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M.I.A. Praises Madge, Goes After GaGa Again!

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Everytime we accept your craziness and come along with you for the ride, you go ahead and ruin it with stoopid Lady GaGa bashing!

The singer just gave a new interview to the NY Times, where she lulled us into a false sense of security by (rightfully) paying homage to our beloved Madonna!

She says:

“Madonna is the one. Madonna did amazing songs. She had an amazing sense of style, without a stylist. And she was flawed, and sometimes she admitted it. I’ll fight the fight for Madonna. I think she should send me some chocolates or something to thank me.”

Of course, that's when things turned ugly:

“With our video, we were really copying ‘Telephone.' Both our videos are road movies. We kill people, and they kill people. They start out in a prison, and we start out in a squat, hunting people down. I can’t talk about GaGa anymore. All I’ll say is, it’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name. You can’t really say that GaGa is culturally a change. Madonna was truly unique.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we, of course, disagree!

And frankly, bb, all this bashing is starting to feel like a way to generate publicity and stand against what you consider to be culturally 'fashionable' right now!

How very nonconformist of you! What an original!


[Image via WENN.]

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247 comments to “M.I.A. Praises Madge, Goes After GaGa Again!”

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  1. 1

    She is a lot like Madonna. Doesn't really matter, still gonna see her in concert.

  2. 2

    MIA blows!

  3. 3

    Your obsession is driving me mad.
    Every time someone makes a remotely negative comment about Lady Gaga, you act as if someone has just ripped your balls off!
    If I can say that.
    Calm down!

  4. 4

    This is just ridiculous! While Madonna is grand, so is Gaga! Gaga, like Madonna, became more of a revolution! They are both groundbreakers, both very talented, both trendsetters, both very amazing women with what appears to be no fear. Both of them took risks and both of them came out on top! To idolize one and bash the other seems very hypocritical. I pity this girl as she will never be half the woman that these true, talented women have become.

  5. 5

    And most frankly, Perez, all this GaGa-posting is starting (or rather, has started already) to feel like a way to just mention her name again, and again, and again without no actual substance whatsoever.

  6. ONIT says – reply to this


    I kind of understand M.I.A. If the Gaga fans weren't so extreme Madonna haters, people wouldn't start talking badly about Gaga.

  7. 7

    Between the GaGa bashing and the fact that you've lost "respect" for her… I like her more :-X

  8. 8

    Funny… you're the ones publicizing it.

  9. 9

    absolutely love MIA SONGS- they are way more modern and genious than gaga kids songs and more she is absolutely right about this. mia is not wrong. the one who is wrong here is u and gaga. gaga copies madonna in everything.even in her last interview to french channel she praises madonna too but she is copying madonna interview from 94 where madonna is with a cup of tea in a hand i think everybody knows that. and gaga uses that small things from amdonna and uses it. BUT MADONNA ALREADY DID IT BEFORE. SHE DOESNT MIND BUT WE ALL MIND.THATS WHY U CANT EVEN SOLD OUT UR SHOWS IN EUROPE

  10. 10

    what's with the hate?

  11. 11

    Gaga is a twat.

  12. 12

    Oh shuttup pigshit . Gagme is not original if it wasn't for her outfits people wouldn't even pay attention to her fugly ass..but even her outfits aren't original..actually everything lady gaga wants to pass as "unique" has already been done in the 70's and 80's from the outfits to the weird interviews.Not everyone is gonna like Gaga pigshit get used to it . There are actually smart people out there in the world who can see past her act. Oh look at me im soo weird im soo unique *yawn* its getting soo boring .

  13. 13

    hm. very similar to you and christina aguilera. how come you comment EVERYTIME someone's song sounds like someone else, yet you've failed to mention how Alejandro sounds like ace of base??? I like you better when you're objective, Perezzles.

