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Clonetina Does It Again!

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Check out the pics of Christina Aguilera on the cover of June's Out Magazine!

She looks hawt but they do look at pretty familiar.

Just saying.

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332 comments to “Clonetina Does It Again!”

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  1. 201

    it doesn't bother me that they "look familiar", what bothers me is that she looks like total trash! Since WHEN is this her image? She needs to just stop with the "reinvention" thing, and just friggen sing. Her attention getting antics are so freakin' tired.

  2. 202

    just because she dresses up and out of the norm, that doesnt mean shes trying to be like effing gaga. Who cares, she has been in the industry far longer, she should get more credit than gaga

  3. slite says – reply to this



    Its for the SAME magazine, so its probably the same photographers and stylists.

    You are an oafish bore.

  4. 204

    OMG I am so OVER this new "copycat" thing of hers! She does not need to be Lady GaGa and it makes her look pathetic and desperate! She is SO awesome, her voice is beyond fantastic. She doesn't 'need' the "catch" of the strange outfits. I am losing so much respect for her management team though, somebody has to stop her from continuing along this copy-cat vein she has been on. It makes her look so lame!

  5. 205

    Take a look at any current fashion magazine and the models look like this. It's high fashion it's starnge it's whats contemporary. She also probably didn't dress herself the magazine has a team of stylist that did the wardrobe.

  6. 206

    HA!!! I thought this WAS lady Gaga!! what a freakin copy cat. go back to your ass-less chaps, that's the best you could come up with on your own.

  7. 207

    Christina was already going in this direction with Keeps Getting Better back in '08, so to suggest she's suddenly grabbing on to Gaga's coattails to remain current is pretty ridiculous. Plus, aside from putting their own spin on things, they're all just copying Madonna circa cone bra/"sex" book aren't they? And didn't she merely copy someone else? Music, fashion, history, they all repeat themselves, so get over it and stop creating an issue where there is none.

  8. 208

    Get the fuck over yourself. This is getting old. I hope Xtina does well so she can rub it in your face. And I hope you know GG doesn't give a flying fuck about you. She's using you for press. That's one smart bitch.

  9. 209

    Leave my girl xtina alone. i like gaga and I mean like her. I don't love her. she took this look from xtina. did you forget the album called stipped, or the song figher..come on xtina has been doing this for years…gaga is just getting started…gaga took xtina's hair color and who really cares…

  10. 210

    Lady Gaga has said nothing on the matter, but Perez feels the need to slam Xtina.. interesting. I happen to like both Lady Gaga and Xtina, but I'm an Xtina faithful. Better chops than any other singer currently (even Celine Dion has said that).. Christina sings better than GaGa, who IS interesting to look at… :)

  11. 211

    Re: suzyq131
    umm..you're wanna-be intellectual vocabulary is "uber" lame.

  12. 212

    Te only real thing the havein common is darker make-up and bing shot in black and white….probably not the first time this has happened. Gaga's naked most ofthe time and Christina ha a circus theme with her clothing, I don't see a resemblance there.

  13. 213

    yeah too bad that don't look anything alike. This whole Clonetina thing is really ridiculous.

  14. 214

    Christina has never been a copy cat. She was around WAY before Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga copies Christina and Madonna. To add, Gaga's lyrics are TERRIBLE. Shes got a voice but can't write (or buy the rights to quality songs) to save her life. Sorry Perez, have to disagree with you on this one!

  15. 215

    do you even read the comments on here? you are really hating on christina, she's been around for years and her style has always been like this. Just because lady gaga has a crazy style too it does not mean she is the only person allowed to dress funky and wild. Get over it perez. i am a fan of your site and everything but lately, you are nothing but annoying.

  16. 216

    You've become that stage mother whose kid can do no wrong-no matter how mediocre she is-while all the other children suck-no matter how good they are. As far as looks, voice, and likely staying power, Christina's got Gaga beat hands down. Sure, Gaga's put out some catchy tunes and the Paparazzi video was interesting, but she's pretty much peaked, as evidenced in the telephone video and the GagaKoh piece (I did enjoy the first few seconds of the latter, but the rest was a snoozefest)it's clear that less thought/meaning is going into the work and it is really just about what she thinks people expect of her or just for the sake of being "different" (which isn't new and different at all, by the way). Too bad. She'll probably last a few more years thanks to the mindless zombies that follow her for the sake of following her, but the quality of the art will continue to suffer. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have one of those infamous celebumeltdowns when it's all said and done.

