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GaGa Wins Big At World Music Awards!

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We've said it before and we'll say it again: she's UNSTOPPABLE!

Lady GaGa swept the World Music Awards in Monaco last night, snagging FIVE trophies - World's Best Single, Best Album, Best Pop/Rock Artist, Best New Artist, and Best Selling Artist From America!

Unbelievable! We guess someone's a little more than "fun to look at," hmmm???

Congratulations, bb! We're so proud!!

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112 comments to “GaGa Wins Big At World Music Awards!”

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  1. 1

    go gaga!! she is my god. little monsters forever!! :D

  2. 2

    oh mario - get over it………you're such a foolish little boy……..

  3. 3

    WE GET IT. She is your friend. Enough already!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Congrats. And stop making references to Xtina perez. That whole Gaga, v.s. Xtina thing has been squashed already and besides…its played out anyway.

  5. 5

    he still sucks

  6. 6

    She's becoming over-rated.

  7. 7

    oh btw award shows are bullshit.. and gaga backwards…. a gag.

  8. 8

    Go Gagaa

  9. 9

    congratulation, gaga :)

  10. 10

    once again perez… PLEASE CLIMB OFF HER NUTZ! thank u :)

  11. 11

    wasn't her album out years ago???? why should she be winning awards??? this is going off your logic mario (recall that beyonce post earlier??)

  12. 12

    go to hell perez

  13. Dale says – reply to this


    let it go already! by the way… so did the spice girls and milli vanilli
    back in there heyday! where are they now?? ARTY SPICE days are numbered!!

  14. 14

    good for gaga. but it does say much because j-lo won music legand award.

  15. 15

    She does have genuine musical talent. That is undeniable. But then again, so do a ton of other people at backyard family reunions with a drum set up and a bass and steel guitar. It would be interesting to see what she could do acoustically with just her voice and a piano or other instrument without any get ups and push buttons.

  16. 16

    Congratulations lady gaga. Im sure that Christina will win something again soon too, like best epic fail for Not Myself Tonight

  17. 17

    get over it!
    you were told christina didnt say that in that way
    and btw - who cares? what do these mean? shit all in the grand scheme of things!

  18. 18

    SOMEONE PLEASE CORRECT ME. But didn't Christina call Gaga a newcomer? Then Perez throws a fit calling Christina pathetic. BUT Gaga just won an award or BEST NEW ARTIST.

    Does ANYONE else see this contradiction?

  19. 19

    Best new artist? I thought she wasn't a newcomer? Dude, you're fucking pathetic.

  20. tasha says – reply to this


    She's not even fun to look at anymore. She's become predictable in her ridiculous costumes. This kind of act will get old.

  21. 21

    U sicken me MARIO, the ONLY reason you praise gaga so much is kuz she loves gay ppl, if she didnt love them so much you wouldnt kiss her ass as much as you do on here, get over yourself and lose the obsession with gaga. And why u gotta always compare her and christina, christina should have said shes more FUNNY to look at lol! What makes gaga so special? Yes we know she can sing and put on a show, but so can christina.

  22. 22

    really? gaga is a very awesome performance artist but her music blows.

  23. 23

    go gaga ;) x

  24. 24

    Hey Perez, get over it alreadyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it with the Gaga-Xtina thing, you're a 12 year old pathetic girl inside a 35 year old man, who is pissed off because someone messed with her "friend". Jeez, how annoying. The rest of the world moved on, you should too.

    And you're overexposing Gaga so much that I'm getting sick of her, just like a lot of people. We get it, she's your friend, and she's the new celebrity you're sucking fame of but stick your nose out of her ass and think for a second,gosh.

  25. 25

    Enjoy it while it last, Lady Gaga. We all know you really have no talent, you know your voice is amature at best and your dancing is nothing but regurgitated pop bs. I suggest you suck up everything you can this year, award invitations, endoursment deals, and try to get into some acting while your name is still something because with the next album the people you once thought were your fans will become your haters. Someone new will arrive and take the spotlight from you, and the only thing thats keeping you here "your wacky style" will be old news and boreing. So just enjoy because it want last honey, watch what I mean..people hate to see other people being successful and on top so they will do anything in their power to bring you down and if you don't have what it takes to stand and fight "true talent" then you will be at their mercy. Hate to bring the negative truth.

  26. 26

    You really should stop making Christina references, it's getting old really fast, and it's really annoying. We get that you loooove Lady GaGa, but seriously, grow up.