  14. 14

    Gotta admit - both Madonna and M.I.A. have more talent in their pinky fingers than GaGa…GaGa is just a rehash of Madonna's controversy, old videos and imagery. Sad.

  15. 15

    So it's only okay for you to bash wildly popular singers?

  16. 16

    Gaga is D.O.A. Team M.I.A.

  17. 17

    The sad part is, who makes her anyone to judge. MIA is a NOBODY. She seems to love bashing other artists to keep herself relevant.. Gaga isn't the only one she's publicly bashed. I'm sure all the haters on here though will love this thought from her. Big surprise. I understand if you don't like Gaga's music but honestly I see no need for the constant bashing and comparisons people make. She never claimed to be the next anything, she's never said bad shit about anyone (even those who have slammed her left and right) and she's just an artist doing what she loves to do and putting on a show for her fans. Why does she get underneathe everyone's skin so bad? Because of Perez and his fat useless mouth? What personally has SHE done that makes her so horrible? Anyone?

  18. 18

    I didn't read any bashing from her. You want to shove GAGA so called originality down people's throat…but how original really is it when it has so many similarities to Madonna? And that's what MIA is getting at.

  19. 19

    MIA's right. gaga is crap. you praise her like God. what a follower. seriously, your heads all up in gaga's ass. kiss ass much?

  20. 20

    how is lady gaga not unique?

  21. 21

    hey perez u forgot to post more. MIA said madonna is pretty and like a huge superstar should be and gaga isnt lol.u know what mia has absolutely right.
    the world is tired of gaga already. she only works with madonna ppl, she copies her shows, she copies her quotes and interviews. its terrible. insane. and u perez open ur eyes. cause only kids likes gaga. and u are making madonna fans hating gaga fans and vice virse.u are doing it. not MIA. Mia is a madonna fan she praises madonna for years,and shes right

  22. 22

    Your pressed because people with talents speaking out against your favorite Gaga?

    Funny, you are one big hat hypocrite with your narrow mind. Why dont you put Lady Gaga name onto the list of least fav celeb?

  23. 23

    oh i see how this works, you can bash Christina, you can bash Lindsay, you can bash Jessica and so on and so on but God forbid anyone to bash that horrid looking Lady GaGa and you are all over them. How dare someone have anything horrible to say about the "wifey'. Two faced much?

  24. 24

    fucking get over yourself you useless piece of shit! lady gaga has given more not only to the music industry but to her fans than you ever have or ever will! i don't even know who the fuck you are, you're totally irrelevant so you can go shave your back now! seriously fuck off..i hate attention seekers with a passion

  25. 25

    Lmao, Perez you are such a hypocrite and an ass kisser. You Bash x-tina on a daily basis but kiss gaga's ass and then shame people who do that to people that you like. You are so stupid.

  26. 26

    if she praises madonna u say she is is not true? go to hell. she loves madonna for years and gaga sucks. just kids love her. noone cares about gaga and yes she has no cool attitude like madonna had and has and no sence of style. cause the stylish dresses her and noone dressed madonna

  27. 27

    madonna has hits gaga has songs for kids

  28. 28

    i love that Perez can't stand anyone slagging Gaga off but is always the first to slag everyone else off,

  29. 29

    TEAM - M.I.A.! You're right! Madonna is the one! Gaga is just a copycat of David Bowie, Roisin Morphie, Grace Jones,Xtina and Madonna of course!

  30. 30

    Seriously who the fuck does M.I.A think she is? She is so trying to get attention! Can't stand her! GAGA rocks!

  31. 31

    Um.. Wasn't MIA just telling the world how Lady Gaga copies everyone and doesn't have any originality? Isn't this what MIA's doing right now?

    Seconldly, how far can MIA get her head crammed up Madonna's butt?

  32. 32

    Hah you're just mad that she's telling it like it is!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    LOL! Tell her perez!! This bitch keeps talking smack about gaga for no good reason shes just trying to be a rebel or something, she dont know gaga's on some straight REAL shit that MIA can NEVER touch EVER!

