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The Most Terrifying Grey's Anatomy Ever!

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We have one word to sum up last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy: Emmys.

Emmys all around. One for Ellen Pompeo. One for Sandra Oh. One For Chandra Wilson. One for Mandy Moore . The list goes on and on and on.

The episode was surreal, validating a series we kind of thought was on its way out. If they had writing like this every week, they'd be on forever!


A lot of Grey's Anatomy fans had trouble sleeping last night after what will probably go down in history as the most heartbreaking and terrifying two hours of the show in its history.

Seattle Grace finds itself under attack by a crazed, grieving gunman, who fans will recognize from an earlier episode where his wife was taken off life support. This man has one goal - kill Dr. McDreamy, but ends up leaving a wave of destruction at the hospital that no one could have seen coming. If you watched the first seven minutes of the episode, you know that Alex Karev is shot right from the start. Things don't go too well for him from there, but luckily, his GF little Grey and McSteamy find him and save his life. (Now if he could only get over effing Katherine Heigl…)

Mandy Moore guest starred this week as a patient. We have no idea what her condition was, but it wasn't life threatening enough to stop her from assisting Dr. Bailey from trying to save the life of another surgeon that was gunned down. In one of the most shocking scenes of the show, the gunman pulls Dr. Bailey from her place of hiding, points a gun to her head and asks if she is a surgeon. She lies and tells him she is nurse, which results in him sparing her. That scene, that one scene - 10 Emmys! 20! Do they have something like a lifetime one where you just keep getting one over and over again?

But the pinnacle of the evening involved the show's remaining core three characters. By the end of the first hour, we watch Dr. Derek Shepard get shot and lie dying in the hospital. It is up to Christina, who is the only heart surgeon still in the hospital, to save his life. Things become that much more complicated when the gunman finds Christina operating on Derek, puts the gun to her head and insists that she stop or he will kill her. She doesn't, but instead helps trick the gunman into thinking she let Derek die on the table once Meredith arrives and begs for him to shoot her instead. Emmy for Ellen. Emmy for Sandra.

In the end, Derek lives, the gunman shots himself, and the McBaby that Meredith had just learned she was carrying is miscarried. A pretty sad note to end on.

The night was a whirlwind of drama, suspense and tears. Just how television should be.

We're still not really over it all!

Did U watch last night's Grey's? What did U think?

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173 comments to “The Most Terrifying Grey's Anatomy Ever!”

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  1. 101

    Seriously amazing, I will be a Grey's fan forever! So much emotion, my poor husband was trying to console me all night after watching it………….please keep coming out with these kinds of episodes!

  2. 102


  3. 103

    If a couple of the stupid harpies on Grey's died in every episode, it might become a good show.

  4. 104

    BEST, BEST, BEST episode ever!!!!! I am a true Grey's fan. Watched every episode about 3 times at least but last nights show was epic!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Loved it :)

  5. 105

    OMG this is one episode that you could change the channel.!!!! I cried throughout the show. . you just didnt know who was going to die. But glad to see the boring characters GONE !! Owen finally admitting he loves Christina ! EMMYS TO ENTIRE CAST ON THEIR PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 106

    Re: greysfan3 – he shoots himself, they show webber walking on the catwalk in the end

  7. ilda says – reply to this


    I was in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best episode EVER!

  8. 108

    Did a slow 5 year old write this review?

  9. 109

    WHAT an amazing episode!!! Ive been a fan since the beginning and I was on a roller coaster of emotions last night! i was on the couch, on the floor, crying, covering my face, bbming all my friends who were watching! thankfully the insane amount of commercial breaks brought me back to reality. I was so sad for Meredith having the miscarriage, i cried when she was fighting off Christina to get to her (gorgeous) husband, and the slow mo screaming scene was riveting, and then when she broke down in the OR when she thought they were letting him die, I was BAWLING, so heart breaking! but wow! it didnt even seem like a 2 hour episode it was SO amazingly amazing!!!!!!

  10. 110

    Always remember, it's just T.V…..

  11. 111

    BEST EPISODE EVER! I havent cried this hard during an episode since Denny died!

  12. 112

    the finale definitely wore me out. suspense all throughout the episodes. i hate to say its better than vampire diaries finale :p

  13. 113

    Honestly, last year's finale killed me more than this one but I was not disappointed, it was a great show. It had me at the edge of my heat with my hands covering my mouth in shock the whole time. Also, I don't know what people are talking about this series has gotten better with every episode. It was a little rocky, especially with the Izzie and George leaving and the merger, but as you can see it ended great.

