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Clonetina's Second Single To Be A Flop Too!

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Big surprise!

After a disastrous first single with "Not Myself Tonight," Christina Aguilera is off to an even WORSE start with "Woo Hoo!"

Her new single debuted at #79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it will likely drop BIG time next week — probably off the chart completely.

She's sure living up to her new nickname of FLOPtina!

[Image via AP Images.]

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214 comments to “Clonetina's Second Single To Be A Flop Too!”

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  1. 101

    Re: mia*col – Nope… I know a lot of people who call her Floptina/Failtina/Clonetina. & people really need to stop addressing Perez as if he actually reads the replies… because he does not. xD

  2. 102

    Christina thanks you for the free publicity, douche.

  3. imark says – reply to this


    thats a little harsh, dont ya think, you got famous because of them, dont you think you owe it to be a little respectful! jeez, i wish her the best and im lovin both singles, cant wait to buy the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 104

    Aguilera is an icon…hold your breath for Garland or even Gaga's career in ten years.

  5. 105

    Re: IlluminatedMe – like who? this is the only place i see those dumb names

  6. 106

    Re: IlluminatedMe – i guess you know personally, huh……..*eye roll*

  7. 107

    You really turn on them fast, dontcha?

    She's still better than that sell-out Gaga.

  8. 108


  9. 109

    Jeez, Mario can't you understand that YOU'RE THE FLOP –not Xtina! While she's doing something good out there in the world, contributing to the musical society, you're wasting valuable time rambling w/ the intention of damaging so many established names.
    Xtina will go down as one of the greatest vocalists of all time –& you will go down as an ugly, prissy gaylord without a life.

  10. 110

    FATez SLOBton isn't exactly reliable with his info, but I don't think Christina's album is going to hit big. Her career in music has been dormant for many years now, and BTW, the songs on that CD are SHIT.

  11. 111

    go fuck yourself u obese fucking vile disgusting fat fucking TWAT!

  12. 112

    She's really talented and amazing! last nights she proved it! So why hating on her? She just need a mic to be magic! And Woohoo is not confirmed as official 2nd single..so why you report fake news? Yor are gettin worse perez. You lost ur mind.

  13. zooby says – reply to this


    Re: IlluminatedMe – Christina an alien? At least she's a sexy, good looking alien. GaGa looks like an ugly tranny. No comparison there. I bet you're just as fat, ugly, and gay as Perez. And I doubt anyone else calls her Floptina… anyone other than Perez would sound ridiculous.
    PS: What happened to Travis Garland? Guess people didn't "believe" much in him. haha

  14. 114

    you talk about her copying others but if you look at his supposed artist - he is a wanna be justin timberlake even copying his dance moves so suck it

  15. 115

    You know what's fun children? (say it like Robert Mitchum from Night of the HUNTER). So amusing to see the banter back and forth from floptina to lady-gag-me-with-a-spoon, who i LIKE BTW!!! lady gaga…. she's an artist.

    in the big scheme of things it *never* matters who's gifted w/the superior set of pipes. True Talent doesn't fly in the business anyways. Cyndi Lauper mops the floor with MADonna's voice - but who's more famous? It's all about image baby and sorry - but la pobrecita floptina's zenith is going in a trajectory path downward …. unless she starts sexing the right people (like MADonna everything in sight that helps one's career. sex is a chess game don't cha know!)

    one fave thing i like to do is; smoke a big fat spliff and read these boards. *EVERYONE* on here slays me - you all are such fun w/your retarded remarks, some really witty, and some obviously with more than a couple of brain cells u can actually rub together. ciao-cito. :-) ~

  16. 116

    Um, didn't you used to kiss her ass & pose with her at events & crap?
    You are such a famewhoring opportunist with absolutely no loyalty.
    PS, ALL pop music is the same dumb crap over and over.

