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Minge Seyfried Doesn't Know If Her Boyfriend Is "The One"

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Oh, Amanda Seyfried. You sure love to open your mouth, don't you?

After telling us her TMI story about her tattoo meaning vagina, she now says that her boyfriend Dominic Cooper might not be her one true love.

The actress says:

"A lot of people ask me, 'Is Dominic the one?' I don't know, and I'm fine with that. Too much planning can lead to heartbreak. Love is great and possible always, but it's very rare to have the feeling that 'I want to be with this person forever.' "

While we think it's best to take your time, you might want to keep these feelings to yourself in the future.

[Image via WENN.]

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54 comments to “Minge Seyfried Doesn't Know If Her Boyfriend Is "The One"”

  1. 1

    there's nothing wrong with what she said. she's just being honest.

  2. 2

    Yes, how dare anyone have an intelligent comment! I'd much rather she just said "Amazeballs! Rah rah ooh lah lah"…

  3. 3

    Perez hush hush….it´s so true what she says…people who claim someone is ´the one´ breakup after that………..btw she´s hot! I see her with Rob Pattinson in the future….great match don´t you think….

  4. 4

    Damn them if they're honest, damn them if they're liars. Just damn!

  5. 5

    If her and that Dominic dude had kids together they would have bug eyes for sure!

  6. 6

    wise up perez
    she was asked - so she answered

  7. 7

    God this chick is like megan fox. Both really hot, until they open their damn mouths and ruin the illusion.

  8. 8

    I like thatt she is very open and honest

  9. 9

    Perez-you truly are pathetic sometimes. So she's not allowed to speak. So celebs can't complain about the paparazzi but they aren't allowed to speak their minds or feelings? Perez-I think you need to find a new job if this is all you can do is bitch for no reason at all.

  10. 10

    What did she say? She didn't say he couldn't be the one, she just said she didn't know RIGHT NOW. Which is honest. And isn't honesty part of any relationship? You're an asshole.

  11. 11

    nothing wrong with that. unlike paris hilton gushing how she wants to marry everyone and have babies. people think theyre in love too fast and rings get thrown around too much so its no big deal for her to say that. i think shes 100% right.

  12. 12

    Weird, I read all of your last few posts on People just yesterday. Way to be on top of things.

  13. 13

    Lord knows if you're a celeb if you make eye contact with someone they have you pregnant, married, cheating and divorced all in the space of an hour and a half. So what? She makes perfect sense for a normal person. What would you know about relationships?

  14. 14

    fug face shitty actress. i don't give a fuck about her or her boyfriend.

  15. 15

    I love that she's upfront about her opinions on the matter whilst still remaining fairly private about her relationship. She said nothing insulting whilst making some very good points. And she's right - why do we feel the need to always classify others' relationships? It just puts a whole load of pressure and expectations upon them.

  16. 16

    if she doesn't know, then he isn't.

  17. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    I LOVE her dress, it's gorgeous.

  18. 18

    Perez, lets see …. first off, the edge that used to define your blog is now long gone, the stuff that you put up is recycled and 2 or so days old, your impact has faded and you remain fat, but spread yourself too thin. And now, you are a sage of wisdom? Really? You suck Mario, both literally and figuratively.

  19. 19

    shes only famous cos of dominic

  20. 20

    Right, cause everyone knows that guys are just dying to be tied down to one woman at a young age…women too for that matter. Jeez Perez, do think a little bit before you type.

  21. 21

    It's funny, I feel so bad for people in the spotlight. If they are asked a question and respond truthfully people say "TMI" or "this girl runs her mouth too much" even after she was asked the question. But if she didn't respond and said "I'm not going to answer that" people will say that shes stuck up, a prude,etc..lmao. ppl these days

  22. 22

    Re: NookiesWA
    Yeah, I agree. Famous people can't win.

  23. 23

    Re: Britneylover420 – so glad you pointed it out. This woman can show her face in front of camera is beyond me. What she said shows that she is a slut. What is wrong to remain single if he is not the one in your mind. You are just trying to get into men's pants with that stupid comment. Oh yeah, I will jump ship if I find a better one, right now, I am just having a fuc k buddy. That poor guy would just be so hurt when he is being used by such bug eyes.

  24. 24

    why? it's a good thing that she's not enslaved by her love to her boyfriend. that is healthy thinking, perez!

  25. 25

    give a bitch a little attention , ans watch what they fuckin say…

  26. 26

    Love her dress. It's smokin! =p

  27. 27

    i dont get it…whats wrong with what she said? seemed like a smart answer to me.

