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La Loca Needs More Than Drug Testing

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Although Lindsay Lohan is required to participate in random drug testing, she's still allowed to take her prescription medication.

LOLhan is still authorized to take Adderall (a stimulant that treats ADHD) and Ambien. And those are some heavy duty drugs! Both medications have some serious side effects!

The wacktress will check in with the L.A. County Probation Department on Thursday and give the court proof of prescriptions. Many people close to Lindsay believe that those drugs are her problem.


[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “La Loca Needs More Than Drug Testing”

  1. 1

    OLD NEWS! (AGAIN!): I hope if she is allowed to take these drugs she is made to stick to the recomended amount and not just take however much she likes.
    I'm realy hoping that this works out for her but if she breaks any of the conditions i'd like to see her sent to jail for a few months whare she is MADE to get herself in order, She is a tallented girl but needs to be brought into line.
    Also could mario and his abnormally hairy arms stop giving fake sympathy to Lindsay when you will just be hounding her again in the next post?
    Also why did you spread those lies that XTina posponed her tour because of "low ticket sales" when in reality all the VIP tickets already sold out and the tour was at NO4 on the summer tour chart? more BS to make Gaga seem good. #Fail
    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks :) x

  2. 2

    those are not "heavy drugs" they are classified as Schedule III drugs.

  3. 3

    Drugs could mess you up if you take too much, even over the counter/prescription drugs. That's why I don't take as much as an aspirin. Don't take cold liquids either. And now, can't tell the last time I was sick.

  4. 4

    these are drugs that affect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems….which allows our bodies to deal with stress and anxiety and also allows the body to relax….she doesn't need drugs for that…she needs to learn how to let her body get back in sync and take it's own natural occurrences….

  5. 5

    But can't the drug testing determine the amounts that are in her system? If she's over the prescribed amount, will that quailfy as a fail?

  6. 6

    ADHD's over diagnosed anyway - It's called get your child under control…….if anyone thinks Hohan is ADHD, they're as dumb as the medical field is greedy……..

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Adderall for non-ADHD persons definitely can attribute to her stoned behavior. why don't they try Strattera for her ADHD or some other non-addictive adhd treatment? And to pair Ambien with Adderall? That's definitely the problem. If she is stoned from Ambien it may seem like ADHD and the ADHD medicine can cause the inability to sleep. I think Hollywood doctors need to be audited. Who the hell in their right mind prescribes these, especially to a known substance abuser?

  9. 9

    Of course she is allowed to take prescriptions. There is no way in hell a judge will disallow a doctor's orders. Now whether or not she really needs them is a different story. But that's irrelevant because the court will not question the necessity of a doctor's order. What the doctor orders is basically sacred.

  10. 10

    Stop and think for a minute. Adderall and Ambien? Who the fuck would prescribe both of those medications to someone. That makes no sense. No wonder this girl is such a mess.

  11. 11

    Re: Genghis Khan – then her doctor needs to be investigated…

  12. 12

    her medical records needs to be presented to the judge…

  13. 13

    Re: redmond – Well it all levels out with the coke and booze.

  14. 14

    Leave her alone already. You sure like to kick people when they're down. Haven't you ever heard of compassion?

  15. 15

    It is so odd that a grown woman would take Adderall. That is so over prescribed nowadays. I had to do take seizure medicine and was very tired when I first went on it so my doctor gave me Ritalin to try for a month and it really didn't do that much to me, but I am not one who really gets very "into" drugs like some I guess. I don't know how to explain it. It is kind of like coffee sometimes makes me tired or a bit nauseous. I tend to wonder if that is why Lindsay has this big urge to run around all the freaking time. I do know I have big problem sleeping though and Ambien does not work after a while, and I am sure the same thing has happened to Lindsay. It wears off. The first time you use it works like a charm then you get used to it. She is probably immune to it to some extent now. I don't know if the Adderall works like that as I only took the Ritalin like twice, but most drugs do wear off.

  16. 16

    Adderall is what keeps her so skinny. She'll claw tooth and nail to keep that frickin' script. I think she's going to fail on the alcohol though. I giver her less than a week. If she wasn't such a narcissistic bitch I'd feel sorry for her. Heh.

  17. 17

    Mixing Adderall and ambien makes you trip BALLS.

  18. 18

    Actually they are not that bad of drugs if taken in moderation. But, if she's an addict, what kind of fucknut doctor would give her adderall? If she ends up Anna Nicole'ed, then at least we know there'll be another prescribing doctor under the media microscope.

    why do these quacks have their medical licenses?

  19. JET says – reply to this


    Those drug testers better wear double layers of latex gloves and chemical warfare face masks, in order to avoid catching Lindsay's many many STDs

  20. 20

    Re: Keepin~It~Reel

    They'd have to do a blood test to check the levels of prescription drugs in her system. They're not going to do that. It'll be random urine tests.

  21. 21

    Re: arshavin22 – I heartily disagree, the government classification of "scheduling" drugs has to do with categorizing drugs based on "potential for abuse," and in some cases the classifications don't even make make sense. For example, Marijuana is a schedule IV (considered highly dangerous/addictive) while amphetamines are schedule III. Adderall is a schedule II amphetamine mixture (look it up in a drug guide,) but we all know amphetamines carry a far greater potential for abuse and have much more detrimental side effects than marijuana derivatives. Likewise, Ambien is a schedule IV drug. Both Ambien and Adderall are heavy duty, effed up drugs as far as I (a health care graduate) am concerned, and they should RARELY be prescribed.