  17. 217

    how in any way do these pictures look like Gaga's pics? Gaga's theme involved vampires, she was naked, had tape over her boobs, etc… this has absolutely nothing to do with that!! AT ALL! they basically both have blonde hair.. get over it

  18. 218

    you do realize that the magazine is the one who decides on what look they are going for… and christina definitely doesn't need to clone Lady Gaga, shes been in the game for how long…

  19. 219

    Dude… if you would get your head out of Lady Gaga's ass, you would realize that ALL the pop stars use the SAME themes over and over and over and it started before Lady Gaga or Christina. Neither one of them invented it, so chill the FUCK out and stop trying to start drama where it doesn't exist. Lady Gaga can stand on her own without trying to get publicity off of Christina and Christina can too. No one needs you involved and you're not helping either party. Fuck off already.

  20. 220

    lol she needs to stop. christina aguilera was hot with the black hair.

  21. 221

    just saw you on muchmusic…and let me ask…how did it feel after all your bitching on this topic when the Vj said.."blah blah blah…who cares?"…cause im pretty sure you need to hear more people say that.

  22. 222

    Ya know, Christina has been around a lot longer than Gaga and has been dressing like that since before we knew who Gaga was. So who's really cloning who? Just saying.

  23. 223

    Oh God, Perez…you have to be one of THEE most embarassing gaga fans…ever.
    I'm not sure if Gaga would appreciate this "copycat" stuff.
    That doesn't even look anything like Gaga's OUT cover :/
    Quit reaching.

  24. 224

    GOD YOU'RE ANNOYING. I wish Gaga would drop your dumbass.
    Christina's looking fierce in these photos. Gaga looked fierce in hers. But they look. nothing. alike.

  25. Genn says – reply to this


    She doesn't choose her clothes, her STYLISTS do.
    But lol at you trying to start a Stan War, Perez.
    I C U ;)
    But srsly, stop it. It's getting old.

  26. 226

    This from a man (?) who "copied" the name of a worthless skanky heiress to ride the fame coattails on. If anyone knows about "copying" it would be you "Perez Hilton," but this time you're wrong.

  27. 227

    I'm going to ignore this whole "Clonetina" thing, because obviously Perez wants there to be a "war" between Christinas and Gagas fans…and it's working.
    But I love them both so all I have to say is that they both looked fucking awesome in those OUT magazines.

  28. 228

    I feel like the only reason that people ALWAYS compare people to Gaga…is because most of these pop stars never tried what she's doing before.
    Yes, I know Christina and others had their weird moments, but they're only "weird" when they was either in photo shoots, or in music videos.
    Gaga is like that ALL THE TIME, and many people haven't seen that before. A lot of people aren't dedicated to that image as much as she is.
    They're used to seeing celebrities dressing up for special occasions, but gaga is always dressed like it's Halloween, so of COURSE people are going to accuse.

  29. 229

    Ugh, it's like Britney vs Christina except 10 years later. I hope that Gaga and Christina present an award at the VMAs together and make a snide joke about someone in the audience.
    Both bitches can sing, and both bitches are fierce. I, for one, am glad that both of them are in the spotlight now. Sucks that you're so biased.

  30. 230

    TINA YOU HAD A KID WITH AN UGLY MAN YOU'RE NO LONGER SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 231

    …because well all know Lady Gaga created burlesque fashion. /roll eyes

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    …Does It Again!…Does what again? I hate this image. What the hell kind of image is this? It's awful. I guess everybody has their price.

  33. Jai says – reply to this


    She's old and washed up, dressing like Gaga won't make her fresh and relevant.

  34. 234

    xtina doesn't have a dick ))))))))))) and gaga does )))))))) and you are sucking gaga's dick ms perez hilton !!!

  35. 235

    Okay perez it's time to get over it… we get that you love love love lady gaga but you need to stop. Christina is amazing and she's not copying gaga, it's just the way the business is right now. and not myself tonight and woo hoo are great songs so stop hating. Gaga could never sing like Christina anyway

  36. 236

    it doesn't look similar at all to me. STFU abt christina trying to be like lady gaga!!!!

