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In a shocking move, CBS has cancelled its shiteous series, Ghost Whisperer!

OMG! What are the 55+ plus crowd going to do on Friday nights now??

CBS also cut the throats of Gary Unmarried, Cold Case, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose, Numb3rs, and The New Adventures Of Old Christine.

Wow! Ruthless!

But don't worry, Jennifer Love Desperate! After you have yourself a nice cry into your Baja Blast and Crunchwrap Supreme tonight, you can channel all of those sad feelings into a new book!

This one can be called The Day I Got Fired: Hello, My Name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm An Unemployed Hack!


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109 comments to “Cancelled!”

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  1. 1

    shut up dumb pereza

  2. 2

    I like GW. CBS is off cancelling alot-what crap do they have to replace any of this???? (except for a o p -that scientology nut, don't care if she is ever back on tv)

  3. 3

    gosh, fattie, you sure know that taco bell menu well.

  4. 4

    I bet mario, youre happy about this. Maybe now, you will stop posting about her? why dont you just get butt rot?

  5. 5

    Wow, you're really ruthless. Anyhoo, sweetie, when you're 55, we'll see the boomerang effect of all your shiteous words:((

  6. 6

    You better hope that nothing bad ever happens to you, Mario. You will get zero sympathy. In fact, many of us can't wait until it happens so we can laugh and rub it in. Karma has it out for you and it's only a matter of time. Only a matter of time….

  7. 7

    Perez you are a putz…not everyone goes out on friday nights to clubs to drink and act like idiots… I for one like GW and thought it's ratings were great…guess I was wrong…Miami Medical was a pretty good show…loved Jeremy Northam

  8. 8

    Why the hate Perez? It is not good for the soul or spirit. You need to free yourself of all the posionous demons that haunt you.

  9. 9

    this is messed up, i love this show and im not even 30 Perez!!! this show was awesome. im upset about this being canceled!

  10. 10

    You have TOO MUCH LOVE for JLH. No worries on her finances…the show is in syndication and she'll be rolling in mucho dinero for the next several years.

  11. 11

    What?? CBS doesn't care about its female viewership.

  12. 12

    Damn! Okay so I don't watch any of those shows, but damn.

  13. 13

    "Hello, my name is Jennifer Love Hewitt and a fat, stupid bitch called Perez Hilton wants to kill me because I'm a successful, attractive woman and I dated John Mayer" is more appropriate.

  14. 14

    Your shiteous and desperate.

  15. 15

    So much hate in such a little head.

    It is sad to read someone openly happy that a bad thing happens to another person.
    How can you sleep at night thinking these thoughts?

    Notcie how less and less people come to this site?

  16. djv39 says – reply to this


    Wow…thats a little harsh don't u think? Dont be such a prick!

  17. 17

    While I can't stand that awful show, I don't understand the hatred you feel toward Jennifer Love Hewitt. What the hell did she do to you? She's not a very outspoken person, she doesn't go out and get plastered all the time, she doesn't promote anti-gay events, etc., so why the hate?

  18. 18

    At first I wasn't going allow myself to be taken down to your level, but then I realized that it's probably the only level you know… ssssooooo STFU Twat Breath!

  19. 19

    Its actually very pathetic the way you hate on her.

  20. 20

    I love this show, watch it with my daughter every week. I'm under 35 so there goes your 55+ there Perez…

    Be nicer to JLH what has she ever done to you???

  21. 21

    She is not desperate. This was actually a really good show. She is a great actres, not to mention absolutely gorgeous….she will find work fairly quickly i'm sure of it.

  22. 22

    I seriously thought this was canceled two years ago. Good, less crap on the air.

  23. 23

    calling someone desperate when you beg and plead to be a host for free on a singing competition show is throwing stones in a glass house mario………

  24. 24

    I agree with everyone on here…I like GW, if its on I usually watch it…and I'm 25…lol

  25. 25

    Re: unreal5511 – OMG thanks for the laugh!! mario is a f*ckn idiot !

