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More Bieber Backlash!

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It seems the Biebs is pissing off a lot of people - and they are not afraid to share!

Australian TV host David Koch dishes on Mike E & Carmela in The Mix about allegations that Justin Bieber abused the staff of his show Sunrise, where the singer recently performed.

Listen to the clip (below).

Poor Biebs!

[Image via WENN.]


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118 comments to “More Bieber Backlash!”

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  1. 1

    the kids a fucking diva. surprised… no

  2. 2

    why poor him? if he is a little fucker like this then he deserves to be exposed. fuck this little brat.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    He's a serious douchebag and needs to stop acting like a innocent angel.

  5. zooby says – reply to this


    puberty is going to hit him like a train … good. bye bieber! you were a temporary hit!!! remember billy gillman … after his voice changed he never had another hit. and bieber is 15 (almost 16) and still hasn't hit puberty? wtf … ODD.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    What a horribly entitled little shit. The guy on the line sounds completely sincere and dumbstruck. This is the shit that Perez peddles. I hope Bieber gets his ass kicked hard.

  8. 8

    His 15 Minutes is running out

  9. 9

    HE'S A C>U>N>T>

  10. 10

    Yeah. Kid needs to be put in his little place. Crazy.
    Learn respect, Beaver-twat.

  11. 11

    Careful, Perez. Looks like you have ulterior motives for bashing Beiber and his name is Travis.

  12. 12

    Can't understand 90% of what he's saying. Get the dingo out of your mouth.

  13. 13

    What a little diva…

  14. 14

    He sucks.

  15. 15

    Well, that is what happens when you treat an average to below average twelve year old like he's some sort of idol. (Lookin at you Lindsay.) I just hope his decent into drugs and addiction is as fun to watch as hers. And Brittney's. And all the other over entitled a-holes created for our amusement.

  16. 16

    Like anything else, is just a matter of time until they show their true colors. For some ppl once fame goes to their head common sense goes down the drain. My question is, where the hell is his momma? If I heard one of my kids ever talking like that I will give them the classic backhand move, they will not even have enough time to figure out where that came from….

  17. 17

    Poor HIM? He's the one acting like a douchey fuck!

  18. 18

    I'd love to be the one that takes him aside…and give him a good smack

  19. 19

    Is this really surprising? He'll die out eventually.

  20. 20

    Someone's going threw their first period! Cute…

  21. 21

    I actually know someone who works at a local radio station and who got to meet Justin Bieber a few months ago at a concert. He told me that Bieber was awful to everyone on staff and even tried to get people to give him beer.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    omg justin! wtf is up with you.

  24. 24

    Disgustin’ Bieber, opps I mean “Justin Bieber” is an asshole

  25. 25

    bullshit, as if you can believe everything you hear.

    maybe people should keep their hands off of him. HE is a child….freaks.

  26. 26

    Re: zooby – Justin Bieber is 16 already

  27. 27

    Whoa? Really?

  28. 28

    Hahahaha, poor biebs?! I'm all for forgiving people for stupid mistakes when its a one or two time thing… but if he has a pattern for being a douche to staff members (and this is the tenth or eleventh time I've heard stories like this) then I have no idea why you're saying poor biebs..

    You're a pretty huge hypocrite Perez, if someone you like acts like a douche you ignore it. But whenever some you don't like, like Jennifer Love Hewitt for example, does anything at all you bitch them out.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    When this kid is chewed up and spit out by the music industry by 18 are we going to see his downward spiral?

  31. 31

    Stupid little twat.

  32. tasha says – reply to this


    Whats the big surprise. Whenever Bieber is being interviewed he is coming off as already being full of himself and incredibly cocky. But when your being mentored by the king of cocky Usher whats the big surprise.

  33. 33

    he WAS a nice boy… not anymore. shame /:

  34. 34

    When you are too young for this kind of adoration this is EXACTLY what will happen. He is just a flavor of the moment.

