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Google Turns Logo Into A Pac-Man Game!!

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To honor Pacman's 30th anniversary, Google has turned their homepage logo into a playable Pac-Man game!

Google's Marcin Wichary says that they "made sure to include Pac-Man's original game logic, graphics and sounds, bring back ghosts' individual personalities, and even recreate original bugs from the 1980's masterpiece."

They even changed their "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to "Insert Coin!"

Sooo rad!

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45 comments to “Google Turns Logo Into A Pac-Man Game!!”

  1. myjah says – reply to this


    I was just playing this!!!!

  2. 2

    "sooo rad!"
    ok big tooth f*cker!

  3. kizzy says – reply to this


    Google is cool

  4. 4

    How the hell is this news worthy or gossip? And I'm pretty sure Google is one of the most used sights or a homepage and everyone has seen it themselves without you telling them..in your words "STOOPID"

  5. 5

    Is this why i get an annoying looping Pac Man sound everytime i open up my Fire Fox Browser?

  6. 6

    omg this is AMAZING I love it! lol im wasting so much time at work playing this its the cutest thing ive ever seen. Google should have something interactive on their logo everyday!!

  7. RoyJ says – reply to this


    Actually you can play when you click on the "insert coin" button, well at least here in Mexico … I love it!

  8. KaraK says – reply to this


    Love it … brings back jr high memories … bitchin'

  9. 9

    omg I love google! soooo many distracted workers today :) every time i go to google, I've just gotta play!

  10. 10

    @meggypie88 I agree with you. don't let the invalidity of this website ruin your day. if you find another website to waste time on while at work let me know.

  11. KR0D says – reply to this



  12. 12

    Yeah I totally OWNED that game hahaha!

  13. RoyJ says – reply to this


    You can play when you click on the "insert coin " button!!!

  14. 14

    That was awesome i'm still playing

  15. 15

    amazingly kickasssss.!

  16. 16

    If you double click "insert coin" you can play as Ms. Pacman and 2 player mode

  17. 17

    Didn't you make fun of Ke$ha for saying rad????
    well it dosn't sound any better when you say it ..
    are we still in 2010 ??? or are we back in the 80's??

  18. 18

    when are you going to post the pics of lady gaga and her lady friend in st. tropez?

  19. 19

    so much fun been playing all day! I love Google.

  20. 20

    thats the first time even i was this game
    but i dont like that everytime i open google and stay on it too long
    it starts to play cuz its my homepage so its annoying :(

  21. 21

    google is awesome today.

  22. 22

    Finally an article I liked. I wondered why Google had that today lol hate google though buncha fuckin spies

  23. 23

    old news entire net is abuzz about this even CNN u douche

  24. 24

    I actually played it after reading this post. Man that game brings back memories.

  25. 25

    you're just now reporting this?

  26. 26

    Re: LiveItAndLoveIt – Its the 30th anniversary of PacMan on Saturday but I guess they have in on today and maybe tomorrow. I love it but it is annoying when I leave it on google the sound stays on oh well lol.

  27. 27

    this id not good im not getting anywork done

  28. 28

    Your late as usual Perez in any case this game never goes out of style so it's pretty cool makes it worth having to deal with the new crappy Google…

  29. 29

    Yes, it is awesome!! Greatest logo yet! :)

  30. 30

    cool! im playing now, cept i cant pause gudamet!

  31. 31

    LOVE iT perfect for a FRI !!!!!

  32. 32

    so cool! i discovered it today since i google all the time!! :) so much funn

    Re: KimiKiwi – agreed!!!

    Re: GavinGav – mine doesn't have the words insert coin. it's just a picture. i just click on it and then it starts

  33. 33

    lol soo fun!

  34. 34

    Soooo awesome!!!

  35. 35

  36. 36

    OMG it's such a bitch it won't even let me move when I want too! >.

  37. 37

    Re: Random Reader – lol im actually with you on that one .

  38. MP says – reply to this


    Love it!!!

  39. 39

    Way too cool! Played with it too!!

  40. 40

    the i'm feeling lucky button is back to im feeling lucky

  41. 41

    I can't fucking stand it.

  42. 42

    so amusinggg

  43. 43

    this totally distracted me for like 4 minutes :] it was super cute and made me smiiiile.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    yeah really cool