  37. 237

    The magazine is in charge of the styling… take a look at Cosmo or Glamour or something like that you and will see that the cover models are usually similarly styled. That said, I don't even think she looks all THAT much like Gaga here. Christina has always used bold makeup and outfits and she has always been a platinum blonde. Gaga does the same and yeah… came AFTER Christina (I love her too though btw) I don't think either of them are copying the other one and I think Christina did a great job of putting this crap to rest already. I really don't get why you are trying to fabricate a feud and keep it going - do you really not have anything else to talk about or are you just trying to keep Gaga happy?

  38. 238

    Really, Perez.. 4 articles about how Christina is copying someone else in just less than a day? You're quite the instigator, and the sad part is, people are actually giving a shit about it. You're so high school, Perez..I might just buy Christina's album just for the hell of it.

  39. 239

    Are you serious? Xtina has been around for a decade, Gaga is NOTHING compared to her. Xtina is beautiful and has the talent, Gaga doesn't even come close.

  40. 240

    perez, i love you…but please shut up. this is stupid. get over lady gaga. christina has been around soo much longer than lady gaga. christina has already marked her territory and honestly, lady gaga is the one walking all over it.

  41. 241

    OMG Perez… getting old!

  42. 242

    i like them except the black dress and all that white stuff at her feet?? what is that supposed to be? We all know what it looks like, but what were they really going for??

  43. 243

    Yeah, yeah, she is looking Gaga. The difference is that Christina is attractive.

  44. 244

    Okay, this has become too much. Please, please, please for the love of God. Look at the pictures of Christina Aguilera Back to Basics album or even her Stripped album, re-watch her Fighter and Lady Marmalade (where she is wearing that crazy curly haired wig) video. She has been revolutionary and been doing the same types of photos since forever. Yes, they have changed a bit but so has style. Madonna paved the road for Christina and Britney and they paved the road for Gaga. If it weren't for previous artists Gaga would not exist. Pay your dues please. Do your homework and maybe start comparing Gaga to Christina.

    On a side note, if you do want to compare the two: Christina can sing and is actually pretty and has always been and always will be… Gaga… well that's another story that involved lots and lots of computers.

  45. 245

    You are so right Perez! These photos do look familiar. They look like the pictures from her Back to Basics album, from 2006!!!

  46. 246

    this is just a new addition to the many cluster of personalities she has embraced over the past decade. she has an amazing voice but her songs are just as blase and generic as any other pop star out there trying to claim their fame. she needs to get into acting since she conveys so many different styles so well.

  47. 247

    Lady Gaga didn't invent latex clothing and bad eye make up, Perez.

  48. 248

    Wow they both have blonde hair and wear a lot of make-up…shocking.

    God Perez is an embarassment to humanity…this sudden "beef" he has with X-tina is beyond pathetic.

  49. 249

    God, maybe the first picture is Gagaesque, but everything else isn't.

  50. 250

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the second picture is so cute.
    She kinda looks a bit like Madonna when she had short hair.

  51. 251

    She looks like a woman… a hot one at that……
    while gaga… well needs a lil plastic surgery to achieve that… femine look….

    Dont get me wrong I love gaga, but dont go at the Aguilera just cuz she doesnt suck up to you….
    You do know Christina was one of the first to support gays…. just saying… maybe if it wasnt for her n her video… you wouldnt be as accepted in society….. leave her alone….. or not… no matter what you say about her, all her fans will still love her…
    shes been around way longer than you… she actually does something worthwhile….. what do you do??
    Gossip about people and beg producers to take you on American Idol??? Are you serious???
    werent you like a journalist or something? Shouldnt you be writing serious news and something more fufilling???

  52. 252

    And can I ask you all why you all start bad mouthing Gaga once PEREZ says something bad about another person?
    It's not like she's the one making the comments. Perez is, so he's the one who deserves to get called names, not Gaga.

    Gaga has honestly never said anything bad about anyone in the industry. The closest she came was when she talked about homophobia in mainstream music.

  53. 253

    Look P, I love Lady Gaga, more than I'll ever or have loved Christina.

    BUT! Fact of the matter is, Christina was ALWAYS a freak when it came to her appearance, far before Lady Gaga even became Lady Gaga.

    What you need to do is stop being such a f*cking bully and have some respect for someone who's been in the business for as long as Christina has. Just because you're bff's with Gaga doesn't give you the right to behave like an ass.

