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Bee Gees Has-Been Flips Out In Heathrow Over Security Check!

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What a psycho!!

Bee Gees member Robin Gibbs apparently had an airport meltdown of SuBo proportions yesterday when he was selected to undergo a random security check in Heathrow!

A source says:

"He was told by security to calm down or he would not be able to fly. He told them to eff off. When it became clear to him he would not board without the extra checks he stormed out. He was spitting feathers and everyone in the lounge was horrified."

Sorry, bb! Just because you're a has-been doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you!


[Image via WENN.]

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61 comments to “Bee Gees Has-Been Flips Out In Heathrow Over Security Check!”

  1. 1

    1st bitches!!!

    He is not a celebrity anymore. Didn't anybody tell him??

  2. 2

    Waaaaaa. I've had two. It's just the way it is.

  3. 3

    It's GIBB, not Gibbs and Robin was always my favorite! I can see him having a temper tho with a bad day. I can't even imagine flying nowadays….

  4. tasha says – reply to this


    My thoughts are what a fucking asshole you are. The BeeGee's will never be hasbeens. They are Icons you fucking lunatic.

  5. 5

    You are a dickhead Perez. There is a bif difference between has-been and legend. The Bee Gees were one of the biggest musical acts of all time. They haven't played for a long time because some of the brothers have died! Has-beens are those who had a brief flirtation with fame and disappeared soon after. You, on the other hand are a never-was. Casting spurious judgements on your betters will never get you what you really want. Namely approval and validation - your own little star on the pavement.

  6. 6

    Sorry, but h is no has been. He and his brothers have been stars for decades. They still sell out venues. Their music is played all over the world. People hear their music and just dance. They are still in there.. Now compare them to Travis Gardner and people know and love The Bee Gees more than Gardner 10 folds…Not has beens..

  7. 7

    ROFL just because he used to be famous "has been" i mean cmon, You're the only idiot thats implying that. I've been checked at the airport and it pissed me the fuck off too. It's a waste of time and just overall really shitty. Im pretty sure this dude isnt arrogant/narcissist enough and delusional enough to think he has any pull anywhere..Bad day + Worse situation = Rampage. Regardless if hes a celeb or no..and him "storming out" ..He probably had drugs on him…I mean who would skip a flight and "storm out shouting" just because he had to get stopped at security? DRUGS!

  8. 8

    Fuck U Prez…May the gays rise up against You…He has actually Earned being a diva..more talent in his toe then Travis has in his whole body….u know nothing

  9. 9

    The Bee Gees may not be making good music anymore, but take a listen to any of their songs from their heyday — Jive Talkin', You Should Be Dancing, Staying Alive — and each is just about perfect. And you can always rock a party by throwing on any of those songs. How many immortal songs have you written, performed and recorded? A little respect for your betters, please!

  10. 10

    hey morons. he is one of the most prolific song writers of all time and has more money than god thanks to it.
    just because this site is now dedicated to CW and Disney starts doesn't mean that any of the Gibb men are less important in the world of music.

  11. 11
  12. ash,* says – reply to this


    a has-been? you're retarded, mario.

  13. 13

    Re: tasha – True Dat!

  14. 14

    I would love to be half the "has-been" that you, a verifiably no talent hack, think the Gibb's are.

  15. Kdel says – reply to this


    You don't call the Bee Gee's has beens you fu**ing douche. They are part of American culture and true icons. You actually think you are qualified to judge musical acts yet you call Robin Gibb a has been. You don't know shit! You proved that again when you said Travis what's-his-name was better than Justin Timberlake…that is total bullshit.

  16. 16

    toupe, anyone?

  17. 17

    He's not a has-been, he's a BEEGEE. He is of legendary proportions. Nothing that you or GaG will ever, ever come close to.

  18. 18

    Man, I can't wait till your a hasbeen.
    Robin Gibb and his brothers have done so much more than you ever will.

  19. Cbee says – reply to this


    Damn Perez, a little respect! They are the fucking BEEGEE's! Recognize.

  20. 20

    Oh, Bee Gees are legend! And they are from Aussie but have always stayed in Florida. Guess he was having a bad day.

  21. 21

    ….this is an OUTRAGE….he is obviously to thin to carry a bomb….unless it is a cyanide tooth bomb that would gas the entire plane…

  22. 22

    Airport securtiy can make anyone nuts. A Gibb could never be a has-been.

