the little issue of Greece's economic meltdown isn't helping the EU. I love how fucking touchy you get when I bring up the Hoff. Didn't realize Europeans call him David H. Americans call him a fucking has-been! I will tell you what field of anthropology I specialized in but not just yet. I don't want this banter between us to end. Pray tell, do you support people who illegally enter a nation?

  4. 404

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – So.. first you call me an asshole and then the voice of reason emerges? You got me pretty pissed off there! Like you I don't understand the opposition, what's wrong with trying to rid a country of illegal aliens? Do you want to live in the US? Fine, as long as you follow the rules. If I want to move to another country I will have to do the same thing. But, the whole 'I studied anthropology and check your spelling' thing ( I could claim having 3 Harvard degrees, it wouldn't improve my argument because it doesn't mean anything on a board like this) and on top of that accussing the whole of Europe of liking David Hasselhoff… not cool.

  5. 405

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Seriously read what you write, you couldn't sound stupider! if your fellow americans knew what you're saying they'd kick you out and no country would take you in ignorant hillbilly. I speak 4 languages because I take the time to learn them and different cultures, because that's what makes the world beautiful, different countries, different people, different everything ok, different shit holes like you say because U.S is the hugest one! with your huge fat white stupid people who don't know their president, or even their own language. So sorry for stupid you…. oh boy, how old are you???? Send us a picture of yourself so we can feel worse about you..

  6. 406

    Good, now if he would just leave the country!!!!

  7. 407

    Re: pr6101 – Contrary to what some people think (especially some posters on this blog) just because you are multi-cultural does not make you immune to being racist. White is a race - Stating comments that denigrate white people is racism.

  8. 408

    Re: Moogle80 – Alright, Moogle. It's clear we're on the same side. We should be attacking the morons on this site who oppose this new law. I specialized in general anthropology. The world is just too fascinating to pick one specific area. Am I still an ignorant little twat?

  9. 409

    Arrghh, new messages coming up while I'm responding to old ones! To the pr something person and mywords: thank you, but as I said, I actually understand why people would want this law to be passed. From what I have read in several articles on the situation in Arizona, it's a good thing. I do, however, agree with you on Cleaver… I agree with his point of view, but don't agree with the way he voices his opinion. Many non-Europeans seem to think the whole of Europe is like the US, one big country. We are not. Of course there's the European Union, but everyday folk has nothing to do with that. The Greece-situation does not affect the lives of people in other European countries. So saying 'you have problems with Greece!' is completely useless seeing that it doesn't concern me because I live in a different country. It's like making fun of Americans for something that happened in Canada, there's no point.

  10. 410

    Re: Mywordwdummies – Does your arm get tired from pulling out the race card so much? I'm not impressed that you speak 4 languages poorly. I'd rather you speak one language really well. Isn't there a chicken sacrifice you have to get to?

  11. 411

    Isn't it interesting that a lot of the posters here are so concerned that America is beginning to enforce it's immigration laws and they aren't even American? I mean, isn't it every county's right to enforce it's border?! How can there be AN ARGUMENT AGAINST A COUNTRY THAT IS ENFORCING IT'S OWN BORDER??! It doesn't make any sense. Let EVERY country in the WHOLE WORLD enforce their borders! I'm all for that! The difference here is the EXPECTATION that America is supposed to be PERFECT (or at least try to be). Tell you what folks - America is NOT PERFECT. But America is the best we've got. And Illegal Immigration IS A PROBLEM here in America! It needs to be rectified - It's a problem that HAS BEEN LET TO GO FAR TOO LONG. And because of that, folks get indignant that the Gravy Train is about to end. To all those posters from other country's that are angry at this law enforcing America's borders - please work on your own countries to make them better - then maybe you will experience the illegal immigration problem that America is experiencing today.

  12. 412

    Re: pr6101 – pr6101 said (#402 translated) "They're all idiots, they deserve to find when they get home, their mother in bed with a black, one Chinese and one Hispanic, and when you get there you have one more waiting to eat your ass."
    Or something like that, lol…

  13. 413

    Re: Pat MaGroin – I have no idea what you're talking about with the chicken thing, and I don't speak nor write poorly anything, I'm not trying to impress you either, but hey congratulations on being so smart publish all your posts and lets she what happens. Good thing you can keep up and answer everything if i speak poorly than your understanding is poorly.

