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Who Will Replace Foxy In Transformers 3?

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The possiblities are ENDLESS and every starlet in Hollywood is being considered!

Since Megan Fox decided "all by herself" to leave the franchise, Paramount is on the hunt for a new leading lady for Shia LaBeouf.

Some of the MANY ladies rumored to be in consideration are Miranda Kerr, Bar Rafaeli, Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens.

We're going to veto Miranda and Pain-in-the-Ass. Ashley will want way more money than she is worth. And please, anyone else BUT Whatsherface! We're forced to look at her enough as it is!

Nothing has been firmed up yet, but we're hearing the front runner for the execs is Gemma Arterton, from the upcoming Prince of Persia.

She could work!


[Image via WENN.]

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93 comments to “Who Will Replace Foxy In Transformers 3?”

  1. 1

    She looks like a carved-up cadaver in that snap !! Somebody chopped off her arms at the elbows, and I think the crows pecked out her eyes ?!?

  2. 2

    y does everyone think shes sexy? im not a hater (much) but personally i dont think she is :P

  3. 3

    kate Gosselin

  4. 4

    Betty White

  5. 5

    Are they supposed to look like Megan or are they going for a different looking girl altogether?

  6. GiaB says – reply to this


    What no Heidi Montag? bah ha ha ha ha!

  7. 7

    OMG, Gemma all the way!! The girl is naturally beautiful, smart&super talented!! She';s got the whole package&then some!!

  8. 8

    Miranda Kerr, Bar Rafaeli, to tall one to thin the other to BIg Zoe Saldana, to close to Avatat Ashley Greene, to twilighty Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens. are u kidding?

  9. 9

    gemma would be perfect! shes gorgeous and SO charismatic.. all the other runner ups are *itches!

  10. 10

    I'll go for Miranda Kerr! she has to go mainstream in film

  11. 11

    It shouldn't be that hard. Yes, she is sexy in a very generic way and really not that good of an actress.

  12. 12

    It's gonna be me!!! Yay!!!

  13. 13

    OK, so since I'm assuming "what'sherface" is Vanessa, I guess you'd endorse Zoe Saldana! I love Zoe, but she comes across as too "mature" for this part. Unless they make the character more sensible. And falling for Shia has to be believeable. I don't see Zoe as falling for AShia. I mean. I love Shia, but he is no Sam Worthington. I love Gemma Arterton. She'd be the best one. Otherwise I say none of the above.

  14. 14

    Good luck getting me to watch that now without Megan Fox in it.
    Well if they get Zoe Saldana then maybe.

  15. ohkay says – reply to this


    Who actually cares who gets cast? As if the girl chosen will actually play an intelligent character, just sit on a motorbike and look pretty so the audience can drool okay babe?

  16. 16

    for all you haters…go get glasses, because your vision is obviously flawed. Megan Fox looks like a godess here…..she's beautiful. Her acting skills may not be to par with some older actresses, but with the right roles and director, she will flourish.

  17. 17

    and, the producers would be stupid to just replace her….she should definetly be in at the beginning in which she breaks things up with shia's character, maybe 1st 5-10 minutes, then introduce his new love interest. lame to just drop her like a hot potato and thrust a new character at us.

  18. 18

    Why are they considering models for this role? They are NOT actresses!!!

  19. 19

    OMG Why do you hate Megan Fox? Why are you jealous of her?

  20. 20

    I thought Katie Cassidy was replacing her its all over the internet!

  21. 21

    Summer Glau!

  22. Jaded says – reply to this


    I love Gemma Arterton but why would a woman who is getting the buzz she already is do the third installment of a sequel that sucked. That role is nothing more than a bunch of running, screaming, pouting, and walking around with the someone please fuck me look. Gemma went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic art, she has talent and she gorgeous, plus her star is on the rise and she's already playing in two franchises now Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans. Once people see the Disappearance of Alice Creed they'll see how good she is.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Ashley Greene is an even worse actress than Megan Fox, I really hope they don't pick her.

  25. 25

    Please NOT Zoe Saldana….she's soo ugly and annoying

  26. 26

    Damn, just don't make a 4th one. These movies are overrated, terrible, etc. Unnecessary.

  27. 27

    bullshit i will not watch the movie without megan!!

  28. 28

    They need an unknown. A beauty (and with talent please!) that can make people go in "Aww". Megan Fox was relatively an unknown and her beauty captured the eyes of many people. We need someone else with that caliber to catch people's attention.

  29. 29

    Ashley Greene! :D

  30. 30

    Can I be Shia's leading lady? lmao

  31. 31

    germma ward would be great for the part she's hot

  32. 32

    Freda Pinto she so hott

  33. 33

    Please Miranda Kerr, she is Gorgeous and a total sweetheart.