  23. 23

    The Bee Gees will NEVER be hasbeens! They are ICONS. If they wanted to perform they would fill stadiums. But after Maurice died they couldn't see going on without him. STFU about something you know ZERO about. You and your brother both need several slaps upside the head just like the one Perez already got for his mouth.

  24. 24

    Perez, I love, love, LOVE it when you show what an idiot you are. lol! It makes my day! The Bee Gees will never be has beens! They are legends. They have written, produced and recorded more songs than almost any group in history. The fact that you have no respect for their legacy and for their contributions to the music industry just shows exactly what you are: a leech who makes his living off of the backs of people with real talent.

  25. 25

    You are truly an asshole. The Bee Gees are part of music history. To say that the remaining Gibb brothers are has beens is like saying the remaining Beatles are has beens. You show your true colors … and ignorance … by making a statement like that. In my eyes, you are the has been!

  26. 26

    Re: Lilygirl27 – ….as hard as it seems maybe the Bee Gee's music never made it to Cuba so Scario never really heard them and doesn't understand their impact???….the only thing I can think of….

  27. 27

    Has-beens? Try legends. I'd rather listen to a Bee Gee song than a Justin Bieber song any day of the week.

  28. 28

    Mario = has been, Gibb=legends

  29. 29

    seriously, we're talking legend here. let him pitch a fit. his music is still worth a shit decades later, which is alot more than can be said for any of the lame musical "talent" that you gush about.

  30. 30

    Its amazing to me when people who achieve fame through "Infamy" cut down those who actually took the "talent" road to get there.

    Memo to Mario:

    Robin's rep includes "Staying Alive", "To Love Somebody", "Run To Me", and "How Deep is Your Love" amongst MANY other hits….

    You Loser are right there somewhere between Spencer Pratt and Omarosa.

    So I guess I'll go Team Has-Been on this one

  31. 31

    I think it is funny that a never was is calling someone else a has been

  32. 32

    I second all the slams against you for the has-been remark. Robin Gibb is an excellent songwriter AND a legend. Also, you may not know the whole story. Security screeners and airport workers in general can be assholes. He was maybe justified for losing his temper.

  33. 33

    LOL shut up Perez you dont talk about the Bee Gees like that…..u dont care a legendary group like the Bee Gees a has been. This is ANOTHER reason why you should NOT be in the music industry.

  34. 34

    Gibb — without the s — better to be a hasbeen than a neverbeen

  35. 35

    To all of you who have shown This pink bitch that Robin is still a legend, I thank you. As for Marion, or Maria, or what ever the fuck your name is, when you die no one will care. The Bee Gees, even with Maurice and Andy gone, will live for a lifetime!! You WISH you had it like them. Fucking Butt Munch.

  36. 36

    The Bee Gees will never be has beens. The were one of the biggest acts of all times and had a string of hits a mile long. Robin had an incredible voice, also.

  37. 37

    In the event of something happening to me, there is something I would like you all to see …

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Oh no Perez. Maybe they aren't playing anymore but they produce more than your pathetic ass ever will!

    Stayin' Alive!

    Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.
    Music loud and women warm, been kicked around since I was born
    But it's alright, it's okay, and you may look the other way
    And we can try to understand
    The New York Times effect on man…
    Rant Bee Gee Brother, Rant

  40. 40

    he looks and acts like andy dick

  41. 41

    Has been? lol What earth do you live on, Perez? Wow - Bee Gees are freaking legendary!!! I don't even like disco but will admit when their songs come onto rotation my booty starts to wiggle. Maybe look up the definition of "has been" because you wont find a Bee Gee there =D

  42. 42

    TALENTED LEGEND! asshole…

  43. 43

    Please bring back AIDS.

  44. 44

    No one should ever call Barry, Robin or the late Maurice Gibb anything other than rock and roll royalty. These guys are some of the best singers, song writers and entertainers of the last forty-something years. I don't blame Robin or anyone else for making a fuss at the airports anymore. The staff at the airports are on tight schedules and underpaid. They rush people through and they aren't the sweetest natured people in the world. I hate flying now and most people that I know dispise it too.