  14. 414

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – However, dickweed, Europe requires that you have papers in order for you to be in their country…and the USA will to..

  15. 415

    Re: Pat MaGroin – It's called European Union. Were all Europe is concerned and takes action towards all european countries, see that's something you couldn't understand because you only think about the U.S and Europe it's at the peek and has always been the top at everything darling, it's just U.S is all about the money, you know buy this today tomorrow it's old and buy this now, well not us we care about human beings.

  16. 416

    Re: Pat MaGroin – On #413 Last time I checked the U.S. is not the ONLY American country. Mexico is American,All the countries in Central America (El Salvador,Guatemala,etc.)are American. Oh and lets not forget South America (Brazil,Chile,Peru,Venezula etc.)are also American. So when you say that people who oppose this law are NOT Americans is completely false my friend. North,South,Central are ALL Americans. Get it!Got it! Good! =)

  17. 417

    Re: pheobie2112 – Are you out of your fucking mind? If everyone has to show their papers to take a shit or get a cup of coffee, I'm totally in favor of it. I think your shit talk was to be directed at another poster. Unless you're a total fucking idiot and you want to debate me, shut the fuck up!

  18. 418

    Re: Mywordwdummies – I'm the one who keeps bringing up the chicken sacrifices, not Pat. LOL You're so stupid you can't even reply to the right person. Honestly, I just had a fit of giggles:) I promised I wouldn't make fun of poster's grammatical errors so you're off the hook for that. As for the chickens, well, there are a disproportionate amount of illegals who practice sacrificial offerings by killing chickens. It's usually Santeria shit or voodoo stuff but the illegals love chicken sacrifices. Why do you think they keep chickens on their property?

  19. 419

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – #418 - Oh sorry - Since this a post concerning a state in the USA (Arizona) enforcing it's country's Ferderal Laws (USA) I assumed that everyone would have the presence of mind to realize we are discussing the Illegal Immigration problems of the USA/America/United States of America, etc. Evidently, there is such a lack of identity with those other countries that you named that to call the United States of America "America" is a huge slight, and they all get indignant about it. Well EXCUUUUUSE ME. Good Lord, people are upset that the USA is referred to as America? Anyone that is upset by that has an extremely fragile ego and should most certainly seek counselling. How about I'll just write 'america' in a very small font, like a whisper so that i do not offend you, lol…

  20. 420

    Re: Mywordwdummies – #415 - Again I have no idea what you are talking about…? What "chicken" thing?!? I haven't mentioned "chicken" in any post, lol.
    The only thing you almost got right in that post is:
    "if i speak poorly than your understanding is poorly."
    My understanding of your posts is definitely "poorly", lol…

  21. 421

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Seriously i don't know what they keep in their property, what do you keep in yours? americans are the craziest you shouldn't be surprised with the chicken. You are the dumb one who hasn't said one thing that are facts and of any relevance, you only talk about chickens, grammar, aliens, God you're funny!!

  22. 422

    Re: Mywordwdummies – #417 - Dude - Do you have the right guy in your responses?! I don't understand any of the 3 responses you have made to me in this blog. "European Union"? What have I written about Europe? Your posts to me have me thoroughly confused, lol.

  23. 423

    Re: TokioHOTelerrr – lolz… thank you! ;D

  24. 424

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – So you are giving out grammar classes now? You should give some to all the pople from your country who even though can only communicate in one lenguage don´t know how to use it correctly, they get the lowest scores on the TOEFL.

  25. 425

    Re: Mad Dog – ha!! now that is funny. go school moron!

  26. EG32 says – reply to this


    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You just contradicted yourself genius. "Cuz" you're stupid haha

  27. 427

    Re: Pat MaGroin – I'm laughing so hard! oh God it's so funny, sorry it's just that I've been answering to Eldridge so many times now that subconsciously I don't want to do it again.

