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Gary Coleman's Widow Thanks Fans For Their "Wonderful Support"

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Gary Coleman's widow, Shannon Price, released a statement, saying that she's grateful for all the condolences and thanking fans for their support.

Her brother, Shawn Price, read her statement at a press conference on Friday, saying:

"We are very grateful for all the wonderful support everyone has been extending to Gary's family. Thousands of emails have poured in to the hospital. This has been so comforting to the family to know how beloved he still is. … Thank you so much for all that you guys have done and for the support and prayers that you guys have given us."

He added that more information about Gary's death and funeral arrangements will be released soon.

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Gary Coleman's Widow Thanks Fans For Their "Wonderful Support"”

  1. 1

    I wouldn't be surprised if this slob sow he married,pushed the poor little guy and made him fall and insure himself. After all she physically abused him before!

  2. 2

    Shannon Price didn't have the balls to read the statement because she is a money hungry whore who just pulled the plug without thinking about it twice. Then again I'm sure she'll be doing interviews all over the media while getting paid on the side. Wonder if Gary had life insurance?

  3. 3

    Rest in peace, Gary. You're free from the racist, fat-assed, and dumb population of the US!

  4. 4

    …I wonder if the coffin is half priced?….

  5. 5

    dennis hopper died today.. in case ya didnt know

  6. 6

    5 will get you 10 that whatever started the death ball rolling had to do with her. By the way Perez - DENNIS HOPPER DIED ABOUT FIVE HOURS AGO. Way to be on it.

  7. 7

    LOVE YOU, GARY COLEMAN!!!! You were INCREDIBLY misunderstood!!!! I KNOW you had a heart of gold and could only trust certain people. You will be missed! XOXO. Rest in peace, angel. :(

  8. 8

    umm… didnt she used to beat on him all the time? The she turns the life support off after 2 days? seems suspicious to me :P

  9. 9

    Come on, people….show some respect. None of you knew him, most of you judged him by what you read in the tabloids and the rest of the media. He was just another human being, looking for love and trust. Don't judge what you don't know about.

  10. 10

    Not to take away from Gary's death cause it is sad….but Dennis Hopper has died!!

  11. 11

    Once again, you run a terrible blog!!! A legend passed away today, and you haven't reported on it!

  12. 12

    Re: missypoo84 – THank You! This guy did a little stupid childish comedy. Really, who the fuck cares. If he haden't been troubled, nobody would. Sorry Gary, goodbye Gary.

  13. 13

    Re: VoopyVoop – You know, Voopy, go fuck yourself. What did America do to this guy? He was a child 'star' who's parents ripped him off. He had a 5 word, stupid catch-phrase. Don't blame America for him not having a career in Hollywood. I don't think he did. You douche bag.

  14. 14

    Re: Serena Loves MarioRe: Mary King – ….the point is that Gary was way more interesting than Dennis…and Gary was probably murdered by his wife….wtf…we all know she pulled the plug for the insurance money…they probably couldn't afford the payments…imagine what they were for him….Dennis was old and cancer ridden….Gary was still young and a comeback was not out of the question….

  15. 15

    When is his dick picture gonna leak?

  16. 16

    Re: pradagirl7 – ya she did pull pretty quickly, huh?

  17. 17

    Re: VoopyVoop – you're mistaken - these are the people who remind you that you're a loser by keeping YOU down - there were different people who fucked up Gary Coleman's life (like his parents). Wait, maybe you two do have something on common…

  18. 18

    Re: VoopyVoop – you're mistaken - these are the people who remind you that you're a loser by keeping YOU down - there were different people who fucked up Gary Coleman's life (like his parents). Wait, maybe you two do have something in common…

  19. 19

    Re: pradagirl7 – I couldn't have put it better myself… money hungry SKANK!

  20. 20

    Wathchu talkin about Willis!

  21. 21

    You know how you can check if a woman is a gold-digger? Answer: check to see if she has a vagina. You know how you can tell if a woman is crazy? Answer: same way!

  22. 22

    WHAT?i thought he was cute when i saw his tv show 'diffrent strokes' but on this picture;he looks like a monster!No offence;i still like his acting

  23. 23

    Re: Carlops54 – hii^^;i also loooove the'watcha talkin' about willis?';D

  24. 24

    Yeah thanks for waiting almost a whole 48 hours before you pulled the plug you shady bitch! They need to investigate this dumb broad!

  25. 25

    RIp Gary!!

  26. 26

    Re: VoopyVoop – What's you talkin' ’bout VoopyVoop?

  27. 27


  28. 28

    He wasn't a nice person. he's admitted to attacking people who asked for his autograph. dont make someone a hero because they die. everyone will eventually.

  29. 29

    She beat him to death…it's that simple…..homicide charges should be pressed…

  30. 30

    ha-ha-ha! every time I see this pic, I laff my ass off! dude looks like an old ape!

  31. 31

    Homicide charges? or an award?

  32. 32

    alanbrickman, if she beat him to death, I'm sure there were mitigating circumstances. Like…he was just so darn ugly…..

  33. Six6 says – reply to this


    Yeah she prolly pushed Ole G and caused all this….THey better investigate this….RIP homie…Check out HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM for all the current news updates and the realness…. Concentrate