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53 comments to “Randy Jackson Wants Fans To Visit Michael's Grave”

  1. 1

    My thought is….I would def want restrictions for the sake of my family member's grave near MJ's. M has millions of fans! What will happen if you remove all restrictions?? The graves next to M's will be trampled on.

    If they were to allow fans to see M's grave, Id have it controlled (a certain amount per 1/2hr lets say) and Id make it for the day before and after his anniversary so that day is reserved for the family….

  2. 2

    he must be selling tickets

  3. 3

    i can understand visiting a parent/grandparent/sibling grave but visiting a dead entertainers grave just seems weird and awkward to me…………..

  4. 4

    Let the dead RIP!

  5. 5

    I'm not sure if allowing the public to visit his grave is a good idea. If people are only allowed on one day of the year then that one day would be chaos, especially that first year access is granted. I also worry about vandalism, there are some sick people about. I don't agee with the grandson of Clark Cable though, in fact I think him quite rude to say the ground "wouldn't be sacred".

    If they did allow access, it would have to be very controlled.

  6. 6

    I don't think fans should be allowed within the cemetary. It's a sacred site for families and friends. Fans are "fans" of his music and who he was as an entertainer. There are way for them to honor his memory withiout having to visit his grave. If I had a family member near where MJ was buried and had thousands of people disrespecting his/her grave just to get near to MJ, I would be furious. Hold a rembrance ceremony outside of the cemetary. Allow the family of MJ as well as the other deceased's families to keep the grounds sacred.

  7. Sam90 says – reply to this


    The KNEW fans who stuck by mj by through his ups and down definitly want to pay their respects and visit him, they feel so connected to him and the right to do so, so WTH did they burry him in such a friggin private place, they shoudlve turned neverland on to Graceland like place just like elvis.
    i love you Michael, RIP. I wish all these news related to him could stop so he could RIP. I am so excited for the upsoming album! you will live forever throug your art Michael, just like you wanted to.

  8. 8

    I am a major MJ fan and as much as I would want the restrictions lifted, it could be a really bad thing. Michaels fans will do ANYTHING to be close to him and that could put all the other gravestones in danger. I think raising the restrictions could equal alot of destruction. But Randy should atleast try, theres no danger in trying.

  9. 9

    the jacksons need to come down off their high horses. they knew what they doing when they buried him there. SORRY NO FANS BEYOND GATE FOR ANY REASON.

  10. 10

    this place is not safe for kids

  11. 11

    ok 1st off there is no way to stand on other ppl's graves. The way how the mauseleoum is set up (i know i spelt it wrong) the graves of the other ppl are in the walls like in the morgue with the pull out tables. Michael is at the far end in a marble crypt by the stained glass windows and is the only one not on one of those pull out things (I know they cant pull out using morgue to give you a picture). It would be a good idea to allow them to "see" him since they didnt during his funeral and memorial and what not buuttt if they knew they wanted the fans to see him why the hell bury him there come on! common sense ppl you knew you didnt want any1 near him stop using him as your fame whoring ticket he's DEAD let the freaking man rest in freaking peace. I swear the nerve of ppl. *slaps forehead* get your own press by doing sumfin worthwhile -.-

  12. 12

    That would be nice…but at the same time i dont think its a good idea. I mean it would be nice if a couple people can go where its peaceful..but come on now its MJ there would be millions of people there in an hour.

  13. 13

    Who make such a bizarre request? The whole bunch of them are really talented but slightly crazy. There's people wanting his fans to visit and there's people wanting his fans to send flowers.

  14. 14

    MJ's crypt MUST stay off limits to the public. Though his fans may grieve his death, when you allow the masses entry to any public area - even as sacred as a cemetery - they end up littering, invite thievery, and graffiti. Not to mention the traffic this would inevitably cause.

  15. 15

    What I want to know is if MJ's kids are the only kids at grandma's house these days… Did they get rid of that freeloading skank that was putting out kids with any Jackson that would bed her?