  28. 428

    Re: LisaRose – well put…

  29. 429

    Re: EG32 – Finally someone who quotes straight from the bill, itself! I agree "reasonable suspicion" is really ambiguous and who is to say what is "reasonable attempt" to deal with the "illegal immigrant" means? Most of us here aren't arguing the fact that we shouldn't let illegal immigrants into the country, we are arguing the fact that this will discriminate against Hispanics/Latinos.

  30. 430

    Re: Pat MaGroin – lolz… you have a lot of time on your hands. uhm… cite your sources!!!

  31. 431

    Re: Pat MaGroin – You are so funny! so typical of "americans" to always blame everything on the others but themselves. It's ok yeah you are America you are americans, good for you. Couldn't feel less sorry for you, counseling? oh my god! you're so lame! you need medication! freaking electro shocks and lots of books on your way.

  32. 432

    Is this shi t still going on? It is becoming so repetitive and boring. I truly believe that it is perfectly fine for AZ to check on colour people on the street out of its whim, and just keep productive people like Eldridge C in the country. The world will be a better place as long as he keeps writing filth in perfect spelling and grammar on site like this, (as the world will have less STD cases).

  33. 433

    Re: Kevin1243 – that is pretty good. ;)

  34. 434

    Re: kkimbo – First of all, I find it kind of offensive that someone with bad spelling and worse grammar is insulting my intelligence. Second of all, I'm really not sure what kind of rebuttal that was. "…Perez's just tweeted that he won't waste his juice on you. He said his juice is not from concentrate…" I don't even know how that is supposed to trump anything I pointed out in my post. Last time I checked, Perez's signature is not on the constitution. I go by the constitution and if you can point out anywhere where the constitution expressly says that we have to accept and care for citizens of other countries, then I will take all I said back. Thirdly, I highly doubt that someone like you could smarten me up. I'm not getting the impression that you have a lot of intelligence to begin with. But that's ok! Burger King needs employees too! Lastly, If you can point out anything legally and constitutionally wrong with anything I said then I will be more than happy to issue you and Perez's "juice not from concentrate" an apology. But I highly doubt that you could 1) Be intelligent enough to come up with a proper defense, and 2) Stop being an attention whore long enough to do some actual research. Good luck hun.

  35. 435

    Re: kkimbo – Amen, You know it! I'm with you on that.

  36. 436

    Re: Pat MaGroin – Haha! You completely missed my whole point. I am simply correcting the fact that you say that the people who are againest the bill are NOT AMERICANS but the fact is yes they are Americans. America is not just the U.S.A.
    Don't get me wrong I love the U.S.A. but the fact is that this bill is only targeting people who look Hispanic.

  37. 437

    Re: EG32 – lolz… take beaver cleaver first!

  38. 438

    Re: kkimbo – You're talking about me having STD's and you got that stupid fucking avatar? Obviously, you're full of STD's with an avatar like that. You got balls. It's nice to see that liberals pricks like yourself still call people "colored." I thought only Lindsay Lohan used outdated shit like that. Lindsay, is that you?

  39. 439

    Re: Terisaariel – you are so narrow minded despite the big whole in between. I have said I cannot smarten you up. Who cares about the constitution in ur country when ur violating international/universal human right. If you finish reading before you speak, I said Perez won't waste his men juice to shut you up by filling your mouth with it, because you are speaking garbage. No one ask u to take care of illegal immigrants, but violating human right of non right people is not the way to do it. Get it? spilling poison to justify such racist act shows that you are ignorant despite u think u are intelligent.

  40. 440

    Re: azulle – Go fuck yourself! Only pieces of shit like you support illegal aliens. Illegal aliens usually smell and they're always stupid. Go take a shower, dumb ass, I can smell you through the computer.

  41. 441

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I am talking about people like you, not just you. Don't take it personal. How many hours did you stay in bed? All by ur self? Figured, we are people of colors, and am proud of it. Look at the rainbow. I rather see that in every where in the world than go to where the sun don't shine but covered by snow like the north and south poles. You have not answered my question. Do you eat dingo shit?

  42. 442

    I'm all about making statements and stuff, but this is really ridiculous

  43. 443

    Re: Camisu – Definitely someone talking some sense.