  14. 114

    One of the best season finales of any tv show I have ever seen. I cannot tell you how many times I put my face in my hands and said, "Oh my god." And I loved that they didn't leave us hanging.

  15. 115

    I laughed, cried…and cried some more! I've been a Grey's fan ever since the start of the series…It was the BEST EPISODE EVER. Shonda Rhimes is Amazeballs!!! I would be surprised if that episode isn't at least nominated for an Emmy. I've always loved Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo kicked it up a notch with her acting, and Chandra Wilson never disappoints!

  16. 116

    excellent episode…i wasn't sorry to see the pixie girl go, but was disappointed they got rid of the other doctor (see - can't even remember his name…i guess he was expendable). april kepner (who was responsible for bringing the gunman out of his haze and thus shooting derek) needs to go - i was hoping she would get shot just to quiet her. bailey being dragged from under the bed was one of the freakiest moments…and, even though she lied, she did what was best for the situation. her subsequental breakdown and pull-together was amazing sans words. i expected the rocky theme music to begin playing when avery and christina were staring at one another thinking "christina is the only one who can save derek". lastly, i'm sad owen chose christina over altman…owen and altman just "go" together. christina needs someone who will challenge and cherish her all at once.

  17. 117

    Seriously, one of the vey best episodes for the series. Well done. Keep up the good writing and acting.

  18. 118

    What happened to their cell phones? I know it's just a show… but since they use them every five minutes in all the other shows…. I'm just sayin'

  19. 119

    LOVED the episode, a few complaints tho…is Meridith a real resident doctor or is she just there to whine about her and McDreamy? It sucks she lost her kid all she does is WHINE ALOT and everything is about HER. Girl youre at a hospital, save lives and stop bugging your short stack man. Secondly, why did Lexi let go of McSteamy? The name says it aaaall!!!

  20. 120

    The only thing i kept saying last night for two hours was OH MY GAWD!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!! Between calls from my mom and my best friend all we could say was OH MY GAWD!!!!! BEST EPISODE IN TV HISTORY!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  21. 121

    Sooo, it's basically like any other season finale of E.R.?????? LAME copycat.

  22. 122

    What an incredible episode! Everything, from start to finish, was stunning!

  23. 123

    Re: Raiders24 – me too ! i was shaking the whole finale !!

  24. 124

    OMG LOVED IT!!!!! If it doesnt win some type of award. I will cry. It was SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO Good I was so scared through out the whole 2 hrs

  25. 125


  26. 126

    Aside from those final 2 episodes last night, greys maybe had 2 half decent eps the WHOLE season, so that isnt sayin much. It was an awesome finale BUT it left nothing to look forward to in the fall. we know dereks alive, carev's alive, blah blah. They shoulda kept the last hour for the new seasons first episode. So because of this, I choose to stop watching greys once it starts back up. GOOOOO PRIVATE PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 127

    I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy two years ago. However, when I heard Mandy Moore was going to guest star, I thought about watching this finale because I love her…I'm so glad I did. It was an amazing episode. I don't know if I'll watch it next season, but I'm glad I caught the stellar finale, well worth the time spent.

  28. 128

    Re: greysfan3
    Actually, yes we do know!!! At the end we see Dr. Webber walk underneath the police tape and the police officer who he was talking to outside shook his hand, so therefore it was Mr. Clark who died :)

  29. 129

    That was the most ridiculous episode in the history of TV shows. No one on the cast should even be nominated for an episode and the show should be off the air for the horrible acting, wriitng and basic unrealistic plot line. I am still pissed at my roommates for having it on. I want ABC to pay me time lost for airing that horrible experience.

  30. 130

    It was soo intense. Edge of your seat suspense! It was the best episode of Grey's i've seen ever. The best season finale all year!! Bailey deserves 10 Emmy's and an Oscar, if they gave those out for TV aha

  31. 131


  32. 132

    @greysfan3 - yes, we do. they show Chief Weber at the end of the show walking out of the hospital. But if you looked away for a second, you probably missed it.

    Seriously, best season finale Greys has ever had. And I'm so glad there wasn't a crazy cliffhanger like last year! (Especially when everyone knew who would live or die based on Katherine Heigel and TR Knight's contract negotiations). Kudos to Greys, Shonda Rhimes, and the entire cast. I was shaking through most of the first hour and crying through the end of the 2nd hour. The last time I reacted like that to ANY tv show was during the bomb-in-the-body episode of Grey's from like 3 or 4 seasons ago! If I don't see some Emmy noms come from this episode, I will be extremely shocked.

