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Fox News Anchor Thinks Bret Michaels' Illness Was A Hoax

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WTF is wrong with them?!

Watch the clip (above) to hear what these ignorant Fox news anchors think about Bret Michaels and his miraculous recovery.


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168 comments to “Fox News Anchor Thinks Bret Michaels' Illness Was A Hoax”

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  1. 101

    Bret Micaels is only on the cable FAUX show, not the affiates!

  2. 102

    oops, my bad. ignore former comment.

  3. 103

    Re: msloriga – oops! sorry about last post, i an idiot.

  4. 104

    Aren't the two people on the left always being made fun of on The Soup? If so, that guy is always saying stupid shiz. And I don't think they're from Fox news, just on it.

  5. 105

    There was a set up for another performance at the end of Janet Jackson's performance on AI… what was the setup for? The screens had fallen on the dancers and new dancer had taken the stage on the center steps but it never came about as they went to commercial.

  6. 106

    This was not Fox News. It was Fox 5 in New York. The anchor was joking. He stated as much but Perez in his HATE cut it off. Just like he intentionally labled this FOX News knowing that is not who it is. This is a typical Liberal attack ploy just too bad Perez is too stupid to pull it off without it being obvious.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    The only hoax is that talking head who probably thinks he has a soul.

  8. 108

    I think it's pretty amazing that someone who's had a brain hemorraghe and was in ICU, had set back due to low sodium levels, and heart problems has been able to talk to Oprah, make the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, and perform on Idol! Most people who have a brain hemorraghe die and/or suffer severe disabilities as a result. However, with Brett being a diabetic I'm sure he's pretty aware of what's normal and not normal in terms of his health. And a lot of time death is result of not seeking medical attention soon enough. And it doesn't hurt that Brett has access to the best medicine and doctors so he has a better chance than most in making a full recovery. It would be too weird for this to be a hoax. I know Brett is a fame-whore but I don't think he would stup sooo low.

  9. 109

    from the moment I heard about it - I felt the same way…that he was faking this WHOLE thing.

  10. 110

    i was actually thinking this yesterday also, but i dont think he would go thru all this trouble. There are a million things he could easily do to keep himself in the limelight. He could easily do a rock of love 4 and despite what everyone says, millions of ppl would watch every week again, lets face it. I dont think he would put his children through almost losing their father twice just for publicity. I think Bret is a genuinely good guy, and wouldnt go that far..

  11. 111

    This isn't the national Fox News network wise guy! Get your facts right

  12. 112

    Finally!! Thats what i have said from day 1!!!

  13. cougs says – reply to this


    Knowing someone who went through a brain injury last year, no doctor would allow someone who had a stroke 2 weeks ago and a hemoerage a few weeks ago be on stage with loud music. The brain is extremely sensitive to the point where anyone recovering from a brain injury of any sort cannot watch tv for too long, have lights too bright, read for too long or even be on the cell phone for too long as the brain is working so much harder just to recover that it can't deal with the extra stimulation. So either its a hoax, he has stupid doctors or he has been warned yet just doesn't care

  14. 114

    Oh please I am surprised you didn't start the rumor when it first happens since you are famous for the shit that comes out of that "BIG BUCK TOOTHED" mouth of yours

  15. mbusm says – reply to this


    fox news is fucking unbelievable…they should all die

  16. 116

    i watch fox, but its more like 6 plus week ago…..dont know who that guy is……..bret is a stand up guy with class…….and heart

  17. 117


  18. 118

    This Fox "news" shit really isn't even worthy of a comment, however I just can't stop myself! First of all, you don't have to look sick to be sick. I myself had nearly the exact same type of brain hemmorage. I was actually running laps with my college track team when mine began. I didn't have to have my head shaved, I didn't have tubes in and out everywhere. A brain hemmorage is something that is monitored to keep an eye on it's progress. A stroke is a different type of thing….however Bret had a warning stroke remember? Tingling and shit in his arm, etc. I don't know his political views but I'm guessing he is a Democrat, therefore Fox has to start some shit.

