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Lindsanity's Ex: She "Deserves" To Be Punished!!!

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Aaron Carter is pissed! Really pissed!

He had forgotten that once upon a time, he screwed Lindsay Lohan in the height of both of their popularities and now, he can use her antics to get him some media attention!

Silly boy!

Aaron was asked to comment on the current state of his ex-girlfriend's life and the charges that were brought against her. Because it is more interesting, Aaron laid into her…hard! He told Ok! Magazine:

“It hurts me to see that. I hope she can really learn something from this. They are going to make an example of you now, Lindsay, and you deserve it …You don’t get in the car with two people and go chasing after your assistant going a hundred miles an hour down PCH,” Aaron added. “I don’t know what to say about it anymore. I’m pissed! … If I had a chance to talk to her, she would probably end up trying to attack me or something, because the things that I would have to say would be very blunt and not everybody else has told her. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her because she knows that if I did, I’m the only one who would be real because her to everybody else [is], ‘Oh, Lindsay! You’re a star!’ Not me. I’ve been doing it my whole life, sweetheart. I don’t need you. There was times when you needed me, so don’t forget that.”

Ouch! Cold…but accurate!

Maybe you guys should go out! We'd love to see someone tell her the truth right to her face instead of sugarcoating her crazy to death.

Do it, Aaron! DO IT!

[Image via WENN.]

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51 comments to “Lindsanity's Ex: She "Deserves" To Be Punished!!!”

  1. 1

    Wow. I have UTMOST respect for Aaron Carter. He's seriously…the best. I wish that more celebrities would be honest like he is.

  2. 2

    i don't condone what lindsay is doing- but it's like one crackhead telling the other how to live… you're not famous anymore… GET OVER IT!

  3. 3

    omg, he's such a ugly person!

  4. 4

    coming from a kid that also dated kariann peniche - he seems to only enjoy the company of drug induced whores………..on top of that, his family is as fucked up as they come too…….if he means what he says, fantastic but sounds like an attention seeking comment……..

  5. 5

    "tell the thruth right on her face" what a crock of shit. You don't go to the media to tell someone to "their face" what is wrong. You go find that person, knock on their door, and then you tell them off. He knows where she lives and probably still have her number, he can reach her at any time, is not like she is hiding. He is another leach, basking in the media frenzy and bloogers like you to get some of the attention to himself. As far as I am concerned he is a piece of shit like the rest that either enable her, take advantage of her or trash her. All of them belong in a big Hefty bag, ready to be disposed of like the worthless things they are.

  6. 6

    maybe someone should sit them down…cause no one else is telling her what shes doing is wrong…and she needs to hear it from somebody. i mean i know he had his issues…but from what i understand he cleaned himself up and as been for the past couple years. either way, tough love is what lindsay needs and it seems like everyone is scared to give it to her.

  7. 6one9 says – reply to this


    The “` TRUTH ““ hurts & Lindsay s karma has come“` “` collecting!!

  8. 8

    Re: April 20th – Couldn't agree more. That is exactly what's on my mind as well.

  9. 9

    C'mon Perez. Throw a latina a bone.

  10. 10

    Re: April 20th – exactly what I was thinking.

  11. 11

    ew. WTF AARON CARTER?! of all ppl!?
    he's so fuckin ugly. he definitely did not inherit the good looks of the carter family..lol

    and wtf about the "i've been doing it my whole life, sweetheart"?!
    so HAS SHE!!! lol

    Re: rawrawohlala – LMAO!

    Re: JoeD1021 – agreed!!!

  12. 12

    Aaron Carter disgusts me.

  13. 13

    Aaron, you are just mad because Lindsay is way more of a celebrity then you ever will be!

  14. 14

    um.. Asshat she's not in trouble with the law for that alleged car hijacking & car chasing. That's a separate civil case.

  15. 15

    Wow, um that's COLD.

  16. 16

    There is something so odd abut him. He just llooks so strange and unattractive and has the worst vocie. Have always thought he was gay.

  17. 17

    I think he loox pretty damn hott in that picture! and he's right!
    Pretty hard 2 live off that Shaq song, huh?
    Anyway I betcha he makes a come back!
    he'll hook up w/Timberland or something.. I like that guy!

  18. 18

    *hook up musically!

  19. 19

    Lindsay's gross who would want to sleep w/her now! besides HIV ridden lezbo's

  20. 20

    Pot. Meet. Kettle.

  21. 21

    Seriously? Aaron Carter is a twacked back as they come. Fucking look at the dude, he's bone thin and his face is full of craters. How is one tweeker gonna help another. This just pisses me of. He just wants attention. Disgusting!

  22. 22

    kids should not be celebritites - they grow up to be like these two.

  23. 23

    Umm as much as i agree with aaron um why the fuck does he think she even wants to listen to him? I mean he did double time her and hilary duff at the same time. I mean yeah she's a hot mess right now but seriously is Aaron to even talk dude you had a DUI yourself lmao. BTW i get a kick out of the fact that he made it sound like he and lindsay are close haha dude your balls havent't even dropped yet when you dated her, get over youself aaron stop using lindsay for publicity.!

  24. 24

    give me her address and phone number and I'll go tell her straight up what's wrong with her life.

  25. 25

    um…meth head calling the kettle black?

  26. 26

    Please …this guy is a tool!! I don't even know one thing he has ever done other than look like a crack head himself!! Yet another man trying to prosper off of Lindsay's misfortune!! I would call him a has been if I ever really knew that he was somebody!!