  44. 444

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hi loser! remember you admitted that last night. It is on the record, you are my "loser"

  45. 445

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – That's only because your nose is as big as your ass you're smelling your ass and the Mcdonalds left overs.

  46. 446

    Re: kkimbo – Yeah, I eat dingo shit. I especially like a huge serving of dingo shit after I fuck your mother. She fucks like a champ, it tuckers me out and dingo shit restores my energy…so I can fuck your mother some more. But enough about dingo shit. Can we focus on kicking these lawbreaking illegals out?

  47. 447

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I agree with camisu you are so stupid with your English., go give lessons to your own people moron, rednecks.

  48. 448

    No loss here. He saved people from wasting their money on his crappy show.

  49. 449

    Re: Mywordwdummies – #429 - You did notice that this response (#418) was to Pretty N Pink and not to you, right?
    OMG - READING COMPREHENSION DUDE! CONCENTRATE!!! Put down the ganja and concentrate, lol.

  50. 450

    Re: umyeah – totally!!! he probably doesn´t own a book all of his facts are from the internet

  51. 451

    Hey, Barry, are you gonna jack shit about the illegal immigrants just like you're doing jack shit about the oil spill? Environmentally-conscious president my ass!

  52. 452

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – $438 - PnP, I wasn't saying that "the people who are against this bill are not Americans" I just made an observation that A LOT of the posters on this blog who are criticizing this bill are not Americans - Why would they even feel that strongly about a state law in Arizona when they aren't even citizens of the country, lol? Some of them have been arguing against a law that's in a country that they don't live in for 2 days… Just an observation.

  53. 453

    Re: Pat MaGroin – Still it's an open page and we can all say whatever we want "its a free webpage" duh

  54. 454

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – the only allien here is you super sized ass racist moron, thanks god stupidity is not contagious, your brain is damages probably from all the drugs you take

  55. 455

    Re: Pat MaGroin – Lots of americans are against the law sweety why do you think other states are shuting Arizona out.

  56. 456

    Re: azulle – #432 - Which sources? For Mexico's Immigration Law? I keep a copy of Mexico's Immigration Laws on my PC because folks have NO IDEA how strict Mexico's Immigration Laws are. The more people who know, the better off the USA will be.

  57. 457

    those against any immigrants staying here, they need to ask their granny or some other down the family line, to which country they need to go back!!!!

  58. 458

    Re: Camisu – Not that Pat needs any help defending himself but actually, honey, the majority of Americans are in favor of AZ's law. Even super liberal polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans want to deport smelly, stupid, chicken sacrificing illegal immigrants.

  59. EG32 says – reply to this


    1-I'm an American citizen
    2-If you're so tired of illegals join the border patrol and stop complaining
    3-All I have to say about the bill is racial profiling

  60. 460

    Re: Camisu – I don't do drugs. I smoke cigarettes and drink beers. Just like Barry.

  61. 461

    Re: Camisu – #457 here are 2 polls from this week:
    On 14 May, A Pew Research Center poll of 995 adults reveals that six out of 10 Americans "broadly" approve of Arizona's tough new immigration law.

    A Rocky Mountain Poll conducted by the Behavior Research Center and released Wednesday found that 52 percent of Arizonans support the measure, with 39 percent opposed and the rest undecided.

    Also, just FYI - Do you all know that over a million pounds of marijuana were intercepted on the border at Tucson, AZ and Mexico just in the last year? Over a million pounds - and that is just the marijuana that was CAUGHT coming over only at the Tucson, AZ/Mexico Border. You know that millions more pounds made it over…

  62. 462

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hi Loser, Dingo shit is a delicacey out here in Africa, you can't afford to have huge serving. If you want to do anything with my mom, you have to drop dead first. Aren't you a little c ock sucker with no teeth anyway? Perez tweeted again, you don't deserve his man juice either.

  63. 463

    Re: Mywordwdummies – #455 True, but based on the number of times you made mistakes replying to my posts (3) instead of another poster that you had meant to reply to, I thought that this too was a mistake by you since my post was was a response to PnP and you acted as though I had written it to you and had taken personal offense to it.

