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Bon Jovi Getting Desperate!

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Bon Jovi is getting so desperate to fill the O2 Arena in London that they're selling 2-for-1 tickets for their shows in June! Never a good sign!

And things are Not looking good for their home state NJ shows either. In fact, FLOOR seats are still available for their July 9th show in NJ.

Did U buy tickets for the show?

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57 comments to “Bon Jovi Getting Desperate!”

  1. Sam90 says – reply to this


    Its a hard time for tickets, when i think that michael jackson sold out 50 shows in 2 hours i wonder why they used to call him non successyful before his death. This world is so corrupted, the medi ia corruption pure corruption. today makes 11 months without u mj. RIP/

  2. 2

    Ewww! I have always hated the band Bon Jovi and loathed Jon Bon Jovi! He's such a conceited ass, a pretty boy who isn't pretty! BARF. BARF. BARF.

  3. 3

    they can always collect social security!

  4. 4

    Maybe if they had spread out a bit more thier concerts would do better. They skipped Portland all together and upset a lot of fans…

  5. 5

    And why are they still touring? they haven't been relevant for about 2 decades now…

  6. nuggs says – reply to this


    i'd do it for the support band if i was in london town. biffy clyro will wipe the floor with these old codgers.

  7. 7

    I adore them and if I hadn't paid $800 for gaga tickets, I'd buy tickets to their show as well. Money is tight, bands feel it.

  8. 8

    Aren't these guys rich enough? They sing the cheesiest songs and people throw money at them until they are richer beyond belief….Sick Country!

  9. 9

    HELLS yes I'd buy tickets to see him–if he was coming to Pittsburgh! One of THE best concerts ever! I saw him a couple of years ago and Daughtry opened for him and he rocked as well. He upset a lot of Pgh fans by not coming here–even Gaga is doing a second show here and no Bon Jovi? wth!

  10. 10

    Shouldn't Richie be in jail for driving around Los Angeles drunk out of his mind with kids in the car?

  11. 11

    Yes - I'm going tomorrow night at the new stadium in NJ with six of my girlfriends. They had no problem selling out these shows, surprised to hear about the other ones.

  12. 12

    At least they don't have to give all the tickets away for free like some desperate z-lister's forgettable tour. You couldn't find anyone pathetic enough to buy one.

  13. 13

    Soooooooooo 1980's……….

  14. 14

    If Jon Bon Jovi needs a place to stay, then I am willing to do my part and welcome in my home and ……bed so he won't catch cold of course. lol

  15. Low says – reply to this


    It's rough out there……. still amazing that they have been around soooo long.

  16. 16

    How do you know its a sign of desperate, perhaps they are giving back to thier fans by making this offer. It is a recession afterall, the economy is bad all over, not just the US. Besides that do you think that maybe people are just not able to afford a ticket anyhow…..geez everyone is desperate if they try to do something that makes it easier for the fans to go. If I was in London I would buy a couple pairs and rock out.

  17. 17

    love them! had tickets for their shows in florida.

  18. 18

    They're having problems because their tix are TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE! Here in Calgary, for a seat in the first level (not even floor) the prices started at $165. Are they nuts??? To get anything less than that you were up in the nosebleeds. I've been a fan since the 80s and would love to see them, but jesus, there is NO way I'd pay over $300 to see ANYONE. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

  19. Six6 says – reply to this


    do yall really care wow. Check out HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM for that Real News and those tru bloggers….


  20. 20


  21. 21

    Re: HateMachine

    This is laughable. They couldn't give a sh*t about their fans, only the money they can make from them. And whoever said that the other shows sold out, you are incorrect, the best for all theNew Meadowlands shows are and have been on sale all month. Total desperation at this point.

  22. 22

    Im on the floor for there concert in Calgary and i think its pretty much a sold out show and my tickets were really expensive for 11th row floor seats but its soooo worth it!

  23. jago says – reply to this


    Really, A band that's been around as long as they are, who has more money than you will ever make in your lifetime are looking to make more money? More likely that they are giving back to their fans like they always do. Seriously, how stupid can you be? Oh wait…

  24. jago says – reply to this


    Re: rejco100 – Are you serious? REALLY, with retarded bands like the Jonas Brothers and singers like Justin Beiber, it's Bon Jovi that write the cheesiest songs?? Get back to me when you understand real music.

  25. 25

    Re: jago – I take that you like cheesy music by guys that have the same hair style as Farah Fawcet.

  26. 26

    bon jovi actually sold out in Toronto,Canada for both days!
    im pretty surprised i have to say! but it should be a good performance:)

  27. 27

    they should do a world tour for free for as long as they milked this career. i always wondered, why ? why ? why ?

  28. 28

    Re: bella92

    Wait, I am sure tickets will pop up closer to the show.

  29. 29

    it's bon jovi so wgas.
    NOT the economy.
    Remember, MJ sold hour in hours ALL 50 SHOWS.