  17. 117

    Re: Jenjoy – I have to agree, Jen! I have loved Christina ever since "Genie In A Bottle" (even though I sort of hate that song now) because she has terrific stage presence, she has recorded some very mature (and difficult-to-sing) songs, and she is an incredible vocalist. I actually refused to accept Lady Gaga for an entire year because Perez kept tying her to Christina when she debuted, trying to make Christina out to be a copycat just so that people would take notice of Gaga. I now like Gaga, too, but I have stopped listening to her music over the past few weeks because I am starting to instantly associate her with Perez's despicable antics. He needs to calm down and stop being such a middle school brat, or he could end up damaging her. (…unless Gaga publicly chews him the fuck out for all of this…)

  18. 118

    dam perez you are mean!!! Xtina…rocks and sings amazing…. lets see you in a year or so when we all will be over gaga!!! unless she can pull something out of madonna's bag of tricks!!! of course

  19. 119

    Of course it will be "Perez Hilton." Remember how you were right on the money when you declared Michael Jackson was faking death, Fidel Castro really was dead, Slimy was going to be the next music god, and when you declared Avatar was a box office failure the first weekend out of the gate?

  20. 120

    Re: IlluminatedMe – I agree with that! Christina does look like a transvestite!

    & to WatchGuardian comment #97: AGREED and well said! Clonetina had three years to prepare her comeback and her concert… it was lack of concert-goers who are to blame for her tour being canceled bottom line. Hardly anyone wants to see her or hear her sing. You hit the nail on the head! Gaga's concerts are completely sold out within minutes. Facts are facts. Just because CaterwaulTina was in the business for 10 years, does not mean anything. :D

  21. 121

    I am getting so sick of his bias… that it makes me NOT LIKE GAGA songs no more… and that's a damn shame. I usually listen to her when she comes on my ipod, radio, etc.. but now I just have such hate for her songs… all because of him.


  22. 122

    damn..no love for christina..Not Myself Tonight #73 and WooHoo debuts at #79 ouch…christina fans..instead of whining here..you guys should be calling your local radio stations to request christina's new songs….that's why christina canceled tour…"promoting a movie" is just a cop out…Lady Gaga's Alejandro climbed two spots to #6, will probably be #1 when the video comes out.

  23. 123

    Seriously perez. GROW UP! the song hasnt even been officially released and its already on the charts.

  24. 124

    Re: ImOldGreg – you mean "ideal" as in she can sing? idiot.

  25. 125

    Perez Hilton sounds oddly similar to Paris Hilton…. hmmm. Way to be original!

  26. Xisme says – reply to this


    Woohoo isnt a single.. she clearly stated it is not a single! good god check before you comment perez.. she stated woohoo is an extra track she decided to release to give a more in depth look at the album.. and RCA have also comfermed this! "how ever a second single will be released soon but not before the release date of the album" is what RCA said good god perez you are sh@t are doing your research!

  27. joe94 says – reply to this


    Perez leave Xtina alone!! I love when you hate people but I think this is getting personal with her and your so called "frienship" with Gaga, that's not fair to her!!

  28. 128


  29. Xisme says – reply to this


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This Column is Rubish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not read!!!!!!!!!! !!RCA!! have stated it them selfs, that Woohoo is not the 2nd single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was a promotional release which meens it was just released to give fans a more indepth idea of the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"but a 2nd single is in the works but is not expected before the release date of the album, how ever during the meen type Woohoo will be only sent out to rhythmic and R&B radion stations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!This column just shows how stupid Perez really is! and how stupid some people are to believe him!!! DONT BELIEVE PEREZ ON THIS ONE!! IT IS SUPRISING IT REACHED 79!!

  30. 130

    Christina Aguilera should sue you,Perez Hilton,because you are slandering her new album so Lady Gaga would seem more relevant.

  31. Bytch says – reply to this


    10 years from now called…they said "Who is Gaga?"

  32. 132

    don't be such a bee-otch… the song is actually quite good. BUT she needs a management overhaul cause RE-gurgutataing Madge and GaGa ain't workin'.

