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Stephanie Pratt Pretends to Wish Heidi And Spencer The Best

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Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie has spoken out about her brother's break-up with Heidi Montag, saying:

"I hope whether this statement is true or not that they are both happy in whatever life decisions they make."

Ha Ha, yeah right!

The two haven't been on speaking terms ever since Spencer went bat-shit crazy, however, Stephanie isn't too upset, adding:

"They took me out of their life but its okay. Normal brother sister thing, you know."

Um, no! That is NOT a "normal brother sister thing!"

That family needs serious help.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Stephanie Pratt Pretends to Wish Heidi And Spencer The Best”

  1. 1

    she's soo fucking stupid their breakup is soo not real ..noone even talks about them anymore (thank god) so of course they'll spread a rumor around to get some attention.

  2. 2

    stephanie pratt; unlikely voice of reason - i actually think she's cute

  3. 3

    this bitch is YUMMY!

  4. 4

    Smells like fish

  5. 5

    maybe heidi should go out with spencer's sister, now you must admit that would be hot! PEACE OUT BITCHESZ!!!!!! KRISX

  6. 6

    He treats her like crap. I feel sorry for her. I just bought US magazine with Lauren on the cover, HOTNESS!

  7. 7

    He treats her like crap. I feel sorry for her. I just bought US magazine with Lauren on the cover, HOTNESS! Anyway back to She Pratt, its still her brother and I think she knows he's sick. He'll get it together, hopefully.

  8. 8

    I lost my brother to his demons and there isn't enough therapy in the world to say estrangement is "a normal brother sister thing?" Wowza.

  9. 9

    i understand what she means about the normal brother sister thing.
    me and my brother don't really talk that much anymore.
    well..more like my whole family..

    Re: trinigirl123 – agreed

  10. 10

    Yes, they really need serious help!

  11. 11

    If that's a normal sibling relationship I'm so glad I don't have one. My siblings and I have only grown closer as we've grown older. They're my best friends and I don't know what I'd do without them…

    So sad for all involved. She was such a pretty girl, now look at where she's at. I do hope she gets the help she needs.

  12. 12

    she looks like brittany snow in that pic

  13. 13

    um, yes, brothers and sisters fall out

  14. 14

    i'd hit it! in fact i'd hit it a couple times, in the same night! i'd even let her eat crachers in bed!

  15. 15

    Pig Face…famewhore enabler 24/7. Enabler and hypocrite!

  16. 16

    this is all so stupid and is typical of these two to do something like this. There is no seperation or split and there probably is a new reality show in the making and they have to have some sort of gossip out there to get back into the limelight. If we all fall for it then we are the dumb ones and they win again, if we ignore them and don't watch the stupid shows then we win and they will go away and have to get real jobs. Are we all stupid or are we all smart?

  17. 17

    of course thats not noral she was fully saying that sarcastically!! they are completely effed up!!

  18. 18

    looks like a stork

  19. 19

    Who cares! Wasted internet space perez…

  20. 20

    woah! id never think she'd be the 1 to take the high road(no pun intended).

  21. 21

    Great headline! Who would have thought that Stephanie Pratt was the sane one in the family.

  22. 22

    i think she was being sarcastic