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Kelly Clarkson Working With Tedder On New Album

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We didn't see that coming!

Although Kelly Clarkson was fuming after her single Already Gone (co-written by Ryan Tedder) sounded just like Beyonce's Halo, she's apparently over it.

And Tedder must be easy going. Kelly wrote a song called Wash Rinse Repeat that has some pretty biting lyrics presumably directed toward him.


"I'm pretty sure that song was 'somewhat' about me … and her record label," said Ryan. "But I actually like it — I think Kelly speaks her mind regardless of anything. She's great with lyrics, and I love that she is her own person. She's no puppet."

So, he's back for more!

"I'm working on stuff for her next album and am personally over any of the drama between the two of us," Tedder continued. "It's silly. 'Already Gone' is now a bigger hit than 'Halo' was, so I think she's probably happy, too."

Can't wait to hear the new stuff.

[Image via WENN.]


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28 comments to “Kelly Clarkson Working With Tedder On New Album”

  1. 1

    Kelly rules. But didn't her latest album come out like a month ago?

  2. 2

    You gonna mention Ryan's the lead singer in One Republic…?

  3. 3

    how is Already Gone a bigger hit than Halo? Halo reached the top 10 in so many countries..

  4. 4

    well that is because Kelly is far more talented than Beyonce'. I'm just sayin'.

  5. 5

    She should write a song called Already Obese. She's huge now

  6. 6

    I look at those lyrics at more of a dig at every other song being played on the radio today. Not Him.

  7. 7

    He must really want the money, after the shit she talked on him.

  8. 8

    She needs to be working on losing all that weight! Fuck, she's fat!

  9. luvu2 says – reply to this


    Re: Gary78
    I agree, she really dragged his name through the mud (or at least tried to),
    there's no other reason to work with her again

  10. 10

    Re: luvu2 – No it's Kelly who shouldn't work with the guy re-uses the same music for the artist he writes with/for. Yeah they wrote some pretty good songs together.
    Secondly people lay off the fat jokes. They are childish and Kelly is far from obese. You people are sick. And Lastly Perez one of Kelly's guitarist said that "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" is not about Tedder. And just because Ryan has said he is working on stuff for Kelly's album that doesn't mean she's working with him. Guess we will have to wait & see.

  11. 11

    Isn't that the guy from One Republic. Quite honestly, I prefer their stuff over Beyonce and Kelly combined, but maybe thats just me.

  12. 12

    She really hurt "Already Gone" by making the comparison in the first place. If it is bigger than "Halo" now, just think how bigger it would have been if she hadn't said anything to badmouth it, its writer, or the record label? In his defense, the only similarity between the two songs is the big drum sounds being used for a ballad or mid-tempo, other than that, there is no similarity in the melodies or tone of the songs. Kelly Clarkson is just an over-reactionary person who speaks without thinking first, and as a result, she has undermined her career, several now. If she were a real musician, not just a vocalist, she could easily hear for herself, that the melody between the two songs is not the same!!!

  13. luvu2 says – reply to this


    No sorry don't agree. I've heard these songs a million times on the radio.The
    two songs have slight similarities in style(which is to be expected),
    but they are two very distinct different songs. I still lover her but she really overracted about the whole thing

  14. 14

    before and after photo of her sex change

  15. 15

    "'Already Gone' is now a bigger hit than 'Halo' was"

    PSST, Yeah right. People make the effort to remember Halo's lyrics versus Already Gone.

  16. 16

    When is Kelly coming out of the closet???????

  17. 17

    I love his songs. : )

  18. 18

    Already Gone a bigger hit than Halo- on what planet? xD

  19. 19

    when it's out u'll say it sux and then bitch on her figure. is that why you can't wait?

  20. 20

    I think I recall an article about how Kelly was hating on "Halo".
    Quite ODD, considering how "Already Gone" sounds like a CLONE of "Halo".
    The first time I ever heard that song "Already Gone", I thought it was a whole different artist! ROFL!

  21. 21

    I believe tho, my favorite Kelly song is "Breakaway" from the Princess Diaires movie soundtrack…

  22. joe13 says – reply to this


    I think what he meant with ("Already Gone is a bigger hit than "Halo") is that AG has received better response from critics and fans. Honestly you can't compare KC to Beyonce, they both have different styles of music. Again, "AG" was written by Kelly & Tedder, before he worked with Beyonce. I'm not saying Beyonce ripped off KC, or that KC ripped off Beyonce because it obviously didn't happen that way, but because Already Gone was released after Halo, people thought KC ripped off Halo's melody.
    I personally think they're both great songs and people just need to get over it, like Kelly and Ryan did.
    Oh and by the way for all the people that STILL talk about her weight…..really? You can't find anything negative about her so you just brag about the fact that she has gained some weight, which by the way i assure you, we've all gained some weight in our lives, we're not perfect so shut up. She's beautiful, plus she has a new look right now, she returned to blond and also cut her hair. The past (like the photo of the AMA's Red Carpet) is the past. GO KELLY!! and I can't wait for your new album to come out

  23. 23

    "already gone" a bigger hit than "halo?" in what country is this guy referring to? "halo" peaked top 5 in many countries, where was "already gone?" i missed it.

  24. 24

    Wow this is really surprising, I gotta give Ryan credit for being big enough to move on after that song. Hopefully he is able to come up with something a little more original though (and this doesn't just apply to Already Gone/Halo).

    And as for calling it a bigger hit… While Already Gone didn't peak as high as Halo on the charts I think it has remained on the radio longer.

  25. Ryze says – reply to this


    So her new album is going to sound like her old album? She's right though. Everything he writes sound the same.

    "Already Gone" = Beyonce's "Halo" = Leona Lewis's "Happy" IT'S THE SAME SONG.

  26. 26

    So what he uses the same music- she eats the same donuts everyday.

  27. 27

    well i'm not surprised. he seems like a pretty nice guy, judging by his picture.

  28. 28

    "Already Gone is now a bigger hit than Halo was"

    excuse me?! Halo charted in the top 10 in so many countries, and uhm…already gone is where?!

    or MAYBE he means, AT THIS MOMENT 'already gone' is charting higher than 'halo' which is mainly because HALO WAS RELEASED HEAPS EARLIER THAN 'ALREADY GONE' LMFAO!

    and omg, kelly clarkson…fuck shes fat!