  54. 254

    shut up perez!!! i look at your site religiously, but this is ridiculous!! I grew up listening to Xtina. christina aguilera has had the same style for years, just because lady gaga comes along and dresses crazy every day doesnt make christina a copy cat. i say gaga is the one copying. I am a huge Gaga fan, but Xtina for the win!!!

  55. Genn says – reply to this


    I love Gaga, but there is no denying that in terms of Pop Royalty, she really is the new-comer, and all her #1 singles/album really doesn't change that, yet.

  56. Genn says – reply to this


    How is this even remotely similar? Stop. You're only embarrassing yourself…and the rest of us SANE gaga fans, to be honest.

  57. 257

    Yes, she looks like Debbie Harry, Dale Bozzio, Wendy O' Williams. All the people your Lady GaGa imitated that you think is so new and different. Sadly for you they did it in the 80's when you were about 6 or 7 years old. LMAO.

  58. 258

    What did X do to u Perez? Stop tryin to ruin her career. She's not a threat to GaGa-

  59. 259

    It's the SAME magazine. They do have stylists and don't let celebrities just decide how they want to look 100%. Lady Gaga is not original (she even says she gets inspirations from others) and x-tina has been around for a decade constantly changing her look. I saw a YouTube video of X-tina singing at Perez's b-day party a few years ago (WHy? I don't know.) and now he turns on her.

  60. 260


    Stop trying to pit Gaga and Christina against each other. This shit is getting really old real fast.

  61. 261

    holy shit, perez christina came BEFORE lady gaga, she has been doing this crazy shit for a way longer time, every time she does something you don't have to compare it to lady gaga and say she copied her!

  62. 262

    holy shit, perez christina came BEFORE lady gaga, she has been doing this crazy shit for a way longer time, every time she does something you don't have to compare it to lady gaga and say she copied her!

  63. Charr says – reply to this


    Funny cause, wasn't Christina the one that showed up to your birthday party and NOT Gaga?? You're just a follower Perez, you go to the next thing and when they dim for a small second you start to cry and move to the next, it's just time before you come crawling back to Christina.

    Christina said it best:

    When a female fires back
    suddenly the big talker don't know how to act
    so he does what any little boy would doo
    making up a few false rumors or two
    that for sure is not a man to me (No Pun Intended)
    slandering' names for popularity

  64. 264

    i think i got an std just looking at this spread

  65. 265

    haha how can anyone compare Lady Gaga to Christina the images say it all. And do you know what I'd love for christina to totally copy her now.


    the covers say it all

    Xtina Forever xo

  66. 266

    she made it years ago, i dont get this drama

  67. 267

    Perez I adore you and I can't get enough of GaGa, but wake up Lady GaGa was not the first and she definetly won't be the last!

  68. 268

    what a freak show
    so…I guess she's gay then?Being on the cover of out
    or is that just a giant public tease

  69. 269

    Really, Perez - your Lady Gaga obsession is blinding you to facts. I'm sure "Clonetina" is amusing, but it's hardly accurate.

  70. 270

    I dont think they are that similar……

  71. 271

    oh please!!! hello lady gaga really original…ooo yeah she hasn't ripped off Madonna yes she's more talented can sing well carry a tune and play paiano.
    grace jones…zany outifits…oh yes that great song aljendro…sounds like ace of base!!!!
    please christina…rocks!!!

  72. 272

    Right. You mean how Gaga copies Madonna and European artists and a certain twin burlesque act in Vegas? Christina came first BITCH!

  73. 273

    Okay, seriously. Perez… you are comparing everyone who is trying to be original to Lady Gaga. You are so far up her ass, you fail to notice that some of those people who you've compared to Lady Gaga… have been around for more than 5 years! Are you mentality disabled? Fuck, you are starting to piss me off! I bet a lot more people feel the same way!

  74. 274

    please stop the madness. I see madonna, cyndi hell kylie. but not gaga. anyway she looks great i cant wait for the album.

  75. 275

    I dont see gaga and i dnt see xtina here either.. to me this is a whole different persona….she looks so different….. i usually defend her… but this shoot is so not appropriate… its not gagaesque..its not xtinaesque…its just tasteless…..

  76. 276

    Because pictures are black and white they are the same. Really. You're an idiot.

