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Crazy Eyes Heading Back To Rehab

| Filed under: Jonathan Rhys Meyers


After his recent drunken racist tirade, Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers will return to London for another stint in rehab.

This will be his FOURTH attempt!

"He just really wants to get better. This has been an ongoing battle for him," claims a source close to the actor.

Poor guy just needs to get his shiz together!

It's time to get serious, honey.

[Image via WENN.]


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28 comments to “Crazy Eyes Heading Back To Rehab”

  1. 1

    It's TUDORS, not Tutors….you should really get an editor. I don't even watch the show and noticed the error within seconds….

  2. 2


  3. 3

    drunken monkey……..

  4. 4

    small hint: it's TuDors, not TuTors. not great in history, are you?

  5. 5

    Never miss The Tudors - JRM is amazing as a young Henry VIII. He will get well and put all the booze hazes behind him - go Johnathan!

  6. 6

    Re: April 20th
    Re: nicoleeee09 – Dito.

  7. 7

    I applaud him. Addiction is no easy battle for ANYONE. I have a major soft spot for him because of The Tudors. ;)

  8. 8

    Honey? What the fuck's with the honey. Bet if someone said something negative about your race they wouldn't be all that sweet.

  9. 9

    I wish him the Best !

  10. 10

    mmmm…he's so hot!!

  11. 11

    He is too hot to not hope the best for him. Not only that, but you don't see him out every night running to clubs and getting in fights and blaming his dad for all his problems now do you? He can go to rehab all he wants as far as I am concerned I will still watch him and apparently so will producers. He might get kicked off planes, but he still gets work.

  12. 12

    Tutors? What is it a new show about Teachers who help kids with their homework? You idiot. It's the Tudors.

  13. 13

    He has complete Meth Eyes.

  14. 14

    i love him so good at the movie "august rush"

  15. 15

    Good for him!!
    He knows that he has a problem and he's dealing with it. It doesn't happen overnight. There can be many, many setbacks in recovery.
    And JRR has always been open about his issues with alcoholism in the past, which is admirable.
    Owen Wilson needs to go next … He's supposedly been a miserable wreck on the set of his new movie in Vancouver.
    If you have the money and the resources, why wouldn't you try to deal with self-destructive behaviors in a positive way?
    BTW - Love "The Tudors"!!

  16. 16

    I reiterate CBenji's comment: "He is too hot to not hope the best for him."

  17. 17

    Is there any actual proof that he said anything racist or is that just some rumor that you are helping to spread around?

    I'm sorta hoping that this story is the basis for that Blind Gossip BI where the gossip columnist is going to "get theirs" for spreading a BS story.

  18. 18

    Does this guy really have to stay on this planet? Can we move him to some other planet?

  19. 19

    He has a drinking problem, but I don't get all the hate for him using the N word. I hate that word, but it's become very mainstream to use it. It's fkn annoying that it's ok for some ppl to use it and some ppl get crucified for using it. That's BS. PPl…mostly guys, refer to their friends with that word…yes, even white guys. Ironically, many of the ppl complaining that he said that word, are ppl who use the word themselves. If you don't want to hear it, then use it yourself.

  20. 20

    it may help if he came out of the closet like ricky martin did :)

  21. 21

    Re: Sherry


  22. KBop says – reply to this


    Perez, you're persistent comments for people with chronic illnesses and addictions to "get over it" or "get your shiz together" are so infantile and prove your lack of understanding or compassion for people with real problems. As a gay person who faces daily adversity and challenges, I would think you would have some sympathy. Why is it that your finger is always pointing the blame at everyone else?

  23. 23

    hey idiot addiction is real and some people take multiple tries before they suceed

  24. 24

    I guess you're a f$cking doctor how? An expert on alcholism? He'd better get serious about it? I think trying rehab is getting serious. You are such a worm.

  25. 25

    This creep still has not in any way acknowledged the abuse he hurled at United personnel in his drunken tirade or the vicious racist remark he made when he we was prevented from flying drunk which lead to his banning by United. He is doing the rehab dash to hide from the media until (hopefully) things blow over and he doesn't have to face up to his shitty behavior. He goes to the airport gets shitfaced abuses airport personnel because he knows they can kick him in the ass when he calls them racist names. Then he makes a mad dash for a hideout in rehab so he doesn't have to face the media he is not only a shitty person, he is a total coward.

  26. lolli says – reply to this


    yea perez like ur any better. ur a racist too! i know all about the will i am debacle. just low.

  27. 27

    Addiction is no easy battle for anyone, so good for him……..

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    With Lindsay in Cannes, I think it was very kind of Rhys to fill in the drama vacuum so nicely in the day or two break just before the passport issue.