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Why Are They Making A Sequel?

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Director Brad Peyton is making a deal to direct the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, but the original's star Brendan Fraser will not be returning!

New Line and Walden Media are considering making Josh Hutcherson the lead character, who played Brendan Fraser's nephew in the first film, now that Fraser is out.

But does anyone actually want to see a sequel to this??

We don't remember the first one doing especially well — what do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Why Are They Making A Sequel?”

  1. 1

    yeah i don't remember it doing well either

  2. 2

    who watched the first one?

  3. 3

    well lets see
    it cost them $60 million to make and earned them $242 MILLION dollars.
    a $180 Million profit.

    Yeah, I think making a sequel is a good idea.

  4. 4

    Well if you wanna call a $180 million profit not doing well, then you're just mentally challenged. I enjoyed the first movie…so I'll spend MY MONEY to watch the second.

  5. 5

    well because in your gay ass world it probably sucked…but in OUR reality this movie did pretty good with CRITICS AND @ THE BOX OFFICE…by the way i'm not a sick fan trying to defend my movie…i haven't even seen it…but like sexsai said…240 million is a really good excuse…

  6. 6

    the first one wasnt soooooo bad, i liked it…was a fun watch. i'd probably see the second one.
    and like a couple other people said…180 mill profit is a GOOD thing.

  7. 7

    and the $180 million profit is solely boxoffice sales. Lets not forget the rental and dvd sales for the film… even more profit.

    The first was VERY successful and with the avatar 3d the sequel could be a real treat for the eyes.

  8. 8

    Brendan Fraser is a good looker but……………..in every one of his films all he does is scream!!! If they make a sequel of Journey to the Center of the Earth without him, it might do better. LOL

  9. 9

    i didn't think it was that bad. i've definitely seen worse. remember Bio-Dome?

  10. 10

    maybe brendan fraser left his hair back there.

    at the center of the earth

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Whenever a movie like this is announced I always say to myself, "….fuuuuck why" and "who goes to see these piece of shit movies"? The answer to the first is obviously money as pointed out in the above comments. The answer to the second is stupid people with undiscriminating tastes like the above poster, xoxo_anonymous.

  13. 13

    Im a huge sci-fi fan and i saw this because i was a huge fan of the first one. It is a great movie for young kids and the colors and 3 D were really beautiful in the theater I m kind of excited.

  14. 14

    i quite liked it :)

  15. 15

    what kind of contract did he get himself into??!!!
    well at least he's working