  35. 35

    he may be joking and it was taken the wrong way, but if he was being actually be rude, usher or his mother needs to give him a serious talking to, legands like madonna,dolly,mariah,mj, paul m, wouldnt even do that or get away with it if they did. tut tut tut

  36. 36

    douche. finally, maybe his 15 minutes will end. fugly little boy.

  37. 37

    LOL. so what? Justin's a good kid, its not like hes doing drugs. He swore? wow lmfaooooooo! hes such a diva.. yeah, hmm NO. i love Justin :) x

  38. 38

    Justin Bieber is a little ass hole! I dont see why he has people fooled. He came to Atlanta and hung out with someone I know, cut everyone in line at a restaurant, and then when exiting, my friend asked him for an autograph. He just looked at her and laughed and walked away. I dont understand why people like him!

  39. 39

    I hope his 15 minutes of fame are going to be up soon.

  40. 40

    too bad he's a little twat, he needs to get his ass handed to him. if he was on my stage and said that to me i would have pushed him off.

  41. 41

    imma imma a diva….

  42. 42

    I really don't get why everyone wantss to hate on this kid… Like really, he is talented and that is undeniable. He hasn't done anything to anybody and I don't get why everyone is calling him a "brat". First of all you all do not know him so wanna not judge him???? I do not know him either, but I do not believe in judging people and from what I see he seems like a pretty humble and down to earth kid… Sorry, you all need lives though… Hate makes you ugly! TEAM JUSTIN!

  43. 43

    "Poor Biebs"? How about poor staff who has to deal with behavior like that.

  44. 44

    honestly, stop hating on this kid and get lives!

  45. 45

    Re: Tnorris – Hahaha! I thought the same thing! Moody and hormonal? Definitely PMS!

  46. 46

    Lol! What a douche. Maybe he missed his nap time?
    But wow. He needs his head deflated.
    His time is almost up!

  47. 47

    I've heard other unpleasant stories about him being a douche to his own fans as well so i'm not surprised.

  48. 48

    Her mic is pink. Suits her well.

  49. 49

    he is a stupid lil kid

  50. 50

    Squirrels are mean critters.

  51. 51


  52. 52

    guyss caaalm the fuck down,
    he was probably just kidding,
    you dont need to go wishing he was dead and shit,

  53. 53

    wow a teenager with an attitude, what a revelation.

  54. 54

    Re: Diva-Babe

    Um, Justin Bieber is NO WHERE near being a legend!!! His first album bombed, "Baby" is his biggest #1 hit to date, and if you really think about it that's his only single to date that got him where he is now. If you watch tv. You can see Justin Bieber telling his teacher to get back in her cage and Justin's mom was telling him to apologize. He's a lil twat, who has no self respect or manners for anyone! He can keep trying to lower the notes and change the melody's to all his songs, he's NOT going to be able to come back!Thank GOD that lil fucker is finished!

  55. 55

    Re: T-Ward

    Ur riding on a very lonely train with Team Justin lol. wait til Cody Simpson comes over here! He's already blowing up in UK, AUS, etc. America is next! This kid has a deeper voice and shouldn't have a problem at all transitioning into puberty since he doesn't sing like a fuckin chipmunk like beaver does!

  56. 56

    Re: iloveJbieber15
    Amazing would having the ability to still sing his songs the way he recorded them before he hit puberty. AmaZing would be beaver having a better attitude and mannerism toward people. Amazing would be BEAVER never putting out another single! There's nothing amazing about this kid and trust me you will stop loving him when Cody Simpson comes on the scene!

  57. 57

    Why 'Poor Biebs'?

    This kid's a brat and people should know about it.


  58. 58

    Perez, we all told you he was a douch bag…..

  59. 59

    ashaAHAHAHAHAHahhahahahahahahah I LOVE THIS KID!

  60. 60

    Why poor bieber? He sounds like a giant douchebag, his fame is getting to his head.