  26. 26


    …GROW UP!!!!!

  27. 27

    Well least she has a respectful career. I actually liked the show. Too bad. =[

  28. 28

    OMG its my fav show. Dam CBS. I love Cold Case too. I have seen some of lineup coming up on some of the networks and its all shows with 80's and 90's stars. I don't want to see these oldies. Why are all the networks going backwards. Use the current and new stars. This sucks.

  29. 29

    Oh man I'm more upset about Accidentally on Purpose I think more peeps should have watched that. Did you see the hot male lead….he was gorgeous and needs a job. I really only watched for his shirtless scenes. I'm going to miss him.

  30. 30

    I loved New Adventures of Old Christine! (you said it backwards). Didn't much care for everything else, and I stopped watching Ghost Whisperer after they pulled all that bullshit with Jim and giving him a new body and whatnot.

    Fuck you, CBS.

  31. 31

    Wow! I'm still trying to figure out what it was she did to you!

  32. 32

    I liked this show, and wish they reconsider. Why the hate on Jennifer Perez? shes a talented actress.

  33. 33

    More and more I am feeling turned off by your site. Its not funny so much anymore. Maybe your minor slice of stardom has gone to your head and made you an ass. Don't take pleasure in other people's pain…you just look pathetic.

  34. QT says – reply to this


    It's the NEW Adventures of OLD Christine you dumb fuck…I liked that show………

  35. 35

    lolz! Every time i'd be stuck home on friday night because I didn't work I always felt like such a loser because I would be sitting home painfully watching Ghost Whisperer……. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! IT WILL BE MISSED :D

  36. 36

    Well, I'm not over 55. But I like GW. And so does my 14 year old child. Wow, why are you hating on this show & Jennifer so much???

  37. Coqi says – reply to this


    I loved Cold Case =(

  38. 38

    a big FU to you! i dont know why you hate her so much, but this is one of my favorite shows and i am not even 40 yet, so screw your hatred, and screw CBS! are they going out of business? they are cancelling a shit load of shows! snif snif, i am mourning… FU CBS!

  39. 39

    Ouch, why all of the hate Mario? Is it because she is so much thinner than you?

  40. 40

    oh what!? i LOVE numb3rs!

  41. 41

    God, I hate you Mario! Die!

  42. 42

    You know Perez, the real shocker here is that more people haven't punched you in the face. If that's what it will take for you to stop saying such mean and nasty things…… The show may have been cancelled but JLH is not a "hack". I'm sure she'll pick something else up as she is a good actress. If you call what you do for a living a "job", then I hope you too will be cancelled some day - when all of your advertisers figure out that you're bad for their business. What goes around comes around.

  43. 43

    I liked the New Adventures of Old Christine

  44. slite says – reply to this


    So its funny that she is out of work? What about the hundred people that support the show that can not take a hiatus? they are now out of work too. Is that funny also?

    I think you just think you are funny and have your shit stained finger on the pulse of the people. In reality, we laugh at you. Dumbass.

  45. 45

    i'm surprised. but then, kinda not.

  46. 46

    I will miss Accidentally On Purpose. It was entertaining….hope they at least finish the season.

  47. 47

    Perez hates Jennifer Love Hewitt because she had John Mayer and she has a vajayjay- two things Perez will never have!!!

  48. 48

    This post was largely devoid of errors [factual, grammatical, spelling, etc,] somewhat well-written, and kind of funny — aka OBVIOUSLY not written by Perez himself.

  49. 49

    I can't believe they cancelled "Gary Unmarried",but there are shows like Weeds which people ADORE.
    Has the world gone mad?

  50. 50

    Cold Case canceled!?!? That sucks. I used to watch it with my sister over the phone and weep pathetically in the end (yep, almost every time). One of the few series that I really liked =(

  51. Paty says – reply to this


    Oh!!! I liked Accidentally on Purpose and The Old Adventures Of New Christine. These 2 are actually good. The others…I don´t care for it.