  27. 27

    Oh my god !! no way!! world music awards?!?!?!??!!?!?
    yea cause those awards are so prestigious and meaningful………
    if any other artist were to "clean up" at the WMA's you would say those awards dont mean shit..which they dont. lemme know when she cleans up at the grammys….

  28. 28

    Once again..I hate that Perez has basically, single-handedly made so many people on this site- who didn't previously hate her, or know what to make of her- get sick of having her shoved down their throat and caused so many people here to bash her because he posts WAY too much about her. I also hate that he's created a huge feud between her and Christina's fans because he forces his opinions on things that MANY of us REAL Gaga fans don't share. You would think, as a friend of hers and such a "huge fan" he would see what he's doing to her and STOP. It isn't fair to her that she gets slammed left and right on here for something she has absolutely nothing to do with and comments that she in no way, shape, or form gave any merit to what-so-ever.

  29. 29


    tick tick tick…

  30. 30

    Go Gagaaaa and fuck off jealous people!!

  31. 31

    This award show is a joke. The Black Eyed Peas, beat out , Eminem, Jay Z & Ludacris for best, HIP HOP ARTIST are you fucking kidding me ? And GaGa isn't a newcomer what a fucking joke.

  32. 32

    she is sooo getting on my nerves! she is cool but she ain't the second coming! I can't wait for her 15 min to be up! And finally we can have some real talent in the music biz! not just someone who can write a catchy hook/chorus. Take away her crazy costumes and sets and ur left with a mediocre singer that is lyrical garbage! OVER RATED!!!!

  33. 33

    Re: Genghis Khan – You are joking right? Most of the people I know who are fans of Lady Gaga don't love her for her huge theatrical performances (which we all do love regardless =P) but seeing her live in NYC when she had NOTHING but her piano and a microphone was what truly made me and MANY others become a fan- she does have talent that doesn't require her to have anything but her and her piano to put on a show. I honestly think some of her best performances EVER were her acoustic ones with just her and her piano. Maybe you should do a little research before you talk shit.

  34. 34

    Re: B-WareRe: B-WareRe: B-WareRe: B-Ware
    You are so disgusting. I feel sorry for you. You are the type of person who hates to see successful people achieve stuff. Lady Gaga is here to stay. Go back to your hole you total freak.

  35. 35

    and im sorry but the outfit she is wearing in that picture is a total Bjork Rip Off! NOT ORIGINAL!!!!!

  36. 36

    Grats to Lady Gaga!

  37. 37

    She rocks!!!

  38. 38

    didn't Milli Vanilli sweep these awards also?

  39. 39

    just because one person said she's fun to look at doesn't mean every single person feels that way. she's hideous but her songs are ok

  40. 40

    5 years from now it will be "Britney Who"???? Because she will still be needing a babysitter to watch her pathetic ass while NO OTHER artist needs to be babysat. Sucks to be Britney.

  41. 41

    man perez hop off gagas d**k & leave xtina alone…get a clue nobody cares about how much you love gaga. we get it already you're her b*tch..

  42. 42

    The World Music Awards were designed to showcase global musical artists…… it's been bastardized since; they give awards out to the has beens and the on their way to being has beens because they're the only ones that'll perform at this Prince Albert high school production.

  43. 43

    i adore lady gaga :)

  44. 44

    Well, wise Christina said she's just a "newcomer"…it can be really bad if someone has more effect on the music history in a year than you did in ten years..
    Sorry, but Gaga ROCKS!!!

  45. 45

    Modern day freak show.

  46. Bytch says – reply to this


    This website is becoming so boring because every other post is about gaga nonesense. Milli Vanilla and new Kids on the Block were big in their day too, Mario…….

  47. 47

    Isn't the World Music Awards winner picked by how many albums they sale? So it's not true merit. I love GaGa, Can't wait to see her in July, but Perez come on witht he instigating of a Feud between them!!! Xtina has been around over a decade, there is no comparison. Gaga has talent, but she only has 1.5 albums. Just drop the negative comments on Christina, you were kissing her ass last album, even being on stage during Nasty Naughty Boy, and her singing u Happy Birthday. Funny how you're such a hypocrite. Wait til someone comes along better than Gaga you will probably drop her to and calling her a clone!

  48. 48

    What has happened to music!? It's all about flashy stage shows and multiple costume changes. It's not even about the actual music and singing anymore. It's really very sad that these "artists" can even be considered that.

