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But Where Was Glambert???

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Last night, Simon Cowell judged American Idol for the very last time.

To celebrate him, many of the Idols, past and present, sang a big tribute song to the man who made them fear their own talent. But there was some noticeable faces missing from the line-up, including season seven winner David Cook and last year's runner-up, Adam Lambert!

So where were they?

Apparently, according to Adam's tweets, he was never invited to perform on Idol. He was only asked to sit in the audience. He also found himself battling a nasty case of laryngitis, so he opted to stay home and rest. Glambert tweeted:

"Would have loved 2 have been at the Idol Finale to wish Simon farewell and support the finalists, but this tour for my fans is my priority…was put on vocal rest yesterday from MY show's rehearsals which doubled the work 2 do 2day since all equip. had 2 be sent back east tonight."

As for David, he was far, far away at a charity gig in Kansas City, but also tweeted his regrets for not being a part of the celebration:

"Congrats to Lee DeWyze! So sorry I could be there to see all my fellow idols. I'm there in spirit!"

Not the same, but we forgive you both. Simon might not though. Just saying.

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46 comments to “But Where Was Glambert???”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    I wish he had been there to add some real entertainment - that show sucked ass!

  3. 3

    Ah that makes sense. I was bummed neither Adam or David were on my TV last nite, but face it, I don't think anything could've saved that 2 hour yawnfest. Buh-bye Simon! See you on X-Factor!

  4. 4

    Is he a phag?
    Sort of looks like one.

  5. 5

    it was too bad that adam wasn't there. the finale was sooo damn boring. he could have brought some life into that dull torturous show.

    I too will be watching X-factor over idol next year. this season was horrendous.

  6. 6

    You forgot to mention Jennifer Hudson!! i didn't see her there, unless she came out after I fell asleep…..show was painfully boring!

  7. 7

    Glambert was probably busy getting sucked off by your new rump ranger Travis Garland.

  8. 8

    Adam missed nothing.

  9. 9

    he wasn't invited because they were afraid he'd try to french kiss Lee onstage

  10. basic says – reply to this


    a bunch of people weren't there David Cook, Jennifer Hudson, Daughty, Clay Aiken, Katherine McPhee, Adam etc but the finale was really boring so they didn't miss anything.

  11. 11

    According to other places Adam Lambert was in fact going to perform but it was canceled because they were afraid of whatever antics he might pull on stage.

  12. 12

    WHERE WAS CLAY AKIN??????????

  13. 13

    where does it say in his tweets that he wasn't invited? seems like it says he was too busy for that lame-ass show, same as the rest of them I'm sure. All the people that showed up are has-beens or never-weres - not including Carrie. He was a freaking mentor for chrissakes! that says a lot about how the idol producers see him - the best competitor and showman ever on the idol stage! he's too good for that tripe and i'm glad he wasn't there. that show is finished!

  14. 14

    @lesliexhale LOL the dude in charge of all publicity for 19E, which runs Idol, called that story "a complete fabrication" in an interview with EW. That's more reliable to me than the bottom feeder at PopEater, the same dude who got fired as a PR flack several years ago for planting false stories about Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

  15. 15

    we love you adam!
    get better =]

  16. 16

    and btw adam was never asked to perform!

  17. 17

    For fucks sake. It's not a big deal. He performed AND mentored a few weeks ago! Yes, he tweeted that he wasn't asked to perform at the finale. And no Perez, the show didn't tell him he should sit in the audience. Adam tweeted that OTHERS kept suggesting to him that he should go. During the Simon tribute, Adam couldn't very well march with the past Idol winners. And he would have stuck out like a sore thumb walking out with the has been losers from season's past. The producers probably figured, correctly, that he would have stolen their thunder.

  18. 18

    Maybe he couldn't get off his shift at Burger King ?

  19. 19

    Huh? Adam's press agent told Entertainment Weekly that the producers asked Adam to be part of the finale with the other contestants but that he got sick. It's too bad he couldn't be there to say goodbye to Simon because Simon was very supportive of him. The show is pretty much done without Simon.