  28. 28

    Re: Britneylover420 – I was just about to say the same thing. It's difficult to look at either of them without my eyes burning. bulging bug eyes!!!!!

  29. 29

    she's being honest. god forbid

  30. 30

    Saw her on Jay Leno and she looked drunk. She kept calling him "Dude" and seemed sloppy in how she talked.

  31. 31

    just saw her in Hloya. Her vagina is fakin good

  32. 32

    I still think she was joking about the tattoo thing!! It really is nobody's business what it means and maybe she wants to keep it that way

  33. 33

    She sounds like a smart girl. She was asked a question and she answered it honestly. Sounds alot more realistic than these dumb girls her age talking about marriage and babies with their boyfriends of a couple months.

  34. 34

    Re: kkimbo – how on earth is she a slut? She's been with this guy for how long? Like 2 years? She's a slut because she's young and isnt sure if she's met her soulmate yet? god you're ignorant

  35. 35

    she's a prime example of another dumb blonde bitch… shame coz she's got talent. No brains though…

  36. Kibs says – reply to this


    I totally see it that way, always have. what's the big deal? ya never know what life will throw at you..be in the moment. this makes me like her more

  37. 37

    Perez, you are a successful, proud gay man but still, narrow minded enough to not like it when women speak their minds. RETROGRADE, in the worst way possible. Como todos los hombres latinos, con tu forma de pensar extraordinariamente arcaica y grosero, eres un cavernícola, evoluciona por favor.

  38. 38

    but if they kept their feelings to themselves your whole line of cvntery would fall over dead…

  39. 39

    Re: iheartrobp – she should have stayed single if the man is not the one. Why fuck for fuck sake if she is not a slut. She stayed with the man for two years and still does not know if he is the one? That is a big insult to any man. If he cares for the man enough to sleep with him, don't make a statement like that to the public. How would you like to be used like that, the statement implies he is riding a cow while looking for a horse. Will that justify Jesse James kicking the tires by saying he did not know if Sandra was the one? talk about ignorant! Is honest is good enough for that slutting behavior and thinking?

  40. 40

    Re: iheartrobp – "god you are ignorant"? For all sluts out there, if the guy is not the one, stop fucking him. Save your virgina for the one, otherwise buy a dildo. If any guy say that about his girlfriend, would you sluts say "bravo"?

  41. 41

    …so keeping the truth to herself and PRETENDING he IS "the one" is a more suitable solution? don't think so, girlfriend. she is well spoken and she's doing just fine.

  42. 42

    Absolutely nothing wrong with what she said. In fact it sounds very mature. The more I see her, the more she reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer.

  43. 43

    I beg when your 14 years old daughter says that, you would agree as well, yeah, very mature of you, here take this condom box. It is okay two years or two week, just change your toy, these boys have no feelings. The virgina is yours, do anything you want with it. It is a powerful tool, look at some whore got $10 from Tiger woods with it.

  44. 44

    she's still young and beautiful she should just enjoy life without fucking it up then later regreting it of what her life would had been if she would marry in such a young age- come on perez wake up not everybody is willing to say I will love this person for the rest of my life even if deep down in my heart I don't love them at all.

  45. MP says – reply to this


    I completely agree with her. If you're happy why rock the boat?

  46. 46

    if the answer is "I don't know", he's not the one.
    But she's too young to have to worry about that.

  47. 47

    that dress is weird

    @Re: tamzin – not necessarily. sometimes it takes time

  48. 48

    i get wat she is saying but it is kind of insulting to the man to say sumthin like that, might as well break up with him now if u dnt think ur gonna be with him 4ever….

    newayz no one notice her left leg in the pic???

  49. 49

    I see nothing wrong with her statement. She's still very young, so how the hell does she know if her boyfriend is the one yet? We don't know if he feels that way about her, either. It's much better than her going, "Yeah, I'll marry him, even though I'm not sure if I want to spend the rest of my life with him. That way, we'll get divorced in a couple of years, spend too much time on a public divorce battle, and resent each other forever". Yeah, she's a complete idiot for wanting to wait and see where the relationship goes.

  50. 50

    That sounded so real to me. She gained a bit of my respect.

  51. 51

    Homewrecker: I´m sure her boyfriends ex-girlfriend is happy reading this!

  52. 52

    i think she's awesome

  53. 53

    agreed i don't understand what's wrong with what she said. why should she keep this to herself? she was just being honest.

  54. 54

    Re: kkimbo – it sometimes takes more than 2 years to decide to spend your life together. There are people who spent 25 years together, and still divorce. Maybe instead of spending your time judging others, you should pay more attention to your own life.