  64. 464

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – lol, not exactly just like Barry Hussein Obama. Barry Hussein also used and dealt cocaine. Read his book "Dreams from my father" for more (but look for the audio clips of him reading his book - much more entertaining to hear him read the words, lol)

  65. 465

    Re: Pat MaGroin – You are correct, sir! As soon as I submitted my comment I remembered that Barry snorted more cocaine than Robert Downey, Jr. and Corey Haim combined. Isn't that funny? Stupid liberals elected a racist former coke whore to be our president. Nice job, liberals. Barry, put down the cigarette and deport these illegals.

  66. 466

    Are there any more chicken sacrificers that wanna debate this shit? Or are me and Pat done here? I heard logic is like kryptonite to you fucking liberals so it's no wonder there's none of you left here.

  67. 467

    wow..alot of people on here are fucking retarded
    but seeing that over half of the people who come on here are "white" females i'm not surprised you guys react like this to this subject
    don't you understand what that law says? if you LOOK like a mexican you get get detained and pulled over…thats RACIST…do you seriously think that if it was so fucking easy to become a citizen that they would do that instead?? do you think they want to come over here by foot walking or giving money to ppl who they know might just take them to the middle of no where to die?? these people risk their lives to come and work and do all the fucking jobs no one else would do..like work as a dishwasher for 4 bucks an hour at a restraunt..owned by those same "white" people who want them out..my aunt married an illegal and after 10 fucking years and 7 THOUSAND dollars later he became a citizen..those people's children and families can't wait 10 years to eat…stop being ignorant and get your head out of your asses…what pitbull and all these other artist is amazing

  68. 468

    I'd like to add 1 more piece of information -
    Anyone know where the 'Kidnapping Capital of the USA" is?
    PHOENIX ARIZONA (Google it)
    Can anyone think of any reasons why this may be so?… Hmmmmm?

  69. 469

    Re: tHeDaRkEsTbUrNiNgStAr – Dude - You are Anti-White and RACIST. Had anyone else blogged on here and complained like you did about 'brown' people… This law is to CONTROL A COUNTRY'S (USA) CURRENTLY UNCONTROLLED BORDER. WTF IS SO WRONG ABOUT THAT? Crime is RAMPANT in ARIZONA! ARIZONA RIGHT NOW IS THE KIDNAPPING CAPITAL OF THE USA (Google it) Each country in the world should be able to CONTROL THEIR BORDERS. Why is it that the USA is the only one to get shit when they do WHAT EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS DOING??! Sheesh, it's remarkable the way some folks think here…

  70. 470

    Re: tHeDaRkEsTbUrNiNgStAr – #469 lol, you are also calling "white females" RETARDED. See that girls? Read his first sentence. White girls, make sure you choose your side on this issue carefully, lol.

  71. 471

    Re: tHeDaRkEsTbUrNiNgStAr – Americans want our immigration laws enforced, dumb ass! This new law in AZ is the same exact fucking law that our federal government has on the books and refuses to enforce. AZ literally had to pass a bill so their state could try to make up for the incompetence of this administation, specifically Barry and Eric Holder. Dipshit Eric Holder thinks this law is unconstitutional and has threatened AZ with lawsuits. He's our Attorney General and dumber that a bag of shit. Now are me and Pat done with you chicken sacrificers?

  72. 472


  73. 473

    good for him. would they pull over every single brown person going to and from that concert? want to get rid of illegal immigration? make legal immigration EASIER

  74. 474

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hi Loser!

  75. 475

    What's the difference between illegals and rabbits? Rabbits don't need to steal free health care when they shit out their kids every 10 months.

  76. 476

    Re: Pat MaGroin

    Well said.

  77. 477

    Re: kkimbo – Didn't you just say this shit was boring and repetitive? Can you make up your mind or are you a flip-flopper like every liberal/Democrat on this planet? You say earlier "Who cares about the constitution in ur country when ur violating international/universal human right." WE care about our constitution. This law does not violate our constitution. It's the same damn law the feds got going but don't enforce. This law doesn't violate the Geneva Conventions or any sort of international human rights law. Illegally entering a country only to completely fuck it up and dumb it down is not a basic human right. That's a huge part of the problem with illegal immigrants and their supporters: You're super fucking entitled and it shows.