  20. 20

    Re: lesliexhale – Bullshit. If they were afraid of what he might pull, why did they let him perform on the show a few weeks ago? That went perfectly. Nobody is obsessing about the AMA's anymore.

  21. 21

    Yeah that was a total bummer that my two favorite Idol guys weren't there. Especially Cook since he was the only Idol winner missing of the bunch. =(

  22. 22

    Re: sockie – He couldn't possibly be any more gay.

  23. 23

    I thought he was going to be there as a surprise so I watched the finale only to be extremely disappointed. At least Lee won. He's got good vocals, but not as good as Adam!

  24. 24

    It would have been great to have him there!! But i think it's a good thing he was not related to that crapfest!! Horrible finale so freaking boring..

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Re: TorontoBitch – "he would have stuck out like a sore thumb walking out with the has been losers from season's past" yeah, Adam has to wait until next year to officially be called a has-been runner-up loser, but why wait?

  27. 27

    Re: SeedyPetee – Hey, just because I'm a fan of Adam's does mean that I don't know that he has a shelf life. Everyone becomes a has-been at some point. How long does he have? Couldn't tell ya. But, you know what? It's better to be a has-been than a never-was……

  28. 28

    Re: lesliexhale – If that were true they wouldn't have invited him to mentor AND PERFORM earlier in the season.

  29. 29

    Re: amyhearts – I'm sick and tired of reading that this lame ass guy who won, Lee what's-his-name is similar to David Cook and Kris Allen. That's complete crap since both David and Kris have actual talent

  30. 30

    he made the right decision
    2 hours of my life i'll never get back :(

  31. 31

    Re: TorontoBitch – says one never-was to another. his shelf life expired the minute he finished his AMA performance, and don't think for a moment people are going to forget that.

  32. 32

    There was a crew that took to the stage at the very end of Janet's performace when the screen came down to cover her dancers. Among them was a woman with some dramatic hair, but affter the commercial they were gone. Who were they and what was the next performance which followed Janet?

  33. 33

    Yeah, except.. Perez, what no one is talking about is the fact that Adam was partying it up last weekend in Boston. He doesn't have "laryngitis," he just can't sing because his ass was out partying all weekend.

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    Most of the performers were the winners of the show.

  35. 35

    And perez, you are so big for forgiving them. Really, i bet they couldn't sleep at night. Geez what an imbecile..

  36. 36

    I love David and wish he was there with all the other winners of AI but he choose charity over self promotion. It was the right thing to do.

  37. 37

    Adam Lamber??? Sick??? Well, he was at House of Blues in Boston last saturday at the shitty VIP section!!! google it and you might find something… i actually saw him there and didn't know he's so tall!!!

  38. 38

    Adam had already performed on AI this year as well as mentored the top 10 I believe. His presence was large especially since the winner of last year was never considered for the same thing…Last years winner had about 6 seconds od screen time on the finale.

  39. 39

    Re: SeedyPetee – Are you calling ME as never-was? I'm doing very well in my career, thanks. If Adam's "shelf-life" has already expired, why are you STILL paying attention to him? He's doing something right if he's continues to be interesting to people…….

  40. 40

    Adam wasn't a winner. Only past winners and this year's top 12 performed. As for David, he had an admirable prior commitment - good on him for sticking with it instead of taking the more popular choice and bailing.

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, well, Idol is a family show. This lack of invite doesn't surprise me.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Re: TorontoBitch – career? what street corner in Toronto you workin', hon? the only reason people give him ANY attention anymore (especially THIS donkeyfaced blogger) is because of that pink neon sign over his head, not because of anything he actually DOES

  44. 44

    GLAM NATION wooooo!

  45. 45

    Re: SeedyPetee – You're ALMOST right! Except for when I "work" a street-corner, it's to ARREST prostitutes. But kudos to you for your guess!

  46. 46

    Adam is a Dive. Thats his problem. He thinks too highly of himself to give Simon the respect he deserves. Adam is not as popular as he thinks he is in his head. He is delusional. All he thinks about is himself. He doesnt even care about his fans.