  19. 119

    Re: schweiel – l dont think its bullshit when l was 19 l was jogging around the lake very early in the morning and some drunk guy coming home from clubbing all night swerved of the road onto the path and hit me l bounced of the windscreen and then bounced to hit a tree .

    l had a brain hemmorage was in ICU a coma l think 42 hours and in and out of conscious about 17 hours after that . l spent one week in hospital and once home less then a week later l was back to jogging around the lake , besides some headaches and shaking one side of my body at odd moments l was perfectly fine just the odd memory loss so l agree with you he has access to the best drs his been in the best care .

    Bret is proberbly like myself and taking advise that it is actually worse to lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself and to try to get back to your normal life

  20. 120

    people people please….perez…still suprised about fox ´news´ hahahaa..it´s a total joke that network should´ve been shut down a veryvery long time ago!!
    Or not even put on the air in the first place …. well in the great US everything is possible I suppose……..

  21. 121

    The guy works for Fox need I say more. Obviously, anyone who works for
    them checks their intelligence, logic and credibility at the door. Whether he
    was kidding or not what an ignorant compassionless thing to even think nevermind say. Anyone, connected with Fox tries to make a name for themselves by saying the most insulting , lame notorious things they can.

  22. 122

    haha, i like that guy and his humor. Its why i turn to 5 every morn!

  23. 123

    like you did with michael jackson?

  24. 124

    I'm sure Bret's family REALLY appreciates their stupidity. Who lets people like that view their ridiculous and hurtful opinions on television without reprimand? An apology is in order here - at the very least. TEAM BRET.

  25. 125

    The sympathy tour/death watch will continue every second of the day for the next 6 months, and Pig Face will be there every step of the way enabling yet one more famewhore. Milk it, honey, this is the best promotional material you've had in your career.

  26. 126

    There are a lot of people out there thinking that same thing, I mean come on!! It has been constant publicity with his (how many is it now??) "illnesses" and interviews and on and on and on!! Oh wait, I forgot, the awesome quotes " If I was gonna die, I just wanted to go out rocking." COME ON!!!! Most people when they are sick just want to be left alone, get better, rest, recover and make that a priority. Bret's priority is light a fire under his failing career, near death is a good way to do that, don't ya think?

  27. 127

    These people are a joke. Doctors wouldn't go along with a hoax, and several doctors have made statements about his condition. I think this is a case of him pushing himself really hard right now to take advantage of the press he's getting, most likely against doctors' wishes.

  28. 128

    ……and who was the one who sed MJ's death was a hoax???? hmmmmm???

  29. 129

    Typical for this station being from NY and I sometimes catch them. They are known to have diarrhea of the mouth! Think before you speak!!!

  30. 130

    That shit was all blown WAY out of proportion…he had a fuckin headache..take a tylenol..lmao.

  31. 131

    Re: Duchess424 – That makes alot of sense.

  32. 132

    Sestack is Obama's Waterloo. Oh — I mean Watergate. What is that relevant? Because if you don't watch alternative media or read alternative sites you probably haven't heard that even the top Dems on Capitol Hill are calling for independent counsel to investigate the White House. So bash Fox all you want… they are the only news reporting association keeping this current administration on task. p.s. I though Patty Blagojevich did a great job on Get Me Outta Here explaining what happened in Illinois. I believe Governor Rod… again a Fox story that nobody else will carry…. yet…..

  33. 133

    i was kinda actually thinking the same thing…..

  34. Lucas says – reply to this


    This is why I don't watch FAUX news - what a bunch of idiots.

  35. 135

    Trust me, Fox "news" (if you can even call it news) is absolutely ridiculous. But, this time I agree. I just find it pretty miraculous for Bret Michaels to be near death, then suddenly become well enough to win a reality TV finale. I suspected it was fake from the beginning. Call me a pessimist, but I am still suspicious.