  16. 16

    That should be respected by the other families wishes that's a private matter for others and should be not be a place for media or fans to go and visit. Totality inappropriate for the Jackson family to do so and probably make money off of this. Disgusting on the Jacksons behalf for sure.

  17. 17

    Michael's fans are like his family - a big, loving family who have supported and Loved Michael unconditionally throughout his many years as King.
    I think we should be allowed to visit Michael's grave, I know so many fans that have lost their spark, have greived to the point of dperession, and need closure. It should be controlled and breif, but they owe it to the die hard fans to have our peace with Michael. To us as fans, we have lost our Love, our friend, and our inspiration. Let us have a moment, if that - to truly remember, and say goodbye to our King.

  18. 18

    No one should be allowed to the grave side of this pedophile. Those buried around this freak certainly deserve respect from the filthy hoards of sicko fans that would walk all over their graves.

  19. 19

    Re: bongo – grow the fuck up you ignorant fool!

  20. 20

    People who are not fans dont get it
    We LOVE him and he love us more ^^michael consider his fans his 'brothers'so yes he would want us there,mj has taught all his fans respect so i trust they can control themselfs anyway the guards can make sure of that

  21. 21

    First of all Michael is buried in The Great Mausoleum so no one is going to trample anyone grave! Do you people know what a Mausoleum is?
    I think it would be nice to let the fans visit his grave and pay their respects for about a half a second that is all you would get if you did get visit.

  22. 22

    I think all celebrities should be given their peace in death. I don't think it's appropriate for fans to visit. They can hold private vigils in public areas, but I think in the interest of respect and reverence for the dead, the cemetery should remain closed to the general public.

    I've been to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris (Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, and many famous people are buried there), and it's really taken a hard hit from visitors. Mausoleums are broken into and vandalized, many areas of the cemetery are desecrated with human waste, and tombs and headstones are stolen and written upon. It's sad and I'm sure upsetting to people who have family buried there.

    Fans don't need to see his tomb, let the man rest. He gave his entire life to entertaining, now he deserves peace.

  23. 23

    …they are still trying to make money off this has been peedo….do a concert at the Staples centre or something…that place is really for family and CLOSE friends not freak-friends and fans…

    ….can't we open his casket and throw the rest of the Jacksons in their also….

  24. 24

    I think its kind of silly for the relative of the Gables to think that visitors visiting a nearby grave would make the Gables less sacred. Cemetary's are public domain and are a visual and provoking stance for the living to visit and feel at peace with their loss whether it be from family, or fans. What are these fans going to do? Stomp on Gables grave? I think not, most people have enough tact to understand the sublimimal sancity that is a cemetary.

  25. 25

    Security might be tight. They'll probably strip search all the little kids.

  26. 26

    Perez, Randy tweeted this awhile ago. Your on the late show as always. I hope it works out. I would love to be able to fully pay my respects. If were not able to go all the way in I will still be happy about being able to be outside of the masoleum as well. Also us fan's won't be destructive or anything like that so I don't really understand why anyone else's resting place would therefore no longer be "sacred" if we were just to walk by them. I hope it works out but if it doesn't I thank Randy dearly for trying. Him and the rest of the family know's how much we meant to Michael and how much Michael means to us so I appreciate the effort. If it does work out the workers at FL would really have to strategize though because I couldn't see thousands of us (though we would be civilized contrary to what some of you would think) walking into a place that wasn't meant for thousands of people to be at all at one time.

  27. 27

    Re: April 20th – No one is asking you to go anyway.

  28. 28

    Re: jenipuff – Fan's shouldn't be allowed to visit Michael in your opinion? That is your opinion but you have to also realize that fan's of other deceased entertainers visit them all the time too. So is that wrong? And to be quite honest Michael looked at his fan's as family as well so trust me, he wouldn't mind.

