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Lea Michele Is Healthy!

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Glee's Lea Michele is the covergirl for June's issue of Women's Health and she just looks spectacular!!!

A vegan diet and 20-hour work days agree with her!

In the issue, Lea talks about everything from her family to the show to her new El Lay. Here are just a few blurps from her interview:

She isn't immune to look-perfect pressure:

“I love myself, the way I look, my body, but sometimes I can’t help but feel insecure here. It plays with your head.”

On her life in NY and LA:

“Los Angeles has been good to me. New York is who I am… It took me a long time to put together my group of friends in New York. Also, every member of my family lives within 30 minutes [of each other] there.”

Her “I made it” moment:

“I went out to dinner with my boyfriend, and Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were leaving the restaurant as we were going in, [Penelope] was like, ‘Eez eet you? Are you dee girl I’ve been zeeing at all of dezz [Award] tings?’ ”

Loves her!

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46 comments to “Lea Michele Is Healthy!”

  1. 1

    Why she had to make fun of Penelope Cruz's accent??

  2. 2

    Why do they keep photoshopping these girls? She looks great as is, in this photo she looks like she weighs 80 lbs!

  3. 3

    =D Yay. Perez, I thought you didn't like her? Glad you do now though. :)

  4. 4

    except they took away her curvy hips. and over photoshopped her.
    and your late on this ..again.

  5. 5

    awkwaaaarddd looking photoshop work on her hips. unfortunate.

  6. 6

    she seems disproportionate.. like her head or face is too big for her body

  7. 7

    you go girl!

  8. 8

    the fact that you love lea michele just proves that you have crossed over to the dark side. HOW can anyone love this girl - she's phony, irritating, and has an ego the size of texas! And let's face it, Glee hasn't been good since it came back from break. Last week I even made the move of removing the scheduled recording from my TiVo.

  9. 9

    a vegan diet, a 20 hour work day and photoshop you mean! She's skinny but not THAT skinny!

  10. 10

    She is NOT vegan. She eats fish but other than that her diet is vegan. However, vegan means no meat whatsoever so she's clearly not one. I should know, I have been vegan for 3 years.

  11. 11

    nice body but ugly as fuck face .

  12. 12

    Photoshopped. It's funny Perez will call out anyone but gays and theatre people like her.

    But my God, she's not very pretty in the face. Her teeth are too big. Who ever did them should be shot.

  13. 13

    she is freakishly photoshopped… wtf?

  14. 14

    Ok, can we please put an end to the Hollywood lie about those "20 hour work days". they spend 25 minutes shooting a scene, then they are in their trailors for the next several hours until their next scene. The trailors have beds, food, etc… so they can nap, hang out, play video games, anything an apt. has. Overall, they do a few hours of work, even if they are in every scene since the scenes take time to set up.

  15. 15

    Re: VanGroovey – i agree! somehow it just got awful.. i've stopped watching ,too.

  16. 16

    Right, because all Spanish people talk like that. For the record, I'm from Spain and hate Penelope Cruz, but it's annoying the way Lea addresses her accent.

  17. 17

    'spectacular!!!'? I wouldn't go that far. And I thought you hated her a few weeks ago? By all accounts she's a horrible person.

  18. 18

    Re: Spindoc – Having worked on set as a PA and extra for the show "Supernatural" which only has two leads, meaning they are in every scene, one scene takes about three hours to shoot. Which in the film world, is nothing.

    Actors work their asses off into the early hours of the day. I've worked 16 hour shifts alone just on a simple three minute music video consisting of non-stop jumping around and performing. Know before you speak.

  19. 19

    ok, she's only in glee. and she's not that pretty. tell her to deflate that ego of hers…..

  20. 20


  21. 21

    i thought you hated her..

  22. 22

    shes vegetarian NOT VEGAN; vegans cant eat ANY animal product including honey eggs milk yeast

    and wth how can you not comment on this super unrealistic pic of her
    looks like someone drew a body and pasted her head on

  23. 23

    I sure hope she's NOT that skinny, that looks really weird on her :/ Girl has some curves, WHY WHY WHY do they have to photoshop it?!

  24. 24

    No photoshop comment? It's a miracle!

  25. 25

    Re: VanGroovey – please let it go. people can like who they want. but don't worry if other do like her.

  26. 26

    Re: LolaLola1 – i dno't think she was making fun. I am sure she didn't say to to offend.

  27. 27

    Re: Spindoc – I think Perez was exaggerating the 20 hours. But I do think this cast work longer hours than most. And Lea probably more that the rest since she has more scenes, has to record more often and is in many of the dance numbers.

  28. 28

    It must be hard to be perfect like all you people.

  29. 29

    Perez, the word is "blurb", not "blurps"…just sayin'

  30. 30

    Since when you love that stupid bitch, Perez? And she shouldn't be mocking Penelope, Lea stupid asshole does not speak spanish. Her body looks weird, anyway.