  22. 22

    Re: Lilo lagoon – Word!

  23. 23

    Ambien is not a heavy duty drug. It's not that big of a deal. Now the Adderall has a huge potential for abuse & IS a serious drug that should only be given under the close supervision of a doctor.

  24. 24

    why does she fucking take ADDERAL?
    does she seriously think she has ADHD?!

    Re: erikalea – i can't believe marijuana is a schedule 4! it's not highly addictive at all! i'm sure the government is just scheduling the drugs according to how big of a money problem it is!

    Re: trinigirl123 – that's b/c any type of medicine lowers your immune system (well i like to believe that). that's why i try not to take anything even when i'm sick!

  25. 25

    that really sounds as if she is going the marilyn monroe-way…one to keep you up, one to keep you down. as well, both are highly addictive drugs. a mixture like that -IMHO- cannot allow a normal way of living anymore. I think, she now needs them to "stay alive."

  26. 26

    when taken in the correct doses these drugs are not harmful. they aren't strong drugs. the question is, how will that be monitored?

  27. 27

    Re: erikalea – Basically, you got your nursing certificate (you're probably not an RN or you would have said that much) and stood in for a few moments of a lecture that high school students receive, and now you're an authority on this matter? Exactly to whom are you preaching? I'm certainly educated enough to know what these drugs mean, but do you think any of the high school teenyboppers on here will read your post and care? If the drug schedules don't make sense to you, I suggest sitting in on an introductory health class lecture at your local community college.

  28. 28

    Re: CBenji – Come on back down to Earth, sweetie. Maybe where you live, life is slow enough that nobody needs to be "so odd" by taking Adderall. By no means am I a proponent of ADD and ADHD diagnoses, but I have maturely dealt with the reality of their ubiquity (look it up). I'm not sure how you felt it was appropriate to draw a parallel between seizure medication and Adderall, and if that made sense to you, you failed to articulate that to us. Additionally, if you only took Ritalin "like twice," perhaps you should refrain from passing judgment or offering your version of thoughtful insight. Your whole comment felt like it was the rambling of a very, very bored individual with not much to say. Embrace the self-awareness.

  29. cika says – reply to this


    ADHD does exist. CAT MRI scans have proven it (google it). Im prescribed adderall and since i started taking i went back to school and im a straight A student. Im me but better. Of course you are supposed to take it as prescribed and even less if you can. And NEVER EVER EVER mix it with alcohol or other drugs like ambience WHAT¡?¡ if you have ADHD, as i do, adderall is supposed to make you calm not hyper. If it does the latter then you dont have it PERIOD!!!! The idea of going to clubs makes me wanna throw up, SOOO MEANINGLESS AND SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!! She probably just wants to get high an mixes it with anything she can find… This woman is broken and only a miracle can help her.

  30. 30

    As always, my opinion on these matters is important. Why? Because I'm one of the biggest drug fiends to have walked this Earth. It just so happens that I haven't practiced for a few years.

    As a drug fiend in recovery, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO GO NEAR ADDERALL OR AMBIEN! Why? Because they are the kinds of drugs that drug fiends LOVE. Ambien feels like a benzo, and Adderall and Ritalin are speed. The latter help you to focus, and so does speed.

    If she couldn't sleep, she could take Trazadone, which she has admitted to using for that very reason in the recent past. That's a drug I can take. Why? Because it doesn't feel good; it just helps you to sleep. Ever tried Lunesta? That stuff feels good; drug addicts have no business taking it or Ambien.

    It will be a real hoot if she's allowed to be on these drugs while supposedly maintaining sobriety.

  31. 31

    I have been prescribed both these drugs for 2 years… they have both helped me a lot with ADD and anxiety. I have never had any problems with them. If these drugs were a problem her Dr. would change her medicine and prescribe something else. Therefore it is highly likely something else is involved. My dad is a psychiatrist and prescribes this combination to many patients and has positive results. He believes something else is involved in her case as well.

  32. 32

    Re: meowtofcontrol – why "meow out of Control " why not "Bark attack" or "Mooo Machine" or "Hiss with out a miss" or "a Squeal is no big deal" or "Scream like a Dream"

  33. 33

    ADHD is often misdiagnosed. Plus, it is easy to say you can't concentrate, etc. and the doctor will diagnose you with ADHD and give you pills. Lindsay was a chubby girl before and she's now scrawny. MANY girls use Adderall as a way to lose/maintain weight. It is really easy to pretend to have ADHD to get Adderall. She is obviously using it for weightloss. And for those questioning why she is taking Ambien as well. Adderall causes insomnia. As long as you take Adderall in the AM and take Ambien in the PM it's fine. She needs it to get to sleep. But the question is, does she REALLY need the Adderall?

  34. 34

    her "PROBLEM" is that she has borderline personality disorder, amongst other things. this does not a self medicating solution, but intense, appropriate psychological work. your gossip is shiteous perez.