  36. 136

    maybe it is all BULLSHIT!! hes milking it now for all its worth!!!

  37. 137

    I think it's obvious the anchor was joking.

  38. 138

    Bill Berry from R.E.M. had a brain aneurysm from which he made a full recovery within a month after having major surgery. He was back on tour a few months later. It's stupid to play armchair doctor with 20/20 hindsight about Bret's condition-the only people who know for sure are Bret and his doctors.

  39. 139

    I know it's difficult for an extremely partisan, disingenuous, kool-aid drinker like yourself not too purposely mislead his readers, but you know damn well this wasn't on "Fox News." This is from a local Fox affiliate, not the Fox Cable News Channel. The problem is most of your readers are too dumb to figure it out, so you get away with your pathetic, whiney, un informed and frankly plain ignorant partisanship. Go Arizona!

  40. 140

    I have got to admit the thought crossed my mind a time or two. I like Brett Michaels and all, but for your body to go through that much trauma and then to be out and about like he is not slowing down a bit seems a little suspicious to me.

  41. 141

    Re: italianguy1
    Ha ha! I'm from NJ and for some reason when I turn on my TV, it defaults to FOX. They are painful to watch.

  42. 142

    I said that from the beginning. SHOW BUSINESS!

  43. 143

    I agree with the guy! I can't stand Bret Michaels and if he really was sick he is an idiot to be doing everything he is doing now just for the almighty dollar!

  44. 144

    Re: Ghotbi54 – Only MOST Americans watch Fox. Nobody else close. And I agree, Bret Michaels is a publicity whore who probably faked the whole thing. And I sick of seeing on TV–go back to your stupid band.

  45. 145

    it DID cross my mind but i really don't think this is a hoax. he did look pretty tore up

    Re: JCPR – maybe he just wants to get on with his life..some ppl have different ways of handling things.

  46. 146

    As an RN, I totally think this is a hoax!

  47. 147

    They were JOKING! and it wasn't FOX NEWS! It was a fox affiliate! A JOKE

  48. 148

    Ok this time last year werent you doing the same shit with MJ? then you deleted it! you loser!!

  49. 149

    Um, he is so not faking it. I knowa guy whose son was one of his neurosergeons in Arizona. Said he was the nicest guy and it was amazing he recovered. And oh, what they saw when they took the bandana off!!

  50. 150

    I hope someone drops a bomb on these assholes

  51. 151

    OMG WTF?!?!?! why would they even say that?!?! why would he even do that?!?! i mean dude so what if it was a miraculouse recovery (cant spell) it proves that he loves his god and that the hospitals are fucking better now dip shits!!!

  52. 152

    OK, it's obvious that you liberals are just too ignorant to even hear the real story. Perez purposely cut the clip to leave out the part where the news guy revealed that he was being sarcastic! For you liberals, that means that he was making fun of the rumors of Bret faking his illness. If that's not clear go find an intelligent person to explain that to you.

    As for Fox News, they are the best source of news available today. They routinely criticized Bush for some of his policies and are in general rather fair. They tend to be conservative but have numerous liberals working for them too, and they almost always bring people on to present the other side of the story. They are the only network that does that. The other news sources are completely biased. For example: Bush attacked for not taking over relief until 3 days after Katrina when that was part of the disaster relief plan and now we have oil spilling into ocean for a month and LA gov begging for equipment to contain it and no critisism of Obama's inaction. Where's all those liberal environmentalists and greenies now and why aren't they on air bashing Obama. Well, they are on air, but it's only on Fox.

    Now, let's not forget that this was NOT FOX NEWS. NOT FOX NEWS. NOT FOX NEWS. Did you hear it this time? FOX doesn't control the local affiliates content. My local FOX channel is as liberal as all the major networks it competes against. You wouldn't even now it was a FOX affiliate if they didn't tell you.

  53. 153

    I could get why people would think this way. He's doing too much too soon. Then again, he's a fighter. I think that's him just fighting through it.

  54. 154

    Yeah? I think it was too… his career was going underway and he wanted to be in the spotlight again.