  33. 133

    it was hardcore!!!! the best finale of every show on television in history éver!!! EPIC! everybody's acting was AMAZING! it must rain emmy's on them, cuz they totally deserve it!

  34. 134

    omg. i am still in shock at just how amazing that was! this is why i love grey's anatomy

  35. 135

    Such an intense episode!! I was crying nonstop. And not only crying… sobbing at some points. Such a good episode!

  36. 136

    There has never ever been a final episode so thrilling or well acted. The writers deserve to take a bow. Dam, it was fasinating!!! What an amazing group of actors. I miss them already.

  37. 137

    Re: greysfan3
    actually yes we do. it was the gunmen that shot himself because at the end it shows webber walking under the police tape and the police officer he was outside tlaking to shook his hand!!!

  38. 138

    Damn! That was the best show yet. Emmys indeed! I felt for Bailey when he pulled out from under the bed. I would have lied too. Oh, that was awesome.
    But, the poor doctor she and Mandy had to deal with broke my heart. And Grey losing her baby wow. The writers out did themselves on this one. Kudos to the entire cast. I cried when he shot that poor doctor in the head. And thank god he stayed away from the children. All in all a damn good show.

  39. 139

    Awesome! My 14 yr old watched it with me. He was scared to go out into the garage to get something. I'm like, we do not have a shooter in the garage!! LOL!

  40. 140

    Shondra Rhimes rocks!

  41. 141

    Re: Athena0619 – THIS IS TV MAN!!! DAMN!! You gotta have the drama.

  42. 142

    There is no comparison to this finale! There never ever will be and there never ever has been. Beyond all reasonable doubt, these actors and actresses should all be give Emmy's and more. It was absolutely incredible! There will never ever be anything like it. I'm speechless and in awe. It's been a day almost since I watched it and I still can't stop thinking/talking about it. That episode will for sure remain in my DVR forever!

  43. 143

    Grey's Anatomy KILLED IT! This has got to be the best season finale i've seen in a LONG time maybe ever. Other shows should take notes. The formula for season finales are always the same. It's all about the ending and leaving a clif hanger for next year. I'm glad Grey went away from that and gave us 2 full hours of great TV. There were no real cliff hangers to entice you to watch next season but the fact that the episode was SO amazing not only kept viewers but more than likely turned some more viewers on to the show. This show has great potential and that was recognized tonight. GREAT JOB GREY'S. Shondra, grrrrrllllll. U'RE THE TRUTH!!!

  44. 144

    Also, I agree about the April actress. I used to hate her but give her an Emmy and bring her back as a regular. She killed it! Avery too but we all kind of knew he was going to make it as a regular. Excellent job dying for Charlie. Bailey's freak out about the elevators being turned off was the most memorable freak out on tv ever. Christina's character is just phenomenal. Dr. Webber "Those are my people" and conversation with the gunman, pouring out the vodka. PRICELESS! Even Callie Torres giving the gunman gauze. I mean, who writes this. Ellen Pompeo is absolutely amazing. She's so real. From her pleasure in finding out about the baby to her throwing Christina against a wall to go after her husband to her "Shoot me instead. I'm an eye for an eye." Speeh. Just absolutely incredible. Karev, excellent performance. Oh man! Great great great.

  45. rsvp says – reply to this


    Yawn. When a series is in trouble, pull out the crazed gunman and kill off a few. How original. Creative desperation.

  46. 146

    To whoever said you have no idea who the gunman shot. It was himself! Webber shakes hands with the head police officer at the end. Also, this finale is way out of every other shows league. Even if you've never seen the show, you have to appreciate this finale. No one has anything bad to say about it. EPIC!

  47. 147

    best greys episode yet! edge of your seat suspense the whole time, I'd say best finale out of all the shows i watch!
    too bad that lexi still loves karev though even though he wanted stupid izzy when he was bout to die she should just go back to mcsteamy who wants to marry her
    emmys all around for sure!

  48. 148

    Mandy Moore's character had crohn's disease you can tell when she said she had a colonoscopy bag

  49. 149

    LOVED IT! I was so wound up that I had to fix me a drink to relax!

  50. 150

    omfqoshhh!! best episodeee everrr !!!!!!!!!!! i cried so many times && seriously everyone deserves an emmy . Damnn bestt thing i've seen on tv in a while . it was unbelievable , the only word that comes close to describing it is PHENOMENAL !! ( sp ? ) WHOAA !! hope the next season is crazyyy qood !!!!