  52. 52

    Whoa Mario, calm down with your insensitive comments. Is it because she boned John Mayer and you didn't? We know the show sucked towards the end, I mean bringing back her dead husband in another body was just too much for me…LOL. But at least her show had a long run compared to other shows out there so I'll give her credit for that. I just don't get why you spew so much hate on Jennifer, calm down geez.

  53. 53

    not cold case??! fuck cbs.

  54. 54

    i hope they wrap up all the unknowns in the show, the shinys, the lookers, the book. i support ya JLove

  55. 55

    your a dick head you know that right?

  56. 56

    She has been on two series that lasted 5 years.

  57. 57

    Most of the 55+ people I know will be out partying on Friday nights, same as they do every Friday. It sure beats sitting on your fat ass blogging.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    FINALLY!! I don't know any person who still watches that shiteous show! it's sooo fucking boring and she clearly can't act

  60. 60

    Although I have nothing against Jennifer Love Hewitt the show was more of a Life Time mini series then a sitcom. There was little room for the plot to move because the show had such a little budget.

  61. 61

    I am just shocked at how ruthless and mean you have become Perez, it is like you are jealous of every pretty girl out there that is not Gaga, you hate Christina, you hate Jenniffer Love Hewitt, you hate Jessica Biel, you hate Vanessa hudgens, you hate Rumer Willis, you hate, you hate, you hate…It is getting old and sad.

  62. 62

    oh nooooo! what are they going to put in it's place? no show does very good on a friday, so why not keep this one since it's been on for so long?

    it's super sad, but maybe we'll find out what the shineys and the shadows are?

  63. 63

    Wow Perez..you've really become the bitter hater HIGH SCHOOL bitch. You know it's bad when someone takes joy out of people losing their jobs…. Petty and sad.

  64. 64

    I'm 19 and I'm a fan of Ghost Whisperer…everyone does not go out on Fridays…I do go out some Fridays, but, if I do…best believe I see my the episode of Ghost Whisperer that I missed before the upcoming Friday, either recorded or online AND it's one thing not to like a show, that's perfectly fine, everybody does not like the same shows, but, why all the HATE towards JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT…like BUSHWACK the show is in syndication she's not going to be broke AND like CATLOVER said she didn't like the show but, "She's not a very outspoken person, she doesn't go out and get plastered all the time, she doesn't promote anti-gay events, etc., so why the hate?"

  65. 65

    Re: catlover – He hates her because she actually slept with John Mayer. John Mayer would only Kiss Perez…not go to bed with him. So Perez doesn't take rejection too well. That pretty sums it up why he hates the Jens…Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer love

  66. 66

    Perez, you truly are a first rate asshole! Your bad karma is coming, and I hope it hits you hard. How dare you bash her.

  67. 67

    Anyone noticed that the skinnier Perez got, the meaner he became? Maybe he's just hungry…can someone pass him a twinkie already?

  68. 68

    Re: miss_michelle6 – The ratings were good…that's why it doesn't make sense to me!

  69. 69

    OOOOHW PLEASE! There are a lot of people who watch GW.. I do.. and I'm 22! Not even close to 55+! I never posted a comment before, but your hatred against JLH really bugged me this time! So Perez.. SHUT THE F*CK UP!

  70. 70

    Wow, Perez. Fuck you. Jennifer is a very good actress with a very strong head on her shoulders and a successful future in her path.
    While, you, on the other hand. Sit on a chair all day, on a computer. Acting as if your someone important when your not even relevant.
    Go suck Justin Biebers dick you pedo.

  71. 71

    good show and hewitt will always be fuckin hot shut up u feg

    my mom liked it btw and she is 59 doesnt mean shit

  72. 72

    finally! fuck, that took too long!