  30. lsmn says – reply to this



  31. 31

    Don't know where this info is coming from, but I heard on the news the other night that Bon Jovi is the top-selling concert of the year–grossing almost $2 million in each venue they play. Even outsold Taylor Swift and Jay-Z.

  32. lsmn says – reply to this


    Re: Kittencaboodle – i'd really love to see a picture of you… bet you're an excellent looking person… that'd put jon bon jovi to shame… and i bet you're a very talented musician on top of your great looks!

  33. jago says – reply to this


    Re: rejco100 – I like real bands that write their own music, play their own instruments, and not ham it up with backup dancers, and other retarded shit, which is pretty much what today's music is, retarded shit. Go listen to some Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Metallica, and Guns n Roses.. Then listen to the crap they put out today, you tell me which is real music.

  34. 34

    i saw them in concert when they came to honolulu in march. they were pretty good considering how old they are (i mean they're really good musicians but theyre definitely oldies) they did pretty good tho they sold out hawaii in like a few minutes (minus the junker upper seats)

  35. 35

    eff you, fattie, fattie 2 X 4:
    maybe he's just trying to be generous during these tough economic times…
    maybe he's even trying to help your dirty, brown, ignorant, religious, over-populated people have a little music in their lives?

  36. Catty says – reply to this


    Didnt they make around $200 millions a couple of years ago? maybe it's too soon for another tour, people will get sick of them.

  37. 37

    Bon Jovi is one of those bands that pretend to be still as huge as U2 by playing larger venues than they can fill. Their last 10 albums all sound the same.

    But then - AC/DC is very succesfull doing EXACTLY that….

  38. 38

    MJ sold out because he didnt do shit for some years & it should be his last tour!!!!!

    anyway, so if bon jovi wouldnt do anything for about 5 years and say its gonna be the last tour, they would sold out the damn planet, not only a few shows!

  39. 39

    mj was a child molester, stop "treating" him like he was jesus, idiots!

  40. 40

    i remember when bon jovi were a rock band… and mtv played music videos.

  41. 41

    That probably has to do with the fact that their latest music sucks.

  42. 42

    They are playing a residency of 5 dates with prices ranging from $73 on the floor, to to $684 for premium seats. I'm sorry but no one likes Bon Jovi THAT much! They should realise they are past it and are lucky to sell out ONE show with prices like that!

  43. 43

    I'm going tonight at the Meadowlands!!! Cannot wait to see Bon Jovi for the 8th summer in a row.

  44. 44

    in case youve forgotten Bon Jovi is the #1 touring band!!! The are not desperate they are AWESOME and i would pay any amount of money to see them….i told you before leave them alone go write about some other douche bags thats more your style…

  45. 45

    Did you ever in your puny little mind think they may be doing it FOR THEIR FANS- since ticket prices are so expensive??? You are such a hater!

  46. 46

    Um, their last concert tour was one of the top grossing tours of all time. I'm sure they will be fine.

  47. 47

    Um, their last concert tour was one of the highest grossing tours of all time. I'm sure they'll be fine.

  48. 48

    I just went on to book tickets there since they wer 2 for 1. and there not :( gutted too. also there prob not all sold out coz hes here for sooooooo long.xx

  49. 49

    hmmmm…..would you like to be the pot or the kettle today? calling them desperate while putting up travisty garland on your site every other post is a little crazy. and where will your little boy toy be in 30 years? not playing at the o2 arena….that's for sure.

  50. 50

    I have floor seats for their show tomorrow night at the Meadowlands in NJ. Remember, they have 3 dates this week and then again in July. Everyone is going this week, that's probably why the other shows haven't sold out… YET. They will, they always do.

  51. 51

    Bon Jovi sucked even when they were popular. Kids in the 80s who knew real music scoffed at this shit. They remind me of Nickelback

  52. 52

    i love bon jovi :)

  53. 53

    How many tickets did you sell for your "epic" tour asswipe?


  54. 54

    Re: BlackCute&Ghetto – because they have fans that want to see them…the only reason i'm not seeing them this year is coz i'm pregnant….

  55. 55

    Nobody is mentioning the $15 tickets offered at some of the US shows in the last days prior to them? Nobody is mentioning that also days prior to"EVERY" show, you can find those pit tickets everybody wants, after the VIP packages didn't sell…

    Sorry, things are these bad because they are no longer the "band of the people", or the blue collar band they claime to be. Give me your $$$$ dear devoted fans…

  56. 56

    Re: TotalTrash – If that were really true then how come they are so popular sell millions of albums, get tons of awards and continue to do many concerts that ppl continue to go to….don't be a hater

  57. Bytch says – reply to this


    The had 2 sold out shows in Canada last year…..I'm not sure I believe that they are "desperate". They house enough money and recognition to laugh at your pathetic and desperate attempt to bash them. HOnestly, this site is such shit, everything I read on here is incorrect news.