  33. 133

    It is not a second single……… Stop being a nasty asshole.

    U know: u always talk about all the "bully" and how unkool it is. You are doing the exact same bullying others!

    I hate Gaga even more!

  34. Charr says – reply to this


    Uhm since when was WooHoo her second single, So it was released to radio but that does't mean it's the second single. No confirmation from her record label or even her herself, as far the public is concerned it's only a buzz single, until further notice. To say it flopped is an understatement, No video, No Promotion, No Announcement, No NOTHING. All there was, was the youtube video. Which was taken down for a week for copyright then it was fixed.

  35. 135

    This young lady is great for this tacky watered down music industry. Her album will sell well, and she's gonna be fine. Gaga has typical pop dance music it's just that she has this insane crazy image. Her music is not ground breaking. Perez is threatened by Christina, he knows her album is amazing. Everything he touched turns into a flop.
    Perez' List Of Failures.

    Ur Bomb Clothing Line at Hot Topics
    Ur site is losing interest & viewers
    Ur book flopped
    All of ur artists have flopped including ur new hyped up hyped artist that is nowhere on the charts or on radio.
    Ur attempt to be a judge on "American Idol" super flop.
    Ur music label super flop
    Ur tv show on Vh-1 huge flop
    Ur opinions A Great Flop
    And u r the "BIGGEST FLOP" u are miserable and bitter. U know nothing about music, Christina's album is amazing and will do damn good. U are just making more people support her which is already a great thing.

  36. 136

    Doesn't look too good for her…

  37. 137

    AMAZING!! GREAT VOICE . I dont know whos written this report but I think this guy has no clue about music.

  38. 138

    This homo has to attack anyone that is better than is boyfriend gaga. Gaga give it to him in his nasty ass so he acts like gaga is a god. Fuck you and that tranny gaga you rode in on.

  39. 139

    WOW, apparently u didn't watch Idol last night Bcause then U'd actually have 2 write something good about her.

    1st off her CD rose on Amazon.com's preorder list to #10 (& still rising) and oh yeah her vid is on #6 on vh1's top 20 countdown while Gaga's vid is #15. Oh, & yeah stop trying 2 promote that loser named Travis Garland cause his new song SUCKS its all the way down on itunes @ # 3,000 so u wanna talk "flop" look @ that little justin timberlake wannabe (who probably licks ur balls everynight just to keep his so called career) ur trying to promote.

    Just grow up Perez & stop hatin' on her cause she will be back on top…I'm countin' on it

  40. 140

    She was off the scene too long. Now she's a has-been.

  41. kase1 says – reply to this


    Mr. Perez stop talkin shyt! Thats my girl u talkin bout. Don't be a fukin dick now! Seriously Grow the fuk up!

  42. 142

    why people talk about gaga if this post it's about christina?! Cant you read??

  43. 143


  44. 144

    Btw i think this is only a farce and maybe you are just acting to hate christina just to make her a free publicity!!!

  45. 145

    yet SHE got invited to perform on the finale, while your "wifey's" performance brought in the lowest ratings of the season. Just sayin…

  46. 146

    Perez fuckface!

  47. 147

    I LOVE CHRISTINA! She is amazing! I love the new songs~Not myself tonight is awsome! Whoo-Hoo is HOT! She is def not Floptina! She can sing her butt off and looks amazing. I love everything about her. I can not wait to buy the new album!!!! And see her tour…..

  48. 148

    YOU CAN NOT even compare GAGA to the AMAZING Christina! There is not contest here! I like GaGa alot. HOWEVER….Christina is in another league!!! CHRISTINA KICKS ASS!!

  49. 149

    Oh and you fools do not know shit! Her tour was cancelled due to her making a new movie and she did not have enough time to put a tour together and film a movie….tickets WERE selling!! The show i bought tickets for was SOLD OUT…people should know their information before posting comments!!

