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Monjack's Rep And Brittany Murphy's Brother Speak Out About His Death.

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In the wake of Simon Monjack's unexpected passing, many are speaking out regarding what could have possibly caused him to die at 39.

Monjack's spokesperson, Roger Neal, has revealed:

"Simon needed a [heart] bypass. I was told he needed a bypass, and I said to him, 'Simon, you have so much going on, let's keep you healthy.' I said, 'You want to be healthy. Don't you?' He said yes, but he said, 'The bypass can wait.' I don't know how much of an emergency it was. The doctors would have made him get it immediately if he needed it, but Sharon confirmed with me he did need a bypass. They didn’t make it public because he had so much going on. If he had prescription medication, I believe that's all it was. I don't believe he had an overdose … As far as empty bottles, I don't know anything about that. If you have a heart condition you're going to have prescription medication for yourself. You're going to be on some kind of medicine."

However, Brittany Murphy's brother, Tony Bertolotti, has an entirely different take on the situation, and claims:

"I didn’t have a reaction to the news. The guy was insane. He tried to keep my father’s name off [Murphy's] death certificate. When I told my dad, Angelo, about the news, he felt he same way. We are sad for my sister — not for him. I wasn’t shocked to be honest. That’s two out of three people that have died living in that house within six months. When are people going to open their eyes about what was going on there? Our family thinks that this thing will still blow-up, and that the truth will eventually come-out about our sister. At this time, we have no sympathy for her mother as she went along with what Simon Monjack wanted. Our thoughts and prayers are for Brittany Murphy."

Wow! Pretty serious stuff! And, as it always does when it comes to Monjack, shady shady!

What do U think was going on in that house??

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50 comments to “Monjack's Rep And Brittany Murphy's Brother Speak Out About His Death.”

  1. 1

    Who knows what really happened. Not trying to be an asshole, but how on earth Brittany could have found him attractive is beyond me. He seemed pretty shady.

  2. 2

    …look at him….fat people should NOT do drugs…and dumb people…..Brittany was another dumb slag….pace yourself doesn't anyone learn…..remember River Phoenix????…..

  3. 3

    Does this mean that Brittany and Tony had different mothers?

  4. Woko says – reply to this


    Regardless whether he was a heel (as portrayed on this site) or not, he was one hell of an excellent photographer.

  5. 5

    You should NEVER speak ill of the dead. i'm not some christian freak but you should not speak badly about someone who can not defend themselves. it is immoral. her brother sounds very hurt and angry but i think everyone should just calm down till facts come out.

  6. lmlol says – reply to this


    "We have no sympathy for the mother"??? WOW, that is some heavy family, weird rage going on…I don't trust a word that brother is saying…I've seen it in families: when that much rage is going on, all kinds of shit gets flung about…

  7. 7

    Brittany's brother is completely right. At least someone in her family spoke out on this. It wouldn't surprise me if the mother is hooked on the SAME drugs as they were. Simon ruined what was left of Brittany's life. WAY too young for her to have died! Furthermore, proof that he was abusing drugs is the fact that he needed a bypass at SUCH a young age!

  8. 8

    who fucking cares hes not a celebrity

  9. Lucas says – reply to this


    Ok, this is MY opinion only. But I think someone needs to take a closer look at Sharon. She found 2 dead bodies, both died of heart attacks within months of each other (yes, I'm a crime sleuth). She gets rid of Brittany, she gets the $. She doesn't want to share it with Simon, so off he goes. Now she can go and do whatever she wants. What was she doing in his room last night — checking in on him? Doesn't that seem odd to anybody? She was the executor of the will — why didn't Simon leave? Did he have something on her — like the death of her daughter. Anyway, it makes for good TV.

  10. 10

    wow.. this is really odd..