  29. 29

    Re: -Shootingstar- – Exactly! alot of people fail to realize that Michael is not buried out there in the cemetary. He is in the masoleum and when people come in the only thing that can be stepped on is the floor that they are walking on, and their isn't anyone buried under that floor that would make the walk from the front door to the tomb any less "sacred." Geez if that's the case then we should say that all cemetaries around the world should be shut down to the public. Only family members of those who have passed on can only walk on those grounds and if you happen to walk by, touch, or breathe, next to someone who isn't your family member then you are wrong. It should be up to the Jackson family and only the the Jackson family when it comes to this matter in my opinion.

  30. 30

    Re: bongo – On the contrary.. The only reason why security would have to be tight is for MJ hater's like you who if given the chance to come near his resting place might do some crazy stuff like walk up to the tomb hollering insane accusations like "Your a pedophile!" Get over yourself and while your at it do some research.

  31. 31

    oh that would be lovely if this happened on michaels anniversary, obviosly it would have to be controlled because of the huge amount of fans michael has, and of course the "haters" would more than likely make an appearance posing as his fans, as im sure the majority of them have done for everything else michaal related.
    now from a selfish kind of view…if this does happen, i really hope it happens every anniversary, as im not able to come this year. :(

  32. 32

    They should have buried Michael Jackson in a huge cement tomb in the middle of a roundabout right smack in the middle of Las Vegas with a great big flashing neon sign so that fans could visit him anytime they wanted. First Lisa Marie complains he's got no flowers and now his own family wants people to pay their respects. Idiots all around, I swear.

  33. 33

    Re: jenipuff – Fans are "fans" of his music and who he was as an entertainer

    actually michael was not just an average entertainer, there was so much more to him than music.
    he was a wonderfull man filled with so much love who was a true humanatarian.
    his connection he had with his fans was one of a kind.

  34. 34

    Re: bongo – really bongo? you know given half the chance you would go, just like you would go to neverland should it ever open its gates to the public.
    im pretty certain you and the rest of the haters (kissmyassobama, tick tock, to name 2) couldnt get into the cinemas quick enough to watch THIS IS IT.
    so visiting michaels resting place isnt going to be no different.
    if he wasnt a part of your life and you didnt give him a second thought, we wouldnt see you on this post!

  35. 35

    Re: MJ fan59 – Only family members of those who have passed on can only walk on those grounds and if you happen to walk by, touch, or breathe, next to someone who isn't your family member then you are wrong

    Lol… and we are the crazy ones?? ;)

  36. 36

    Re: Hate Low Class People – what a miserable excuse for a human being you really are… seriously, god bless you though!

  37. 37

    when normal people get buried there graves sites are exposed to everyone who wished to come by and see them ….what make these celebs so diffrent…why cant family and other people that care to see them just go and pay there respects…of course they might need security there to keep order becuase im sure there will be alot of fans but i don't see how this would damage or hurt any other grave site…

  38. 38

    First of all, the other graves wouldn't be damaged i.e. trampled on as they are encased in marble in the masoleum. That said, everyone deserves the right to visit the graves of people they care about. If the family is ok with it, I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed to happen. Michael Jackson had fans all over the world who cared about him, let's face it some of them probably did way more than his own money-grubbing family. They should have opportunities, but there should be some kind of drawing to pick names of people that get to go. Obviously millions of people can't just show up. If they have some kind of contest or drawing as they did with which fans were able to go to the memorial service then I think that would be the way to solve all of this. Draw like 20 random names and let some people go in there and pay respects for the rest of the fans.

  39. 39

    My grandparents and great-grandparents are buried around the corner from Michael Jackson in Forest Lawn. It's awful. You are no longer allowed to just walk to their graves, you have to go through security doors and be WALKED by security to get to your destination. My grandmother recently passed away and it was utterly tacky that we were unable to have any ambiance while saying goodbye. I think if they are going to allow people to go see his grave on his anniversary, then the rest of us who have family and friends should be allowed to walk unsupervised through the intended hallways not "secret" doors and hallways, the rest of the year. Way to drop the ball, Forest Lawn!