  49. 49

    Lady Gaga debe retirarse por unos cuatro años, está empezando a aburrir y la gente la empieza a odiar por tu culpa.

  50. 50

    Re: alvinb – haha truth hurts huh? You can say what you want about me, you don't know anything about me so it doesn't phase me one bit bb. I actually like Gaga, I like her personallity and quirky style but I don't think shes anything special vocally wise. Shes just like brittany, madonna, and so many other "pop princesses" who truly have no voice but are just interesting. We all know Gaga is making it because shes strange and something new in the pop world "a fresh breath of air" so to speak, but she CANNOT SING and I will not lie and say she can just because I like her. So whatever bb.

  51. 51

    GaGa is awesome there is no doubt but you have got to stop talking about her ALL THE TIME! Like i said before she could take a shit on the stage and you would post that and praise her for it! Chill out!

  52. 52

    youre a walking contradiction, perez. you reported that beyonce was up for BET awards and then came to the realization that her album has been out for quite some time now. gaga just won best new artist and youre all over that shit…um, hasnt she been in the industry for 2 years??!! and stop making references to christina. just shut up already.

  53. 53

    Milli Vanilli LMFAO!
    this chick is getting on my nerves…

  54. 54

    Well at least her fugly wonky eye ass face is covered in that picture.

  55. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Probably the biggest joke of an awards ceremony in the industry. I think they gave Michael Jackson like 4 awards one year for showing up. It wasn't one of his bigger albums either.

  56. 56

    Right on Gaga!!! She deserves it because she is the very best out of all of them!!!

  57. 57

    shes riddiculous and look at this year artists? trash. so its normal that gaga won all of that. et over it. awards arent serious anymore.and we all know that and she is not fun to watch anymore.this year the artists sucked so its normal that gaga as a new aretiust won. cause it happened with rihanna, beyonce and blah blah. by the way french ppl hates gaga. just like ecverybody in europe. dear madonna alreaduy won millions of awards.

  58. 58

    Love me some GaGa! Monsters Rule.

  59. 59

    another pic just like madonna. this woman is ridiculous thank god shell be done soon. cause press will kill her. shes a nasty fake woman. only copies madonna even works with only M ppl. shame on u asshole. ur not madonna
    u will end up worst than brit ur not fun to watch anymore. always the same.BORING

  60. 60

    yes honey - please keep that mask on at all times…if people ever get a good look at u - it's back to the piano bars in Greenwich Village.

  61. 61

    Go Gaga your the best! Ignore the jealous haters!

  62. 62


  63. Sam90 says – reply to this


    It'll be over next year. She is stoppable if [eople fuckin wake up and realise what real music is.

  64. 64

    perez we now u like dicks.. thats y u cant get off GAGA's jij
    ohhh yeah CONGRATS

  65. 65


    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.
    It's turned middle age and become a bore.
    It's everything it used to oppose.
    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.

    Rock and roll is corporate and dull.
    It's phony music that's lost its soul.
    It's paint-​by-​number and rotten to the core.
    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.

    Rock and roll has got to go.
    Base, drums, and guitars are so so-so.
    Enough of the clones of clones of clones.
    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.

    Rock and roll has got to go.
    Its taken 60 years but now it's so.
    It's lost the beat and doesn't roll.
    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.

    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.
    It's a has-been and It's your father's olds.
    It's spirit is gone and the choir all knows
    Rock and roll doesn't rock no more.

    free to reprint in full.
    (Just one person's opinion)

  66. 66

    Congrats Lady Gaga! But, Mario why put Christina in this? This belongs to Gaga. Christina said what she had to say let be. Both ladies are talented.
    This is no dress rehearsal this is life. Let them be. Go girls.

  67. 67

    I'm sorry, what awards show is this?? Never heard of it, counts for nothing.

  68. Jdcaf says – reply to this


    Who the F cares!?! She's good but she only has 1 CD! How about we wait to see if she can stand the test of time. Don't get me wrong, I like her and all, her music is……………cute, but I'm not a huge fan.

  69. 69

    She won Best New Artist, and Christina called her a newcomer. But you didn't write that did you Perez. Guess she was right.

  70. 70

    Congratulations, Gaga! She has dominate the entire world!!

  71. 71

    love gaga but geeze "perez" stop already! your gonna ruin her career by over posting!

  72. 72

    Congrats on Best NEW Artist - Shouldn't she be some kind of newcomer to get this…. Cannot wait to see Gaga June 3rd (or wait to book my Xtina tickets!). Go ladies!

