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Friends Worry Heidi Is Suicidal!

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She needs help!

Friends of Heidi Montag are worried about her mental health saying that she's experience severe depression after undergoing extensive plastic surgery. An insider reveals:

"Heidi hates herself, which is why she's got into this mess. No matter how many times she goes under the knife, it doesn't take away from the fact she's the same insecure person underneath.

"She's doped up to her eyes on painkillers and has terrible mood swings. Heidi's completely addicted, which has everyone worried sick. She slurs her words and seems unfocused. We think it's the painkillers. We want her to go to rehab before it's too late."

We hear Celebrity Rehab is looking for new patients — maybe she could give that a whirl?

Paging Dr. Drew!

[Image via WENN.]

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125 comments to “Friends Worry Heidi Is Suicidal!”

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  1. 101

    i wish i could help her :(
    do NOT call dr. drew, heidi. you are better than that!

    Re: EyelineredHeart – Omg. Finally! someone understands! u're not a hater like everyone else

    Re: tallchick – agreed! i couldn't have said it better myself!

    Re: WildOrchid1298 – agreed. i think colorado would be the best thing for her, around all of her family and away from hollywood and spencer!

    Re: VivianVance – agreed!

    Re: imawesome – agreed!!

  2. 102

    definitly not as pretty as she use to be, she looked perfect after her first round of plastic surgery!!! i think heidi's not going to come back to us, i think shes gone!

  3. 103

    It's called Body dysmorphic disorder . It's a somatoform disorder. And yes, depression comes with it. It is a mental disease.

  4. 104

    I can see this on Nancy Grace now:

    Physician's licensed jerked for performing multiple plastic surgeries on AN UNSTABLE Heidi Montag.

    Seriously, what the hell was that doctor thinking, and did he send her to a psychologist to be sure she was mentally stable enough for such/so many procedures????? Isn't that required before surgeries of this kind?

    This was so predicted. WHOREYWOOD is a sinister place to be.

  5. 105

    Oh like hello - she had 10 surgeries at once…who didn't know she has issues! I just hope the ppl around her can get her real help bc her stupid ass husband and his crystals aren't going to do the job! I think someone needs to check him in to rehab too!

  6. 106

    Heidi has no friends AND Spencer Pratt is repulsive leprechaun/leach.

    There's no going back - the damage has been done. If I were her, I would disppear from Whoreywood and get serious psychotherapy before it's over.

  7. 107

    Screw Dr. Drew, she needs a real doctor if she's talking about all those problems. Besides, if she goes on Celebrity Rehab, then Spencer is just going to be all over the Cameras and causing problems with th other celebrities. Probably Tila Tequila. I think she was gorgeous before, and this seems like a homage to Lady Gaga with Monster. She looks so fake, I wish it was undoable.

  8. 108

    Perez, why is everything such a fucking joke to you ,you ugly fat monkey. Oh yea, and I love that your boy Trent Garland was a HUGE flop.

  9. 109

    she was so cute in the first season! Why did she go and get plastic surgery. It wrecked the way she looked and acted.

  10. 110

    I will see you soon my dear.

  11. 111

    spencer must've put her under some spell. she looks like robot

  12. 112

    Re: squib – Yeah, I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

  13. 113

    "Friends"….what friends?

  14. 114

    Who gives a flying motherfuck? Lets make her a thing of the past so she hurries it the fuck up already.

  15. 115

    sad, I actually hope she gets help as much as I don't like her.

  16. 116

    and when her and spencer finally get a divorce (for publicity of course) she will then come out with how he used to beat her and brainwash her and alienate her, stuff the rest of the world already knows……..

  17. 117

    When a rich and famous person like Heidi Montag or Michael Jackson suffers from body dismorphic disorder and depression,that person will become a plastic surgery addict and then a painkiller addict and then that person can die from a drug overdose at any moment if she/he does not go to rehab.

  18. 118

    Yeah, I noticed that in the first episode. I thought it was the pain killers too. She has this vacant, checked-out look to her now. And I don't think Spencer is acting. This dude looks like he's about to go nuts himself. I wouldn't blame it all on Spencer though. Heidi said herself that she changed herself for him, not the other way around.

  19. 119

    Is it just me or was her head smaller BEFORE the surgery?…

  20. 120

    she has friends?

  21. 121

    Who cares?????? Heidi and Spencer are both useless talentless piles of shit. They are both just a complete waste of space and air.

  22. 122

    She doesnt look bad!! First of all she needs to lay off the tanning, her complexion is way too dark for her and is aging her like 5 years…another think…her hair…what the hell??? It looks like a skanky stripper or something…she wears way too much eye make-up..It's not the surgery that made her not pretty…it's the skanky way she presents herself!! Her face by the way does look funny….its too squared at the bottom…it looks manly and out of proportion!!

  23. 123

    I hate these reality shows be it the Hills, Real Wives of…, Jersey Shores etc. If anyone had talent, they'd be on some other show. As for the major plastic surgery, why won't you be happy in your own skin instead of trying to manufacture a fake "you". In any case, she looked better before all the surgery.

  24. 124

    if only

  25. 125

    her bleached eyebrows scare me. f-r-e-a-k

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