  34. 34

    Gemma is too old looking for Shia. SOPHIA BUSH!!!

  35. 35

    Re: KCASS91 – I love Katie Cassidy! I hope it's true!

  36. 36

    katy cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    they can give it to Nikki Reed she's cute and looks like Megan…

    or just HEIDI MONTAG cuz it doesnt matter how she acts the movie will sell anyway and she's got the body…:)

  38. 38

    Nice of Neil Fifer to be quoted saying: 'I wish she (Megan) would breast feed me again!' HAWT!

  39. 39

    Gemma Arterton would be a great choice. She has class and can at least act, not like the completely overrated, thick as pig shit Fox

  40. 40

    Nope, a quick net search will show you it's most likely going to be jason statham's girlfriend.

  41. 41

    there is no replacement….this was a dumb fucking move

  42. 42

    Is it that someone be replacing her or would they be playing a different character! But does it really matter who plays the love interest if they can not make a better movie then that last one. The action and story were so confusing that I had no clue what transformers were good or bad.

  43. 43

    If Adrianna Lima was an actress, she would be perfect!

  44. 44

    NOO NOT Gemma … She was Perfect for P.O.P. but too old looking for this movie! Miranda Kerr is twenty times more gorgeous than megan fox, she is the PERFECT choice. Ashley Green will be busy making all of the scream sequels! =) Miranda!!!!

  45. 45

    I say Miley Cyrus!!! Yeah! KIDDING!
    OK. OK. How ’bout Demi Lovato…or Selena Gomez, or one of those Disney kids?? OK. OK. How ’bout…Abigail Breslin…or Dakota Fanning…or Kristin Stewart…or, or…Uma Thurman?????????????

  46. 46

    Vanessa Hudgens

  47. 47


  48. SMack says – reply to this


    olivia munn!

  49. 49

    hayden panettiere and vanessa hudgens pukage! no no no! ashley greene wouldn't be to bad but no one can replace megan fox! but if they have to get someone just not hayden or annoying hudgens plz plz plzz

  50. 50

    I'd say Ashley Greene. I never really thought Megan Fox was a good pick for this film anyway. It was never believable that she was a highschool student or that she would be Shia's love interest. She was just waay to gorgeous. And not just pretty but gorgeous. Shes an awful actor as well. I think Ashley Greene wouldnt be a believable shia love interest.. zoe too old. Hayden looks way to bubbly and out of these girls I HATE to say this but Im going with Venessa.

  51. 51

    Re: truth in life – 2nd that… I love Gemma Arterton!!! but not for this movie :/

  52. Eve29 says – reply to this



  53. 53

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say nicole scherzinger. If you want eye candy…she's exotic and has great work ethic. Could be great break out role for her. :)

  54. 54


    It's Michael Bay. It's Transformers. It's going to suck……………

  55. 55

    the first two are models, someone who can act would be good for a change

  56. 56

    go gemma!

  57. 57

    No One can replace my Megan–the most beautiful woman is the world

  58. 58

    i'm absolutely stunned this post didn't end with: HIRE PEREZ

  59. 59

    I seem to be in the minority - I LOVE Megan and cannot stand the thought of someone else as the female lead. I really like Shia, but Megan is the draw for me. I plan to skip T3. :(

  60. 60

    Odette Yustman…the two are practically twins anyways..

  61. 61

    What if he really gave it to Heidi? She could play a robot, like the last one they had who pretended to be a student. They should just find a fresh face, like what they did with Megan.

  62. 62

    I love Zoe but honestly I think she wouldn't fit… She's the only one on that list that seems even half decent and again I don't think she'd fit (not as Shia's Love interest)… There isn't anyone closer to his age that is not a bad actress

  63. 63

    MY FAVE KATIE CASSIDY… she'll look good with Shia LaBarf or whatever his name is

  64. 64

    Re: bongo – LMAO

  65. 65

    I dont understand why the have to pick someone as a new love interest. Instead of ruining Sam and Mikala's love, why can't they just have a leading lady who is a cousin of Sam's or some other relative. And then just have them explain that Mikala is elsewhere. Does the movie really need the romance?

  66. 66

    Re: ShoeWhore – lol! she does

  67. 67

    holy mother fucker! not vanessa hudgens! pleeeeease! her acting sucks and she looks like she'll poo anytime!

  68. 68

    no vanessa please :D

  69. 69

    NOT Miranda Kerr, Bar Rafaeli, Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens!!!!
    Maybe Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, Gemma Arterton, or Christina Ricci!!!!!