  50. 150

    Shes not promoting this song at all. She just released for digital download for her fans….thats it!

  51. 151

    Re: bellafolletti – 3 years…umm no? she took time off to be a mom…then she went and filmed a movie and record an album…where the hell would she have time to prepare for a concert?

  52. 152

    @IlluminatedMe…D.G.A.F. (DONT GIVE A FUCK for smart people like you) what hater/dim whitted people like you think, she's where she is cause she's better than just good, she's the best and her true fans know it. If you were REALLY illuminated you'd shut your fucking mouth cause thats the only time you have ANYTHUNG intersting to say :) And the "people you know" are probably as lame as you ILLuminated Me- HAH! I can make up stupid names too. You and Perez wouldnt know, let alone acknowledge, talented if it bit the rotten nose you cant see past!

  53. 153

    If Xtine is gonna Suck anything its the FUCKING LIFE RIGHT OUTTA GagMe's 15 seconds of Fame! SUCK ON THAT HATERS!

  54. 154

    It's sad that she can't keep up with Britney. Her music just isn't as likeable.

  55. 155

    Re: ImOldGreg – It's actually GaGa copying Christina.

  56. 156

    stop your sad ass hating on christina PEREZ!!! your wifey will NEVER have the awesome vocal range that xtina does. GAGA is a visual artist who really lacks musically. Awesome performance on idol last night too

  57. 157

    Has-Been-Hilton…oh wait there's 3 of you…Didnt you copy Paris? Whoa, REAL sad! Are you ANY type of Latin Perez, or just all FUGLY?!

  58. 158

    well ur the one who was bigging up the song saying it was gonna do well… Christina has already made her mark and she KILLED IT ON IDOL LAST NIGHT so whatever her fans love her and thats it

  59. 159

    Woohoo hasn't even been officially released yet, you dumb, overweight fuck.

  60. 160

    Not myself tonight is not a flop dick face ITS BETTER THAN ANY GAGA SONG~!

  61. 161

    I love Christina Aguilera's new album! Woohoo is the most instantly catchy, fun, and fierce song released so far this year, and it has HIT written all over it! Many songs, in fact most songs debut low on the charts and then they build their way up when they get more exposure over time. Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" debuted at the bottom of the charts and made a slow climb over 2 or 3 months and eventually ended up in the TOP 10. And yes, even plenty of GaGa songs have debuted very low. This loser just WISHES the crap he spewed was true. He lives in a total fantasy land where everything he says, goes. I used to just think he was an annoying, flaming attention whore, but it has become crystal clear that he is certifiably psychotic, probably from meth, meth that he scores from GaGa. (how else do you think he's able to lose any weight?) But too bad meth doesn't cure ugly. The more fat he loses, the more his ugliness emerges.

  62. 162

    It's not a big deal. She's had a long, successful career with a ton of hits. She's allowed to have a few flops.

  63. 163

    "OXCARLIMA" made a good point. This song has no video yet and no promotion. the "Not Myself Tonight" video has been #1 on iTunes TWICE now, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Videos make a big difference. Yet just the AUDIO clip of "Woohoo" alone on YouTube already has over 1 MILLION views. I think that means people seem to like it. Give it a little time to catch on and reach more ears, and more eyes when a video is made, and it will surely shoot up to its rightful place at the TOP.
    You'll have to excuse MariHO, though. His queeny ass only knows about being on the BOTTOM *cough cough* He wouldn't know anything about the TOP if it slapped him on the face like GaGa's cock.

  64. 164

    Re: Ritechappy – Damn dude. You're BUFF! Can you do us all a big favor and just beat his little queeny ass?! LOL

  65. 165

    Re: IlluminatedMe

  66. 166

    I've been listening to her album all day. I really LOVE Vanity, All I Need, Bionic, You Lost Me and My Girls. GREAT ALBUM !!!!! I will definitely buy it !!!!