  35. 35

    MIA is after backing up that whizened evil old bitch who buys babies and than gets her nanny to pick them up, ruins the lives of anyone she comes into contact with if they so much as disagree with her and spends her days seeing how else she can look like a deathly pale, mumified, hermphradite version of the hulk. never buyin a MIA record again. and Perez i notice you are constantly censoring my comments lately. if you don't show this one than obviously your just a fuckin phony who won't listen to anyone who disagrees with him.

  36. 36

    Yes. Madonna is goddess. gaga is alright but i don't get all this HYPE and shit about her as the pioneer of music-video/art. what a mess

  37. 37

    PEREZ!! must u put the haters on too….if we all payed attention to the positive maybe we can alter the world to be just that. F*ck the negative things people have to say about others, its their opinion, and in all reality at the end of the day ur opinion is just that, YOUR OWN opinion, not how the world really is.

  38. 38

    Re: MadonnaLive – why do you only comment on madonna stories. are you that sad that you just check this constantly and then jump into protect the most famous skelaton with popeye style muscles. your HERO is an evil, calculatin, heartless bitch who has bullied and pushed her way through her life and ruined many many careers and reputations so her bony ass will be relevent. it's sickening that you like a person like that.

  39. 39

    She doesn't need publicity. And it's true, Gaga will never reach Madonna status. Ever. Not even Britney Status. Can't wait for her next album, I really REALLY hope it sucks. I loved Gaga. But you made me not like her that much anymore.

  40. 40

    Madonna original? Unique? Without a stylist? None of that even applies to Madonna.
    What's wrong with these young people today?

  41. 41

    I like all three of them, so whatever

  42. 42

    Don't get me wrong cause I love me some Gaga. But M.I.A is right Gaga is nothing new she's just a recycled Madge Grace Jones etc. Also who ever said that nobody would my attention to Gaga if it wasn't for the crazy outfits HiT THE NAIL ON THE FUCKIN HEAD!!!

  43. 43

















  44. 44

    It's like a Gaga fansite here lately, it's very waring to read about her every 8 posts. Yeah she has catchy music but she's only around under 2 years. Let's see if she'll leave a 30 year legacy like Madge, then we can compare. (not that I personally like Mage either). Until then let Gaga prove herself as a long-term success. As for MIA, she's just annoying. It's only when she's promoting her new music that she becomes all outspoken and controvercial. C'mon Perez we want celeb gossip not a Gaga-blog!

  45. 45

    I like Lady Gaga and all but Perez needs to calm the obsession down. It's bad enough every artist and their mommies have to be compared to Gaga. But it's funny since every artist is a Gaga wannabe, he fails to mention how Gaga is the biggest Gaga want to be of all. What does Gaga need to do to prove her own obsession even more? Adopt a black baby and shit out crappy movies? Don't get me wrong I worship MADONNA, she was truly original and groundbreaking. Gaga is a talented trend on the coattails of a true living legend. How the fuck all these artists continues to get compared to her is beyond me.

  46. 46

    jealousy is hideous. yer fucking yourself mia…you will soon b m.i.a.

  47. 47

    Who cares about this person?

  48. 48

    i see ur fat ass getting punched again and u crying like a bitch hahah.

  49. 49

    Holy shit - I think we're all a little sick of gaga. Seriously. I rarely come on here anymore because of the sick fucking obsession Perez has with lady gaga. ANNOYING!

  50. 50

    Shut up M.I.A., and go back to doing business with Ticketmaster/Live Nation you pseudo-revolutionary!

  51. 51

    Re: _nayeli – she's unique in her fashion sense. cause that shit is truly bizarre and really visually unappealing. but she's hardly the first tiny white blonde girl with catchy hooks and infectious beats singing about sex and her sexuality and how cool it is

  52. 52

    This Bitch is just jealous of GaGa's fame! she need to go sit somewhere and shut the fuck up. I used to like her but she is really starting to piss me off with her rude comments . There is room for both of them!