  11. 11

    what do I think what was going on in the house? HOW WOULD I, OR ANY ONE ELSE KNOW? It would be merely guessing and everyone has been wrong about alot of these deaths lately, ESPECIALLY YOU, MARIO!!!! I do feel sorry for her mother, though, finding one person dead, unresponsive, is shocking enough. Two, in the matter of months, in your house, totally tragic. Sell the house, if she is able and get out. bad karma

  12. 12

    Creepy, did he kill himself?

  13. 13

    "At this time, we have no sympathy for her mother as she went along with what Simon Monjack wanted"? Interesting….. what the hell is that all about. Ya, I would like to know what is going on in that house myself. Two people died within six months. Investigate investigate investigate….. Is Sharon a murderer? Only time will tell. Perez get on this shit fast like yesterday…. move it move it move it.. Send your spies out there.

  14. 14

    The guys dead Perez - sure, he seemed like a weirdo - but he died. So leave it alone. You don't know him, so shut the hell up with your speculations and bullshit, and let the dead rest.

  15. 15

    Re: hows your balls? – So, we can't talk shit on Hitler or Pol Pot? I've never understood you people who are so afraid of a dead person, that you can't be honest. Murphy's brother also talked shit on Sharon Murphy but you don't come running to her rescue just because her heart is beating. It's very odd.

  16. 16

    Where's your father, cocoballs????? Huh??? We never hear about him. Did you do something bad and he left?? Are you speaking to him???
    Answer a few questions of your own before you make assumptions. Life is not perfect. There is not DRAMA in everything. Sometimes it's just a family that failed.

  17. 17

    Simon looks like some rich, over-priviledged, over-indulgent, brat who just happen to weasel his way into Brittany's life. I think these rich, bored jerks seek out these talented and gifted people to bring meaning to their shallow and empty lives.

  18. 18

    The ignorant mother belongs in an assisted living place before she ends up the same way. Fat pig Simon that let his wife die got what he deserved in the long run.

  19. 19

    Hey, the brother said that's 2 out of 3 people that have died in that house…… who else died?

  20. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Sounds like “` the brother is MAD b/c HE was left OUT of Brit's ““ ah“ WILL.
    He and his daddy were only in “IT“ for some $$$$$$$$$$.

  21. 21

    this shady fucker destroyed brittany murphy.

  22. 22

    Re: Lucas – LOL! I gotta love your take on the situation! What was the mother doing in his room in the middle of the night anyway?

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Re: Lucas – Post #9 - I totally agree. I think its fishy and I think the mom may have something to do with both deaths.

  25. 25

    I think her brother needs to shut the f*ck up. I dont who Simon Monjack as a person, but brittany chose to marry him and keep her father out of her life, and give her money to her mom. Its her business and I doubt her brother is an angel himself.

  26. 26

    Re: imawesome – agreed. why DID they get married in the first place???

    Re: Tube Steak – agreed

  27. 27

    The whole thing is a bit suspicious and if there is anything shady it is very sad. I mean I really hoped Brittany Murphy would have a better ending than she did. So sad.

  28. 28

    l think something weird was going on in that house , my therory is after brittany died simon tried to scam the mother drug her up seducing her and talking her into selling the house so he could scam a few million cash of her,

    She has figured out what his up to taken the house of the market his panicked maybe overdosed or had a heart attack from stress. The mum was in his room late at night

  29. 29

    I kind of side with the brother on this one.

  30. 30

    I really hate myself for being such a mean person because this man has family and everything BUT….I feel that Brittany came and took him….why the hell should he be enjoying the money she earned in her life….are my thoughts. What did he have going for him? His cash cow was gone and apparently judging by his death….the drug problem was shared style.

  31. 31


  32. 32

    This is just about the spookiest-ass story I've seen in awhile, even with his dicey heart condition….funny how Sharon was the one who found both of them, isn't it? Coincidence?

  33. 33

    Personally, I don't think it matters that he was shady, he didn't deserve to die because of it. RIP.