  70. 70

    dianna agron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. T.A.T says – reply to this


    we want foxy no matter what , pantiere would be great and so would ashley agreed .. miranda kerr is a model?! screw that ! my choice would be Amber Heard

  72. T.A.T says – reply to this


    we want foxy i want foxy and no one willw atch it without her face it bay your movie is crap without her

  73. 73

    Sorry Miranda but you just wouldn't work as a bad ass girl with the hots for a "usedtobecornybutisnowtotallybadass" guy.

  74. 74

    God, transformers won't be same without Fox, it's gonna suck, she's like the whole thing.

    If she is to be replaced, I'm hoping for Miranda Kerr.

    Hope it won't be Hudgens or Hayden , uh

  75. 75

    this is very interesting

  76. 76

    honestly, the sequel sucked. Why would any of these girls want to be involved in the third one?

  77. 77

    She's an idiot…what has she even done thats 'Transformers' big.

  78. 78

    OMG….Lindsay Lohan should do it! It'd be a great comeback.

  79. 79

    VANESSA HUDGENS FTW!!! i want herrr so badd

  80. 80

    i loved the first transformers. it was cute. a little bit michael bayed out, but still cute. the sequel was pure trash…DUMB! i have always despised megan fox for what seemed like her attention-whore remarks that only really attract desperate/horny/media-gullible american boys whose ears perk at explosives, and whose eyes light up at a cleavage shot or CGI, but anyway, since the last movie, it wouldn't surprise me if even she was smart enough to want out. now that i've watched more interviews with megan, i've come to love her. her humor is really cute…she is random, dry, sarcastic, and kind of cynical. she isn't what you would expect…and i like that! i just hate that she was so sexualized by michael bay, now every fatass skeezy dude wants her! it makes her sort of generic, but i think once she gets a really eccentric role that shows her more humorous, natural side (rather than quirky hot demon in jen's body) she will be even bomber! and the skeezes will all be like, megan's weird now, no thanks, and i can have her (and B.A.G. if he comes along) allll to myselfff :)

  81. 81

    I don't hate Megan Fox, but there is no way she is coming back so to those that love her talking about it like it's a possibility is pointless.

    Here's a novel idea how about we not have a love interest *gasp* it's almost as though movies can actually exist without shoving a love story down our throats… In fact I think it would have improved a lot of movies in the past.

    Just a thought… Again I love Zoe have since I was younger and watched Center Stage (which most people don't even know about) but she is not the right age for him. They could put her in and not have her be the love interest? How about the hot blonde from the first one

  82. 82

    You know, I think an unknown talented actress would be perfect. I can understand why everyone wants to just copy and paste some other star into this film, but it just doesn't seem like it will work. I say they give this one to somebody who will actually benefit from it. And the role really shouldn't be just a replacement. That's just dumb. The role needs to be completely new. Maybe his next love interest is hot and smart? Not just a piece of meat. But definitely easy on the eyes. We need to support aspiring actresses.

  83. 83

    I think Ashley Greene would be perfect! She's got the hott look down!

  84. 84

    Only one choice - Krystal Forscutt. She's much hotter than Megan Fox.

  85. 85

    Your petty hatred for actresses who are better than you Perez makes me laugh. As do the morons on this page that support you.

    Having said that, you could put a cardboard box to fill in for Megan Fox. And that cardboard box would still be better than your stupid ass Perez.

  86. @v@ says – reply to this


    No freaking models. How about an actress with some actual chops?

  87. 87

    Nina Dobrev should be the one who replace megan fox or Jessica Alba

    they both a good looking girl and got great talent as an actress.

  88. 88

    Nina Dobrev should be the one who replace megan fox or Jessica Alba they both a good looking girl and got great talent as an actress.

  89. 89

    If it has to be somebody well known Emma Stone would be perfect. A sultry sarcastic redhead. Hawt!

  90. 90

    Why bother, it's a TRANSFORMERS movie. Less "love interest", more transformers.

  91. 91

    I *guarantee* it will be Saldana. Hollywood is all over her non-talented black balls for some reason, and she will bring that "cool, urban" edge to the film, so will think Michael "Out of Touch for 15 years" Bay. Remember how "cool" Jazz was in the first film? "This seems like a nice place to kick it" followed by the Run DMC-era "arm cross"? HHAHAH

  92. 92

    I think they should go with someone who doesn't look megan fox….def. hayden or whatherface….they def. wouldn't work in this film….

  93. YasJJ says – reply to this


    shut the fuck up about Ashley Greene as pain-in-the-ass you're the only one who is being a pain in my ass. why are you so mean to her, is it because she don't wanna hang out with you, because you're to ugly to stand next to her. why do you hate people so much, you're the only person in the world that I REALLLYYYY hate. so shut up and get a real job. PATHETIC LOSER