  53. 53

    She is TOTALLY jealous of GAGA. Madonna unique, great style, pllllleeeeez - Maddona has never worn a decent dress or outfit to anything. Now I know why, no stylist.

  54. 54

    move on gaga and try next life

  55. 55

    Team M.I.A. Glad someone is calling it like they see it.

  56. 56

    Okay I love me some Madonna and I think GaGa is okay, but Perez, REALLY!!! You slam every person that says one little thing about GaGa. They are entitled to their opinions. I'm tired of you putting up crap all the time saying oh no so and so said something about GaGa. Is she paying you to defend her. Geez!

  57. 57

    MIA for the win.

  58. 58

    I love how Perez bashes everyone but gets pissed off when people say things about lady gaga… Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59

    I used to like Gaga though i was a Christina fan when the whole copying thing was not escalated to the explosive level.

    I remember seeing Poker Face and thought to myself this song is good and she is very kool artist: a bit of electro, a bit of R&B and yeah she reminded me of Madonna/Christina somewhat. That's why I liked her. But I never accused anything because the whole blond chick singing pop/R&B is not a new thing but you take it to the extreme.

    U should be reconsidered of your own "legacy"! I like ur site but shit like this has made people dropping your credits. You are getting to a point where people talk about u and they HATE u.

    That explains why Travis Garland career is in a dangerous state that he is gaining a lot of anti-fans because what u done. You turned your back on Christina, Gaga, Jennifer Love, Jess Alba… fine, your choice. Just dont be stupid to backstabbing them because it is cheap shot!

  60. 60

    MIA is right, Madonna was unique, even nowadays, Gaga i an extension of what Madonna could've done

  61. 61

    MIA IS RIGHT. MADONNA IS A LEGEND. GAGA ISNT. GAGA EVEN COPIES SMALL DETALIS OF MADONNA. LIKE HER POSES.WHAT SHE SAYS .MADONNA QUOTES. gaga sucks. fake. a fraud. madonna is what we all see. a strong woman,amazing moher,genuious mind cause she already did it 30 years ago.she creates pop music.gaga is copying. move on. madonna even now breaks all her records with alabums and tours. gaga cant even sing for big masses like M .mia is right. mia is right

    and aguilera said she was payinga tribute to madonna cause she loves madonna.even xtina doesnt care about gaga.gaga is allabout stupid cloths and mia songs are way more unique than gaga kids songs

  62. 62

    Okey… first … I don't hate gaga but she's pretty lame, and over rated.
    I mean i remember when I first watch the "dance" vid and I thought well … this girl ovbiously is a hipster … then no … then it was something else.. then … no… then she's all of the sudden she's princes of pop or whatever … which I don't really care.
    What I care about is M.I.A. … she's by far more outrageous and awesome and authentic than GAGA pleaaaaaaaase!!!
    Even you have to admit that!!!!
    She was here first than Gaga and doing more interesting things than gaga musically and visually … not everything is about fashion and sexual stuff (kinda what gaga does).
    You really should just stop kissing Gaga's butt , MIA is the shizzz , you just happen to not like anyone who have a different opinion about your idols.
    You discredit people like Bjork, MIA, PJ Harvey and even Courtney Love and all of this amazing women who actually do something interesting and more original by far than anything gaga has done , all she really does is wear costumes… so get over her!!!

  63. 63

    MIA speaks sense Mario and just because someone doesn't lick Gaga's ass like you do doesn't mean they are trying to generate publicity for themselves! Madonna was the FIRST and Gaga is a Madonna clone, simple as!!!

  64. 64

    gaga's cool and all, but she's nothing new and exciting.