  67. 167

    Re: busiest bee
    That was you just joining the club with "retarded remarks"

  68. 168

    Actually I have a copy of her new CD and you know what, it is REALLY good, and musically doesn't sound like Gaga at all.. It sounds exactly like what she promised fans it would be like… and she made that promise back in 2007 and Gaga didn't show up until 2008?? So sorry, it looks like Christina is still the real thing…

  69. 169


  70. 170

    Perez is such a Bias. Xtina may be having minor setbacks right now, but i do believe That her music is actually QUITE AWESOME! Woohoo will eventually re-renter the Billboard once it receives Radio Airplay and Promotions!

  71. 171

    Re: WTFungus – quit LYING and get your facts straight. God, CaCa fans are such LIARS! Not Myself Tonight debuted at #23, HIGHER than "Don't Turn Around" oops, I mean, "Alejandro". Your post is trying to mislead people into thinking that the best Not Myself Tonight did was #73, when it was 50 fucking spots higher than that. Liars go to Hell when they die. I'm glad all the "little monsters" aka "little liars" will at least be in one place.

  72. 172

    oh my god im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that most of ya'll want perez to shut up about talking shit about Xtina. i usually ignore when he gets all stupidly obsessed ( most of the time) about shit that he doesnt know anything about but SERIOUSLY………..Christina's new Album fuckin rules! i've been jamming Bionic, Prima Donna, and Vanity NON STOP! sorry Perez HITLER! Bitch is back from a deserved vacation and kicking LG's ass. seems like the majority agree…..

  73. 173

    Wow perez, you really are beating up on a talented singer!!! You used to really enjoy true musical talent. What has happened? This travis kid is quite frankly just not worth all the hoopla you have put into him. Cut your losses and stop beating up the real talent.

  74. 174

    why does everybody defend her
    i dont like christina or madonna o britney o gaga or that shit
    but christina is really bad, you could be a huge fan but still be honest and say thing when they are true
    admit it
    chrstina really fucked up with this cd, its not her style, she doesnt go with this style and britney/gaga are the ones who can do this style GOOD

  75. 175

    perez how old are you know?

  76. 176

    hahahahahaha CLONETINA YOU SUCK!!!! YOUR NO GAGA HOE!!!

  77. 177

    i genuinely despise you perez hiton.

  78. 178

    hahahhaa… it hasnt been released yet…. and you are splitting your crap!:. hahaha…

  79. adt says – reply to this


    Want to know something funny? Travis Garland. #197. Off the charts tomorrow.

  80. 180


  81. te says – reply to this


    wow perez your a piece of shit just jealous that she is talent, icon, legend, an amazing vocalist, you wouldn't know because you have no talent, or have any business judging music. Shes coming back bigger than ever.

  82. 182

    It's really sad and pathetic when someone who is 32 yrs old is posting stupid comments like this. Your poor mother wasted 9 months of her life to give birth to a wothless piece of shit.

    I was really starting to get into Gaga's music but thanks to you Mario i'm begining to turn away from her all because of your ignorance.

    Your pathetic comments are doing much more harm to Gaga than they are to Christina.

    Lady Gaga: If you read this Watch your back before the knife goes inside! With friends like Perez Shiton you don't need enemies!

  83. 183

    The bits i heard from her new album sound like she's outdated. If she would of done her own thing (not biting off gaga or madonna) and used the more relevant pop electro sounds, other than these has been beats she might of continued success as a pop artist. The first single reminded me of Justin Timberlake's stuff from 2006, and the second one sounds bland and boring to me. What a bad misinterpretation for what is suppose to be an electronic & futuristic album.