  73. 73

    At 55, Perez, I hope you have done well enough and saved your money so that you can buy yourself a few friends.

  74. 74

    I enjoyed GW… and JLH. She has more talent than some you seem to crave.

  75. 75

    Well that is what they get when in one episode she has a baby and then poof the kid is 5 yrs old. Then the kid isn't cute nor a good character. That is when they lost their audience. If they just kept her having the cute shop and the ORIGINAL cute husband then it may have lasted a bit more… oh well!:(

  76. 76

  77. 77

    Seriously why do you hate this women! I like GW, its a good show.

  78. 78

    Speaking of hacks and crap books, how are you and your two star book doing Perez?

  79. 79

    GW fan here! Mario, you are a hateful pendeja babosa. And few are as desperate as you, girl.

  80. 80

    FINALLY, Finally, Finally! The Dumbest Show On TV …. Gone! Give Us Something Entertaining 2 Watch on Friday's Oh Please!

    Sorry But Who Freaking Watched This Crap Fest!

    Good Ridance!

  81. 81

    Whaaat? My friends & I love Ghost Whisperer and we're all 18/19. My sister loves it too and she's 13.. so it's hardly a tv show jut for the 55+

    I'm actually gutted GW is one of my favourite shows.

  82. 82

    bumbed about Cold Case =(

  83. 83

    Guess what… you're a dick Perez. I don't know what you have against this girl but it's getting old. And F.Y.I… James Van Praagh was on Coast to Coast AM last night and he said that they were discussing season 6 but Jennifer didn't want to do the show anymore. So she wasn't fired. Get your fucken facts strait before you pop off at the mouth please.

  84. 84

    Re: Chaz1126 – She didn't want to do the show anymore. And from the beginning, James Van Praagh said that they would most likely only do 5 seasons. All good things come to an end. :-)

  85. 85

    what what what what how how how how why why why why why!!!! NAOC was fabulous! Ugh what the bleep am i going to do with Wednesday nights nwo!!!

  86. 86

    I loooove Ghost W. what the hell??? why they cancelled??? I'm about to die… first buffy, then charmed now ghost :-(

  87. 87

    dont care about the others but The New Adventures Of Old Christine was really funny :/

  88. 88

    what!!! i know the show was shit..but dam no proper ending!!!and 7 other series!!!!!!!OMG!!at least we know The New Adventures Of Old Christine is going to be picked up by ABC anyways

  89. @v@ says – reply to this


    55+? Please. Ghost Whisperer got very good at the subtleties needed to make the show effective. I watched, tuned out for a while, and then tuned back in again because of the really well done nuances they'd perfected, and the touching story lines. I cried watching the last episode, and the last time I cried, I think it was because I broke a limb.

  90. 90

    numb3rs!?!?! Fuck.-.-

  91. 91

    So they are renewing Medium? YEY! I don't get why you hate on Jennifer so much though. She seems like such a sweet person. So shut your pie hole P!

  92. 92

    Re: WMariah
    Ah…it all makes sense now!

  93. 93

    Re: jocksoff

    Well said we have all noticed your creepy obsession with lil boys you sick fuckk you are hitting 40 CREEPY.

  94. 94

    GW blew it by advancing 5 years and now they have a 5 year old son… very stupid move

  95. 95

    your a bitch. go shove a taco in our taco.

  96. 96

    Poop. I love that show!

  97. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – It was the episode where the teen boy had just found out he was actually adopted, and then he died from bee stings, and only wanted to talk to his birth mother to find out why. That episode was So good.

  98. 98

    Lol perez. She is so much more awesome than you in every way. You're next straight-to-the-dumpster book should be called "Perez Hilton: People hate me more than Al Queda" or "Perez Hilton: .01% of people know who I am, and 99.9% of them wish I was dead"

  99. 99

    55 +. That's your age range Perez! Stop acting like a fucking kid and own up to your almost 40 years! It's pathetic.

  100. 100


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