  78. 478

    Re: Pat MaGroin – I AM WHITE!!!!! that is my race!!! it is my skin color!!!! my heritage and my culture are another!! and I'm glad you know how to use a translator… pendejo means asshole, not idiot. (for the record) That was directed towards the racist assholes blogging shit about people they don't even know. Oh and I never said anything about white people. I said you people. Take it how you will. I am Hispanic American and damn proud of it. What gets me angry is that Mexicans are not the only ones who come into the country! Thousands of people from different parts of the world come in illegally by one means or another. Why is it that people feel the need to belittle a person because of where they come from? We all look the same on the inside, though some are more rotten than others! Karma is a bitch and one day they will know what it feels like to not be wanted.

  79. 479

    Re: pr6101 – As soon as you tried to tell Pat what pendejo means I knew you had to be a chicken sacrificer. Your dumb ass probably just found out that technically Latinos and Hispanics are considered of the white race. Did the census form also tell you you're a fucking idiot? Hey, everyone, pr6101, thinks illegals are a bunch of wittle babies so let's not enforce our immigration laws in case we hurt the downtrodden wittle baby illegals. Fucking unreal how misplaced your empathy is! What about the American citizens who are out of work? Every time I press 1 to get an English speaking operator I'm reminded of chicken sacrificers like you.

  80. 480

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hi shiteater, are you still at it? I'll come back in an hour and see if you quite, loser!

  81. 481

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hi shiteater, hurry up finish your shit. Loser, everybody, he is still eating shit, we are free from STD.

  82. 482

    Land of the Fat, Stupid, White Folk.

  83. 483

    Re: kkimbo – Are you typing English or some weird African dialect? Do you have anything to contribute to the debate or are you going to keep offering information that suggests your entire head is up your ass?

  84. 484

    Re: Kevin1243 – I am with you, fucking fat white asses blaming all their problem on illegal immigrants and don't know how to fix the prob. They blame their fat white asses on illegal immigrants as well, as illegal immigrant voted for barry! Ignorant bunches deserved to eat dingo shit as their last meals or die a fat pig. Look at the oil leak in the Gulf, dumb asses are destroying the world.

  85. 485

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – if you are here to debate, you don't write shit like you did. Like I said before calling you any names is insulting the names. But you admitted that u r loser and shiteater. I don't care checking spelling or whatever, as communication goes, you know what dingo shit is and you still eat it. u repeatedly calling all illegal immigrants names and accused them ALL doing bad things to ur country. News flash, they are not all like that, when I was in Cali a couple years ago, I bought a cantelope for $1 from a Mexican. I don't know if he is illegal immigrant or not, but only ignorant people like you making racist remarks against a group of unfortunate people who are exploited by your corporate business. If the illegal immigrants were not there, your street will be littered with dingo shits.

  86. 486

    Re: kkimbo – You and Kevin are comedy. You appear to harbor some real hatred towards white people yet both your avatars are of white people. It makes zero sense. That's the equivalent of Hitler using a photo of Anne Frank for his avatar. Are you gonna have Kevin over for dingo shit since you're BFF now? Fun fact: Illegals have difficulty providing for their family when they're not given a handout.

  87. 487

    Re: kkimbo – You have some stupid story about how you bought some fruit from a guy on the streets of California and now you're a fucking expert on immigration laws. How the fuck do you know that street vendor was Mexican? Because he was brown skinned and you're a closet racist? No, you took an educated guess just like the cops in AZ will do when this law takes effect. You said you weren't sure if the vendor was illegal or not. That's why we got this law. It will round up the illegals so foreigners like you don't need to wonder.

  88. 488

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Wrong again, I do not harbour any dislike of white people but only the ignorant bunches like you. I do not hate people but only maybe shiteater like you. Look at. even Perez don't think you deserve his man juice, see how unworthy you are. What is the matter if some people make sacarfices with chicken? So you want to eat chicken shit too? It is way better than you make sacarfices on your fellow human kind!

