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Clonetina's Second Single To Be A Flop Too!

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Big surprise!

After a disastrous first single with "Not Myself Tonight," Christina Aguilera is off to an even WORSE start with "Woo Hoo!"

Her new single debuted at #79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it will likely drop BIG time next week — probably off the chart completely.

She's sure living up to her new nickname of FLOPtina!

[Image via AP Images.]

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214 comments to “Clonetina's Second Single To Be A Flop Too!”

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  1. 201

    Well that makes sense since she's barely promoted it yet. The song is hot, I think it'll do well once she does.

  2. 202

    She was alright…many, many years ago. Now though, she is crap. Why cant these hoes just accept when their career is over and no one cares about them anymore. Cant you just be happy with your millions and move over for new talent ?

  3. 203

    several days since this post publication… and her second single has not been officially released yet … so this post keeps comming more and more unfortunate

  4. 204

    baby baby perez, be ironic but dont be ridiculous!
    listen PCD - when i grow up. it helps you :)

    but dont forget, the kingdom its just for BEAUTY people. SO, USE PHOTOSHOP!

  5. 205

    Alright Perez now yout just being a hater get over it your the only one calling her these stupid nicknames. Really get over yourself. If Lady Gaga were to sing this sing you would be all over it. The only thing you thin about is LadyGaga and stupid Tavis Garland who you only like because you have a crush on him . He is floptravis alright dude. Lady Gaga hasnt beenaround for half of the time Christina has so when shes been her for 10 or more years then Ill like her. Have some respect thats why you got punched in the fce keep making rude posts about people your going to get sued one of these days

  6. 206

    [re=5067880]Re: betterthanyoubb

  7. 207

    its funny cuz u talk about her but ur still giving her press…. ur helping her and u dont even know it..after her A I performance her greatest hits went back on the billboard 200 so give it up hilton.

  8. 208

    Wow Perez, you're really trying to sabotage Xtina's career because you know damn well that she can over throne your number obsession Lady GaGa. I mean, I like GaGa too, but there's no need to throw Xtina under the bus because you're afraid of competition!

  9. 209

    First- Lets see if Lady GaGa is still here in the music biz in 10 years still making hits like christina Aguilera has done. Second- if you take a minute to step off the lady gaga band wagon you will see she has done nothing different than let me think who has done her act before oh yes MADONNA!!!!! Third - STOP BEING AN F-ING HATER X-TINA HAS BEEN THERE DONE THAT !!!!!!!

  10. 210

    i actually don't understand why not myself tonite flopped its a very good pop song actually the video is a bit tacky and cliche but the orgy in the church part is really beautiful and kind of original

  11. 211

    Meh song from a meh artist. She needs to showcase her stunning vocals more…

  12. 212

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – And unlike some people who can ACTUALLY spell!

  13. 213

    Re: April 20th – HAHAHAHA! That sounds about right.

  14. 214

    According to BILLBOARD

    Christina Aguilera has four (4) singles in number one (1)
    - Genie in a bottle
    - What a girl wants
    - Come on over baby (all i want is you)
    - Lady Marmalade

    Britney Spears has three (3) singles in number one (1)
    - Womanizer
    - 3
    - Baby one more time

    Lady Gaga has two (2) singles in number one (1)
    - Poker Face
    - Just Dance

    Why are you trying to trash Christina? just because she is a woman,
    because she is pretty, because she has a great voice, because she expresses herself the way she wants, just because she is making Millions of dollars more than you weekly???

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