  61. 61

    Over rated AND arrogant, what a great combonation. Lil kunt !

  62. 62

    Where's Brainbug????

  63. 63

    That doesn't mean its true lol just because someone says it is lol

  64. 64

    Re: badnfluenz – I don't know who the fuck Cody Simpson is but he can keep his ass in the U.K/AUS where ever the hell he lives. So tired of Justin Bieber and the rest of these artists just like him.

  65. 65

    I truly belive that guy. There's something really cocky about this kid.

  66. 66

    these people are all so messed up! he wud not do anything like this !!!! there are sooo many stories going around and people keep twisting it around !none of this is the truth.. just so all of you reading this know. and they have no proof exept some weird austrialian freaks talking or whatever?seems a little fishy to me.. dontcha think..

  67. 67

    Ya'll need to get a life and quit hating on Justin. I couldn't even understand what this dude was saying cause of his thick accent. Justin is a sweet boy and everyone needs to stop spreading these fucking lies about him and let him live his life. He's always joking around and people take what he says too seriously. I luv u Justin

  68. 68

    HOORAY! The blacklash begins!!!

  69. 69

    this little kid needs to go home lmao id kick his little ass then put him in a corner to think about what he said

  70. 70

    I was Kochi every morning and he wouldn't make that up. I'm a little disappointed cause my neices love him. And hey, I know we have thick accents but don't hate on the Aussies! :)

  71. 71

    Oops! How long till you start hating him? One week, two?

  72. 72

    Im pretty sure he's gay

  73. 73

    Lol im not surprised after seeing him on Ellen I totally made a judgment of character and looks like I was right …and seriously why are you defending this kid?!?! How can you talk shit about people like KStew and not him?!

  74. 74

    Wow, that's such bs.
    I mean really.. do they have a proof of Justin saying that? no.
    so stop hating on Justin, because all of you that are doing it are just jealous nolifes. get over it. :)
    Love you Justin. :)

  75. 75

    Re: Kimberbunny – hey bitch, its one T :BRITNEY. she is doing better than U and can make more money with one fart than u can make in your life!

  76. 76

    Re: polishhottie1 – You cant understand an Aussie accent?????? Baaahahahahahaha

  77. 77

    He looks like a douchebag

  78. 78

    I knew it. Did not like his cocky attitude when I saw some interviews with him. Full of himself. Maybe he has short man syndrome. He hates looking like a fetus at 16…Shame, he has talent, but he is to full of himself..

  79. 79

    what a fuckin stupid ass little lame!!!!! He's going to be a dick like JT.

  80. Sass6 says – reply to this


    DAVID KOCH is a very REPUTABLE television show presenter, the guy would never lie…

    I don't undertand how anyone can say that Justin Bieber can sing is beyond me, MJ could sing, Marvin Gaye could sing, Luther Vandros could sing…Justin Bieber…CAN'T…sorry lil teeny boppers girls, hate to break it to you…now you can all go back to watching the HILLS & JERSEY SHORES.

  81. 81

    idk how i exactly feel about this…but i kind of don't blame him if i had to screw up my sleep and was being pulled around to do all of this work i might get pissed off too…but it's the price u pay 4 being famous

  82. 82

    Leave this boy alone! He's following his dreams and all your doing is trying to crush it! HE'S 16. Do u not get that? He's a teenager. Teenagers act like TEENAGERS. And u people the comments. He's following his dream while your sitting in ur basement hating on him. You're sure going forward in life

  83. 83

    Yep, you can tell hes a bitch!

  84. 84

    If all of this is true about his attitude then I say he SERIOUSLY needs to take note from the more kinder and appreciative performers in the music biz (Mike Jackson, Lady Gaga, etc.) in the PERSONALITY DEPARTMENT.

  85. 6one9 says – reply to this


    His parents““` need to whoop his ungrateful““ ASS!!