  65. 65

    it's bitchy of her to bitch about that bitch

  66. 66

    And frankly, bb, all this bashing is starting to feel like a way to generate publicity and stand against what you consider to be culturally 'fashionable' right now!
    Damn dude take your own advice and stop talking about Christina Aguilera, FREAK

  67. 67

    Re: moviebuff – shut the hell up. even the stupid gaga said madonna is untouchable. gaga is a copy cat. her songs sucks. are for kids like u. madonna has big hits. after 30 years we heard her musics on disco. and madonna after 30 eyars breaks all the records with her tours. she performes for more than 80 thousnd ppl per nigth and she doesnt paas out like stupid gaga.

    and more gaga is all about stupid cloths and nothing more. shes empty fake. shes not strong like M. gaga even copies madonna details. her quotes, her kind of shows. but gaga shows are for kids. ppl i know went to gaga show and hated it. madonna has sould, a huge spiriga nd strenght.shes a leo on stage. go home kid

  68. 68

    Two words : Gaga sucks.
    No explanations needed.

  69. 69

    go home gaga. ppl are tired of u .u cant even sold out a tupid show for small crowd in europe. loser. madonna performed in europe all the countries for 80 thousand ppl per night.. at 52 she puts young artists on shame like robbie williams said.gaga is emprty like sandrabernard said. aguilera said she was paying a tribute to madonna cause madonna is her inspiration.she doenst even care about gaga and i dont even know where do u saw gaga things in xtina video. madonna yes i saw but not gaga

  70. 70

    " All I’ll say is, it’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name."
    Same could be said for the name, MADONNA.

  71. 71

    You want her to stop bashing Gaga ? But what are you doing all day long ? Bashing people.

  72. 72

    team madonna and mia

  73. 73

    Obviously you do not follow MIA. The only time you started was when she made a completely accurate assessment of Lady ShitShit. She has always spoke her mind and her views have always been radical. So get over yourself. Honestly though, you are giving her more publicity than anyone, so maybe it is working, because you aer paying attention. ANd quite frankly i think when you are against some thing majority of the people know how ass backwards you are so dont really take it that serious. So KEEP GIVING M.I.A. free publicity. She may not want it but it sure as hell cant hurt her.

  74. 74

    oh yeah, and perez, i meant to that you for not postin a picture of VADGEdonna. if i saw another pic of that elderly mummy, thrustin her dried out crotch at the camera i'd puke my asshole up. so cheers for that. xxx

  75. 75

    LMAO Jealous much??

  76. 76


  77. 77


  78. 78

    Re: gypsy82 – Lady GaGa is not a revolution. People don't dress like Lady GaGa. She is a one album phenom, and that is all. Obviously she has to milk this ONE album out. (Sorry the EP is not a new album)

  79. 79

    Perez, you can't comment on music if you have no idea what makes a great song. madonna's songs are fucking timeless. GaGa's songs are fucking bullshit. But GaGa has more money/people behind her. What about MIA's statements are wrong?

  80. 80


  81. china says – reply to this


    caca sucks and more and more people start noticing it - once they managed to shake off the trauma after seeing the bitch`s ugly face.

  82. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: blahblah12 – I completely agree with you. gaga was rocking some of the ugliest brown shit hair color I have ever seen and then alll of a sudden she is ms. originality because she went platinum blonde and calls ppl monsters. she is a joke and her songs are catchy but that has more to do with the people she works with its not the lyrics its the beat.

  83. 83

    Re: Sylvanas – lol agree finally someone said the thruth

  84. 84

    MIA songs are way better thn gaga

  85. 85

    aww someone doesn't love Ga-Ga how dare they lol

  86. 86

    re=5056652]Re: **KC**[/re] Yeah check your history, Madonna never used a stylist when she first came out. Well known fact. Lady GaGa, not so much. That is all stylized.

  87. 87

    move on.u promote this war.

  88. 88

    Re: gypsy82
    WTF ?
    What planet do you live on?
    Madonna and Lady Gaga revolutionaries?