  27. 27

    Re: kellysa111 – @ 24 - agreed

  28. 28

    Who the fuck does this mess think he is. He's a drugged out loser like she, except she gets more press for being a drugged out mess than he does. And secondly she doesn't need his stupid ass. He's been doing this? For years? For the what? the 15 minutes of semi fame he had? Can this hypocritical crackhead shutup now.

  29. 29

    …even in that picture Linds has class and style….Aaron looks like he would suck you off fo' a hit off yo' crack pipe….

    …..once again the sharks swim around Lindsay and try to pick her bones for money and fame….She should be commended for keeping together this much….

  30. 30

    "I’ve been doing it my whole life, sweetheart. I don’t need you. There was times when you needed me, so don’t forget that."


  31. 31

    That was the most stupid quote I've read in a long time…. They are both freakin' douche bags!

  32. 32

    I guess he would know being that he was the biggest meth head going. Regardless she does need people like this telling her whats what. Oh say people like a real mother!
    I still want to know which one of them is lying! Was it white Oprah when she said they told her not to come home until they took care of the warrant or was it Lindsay in her drugged out interview with Hollywood TV when she said she did "everything possible" to make it home for hearing.

  33. 33

    Well, if someone with a brain said that stuff, okay, but, excuse my French, this waste of time should just shut up.

  34. 34

    this rancid twat won't listen to him. she won't listen to ANYBODY. that's the whole fucking point. jesus, buddha, allah, krishna, yahweh & everybody else could get together and stage an intervention for firecrotch and she'd tell them all to fuck right off, flip them the bird and then run out of the room back into the comforting arms of her enabler/mom, dina. firecrotch doesn't care what anybody says, she's gonna do shit her way and if that means killing herself then SO BE IT.
    and frankly, i hope nothing stops her in her downward spiral. she's fun to watch implode. her funeral should be amazing! bring it on, bitch!

  35. 35

    This has-been fuck up is delusional.

  36. 36

    OH SNAP. Well said, Aaron. I wonder what comically golden excuse Lindsay's head enabler/guard dog Dina will pull out of orange ass after hearing this.

    Re: tigrrrlilly – Truer words were never spoken.

  37. 37

    This guy's so full of it… he's just feeding off lindsay's publicity cuz he's got nothin for himself. He acts as though he knows everything about her even though he says himself that they haven't spoken in ages. 2timing douchebag… If anything, he's the reason why she turned bi!

  38. 38

    funny how he doesn't need her and yet he's talking about her to the media. couldn't find any other way to get attention?

  39. 39

    Oh my what a joke. It is almost like a has been hoping to ride a loser's coat tails or something. Dare I think we didn't hear a thing from her for the entire day. Did she actually not go out last night? Will this last? Will she get her act together? Wow will this be something if it really works!! I hope she doesn't freak out or something. I mean seriously. Some people are too stubborn to actually wake and do something sometimes. This girls though she really has a mouth. I don't know.

  40. 40

    Honestly Lindsay needs someone like Aaorn in her life to be blunt with her and tell her how it really is. Look at her shes a train wreck she has surrounded herself with YES men, people around her tell her what she wants to hear and sugar coat things even her own MOTHER.

    Thier all going to wait until she dies then say "we SHOULD have done this or that" she NEEDS someone like Aaron to snap her ass back to reality and get her back on track thats the TRUTH.

  41. 41

    Re: tigrrrlilly – LMFAO

  42. 42

    "things that I would have to say would be very blunt and not everybody else has told her"
    Are there perhaps a few words missing from this sentence?
    Does not seem to make sense.

  43. 43

    I love the "if I can't help her I won't " LOL … It can be used anywhere like phx suns: "if we can beat the lakers we will if we can't we won't" BP: "if we can stop the leak we will if we can't we won't"

  44. 44

    hes ugly ass shit wtfffffffffffffff. i didnt think he would look like THIS

  45. 45

    What a looser

  46. 46

    Not that I doubt she needs help but why do we care what he says? Ummm it's a failed has been that never even made his 15 mins. He is just the same as her family, wanting to get some time to shine off her failures…

    I mean his words are right(ish) but what does it matter… Him saying that is equal to me saying she needs help, who the frik cares?

  47. 47

    If he cared for her, he would privately speak to her rather than splash this to the public. What if she goes to far, beyond the limits of her hearts ability to function? Maybe he would think about his wasted words on people that aren't her. It is quite possible that an ex can reach you in a way that others can't. Especially those that are dependent on her financially or otherwise. It is simple economics.

    If he could get through, he might be able to save her life. Otherwise, I would rather her not wind up dead with all I us watching her struggle like this. I feel guilty not doing something when I see this. It is a waste. She is in a position to be able to set up her family for generations to come, and to leave a Hollywood legacy in her name. She is thowing it all away. She has to be uninsurable for productions now. It's sad. If she could see the people in this world who would give anything to have a tiny fraction of the opportunities she throws away…

  48. 48

    Pig Face…famewhore enabler 24/7. Enabler and hypocrite!

  49. 49

    He sounds bitter

  50. 50

    Smartest thing HE'S said in a LONG time!

  51. 51

    It's called tough love…I am so glad that someone from that crowd besides her poor dad is speaking out about her disruptive, disrespectful behavior…what a bad example she is to our kids…yik Lindsay! yik!