    No one makes a recovery like that when mostly everyone else would of died.
    He was in and out… and doing stupid shit when he should be taking it easy. It sounds like hes fine to me!

    hahah. It doesn't take too much to common sense to see it and kinda wonder…

  55. 155

    First hand, let me just say that I too wondered if this was all publicity — not so much the fact that he had a brain hemorrhage, but the extent of it. Only because my father suffered a hemmorhagic stroke which thankfully he survived BUT he was completely out of it for at least two weeks. He was in ICU and very in very serious condition. Brett appeared well (VERY WELL in fact) in the clip above. God Bless Him regardless but I seriously wonder if the extent of his illness was exaggerated, if only a bit.

  56. 156

    Only good thing about Fox is Family Guy. Everything else about that channel is pure trash.

  57. 157

    You should always start out your comments with "ignorant Fox news anchors strike again" whenever addressing ANYTHING Fox News reports on! It's all trash.

  58. 158

    Honestly there's a little part of me that wonders if there is some sort of elaborate publicity stunt behind this. I mean, I've never seen anyone bounce back from 2 near death experiences that quickly and he's getting so much publicity. Even before he got sick every time he sneezed he starting shaking shiz up. This guy is desperate for attention and the fact that he's so public about his condition, releasing photo's of himself in hospital, etc….seeems a little fishy to me. I actually known people who've faked life threatening conditions, who's to say a star wouldn't do it/hasn't done it?

  59. 159

    i think it was too, seriously good timing that miraculous recovery … and hopping straight from the hospital bed to O's couch … fishy

  60. 160

    Re: mrsmollymac12
    "Making appearances after such a courageous recovery is inspiring

  61. 161

    Re: #1mileyfan – i was thinking the same thing….. He recovered way too fast and now he's already on stage? Fishy fishy…

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MandiBee – No, the anchor wasn't even close to joking. You're spinning.
    Re: WileyC – and so are you. I know sarcasm when I see it, and this wasn't it. If he backpedalled later, I would think he should. What a mindless, uninformed thing to say. Bret's physicians made statements.

  63. 163

    First of all, if someone were to put their entire career on the line by organizing a hoax, don't you think that they would be "resting" up for a reasonable amount of time so that we would not be suspicious? C'mon, I know there are a lot of gullible people here, but this is a bit too much to say this illness(es) was a hoax. The guy has money and fame, and I bet the doctors were extra attentive and got him all patched up. He's probably got some GOOD drugs to help him out.

  64. 164

    I think Fox News is a hoax!

  65. 165

    I now think that Bret Michaels' illness and near death incidences were publicity stunts for Celebrity Apprentice. I think that Trump would stoop to a stunt this low. Even the picture of him in the hospital bed looked contrived. His color looked too good and he looked very normal, just sleeping. And he had his bandana on too. The hospital would not allow someone at near death to wear that. Of course the other reason he wears it is because he has no hair and that blonde wig is held in place by the bandana.

  66. 166

    Dumbass prolly didn't realize that Celebrity Apprentice was pre-taped!

  67. 167

    As soon as I heard he was 'in a coma' I just assumed it was a publicity stunt. Seriously, who cares about Bret Michaels? He's a has been who should have stayed gone…

  68. 168

    Here is what i think i dont think bret is a hoak bc bret hasnt said one word about him in the hospital bc the only way he would do that is just to get attention but i have never heard him talka about it unless he is asked about it but what i think is that the fans and doctors and etc. r making it out to be a hoak than he is bc bret never said "im about to die" the fans assumed he was about to die and all these shows that he is on is just so they can get ratings but bret wouldnt lie and make his daughters and girlfriend freak out he wouldnt do that to them bc he loves them more than anything so screw everyone that thinks he is a hoak he is not the fans r bc they assume stupid shit just to have a story to talk about he wasnt about to die and he knows he wasnt about to die just everyone else thought he was so the fans r the hoaks not Bret

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