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Congratulations GAGA!!!!!!!!!!! You're all so jealous!! lol!! and btw, you don't need 10 years to get these awards, right? Gaga is big! she rocks!!

  75. 75

    Yay! Congrats to her!

  76. 76

    Her best pic! Covering that gross ugly real face! Seriously Mario, why don't you just start a fan site somewhere else?

  77. 77

    yay gaga!!! you rock girl!!!

  78. 78

    Perez, thank you for being a true friend to GaGa and setting that example for ALL of us to reflect upon.

  79. 79

    Re: bellofolletti
    Gaga is the best and she doesn't trash other performers. Love you Gaga! I can't wait to see her in my home town!

  80. 80

    Lady GaGa,
    You are TRULY to beautiful for the human eye! Thank you…

  81. 81

    Re: Jdcaf – No Gaga has two!

  82. 82


  83. 83

    Will the award show air on tv?

  84. 84

    Fuck this bitch. U make fun of real sweet talented ppl but LOVE this stupid joke? GOD PEREZ IF I EVER SEE U ID SPIT ON YOUR FACE!

  85. 85

    Re: S(a)int – hahahaha

  86. 86

    Re: S(a)int – Christina is better than lady retarda

  87. 87

    Re: Christinaaa_x – I AGREE MAN I loved lady gaga until this joke of a person perez started degrading good legit artist and favor this girl. I really hate her now and its coz of perez now I see how fake gaga is. Her voice dont even seem sincere shes a fake.

  88. 88

    Is it just me or is her chest RIDICULOUSLY saggy? I mean seriously, Perez jokes on Jessica simpson's sagging and they are triple the size of Gaga's and still sag less. It's insane…I didn't know women in their 20's with a small chest could sag like that. Poor thing…no wonder she has to hide under costumes and masks….her face is horrible, her body is decent, but that chest…they are begining to look like eggs in a tube sock.

  89. china says – reply to this


    "fun to look at"?
    joking much?
    hard on the eyes describes it better.
    caca sucks!!!!

  90. 90

    I love you Perez but I'm really come on now… cant read about Gaga anymore… so overrated…..

  91. 91

    I am SO SICK of listening to you Mario, you are such a brownnoser kissass it is sooooo pathetic. You seriously need to get off the Gaga Gravy train. Get off her nuts allready, before you were all on Katy Perry's thong, now you are all up on Gaga, get over it. Ughhhh you get on my nerves.

  92. 92

    You deserve it girl! Love her!

  93. 93

    Gaga stands for Gimmick…
    There really is nothing original or mysterious about her….

  94. 94

    Shut up Fat Azz Your such a trouble maker… u live in ur own Gaga World!!!! That's why u got ur ass kick Loser!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95


  96. 96


  97. Genn says – reply to this


    Lol at you mentioning Christina in this. Quit being so bitter. Just be happy for Gaga, and leave it at that.

  98. 98

    Don't get me wrong, I love showmanship with my pop as long as the talent's there and that's why I like Lady Gaga, but she seems to OVERLY rely on the showmanship and plays down her actual ability. It shits me because I judged her initially before I heard the kind of vocals that she's capable of when you strip everything back. It's just annoying because she could be even greater than she actually is on the strength of her own talents, not just whatever weird hairdo she has today. But it seems to be working great for her.

  99. 99

    Re: B-Ware – She can't sing? Compared to who, though?
    Just because she doesn't have as great a voice as others, doesn't mean she can't sing. Her performance at The Rainforest Benefit, or any acoustic performance of hers pretty much showed that the girl has got one hell of a voice on her. Sit her down with a piano and she'll belt a song out.

  100. 100

    Re: B-Ware – See.. once again.. she CAN sing. Gaga was a breath of fresh air because she did sing live EVERY show and she did sound exactly like she does on her CDs- sans the autotuned "rapping" parts. After seeing people like Britney Spears lip synch and other people sing live and sound NOTHING like they do on their CDs Gaga was a breathe of much needed fresh air in the pop industry. She may not have pipes like Christina but she is definitely not a bad singer, I truthfully wouldn't even call her a mediocre singer. I suppose whether you LIKE the sound of her voice or not is subjective based on personal opinion, but to say she can't sing and put her on a vocal scale of someone like Britney, who I love dearly but we all know her live is not what her on her CDs is, but anyways point is.. I think she does more than just an ok job when it comes to singing and alot of you don't give her the credit she deserves for that because you don't like her or you don't particularly like her voice.

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