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Joe & Demi Call It Quits!

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This didn't last very long!

Multiple sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that real-life couple and on-screen costars Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have called it quits!

Taylor Swift was right about him!

According to the country crooner, Joe dumped Taylor via a (very brief) phone call.

Well, Jonas didn't even extend that courtesy to Lovato!

Impeccable sources tell us exclusively that "Joe had his dad call Demi to break things off."

Not man enough to clean up your own mess???

That's cold!!!!

But, don't feel too bad for Lovato. Friends of Demi tell us the singer "had a good cry" but she's already moved on. "Demi is single and already exploring her options," a pal tells us.

Good! You're better than that, girl!

Seems like you and Taylor need to have a girls' night together very soon!

P.S. Things should be VERY interesting when Demi and Joe go out on tour together this summer!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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139 comments to “Joe & Demi Call It Quits!”

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  1. 101

    gosh i realy HATE joe jonas!!
    hes such an asshole and i dont realy care about demi but hes a douche.
    and hes a gay its so obvious, also hes so talentless and ugly!
    nick jonas is the only one i actually like. hes talented and hot but joe need to die hes such a bad person!!!

  2. 102

    i dont believe they broke up. WTF? how old is Joe seriously? having his father call someone to end thier relationship? he needs to take his head out his ass. Zac Effron looks 100% better then him and you dont see him acting like a DOUCHE

  3. 103

    This is even better than he breaking up with Swifty over the phone. Boy is pathetic!! If only it was true. I mean, come on, I don't know one father who would call his son's teenage girlfriend to break up with her because his gay son is too much of a douche and a coward to do it himself. But then again I have always found this entire family to be completely ridiculous and functionally retarded, so who knows, really. But, I mean, isn't it about time he learns how to let a girl down easy? We all know he's not very good in ending relationships (first he breaks up with Taylor over the phone in less than 30 seconds; then he's all devastated and crying like a little girl over Camila dumping him) but, come on, Joe! You're 20! Either come out of the closet you've been living in already or try a little harder at playing straight and learn a thing or two about break ups.

  4. 104

    I really think he is gay!! He is sush a DB and using his dad how low!

  5. 105

    Im not saying this shit will last but I really dont think this is true either, I mean have his dad call her? Arent they on tour together the whole thing isnt plausible.

  6. 106

    Come out Come out wherever you are……..Why aren't you trying to out him like you have other celebrities. Oh wait…they showed up to your pathetic parties years ago with a cake. You are an a$$hole.

  7. 107

    omg! I'm shocked also…he's a lil boy in a man's body…like seriously he needs to mann up…I mean I still love him in all but that's messed up to get your father to do it for you like come on so childish…he lost a very good person and he will weep what he sow because I believe that Demi is a VERY strong girl…that's why her fans love her.! JOE'S A JERK AND ALWAYS WILL BE…CAN'T STAND HIM>:o

  8. 108

    Re: The Owl – I know you're gay hahahahahahahahahaha.

  9. 109

    Joe is an ass and messed up big time. Demi is beautiful.

  10. 110

    what a total turd he is. has his dad call his girlfriend to break up for him. he's so gay. just can't cope with the reality of it. stop dating girls, just come out and date boys already.

  11. 111

    I cannot for the life of me understand why a 30something man would give a shit about soem 16 year olds breaking up. I'm 20 and I feel I'm beyond this shit

  12. 112

    Joe Jonas is such a douche bag. First he dumps Taylor via a brief phone call, and now he has his dad break up with Demi for him? WTF?!

  13. 113

    omg he is so pathetic.
    all I can say

  14. 114

    haha what a wuss. have his dad call. why not just breakup by text message

  15. 115


  16. 116

    Re: #1mileyfan – miley is a bigger whore than demi

  17. 117

    These Jonas Brothers are quite "THE MEN", they all wear Purity Rings, Kevin's wife won't sleep with him, Joe is best friends with every Disney Actress and they all dump him, and that other brother, whatever his name is, only talent would be being a bottom for Chi Chi Larue's stable of men..

  18. 118

    OK first off they ended it while they were in New York together. Secondly Mr.Jonas would never break up with her for Joe. Even if he did break up with her over the phone its because she's in South America right now and he's not going to take a plane over there just to break up with her.

  19. 119

    I didn't realize that he dated girls. I don't think he dates them seriously but maybe for publicity or maybe his management requests it. I maybe wrong but I always thought he was playing
    for the home team (which is cool too).

  20. 120


  21. 121

    There the new "Niley" I'm pretty sure they'll end up together again during the tour.

  22. 122

    Demi just posted a tweet saying that this whole post is complete BS. Not only did Joe's Dad NOT break up with her, their break up was MUTUAL and IN PERSON.

    And I know you're not going to post about Perez, cause for some reason you have this insane idea in your head that you're sources are never wrong (didn't you have sources that told you Castro was dead too…? hmm..) So I thought I'd share.

  23. 123

    Oh and Joe's comment on the matter: "Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one," Jonas, 20, tells PEOPLE. "I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to break up but I love her as a friend. She's been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her."

    I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that Joe's Dad went out of his way to break up with Demi for Joe when Joe/Demi were with each other all week and their dad was off on a vacation with their mom and youngest brother.

    Even if Joe were stupid enough to break things off with another girl over the phone, which I doubt he is, I doubt even more that Joe's father is that dumb and would allow it. Just saying…

  24. 124

    Oh my, he's so gay, he can't even keep a beard for a convicing amount of time.

  25. 125

    How can you all believe this??? He just got tired of her, she was just not that into her and she was craaaaazy in love!! Plus I dont think he would tell his dad to do that. AND he treated her like a princess

  26. 126

    Re: miley stinks – I didn't call Demi a whore…. I'm a fan of hers.

  27. 127

    HE'S GAY!!!!

  28. 128

    Once again you put your impeccible brown nose to the case and came out wrong. Your "sources" should be kicked out of the lonely little apartment you do your "reporting" from because Demi said herself they split but it wasnt like the rumors flying around and it was civil…

  29. 129

    I saw this comming

  30. 130

    He's such a little queen. Can't wait till he comes out of the closet. Actually it seems like he's going to get drug out of the closet by a disgruntled female "lover" if he keeps treating his cover girls like shit.

  31. 131

    so he's single yeah? yessssssssssss

  32. 132

    its because HE's GAY GAY GAY!!
    Look at the girls he dates there just beards he dates them because he knows they wont expect anything from him like sexx haha he is gay trust me on this but probably wont come out till hes like 40something hahah poor guy must suck

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    He just doesn't have it in him, imo, nor is he even close to or mature enough to be ready for any serious relationship. His DAD called it off? LMAO.

  34. 134

    yay…i'm happy there not together anymore they did not look good together

  35. 135

    He seems like a big ass jerk, glad to know I'm right.

  36. 136

    Not surprised, Demi is such a pesada, can you imagine being in a relationship with that hyperactive loudmouth? Plus, he is way too hot for her…

  37. 137

    PUBLICITY -__-

  38. 138

    if you read demi's tweets, she clears things up. he did NOT call her, nor did his dad.

  39. 139

    She deserves so much better than him. And she is so pretty. She shouldnt cry over that SERIOUSLY.

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