  34. 34

    Re: #Cejers – I agree w/you. I saw murphy interviewed where she described how she worked "with" her mom when she was twelve by cold calling and setting appts. At TWELVE! This woman has never treated her daughter as her dependent but instead relied on Brittney to provide for her. I think, given Simon's tendency to use romantic pet names for his mother-in-law, that those 2 were in a relationship and that they kept brittany drugged so that she was unaware of their scheme to use her income for their own drug problems. The mom looked high as a kit on Larry King.

  35. 35

    Re: Lucas
    i agree. 2 people died within 6 months while she was there. something doesn't sound right. and weren't they living together after she died?

  36. 36

    The man is dead have some respect guys!! I believe the house was actually his but Icould be wrong on that. Maybe he did kill himself maybe he just couldn't live without Brittany. Maybe Brittany wasn't all about the looks, maybe they had a lot in common and were really in love - why do people have to contantly look for the dark side in everything! If he did kill himself the media, including this website played their own part in the terrible things being said about him shortly after he lost his wife!!

  37. 37

    I've had the same thoughts as Brittany's brother. Sounds about right. It was well-known that Monjack was a posessive control freak, and that he was the reason Brittany lost several roles.

  38. 38

    I will say it AGAIN there is something fishy about this whole entire situation and I think that the mother is the leader of the pack. The officials should really investigate deep into mommie dearest. There is something really wrong with the entire scenario from the get go. Mommie did you do something to your baby girl and then her hubby cuz he was gonna tell on you. OR did you get mad at him for not wanting to "do" you anymore. She is a looney tune so someone better check her butt out big time. Another hollywood murder(s) that someone will get away with.

  39. 39

    Weird shit! Maybe Brittany's brother is just lashing out cause that's his way of grieving. Who knows although that Monjack is creepy looking.

  40. 40

    Re: Lucas – I'm into that sort of stuff,too! Interesting take on things you've got there,I always thought there was something fishy about Sharon as well..

  41. 41

    Re: Alice420 – uhhh..2 out of 3. Britt and Simon.

  42. 42

    (cont) So uber-famous. And I ain't mad about that. Just don't creep around and rip off other peoples stuff. It sucks to see. and is pathetic and sad.
    Still love u Perez, I'm just not IN love with you.

  43. 43

    weve lost another creep…..oh darn…

  44. 44

    … again… *KABBALIST SKUM-jack who's* "death" I thus far DOUBT…took Brittany to RUSSIA at least THREE TIMES - Her Final fatal trip in Dec"em"ber 19th & 20th 2009 being Her *Last*. More details of "the Russian angle" of Britt's Death will be *revealed* "soon*. And Sharon, *SKUM* AND Britt were heavily "Em"to Rx's. Google "Secret Show Podcast butler" & listen to "the BUTTler" "Em"terview.

  45. 45

    I hope Brittany's mother isn't reading all this bunk.She had cancer and I don't know if she's in remission but she doesn't need to read this nonsense.

  46. 46

    ^ … * bruttaTW@tta STFU… you* know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Sharon Kathleen Murphy… who BTW… is NOT "Em" r"Em"ission from *C* but rather the OPPOSITE. So GTFO…

  47. 47

    It always sad when someone passes. No matter what, they were someones child, someones friend, someones family…..all that sometimes gets lost by ones actions.

  48. 48

    It's funny that Brittany's brother never said anything about this after her death. Looks like someone is just looking to cash in on very, very unfortunate circumstances.

  49. 49

    ^ … *uKATb!tch* STFU too. Tony's posted @ i"eM"Db numerous times regarding *SKUM-jack* AND Sharon K Murphy - Britt's 'OTHER' half-brother Jeff Bertolotti also been quoted IN THE PRESS talking about the *odd circumstances* surrounding Britt's Death… so *you* DON'T HAVE A SINGLE 'CLUE' and should 'JUST' STFU "Em" GTFO.

  50. 50

    I think the Mother wacked them both.