  77. 277

    Not similar at all. And furthermore, I'm pretty sure the artist/celebrity has very little say on the shoot.
    Gaga's shoot was not amazing at all. What exactly do you expect Aguilera to do? Search for everything Lady Gaga has done in order to make sure she doesn't do anything similar to it?

  78. 278

    gorgeous, and of course better than gaga's as usual

  79. 279

    Does anyone know that

    Look at Lady GA Ga's singing coach trained with Xtina before Lady Ga Ga was famous so do your math Mario!

  80. 280

    I agree! Xtina started this sh*t… it's been hers! She looks amazing, has a family, and maintains an overall good rep. Let's give GaGa 8 more years and see who's copying who? ;)

  81. 281

    I just looked at the photos, and THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE!! just because they both have shoots for the same magazine means nothing perez. get over the clone thing, the obvious consensus is that you are wrong on this one.

  82. 282


  83. 283

    siriously get the f over it she was here first and chances are will be here lolng after she is her own artist!!!!!!

  84. 284

    um those pictures aren't that similar first of all. their both dark, so what. secondly even if they were, THE MAGAZINE decides the theme for the shoot soo that would be their fault. and i don't care what anyone says, an artist who's been in the business successfully for ten years doesn't need to copy anyone. if anyone is copying its gaga who pasted together avant garde looks from everyone to make her look.

  85. 285

    Re: bellebeexo – you are incorrect. christina did this look a loonnggg time ago in fighter so maybe you need to do your research. and gaga doesn't own the rights to black leather and black and white pictures.

  86. 286

    also lady gaga is NAKED in alot of those pictures. while christina is clothed. nothing gaga does is new. its just the old stuff repackaged for a generation that either wasn't alive or doesn't remember when it was done FIRST

  87. gloom says – reply to this






  88. 288

    I don't think she is trying to be like Gaga. I think Christina has always been different and had an outrageous style. Times have changed since her last album. GO CHRISTINA I LOVE IT>

  89. 289

    hate this bitch

  90. Bytch says – reply to this


    Re: PENNSYLVANIA GIRL – shit girl, that was good. Nice!

  91. 291

    I bet if she was a black woman you wouldn't compare her. XTINA 4ever!

  92. suryy says – reply to this


    not really, gaga looks like a mummy @_@

  93. 293

    Okay, this hating on Christina business has gotten completely out-of-hand. Perez Hilton has always been an immature and mean-spirited person, but this is taking it to another level. First of all, if he wants to try and insinuate that Christina's photo shoot results look the same as Lady Gaga's (although I don't see any similarities, aside from the fact that they are both white girls with blond hair and lots of makeup on), then the photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, is to blame. Second, it seems that Perez is so delusional that he believes that he is responsible for Lady Gaga's rise to fame, and thus, he needs to defend his territory and slam Christina because he secretly knows that Christina's vocal abilities and onstage charisma wipe the floor with Lady Gaga. GET OVER YOURSELF, PEREZ. LADY GAGA IS VERY TALENTED AND WOULD HAVE RISEN TO FAME, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR IGNORANT ASS HAD TO SAY ABOUT HER ON YOUR BLOG. As Christina has said in her recent statement, there is room for more than one female pop star in this world. There is no need to slam one as a means of showing support for another. Christina's single is not doing that well on the radio (although the video is dominating the hell out of the video charts), but that's never stopped Perez from supporting other artists' music. Anybody who has the slightest capabilities in critical thinking can deduce that what's popular is not always what is best.

  94. 294

    she did something very similar back in 2004… search for her cancelled summer tour pictures

  95. 295

    The vocals for "Not Myself Tonight" are stronger than ANYTHING GagGag has released. Please just stop making yourself and GagGag look foolish.

  96. 296

    They did a better job photographing Lady Gaga, Christina is so much prettier than these pictures show


  97. 297


  98. Coqi says – reply to this


    FFS the same Photographer shot both Christina and Gaga for the magazine series. It's her style. However there are no similarities in theme between the shoots. You are just grasping at straws. Next you are going to say any blond on the street who wears tight black PVC is copying Gaga.

  99. 299

    OMG she looks AWESOME. Now THIS is how you do the FREAK look and make it look HOTT. Sorry but i LOOVE GAGA yet Xtina's actually pretty!!

  100. 300

    Reclaiming THE FAME.

    Hahaha only the name of Gaga's album. You are playing this newfound publicity well Xtina.

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