  45. 45

    Haha. Perez…oh dear. your comments seem to have backfired somewhat. it is so great to see such a passioned response in favour of the legend that is Robin Gibb!!
    He has been making hits for over 40 years…to love somebody, Massachusettes, words, night fever, jive talkin', you should be dancing, staying alive, (shall i stop? no….i think i'll carry on), nights on broadway, you win again, alone as well as writing classics for other artists. Having met Mr.Gibb several times, i can vouch for what a gentleman he is and so down to earth even with a fortune of over 100 million pounds. Do the right thing Perez and admit you made a mistake.

  46. 46

    You are a retard. The BeeGees have more hit records than you've had hot meals, fatty. And considering your considerable girth — that's saying something. You wave that old bag of elbows, Liza Minnelli around on this site like she's some sort of fucking talent — but here's what Liza did: A) ride her mother's coattails, B) a lot of blow. She sings other people's songs (mostly badly) and teeters around on stage and screen in a boozy haze. The fucking Gibb brothers are LEGEND. Suck on that Mario.

  47. 47

    And while airport officials were wasting their time insisting on searching a widely known celebrity, 3 potential muslim terrorists walked through the check-point because they weren't selected for a "random" check. Yeah, makes me feel safer while flying.

  48. 48

    Let me think..the last several airline terrorists were BeeGees? I don't think so. I can't think of a single celebrity that has committed and act of terrosism. All muslims aren't terrorists. All terrorists are muslims. Political correctness has got to go when it comes to my safety on an airplane.

  49. 49

    WHOA WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? HE'S A LEGEND PEREZ, NOT A HAS-BEEN. HE'S A FUCKIN' BADASS BEE GEE. Though I agree that he was batshit to flip out like that thinkin' he's too special, you are way out of line calling him a has-been. Get your facts right.

  50. Sam90 says – reply to this


    Re: cuffs1 – correction, all terrorists arent necessarly muslims, learn some history! tamouls tigers arent muslims, ETA isnt, IRA isnt….

  51. 51

    Was he on his way back from Amsterdam or something?

  52. 52

    I really think you should make an apology, the BeeGees walk among the gods!

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's a freaking BeeGee, and they've travelled world wide for 50 odd years, so they're from a time when people were allowed, and EXPECTED autonomy without this infringement of a person's right to move around without undue search and seizure. The BeeGees were world ambassadors of a sort. He doesn't think he's too special. He is insulted that anyone could imagine he might be some sort of problem. What a shitty thing to do to him.

  54. @v@ says – reply to this


    He was a hippie. Old hippies are NEVER sheep.

  55. 55

    I know I already slammed you Mario, but I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd do it again. (sorry, I have an ego). The Gibb brothers were working their way through the music industry since the 1960's. In Australia, we call it doing the hard yards, namely straight up the middle of the football field, where the heavy hitters are. They did it with tremendous voices, great musical talent and craftsman ship and are still involved in other people's work. I am astounded at your ignorance. Gaga must be rolling her eyes in agony reading some of the utter shit you write. I think you're ready for another bitch-slappin'.

  56. 56

    first, I love, love, love, love, (not enough space for all the love)all Gibb brothers. second, Andy was never a BeeGee. Andy was my very first concert I went to, and even in 1977 was awesome. None are hasbeens, nor will they ever be.

  57. Bree says – reply to this


    Re: brinjak – 100% Agree. The BeeGees are musical geniuses and legends, not has-beens. Perez only cares about his precious Gaga and whoever this new guy is, and doesn't appreciate classic talent.

  58. 58

    Sooooo because they stopped recording, they are hasbeens? I bet if one of your little one hit wonders did this same thing you wouldn't bitch about it.

  59. 59

    Okay I am a BIG Bee Gees fan, Have been for over thirty years. They make WONDERFUL music and are living legends and I love and respect them as performers and the people they are.. that being said..
    I'm sorry but I PERSONALY think Robin needs to grow the hell up! It is not like he is the only person ever selected to have an extra search at an airport and he being involved in all the policial things should be the example and just go with the flow. There just trying to do there job to keep the airports safe. The names are picked via computer NOT the people who work at the airport. The computer doesnt know he is THEE ROBIN GIBB of the Bee Gees. And I doubt half the people at the airport even care who he is, there just there to do a job and go home to there families.

  60. 60

    Re: Who the hell cares

  61. 61

    stop saying stupid remarks, he is not a has been, the beegees r not has beens. just cause he actually helped create music history and is origional and he's not a cheap rip off like most "Singers" today, doesn't make him a has been. sometimes ur news is good but when u put stupid remarks, it makes no one give a crap and they'll only talk about ur dumb mistake.