  51. 151

    it was not known if the shotter or the chief were shot….

  52. 152

    I stopped watching grey's after season 4 but now i'm defenitly back on!!
    that was THE best episode ever!

  53. 153

    that was BY FAR the most nail biting, sitting on the edge of the bed, TV show finale i have ever watched. i cried, i laughed, i screamed. it was phenomenal. i don't know how they will top this next season.

  54. Juj says – reply to this


    OMG! I really could not watch the whole thing after he shot the first person. I kept flipping the channel. Awesome story! Awesome acting! Too intense for television, though. Also I wondered how they were going to get rid of the extra actors.

  55. 155

    Hands down the best episode in the history of Grey's!

  56. 156

    i literally cried for the last hour of the show, amazing

  57. 157

    I've never watched this show ever. I tend to stay away from TV shows cause most of them are mindless. Give me a good movie anytime.

  58. 158

    Best. Season. Finale. Ever.

  59. 159

    EPIC!EPIC!EPIC! Like you said, EMMYs ALL AROUND! Best bittersweet episode of Greys EVER!

  60. 160

    holy shiz it was the best season finale EVER!!! it was so intense, my heart was racing from start to finish. i was balling my eyes out for full 2 hours they all deserve emmys for this…if they dont recieve it that would be dissappointing. OMG it was amazing and i agree im still not over it!!!!

  61. 161

    SO INTENSE. I too was like, maybe I'll watch next season, maybe not. But this finale might have saved the show. I hope Mer and McDreamy don't leave!

  62. 162

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! this episode kept me on the edge of my seat the entire two hours!!! i couldnt even leave when commercials were running because I didn't wanna miss any of the action! someone said something about the doctors not using their cell phones.. but they did!! remember when the police were playing all the 911 calls??? the police just couldnt respond.. and i agree that swat shooting the shooter once and then leaving him to continue his rampage didnt make any sense, but the show needed to continue so the writers could just let the shooter die without reeking more havoc!!! but alll around AWESOME episode im still in shock!!!

    final thought… it would've been better if Meredith hadn't lost her baby because it's definitely gonna cause some issues between her and Derek and it's about time there was a baby! I've been waiting 6 years for them to be together and now I want to see a baby because that fake marriage on a post-it was complete bull.

  63. 163

    unreal… my heart was racing the whole time. Amazing acting, it was like a mini movie!

  64. 164

    i was holding in vomit and tears the entire episode
    very well done

  65. 165

    I'm not typically a huge fan of this show, I watch it every once in a while , but I watched all two hours of this and I was certainly absorbed. It was intense in places, and ore gruesome then I thought it would be. There was tons of crappy, cliche lines though, like when that dying Percy guy tells Dr. Bailey : "Tell her I was brave". I was rolling my eyes at that shit.

  66. 166

    Still too soap opera-ish. Previews looked good so I decided to watch. Turned it off when the two women doctors who appaently have had some sort of love relationship, began discussing their "feelings" whilst a shooter is roaming the halls and they are supposed to be caring for the safety of 20-30 sick children. There was enough shooter-related drama and tension being created that there was no need - at all - for a "you hurt my feelings" type of dialog at the exact moment. Contrived and soapy and reminded me as to why I don't watch this show.

  67. 167

    I second the motion: EPIC!!!!!! omg i haven't been watching any seasons of Grey's since maybe the first few or w/e, BUT OMFG since EVERYONE was saying it was good no matter where I went online, I decided to watch it the next day on abc. com and OMG holy crap that was soo intense and amazing. I started planning on how I wouldn't be the dumb girl that gets in the way, nor the "too-busy" to help staff, I will be like Sandra Oh and save my life!!!! lol :D heartwrenching, I cried like almost the whole time lol :D

  68. 168

    I'm basically repeating what everyone else said but this was definately the BEST episode of television EVER! Although i've seen other shows with shootings like One Tree Hill this totally kicked its ass hands down.

  69. 169

    GREAT episode. So glad Reed died, wish April would have been killed as well. My Mandy Moore did great, as did the whole cast. You could tell Webber wanted to be in the hospital with his people to try to protect them and he felt so helpless. He talked the shooter into suicide, brilliant! LOL.

  70. 170

    most amazing episode ever in-fucking-sane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 171


  72. 172

    I got the chills reading this after I seen the show! OMG, Best. Episode. EVER.

  73. 173


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