  86. 86

    foul mouth little kid?
    he's freaking 16. i'm sure 3rd graders are cursing like this. sorry but it's true.

    i don't know why everyone's so surprised. he's a little shit that deserves to get his ass kicked so he would stop acting like that!

    Re: zooby – hahah agreed!!!

  87. Majax says – reply to this


    I can't wait until Bieber gets his ass beat.

  88. 88

    Re: sammylovesbieber – Some weird Australian freaks? David Koch is a very popular Australian talk show host, you would find it hard to meet an Australian who doesn't know who he is. He is very well respected and if he says Justin Bieber said that, then I assure you it's true. I also don't appreicate the Australian hate. Completely uncalled for.
    Anyway the kids a 16-year-old brat, it's not at all a surprising he's a douche. But I guess goodluck to him, If he can get another hit (i'll be surprised)….

  89. 89

    Once he hits puberty, he won't be 'hot' anymore…The guy is 16 for gods sake! He has such a high voice, but once he hits puberty, it's bye bye screaming girls at my school over bieber, and baibai bieber! CANT WAIT TO WATCH HIM WALK OFF STAGE CRYING ONE DAY!

  90. 90

    Touching people is rude and condescending.
    Good for Justin!
    The guy who touched him is the one who needs a slap- rude rude rude!

  91. 91

    Haha, I live in Sydney, Australia, and I went in to see him when he was on Sunrise….haha gotta love Kochie saying he needs slap around, its so true. he was supposed to perform at a shopping centre near me and he cancelled it went into the city, but kids as young as 10 were in the city on their own at 4 in the morning. It was terrible organisation by Bieber management and he deserves all the shit he gets…what a stuck-up little brat.

  92. 92

    What a f@$king little Twat! Hopefully his 15 min will be up soon!

  93. 93

    LEAVE HIM ALONE! have any of you ever heard a teenager speak?? THEY ALL SPEAK LIKE THAT THESE DAY!
    he has an amazing voice YOU CAN ALL FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THE POOR KID ALONE!!

  94. 94

    All he needs a quick reminder of the MMM Bop kids and Leif Garrett occasionally, to bring him back in line.

  95. 95

    to everyone that says: Puberty will hit Justin Bieber; I've got news for you. He is 16 years old…he has ALREADY gone through puberty so get a life and stop pretending that you hate him…he is amazing :)

  96. 96

    Poor Biebs??
    This kid has gotten too big for his britches with all these tweens throwing themselves at him. Sorry to break it to you but in 20 years his career will be done and he'll be in some bar telling anyone who will listen how famous he used to be.

  97. 97

    well u cant always trust Koshi.
    he always over exadurates everything and trust me i know i live in australia and on sunrise he is always making everything seem worse than it actually is. like when he was talking about how his fans just wouldnt cooperate that was a lie the truth is that everyone took a huge step back and then when they asked us to move again there was no room left to move back into cause the people at the back couldnt hear so they didnt move. with this story i also heard that the floor guy touched him inaproparatly. but he is a teenag kid and he and the rest of us teenage kids are still learning so stop making it sound like he is a bad kid cause from what his fans know he is a really nice kid. and koshi u say that its just between u and the radio station well think u dumpbo its the RADIO the whole would can hear it so that tells everyone that ur jelous and that u r a bieber hater and thats just not on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 98

    Re: kwirkee – And whats ur point??????????

  99. 99

    Well maybe they shouldnt touch him? he neeeds his space.. sheeeesh haha xD

  100. 100

    This rumor is pathetic. You all don't get the fact that teenagers will be teenagers. Don't be surprised just because Justin Bieber is a goody, goody and he said what he said. It doesn't matter in the end every single teenager has their days when they will swear. Do you have proof that he said it? And even if you did it doesn't matter! So why don't you and your little so called "RADIO STATION" get a life and quit making up rumors and crap about things that havn't supposably occurred. Justin is an amazing kid and should get all the support he can while following his dreams. That's all i have to say to you immature 'adults'.

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