  31. 31

    Re: LolaLola1 – right??

    i really don't understand why they photoshopped the hell outta her. i know they wanna get rid of blemishes. but she's wasn't fat, AND she had curves. if i were famous, i would SEE the final product b4 they actually print it out. i would not just let ppl do that to me. how embarrassing.

  32. 32

    All of you are morons, except MCbjay.
    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You are haters, you are bad mouthing a person that you have never met. You are the cancer of this society and so is perez.
    Most of you probably work a shitty or whatever job or are still at school (considering the comments). I am assuming you all are average looking and spent way too much time bitching about an actress that is extremely talented, very hard working and deserving of everything that she has right now and is a lovely and caring person.
    Lea has no control of how the pictures are retouched or how the article is wrote.
    Truly..Look in the mirror for a minute, YOU are the ugly person on the inside in this situation YOU are the poison…
    What comes around goes around…
    Words are powerful and you guys are just haters…..nothing more to it..

  33. 33

    A little insecurity might do her some good. She has a HEINOUS face. Then again, you don't fuck the face. Even still, she has a look about her that lets you know she'd be chubby if she didn't work "20-hour days." When she speaks, all I see is that mouth and the precursor to some sweet jowls by the age of 30.

  34. 34

    Re: mcbjay – You've made your point — you are anything but perfect. We're godlike and you're a halfwit at best. How hard was elementary school for you?

  35. 35

    Re: panther13 – Whoa, you really told everyone off. I guess we'll all be crawling back into our cockroach-infested studio apartments in the ghetto now. You're right, I'm horribly deformed because my parents were siblings. Unfortunately, we don't have mirrors because evidently we're too poor and too uneducated to have that luxury item in our subsidized residences (we love to leech off of hardworking people like you, Dr. Panther13) (great username, by the way). Thank g-d you reminded us how humble we should be. Thank you for spending so much time psychoanalyzing all of us individually. After all, we are all equally drunk off the generic version of HaterAde that they sell with broken seals out of the back of our local bodega.

  36. 36

    Too much ego getting too big, way too fast. Who cares??? I hate her voice. She seriously sucks. Sounds like a bad audition for Canadian Idol. Get over yourself…and seriously…the Photoshop wizard has made her hips look like they belong on a 10 year old.

  37. 37

  38. 38

    Why do you guys think that Lea is making fun of Cruz's accent. She didn't write the article. Obviously the magazine was just spelling it out phonetically.

  39. 39

    She's a bitch

  40. kizzy says – reply to this


    Re: xoxo_anonymous – they can't take away her curvy hips since she doesnt have any hips she's always had a boyish figure you're blind if you ever saw curvy hips on her

  41. 41

    She looks photoshopped all to Hell!

  42. 42

    Re: alisonboo – Yeah, they were phonetically spelling out what Lea Michele said. I have had enough exposure to foreigners to treat them with respect by not mocking their "funny" accents when I quote them.

  43. 43

    wow…Hineous…U use a big word big boy…and you cap it..trying to put your point across..?? that she is really really ugly…?? wow
    1 i never said I was hardworking…
    2 its not about being humble…its about spending your time talking trash about someone who's only perception u have is what u see on tv or read in magazines…
    u hate her…fine..leave it alone don't spread your venom..
    U wanna talk shit on the show or critic the pictures, go ahead BUT there is something wrong with you when u taking upon urself to personally attack someone you have never met before.
    It reminds me of the "myspace" bullies incident when some mean girls drove a teenager to suicide..
    Words are powerful and its a shame that, as a grown men, which i can only assume you are, you decide to go that path..the moronic path that is…;-)
    its pretty chocking..
    Were u a bully at school?
    I would looove to see you face to face…u must be a piece of work, based on your comments…
    sad day..

  44. 44

    YES! i incorrectly spelled heinous..but then I am forgiven because i never used that great word before..so i had to look it up and i still got it wrong..ooops..
    u got one on me big boy…

  45. 45

    oh and ps again..sorry..;-)
    where are all those assumptions u making come from???
    I never mentioned your social status..or said you were from the project..
    I am by no mean associating your behavior with any social class..morons are pretty across the border. and a shitty job doesn't mean a not well paid job.
    Nor i said i was hardworking or making money or living in a mansion..
    U assumed all that and that is a mistake…
    You are an idiot, maybe a rich, good looking, happy one, maybe a poor, ugly, resentful one or maybe a bit of it all the above, i dunno that..but a f*****g idiot none the less.
    and that is not an assumption..its a fact based on your comments

  46. 46

    Re: panther13 – Get over yourself. My 'heinous' comment was about Lea Michele, not your comment. I didn't read your comments until after I made my first reactionary post to the original content. Besides, you made so many misspellings and errors that it would be an exhausting task to crucify you for each one. Regardless, I'll give you a second chance to compare our posts and make a determination as to who is the idiot between us. (I'll give you a hint: it's not the one whose username is Pi.)