  89. 489

    Re: kkimbo – What is your damage, boy? Why do you keep talking about Perez's juice? What kind of sick bastard are you? Go back to getting dinner ready for Kevin and let the adults talk. Another fun fact: Illegals tend to speak Spanish and they all love stealing SSN's. I can't wait for anyone to debate me on this fun fact.

  90. 490

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – The point is: it does not matter if he was illegal or not, he was sweet. He was making an honest and humble living. He did not smell like you accused them. He could have charged me $2, and I would have paid it. Furthermore, if the illegal immigrants were not there to help you develope your cities, lots of your cities would still be undeveloped no man's land with dingos running all over! Do you get my point? Is this explicit enough for ur racist brain?

  91. 491

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – where do you get your facts? Do you pull them out from your fat ass (you never denied this). You must be tired with both of your arms. And you call them fun facts, when you think those are horrible things? You call your self adult? Now go to bed like you did last night, and no more co cks and man juice for you for a month!

  92. 492

    Re: kkimbo – How does someone make an honest living when they illegally enter the country and steal our resources? As I said before, it's a lot of misplaced empathy from you fucking liberals. Imagine this scenario of someone trying to make an honest living: a legal citizen works his ass off doing construction. After 20 years of said hard work, he becomes a construction foreman. Then an illegal cockroach takes his job because the legal citizen doesn't speak chicken sacrificer and in the last 20 years nearly all of the employees at the the company are chicken sacrificers. Ask black Americans about all the jobs lost to these illegals. Unfortunately, they have been the hardest hit by the influx of illegal invaders. In the end, NO ONE will miss these illegals when they're gone.

  93. 493

    what the hell does sic mean???

  94. 494

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You come off as an immature little 12 year old. You call people idiots,chicken sacrificers and so on. Please if you are trying to prove some points do it like a grown mature person. Thank you!

  95. 495

    Re: flora_tink – Sic is a Latin word meaning "thus", "so", "as such", or "in such a manner". It is used when writing quoted material to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation or meaning in the quote has been reproduced verbatim from the original and is not a transcription error. It is normally placed within the quoted material, in square brackets and often italicized – [sic]. Alternatively it can appear after the quote in parentheses (round brackets) – (sic).[1]

    [edit] Usage
    The word sic may be used to show that an uncommon or archaic usage is reported faithfully: for instance, quoting the U.S. Constitution:

    The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker …
    It may also be used to highlight a perceived error, sometimes for the purpose of ridicule, as in this example from The Times:

    Warehouse has been around for 30 years and has 263 stores, suggesting a large fan base. The chain sums up its appeal thus: "styley [sic], confident, sexy, glamorous, edgy, clean and individual, with it's [sic] finger on the fashion pulse."[2]
    On occasion, sic has been misidentified as an abbreviation for "said in context", "spelled in context", "said in copy", "spelling is correct", "spelled incorrectly" and other phrases.[3] These are all backronyms from sic.

    U can use that to ridicule Eldridge C.

  96. 496

    WHo the heck do you think you are, a superior race?
    You are a bunch of xenophobes, you idiots and, I can see it very clear right here.
    Most of you don't even know what are you talking about, morons.

  97. 497

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – I really don't care how mature you think I am. In fact, if you disagree with me then I really hope to upset you. Thanks for letting me know it's working:) Illegal immigrants like stealing our resources more than Barry likes passing the buck.

  98. 498

    Re: flora_tink
    sic • \’sik\ adverb [Latin] (circa 1859): intentionally so written — used after a printed word or passage to indicate that it is exactly as printed or to indicate that it exactly reproduces an original (Ex. Tom said he seed [sic] it all).

    Use you computer.

  99. 499

    Re: kkimbo – Dude you are trying to tell us how "nice" and "good" one Spanish guy who sold you a cantaloupe was - ARIZONA IS THE KIDNAPPING CAPITAL OF THE USA. GET IT? WE DON'T WANT THEM HERE! LET HIM TAKE HIS FRIGGIN CANTALOUPE AND GO HOME!!!

  100. 500

    Re: flora_tink – "sic" means it's a misspelled word

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