  89. 89

    I LOVE M.I.A.

  90. 90

  91. 91

    sounds like MIA doesn't like you as a fan or the way you "promote" her and is saying what she knows will deter you from even thinking "MIA"……but i have no clue who this girl is or what their music's about…..she does seem to speak her mind though….

  92. 92

    M.I.A who???

  93. 93

    Come on this is 2010 everyone copies someone else. There is no more unique/orginalality when it comes to performers. The truth is that singers need more than just singing. They need to have many conterversies or sex up there image to stay relevant in the business. Gaga has had many conterversies to stay in the media. When in fact she can not sing. She makes people actually forget the song and focus on the wild and crazy videos/outfits!!!!! Sad!!!

  94. 94

    I think it's interesting that Perez is trying to call M.I.A. out for trying to start controversy for the sake of press when that is essentially the purpose of his website! He's an ugly, obnoxious twit who wants so badly to be in the "celebrity club" with all the stars who entrance him, but the only way he can come close to that is by garnering publicity for himself with controversial blog posts and interviews because his one "talent" is being irritating. Also, let's not forget about the summer of 2008 when he started his campaign for Lady Gaga by tethering her to Christina Aguilera and trying to get the world to believe that Aguilera (an established mega-talent) was copying Lady Gaga (whose DEBUT ALBUM wasn't even out, yet). If Christina Aguilera's career goes down the toilet, it will sadly have been partly because of Perez Hilton's stupidity and and mean-spiritedness, not because "she can't catch up to Lady Gaga." M.I.A. recently worked with Christina on her upcoming album, and I'm sure the two of them share a bit of resentment toward the over-glorification of Gaga. She's talented, Perez, but she is far from perfect. M.I.A. is a smart girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She deserves to be commended for that. As for Gaga, she has yet to apologize to all of her fans for the disaster that has been the censored release of her Fame Monster EP.

  95. 95

    www.dolcegabbanaboutique.com/mdg and tell me wath you think!!!! madonna new d&g tv commercial surreal

  96. 96

    Go MIA Go we all agree with you. By the way how come "PEREZ" doesn't go all poo poo over gaga that she is a smoker and he cuts everyone else down for doing it? Just wait til she says something "negative" about PEREZ then you will surely see the shit fly……

  97. 97

    I think its bloggers like you that love exargerrating these type of comments. Because you make it seem as if Gaga invented music. I have never heard Gaga say that she is original/unique. She has said that she is inspired by many artist including Madonna. She combines all her idols into what she is now. You need to stop over exagerrating Perez.

  98. 98

    Wow, people sure do have strong opinions about this and more and more people are in fact talking negatively about Gaga's lack of originality. I have to say I am a fan of both for different reasons. But the eye rolling moment I had about Lady Gaga came about 2 weeks ago when I heard track #6 on her album. All of a sudden she goes into this "Judy…sylvia…bla bla bla liborachi, find your cupid, find your jesus, bla bla bla" and I was like OH LORD - its an attempt at creating a new version of Vogue. Then I hear Christina's "Glam" is supposed to be the "next" Vogue. I have to say that these people need to stop trying to create Madonna's career in themselves. It's not gonna happen. Madonna was a cultural shift in music. I can overlook one or two things and say Gaga is taking inspiration from her, but she just blatantly rips her off. She's shiny, she's new, and that's great. But its not enough. Madonna's career seemed almost divinely inspired. Her struggles, her mother's death, her name, her image, her music, her rebellious nature, her sexuality. It was a package that no one has had since and no one should try to have. They need to be themselves. If they are true artists they will look to other sources for inspiration and stop dragging Madonna's genius through the mud. Rant over!

  99. 99

    OMG Perez MIA is trying to be like Gaga. It's completely obvious I mean look at the picture they are both wearing sunglasses while performing.

  100. mp23 says – reply to this


    noone is original so MIA sit the fuck down

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