  84. 184

    FYI: in a sign of Christina's unending popularity and appeal, her greatest hits collection "Keeps Gettin' Better" has re-entered the Billboard 200 album charts at #157, a whole 2 YEARS after its release!!
    It can only mean, that despite what PerLez wants to deceive you into believing, people still have a hunger and love for Xtina and her music, and if they're buying up her OLD albums, I think it's safe to say there's gonna be a lot of people picking up the new one in 2 weeks as well.
    So all you haters can SUCK ON THAT, BITCHES!
    "Floptina"? More like OnTopTina! ;-)

  85. 185

    P.S. To further illustrate how significant it is that Christina's "Keeps Gettin' Better" colleciton has re-entered the Billboard 200 album charts at #157, I thought I should remind you guys that this album was a Target Exclusive and therefore very limited in retailers who carry it. If it had a wide release to all retailers and record stores like albums usually have, imagine how many MORE copies it would be selling right now, and how much HIGHER it would be on the album charts.
    Indisputable EVIDENCE that Christina is not "irrelevant" or a "flop". The only failure that exists is the smear campaign that Perez Hitler is trying to start. The other 99% of us in the world still love and respect our Christina and her music. :)

  86. 186

    You know, I think it's so funny how you're so quick to talk smack on some of these artists, but the minute they pay you some attention, you're all over their ass. For example, all the crap you've talked on Britney when she had her meltdown, but yet when she had you on her tour video, you shut your mouth all of a sudden; when Christina had her Back To Basics Tour, weren't you the one that was up on stage while she performed Nasty Boy? You sure were acting like you were her biggest fan! Quit being such a hypocrite and just grow up already!!!!!

  87. 187

    Perez,you stupid f**,you are simply jelous,cause Christina is a beautiful talanted diva…… WooHoo is not the best choice for the new single,there are better songs in the album….besides,Nicki Minaj sounds more than Christina…..

  88. 188

    Thats what she gets for not being herself….time to rub that genie bottle

  89. 189

    Britney Spears will always be number 1 when it comes to the comebacks and 90's Pop Princesses…

  90. 190

    Re: zooby – LOL You are a hilarious little teeny-bopper aren't you?? …& just for the record no, I am not fat, nor ugly. But thanks for playing. ;)

  91. 191

    Re: zooby – Yes, Xtina does look like a tranny! xD

  92. 192

    Floptina. Haha. Sorry but she is no competition for GaGa. GaGa is one of the best songwriters ever, but most of the people do not even understand her lyrics.
    I am not a fan of pop music, but Lady GaGa is amazing. Beautiful strong voice, lyrics with deep meanings & she is changing the world. GaGa is a Revolutionary (L)

  93. 193

    GAGA and XTINA are 2 completely different artists, and they look nothing alike and sound nothing alike. there's no reason to prolong this feud when there's nothing to fight about! perez is just stating the facts.. for such die hard xtina fans, no one is rooting for her songs. hopefully her album sells because she does have a great voice. and whoever calls gaga an ugly tranny, what the fuck did xtina look like when dirrty came out? a dirty tranny. and everyone hated her look then. get over it

  94. 194

    Boy Perez - do you think you are so talented that you are the expert on everyone else?? Not sure why you don't like Christina, but she's got a voice and a half - better than any of the other's who started around the same time she did. Sometimes I think you act like you don't like people just to get a rise outta folks! Grow up is right!!

  95. 195

    and p.s. Christina doesn't copy Ga Ga either - she started it!!

  96. 196

    Re: IlluminatedMe – Funny, your avatar looks like a tranny…hmmm. I bet you're a really sad, lonely and pathetic person.

  97. 197

    she hasnt let out a second single her single is the one performed on American Idol. stop putting her down geez ur such a two face… cuz she can sing… im not surprise ur not saying pink is a copy cat at ur recent post…its always the best that get picked on huh haha.

  98. 198

    Leave her alone for goodness sake! It doesnt help her to have rude comments about her album! GROW UP!

  99. 199

    Woo Hoo > NMT.
    I think it'll do better when she promotes it more, because that song is catchy as heck.

  100. 200

    I love that song. And lol at that dumbass nickname you gave her.

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