  40. 40

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – Of course I like MIke. I just love getting all of you diehards all pissed off. As far as visiting his resting place. I don't think so.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Its not a grave you dumbshit its a Tomb… No1 would be stepping on any other 'graves' if Fans were allowed to visit. MJ's fans are very unique people, they stuck by him through thick and thin. I know people who spent thousands on travelling to the USA when he was on trial just to support him everyday. No other celeb on this planet would have had a fanbase as big as MJ's once accusations of child molestation were brought forward. MJ's fans are very loyal and went through alot of pain along with Michael during his dark days and deserve to visit his resting place even if its only that one time on his 1st death ani.

  43. 43

    Re: bongo – awww bongo, you dont piss me off… because i know deep down what you write you dont mean.
    and we have something in common, we both log into perez and type those 2 special words… M I C H A E L J A C K S O N …

    MJ means alot to you, i dont know why you put up a front and are afraid to admit it…
    LONG LIVE THE KING.. eh bongo??? :D

  44. 44

    Re: KatieMacK – I hate to hear that you have to go thru so much to visit your loved one's ;(. I hope FL can improve things for those like you with family members their as well.

  45. 45

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – "and we have something in common, we both log into perez and type those 2 special words… M I C H A E L J A C K S O N … "


  46. 46

    why would fans want to trample on others graves , most ppl do respect the dead, michael was a ppl person and loved his fans dearly, the jacksons should have buried him in a private area for days like the 25th knowing fans would want to pay tribute , and i mean fans not haters who want him buried and forgotten about.

  47. 47

    also you ppl kill me , i mean aint nothing wrong with folks coming all over the world to visit Elvis but mj gets no respect AGAIN. most of the fans i have read about seem genuine and would not want to cause harm. ppl need to stop tryna tuck him away and forget about him. we all loved him and want our chance at last to say our own private goodbyes like the family had a chance too. seems to me the fans treated him better than anyone else you ppl keep trying to consider.

  48. 48

    OK for the last effing time YOU CANNOT STAND ON ANY1'S GRAVE so tht argument is null and void! Stop being silly it's a masoleum (cant spell it right xD).Anywhose many arguments why they should let fans visit & many why they should if they can allow Elvis; fans to visit him I dont see the big deal as long as it's controlled and the ppl are respectful & I dont think ppl are stupid enough to act stupid in a cemetery & also should realize if thy fuck up this yr they isnt going to be a next yr if Randy gets his wish this yr. Also, let the damn man rest in peace gosh..I think the dead at least deserve tht much no matter who they are & calling him a pedo isnt doing a damn thing cuz he's dead he dun care about you or what you think & if you think he;s not once again he's dead.He lived then he died we all end up there so no one should act as if it is a punishment the holiest man shall die. Any man born of woman shall die remember that o.o…so please dont treat death as some great punishment for evil men the good die too

  49. 49

    Re: April 20th – agreed!

  50. 50

    Your telling me that everyone is going to visit their dead family on June 25th? WTF? I don't think Clark Gable will care. HE'S DEAD. Sacred ground???? WTF? The only reason the ground is sacred is because MICHAEL is on it.

  51. 51

    I don't see why this would be a problem. The Jackson family obviously thinks it's appropriate for Michael's fans to visit him especially on that day. I'm assuming security will be controlling the number of people who are in the mausoleum at one time. I doubt MJ fans will do anything disruptive or cause chaos. It was nice that Randy chose to share that with MJ's fans!

  52. 52

    Those other family members need to chillax!! Nobody is going to there and look around people want to see Michael and Michael ONLY!!!! I know i wouldnt care who was around him i want to pay my respects to the king…no offence to the family's of people around him…I really dont think he will be able to do anything…sadly when i went i got kicked out for looking at the statues and "wondering" its all blocked like Hello where was i going to go?!?!? F you to the old hag playing security over there she was sooooooo rude!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53

    And another thing…Michael was alone for most of his life why not smother him with the love we have for him?!?! Whats wrong with that?!?! Its not fair that only certain people get to see him…what if somebody really really close to him wanted to and they werent on the list?!?! Thats just not fair!!! His people did everthing to keep people away from him he was loney why keep him lonenly after his passing?!?! T-T