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LeAnn Has The Balls To Send A Cease And Desist Letter To Her Boyfriend's Wife

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A source close to LeAnn Rimes has said that the cheater and sometimes singer has sent a cease and desist letter to Eddie Cibrian's soon-to-be ex-wife Brandi, citing allegations of slander.

LeAnn's lawyers insisted that Brandi respond to the letter in five days or else LeAnn will move forward and pursue legal action, asking the court to grant a gagging order.

A source close to Brandi denies the accusation, saying, "Brandi has been nothing but nice to LeAnn. She let her kids go to Mexico with them, and she is genuinely happy that they like her. If they didn't, then she would be upset."

The source explains that the allegations actually stem from before the married couple's split when Brandi said that LeAnn was "stalking" Eddie because at the time she was still unaware of her husband's relationship with the Rimes.

Well, how dare she say anything negative about her own husband's girlfriend!!

LeAnn's sources of course deny any of that saying that the cease and desist letter was sent "months and months of Brandi speaking about LeAnn in the press and telling lies. This is a reaction, and something she felt was necessary to do to protect herself."

So not only is LeAnn a cheater, but she's a liar and a sneak! Real clASSy!

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128 comments to “LeAnn Has The Balls To Send A Cease And Desist Letter To Her Boyfriend's Wife”

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  1. 101

    Re: Oh Please – O' sure let's drag the kids into this and cause them pain and trauma! Wow!

  2. 102

    Re: like!!!COLON!!! whatever![/re] Hahaha, I thought the same thing, smh!

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Nothing on U.S. Weekly, either. You lie.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ceebeeme – Did you copy and paste my comment on U.S. Weekly or JJ? Knock it off if you did. I've noticed you for a long time being one sided on every LeAnn Rimes/Cibrian/Brandi story on here, to the extent that I decided that you might even be Rimes. Write your own damn words, if excuses @84 is correct. Oh, and excuses@84, thanks for the heads up on possible plagiarism. Maybe I have a case, too, hmmm ceebeeme?

  5. 105

    Wow! Is he still with her? I'm surprised. I thought he'd be long gone by now. I'll give this another 6 months, then he's off for sure.

  6. 106

    They deserve each other. Could never stand either one of them. I wish they would kick his ass of of CSI Miami. He's a looser and a terrible actor. I fast forward through his parts in the show.

  7. 107

    Pig Face…famewhore enabler 24/7. Enabler and hypocrite!

  8. 108

    hmmm, another refernce to cheater - yet no mention of the same in ANY brangelina story. they cheated too mario, what makes that different? oh yeah, you suck up to them…if you're going to call out cheaters, do it for all of 'em. and oh please, if it goes around, mario will be called a f.a.g. like he did to will.i.am.

  9. 109

    LeAnn is an asshole and so is her lover.

  10. 110

    Wow this is a new low. An adulterous slut suing her paramour's legal wife for pointing out that the two are whoring around. Hello LeeAnn, it ain't slander if it's true - OK? Both morally and legally. If you don't want someone pointing out to the press that you're a whore, then the solution is not to act like one.

  11. 111

    I hate home wreckers especially someone like LeeAnn that seems to relish in someone elses pain. The in your FACE way that her and Eddie flaunted their affair. Karma. It will hit you.

  12. 112

    If he cheats with you he will cheat on you. LeAnn better brace herself, karma can be a bumpy ride.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: GG1000 – It's not suing - at least not yet. It's a Cease and Desist letter, which serves as a legal warning, and requires a response from the party receiving it.

  14. 114

    Wait let me get this straight……..LeAnn & Eddie have been sleeping and lying to ex-Brandi and her now former husband …"no we are NOT having an affair" then both Eddie and LeAnn leave their spouse and announce we they are in love.

    UGH! How delusional is LeAnn….Honey…nothing good will come to you and Eddie….YOU CAN'T BUILD YOUR HAPPINESS ON SOMEONE ELSE UNHAPPINESS.

    Come On!!!!…..LeAnn & Eddie relationship + BUILT ON LIES!!!!!!

  15. 115

    how disgusting!

  16. 116

    i do not like leann rimes. she thinks she is hot shit, but she is nothing but a low-life. i cannot wait till she falls on her face. they are two selfish people who have no regard for others. leann and eddie both suck!!!!!

  17. 117

    Re: @v@ – Well there is one problem, CBME posted what she did on US Weekly before this thread even existed(May 23-25). So if you don't post on any other sites, then there is no way that CBME could have copied your statement. The only other explanation is…

  18. 118

    Re: @v@ – Nope not lying. It is in the Eddie taunted at ACMs thread on US Weekly. You will need to go back to May 23-25 because that is when CBME made that statement. I remeber because CBME tried to tell us that things were settled, then said that she didn't say this, and then went into the whole thing about how EC is where he wants to be and so and so on.

  19. 119

    Re: @v@ – Wow, didn't you say the very same thing on Faded Youth when you posted as "get over it"?

  20. 120

    Did anyone happen to catch the "Leann is a saint now buy her album and single" articles that are hitting the net? So this little stunt was just an attempt to draw attention to her single and album which would have gone un-noticed if she hadn't contacted E and told them about the C & D. I also think that his has something to do with Leann trying to use Eddie's son and his school as a means to kickoff her album/single promotion. So if LR thought that BG would stand in her way and prevent her from using her son and his school, then it's easy to see why Leann pulled his stunt.

  21. 121

    Re: excuses – Please, Eddie is an adult male and knew very well what he was doing when he left. Guess if it makes you feel better, go ahead and believe what you already believe. If he was taken he didn't put up much of a fight did he?

  22. 122

    Re: golfgirl – If Eddie is as bad as the ex told anybody who would print it, how has she been humiliated?

  23. 123

    Re: excuses – Sorry, gwen, I don't reply to trashy, devious remarks like you make.

  24. 124

    Re: @v@ – You don't have to go to JJ - I am here and if you are stupid enough to believe what this incredible liar says about me then I feel sorry for you. She tries to have anybody who doesn't agree with her barred from posting. As the id says I am cbme. So have at it - you can say anything you like, but if I were you I would look over some other sites and see what this person has posted. I copy cat nobody and I am waiting for the intelligent remarks that you have promised because you believed a liar and a sneak.

  25. 125

    So why else would Leann be motivated to issue Brandi a C & D? Leann gave a interview to People mag, where she basicially tries to justify her affair with Eddie by claiming that both of their marriages were broken and that make it okay for them to cheat. Yeap, their divorces are not even final and Leann gives an interview like this? Oh yeah, and she wants again tries to insist that she and EC have a great romance. Leann even gave the details of how their affair began. So Leann didn't want to challenge anything that she told People mag, so she decided to shut her up. What a great humanitarian. This woman who says she cried for NV is giving interviews about how her actions in the past year have hurt people.

  26. 126

    Re: ceebeeme – So if you don't reply to " trashy, devious remarks", then by your own logic that means that my remarks are not trashy or devious since you took the time and energy to make THREE posts to me on this site and then to take the time and energy to post several comments to me on FY, EB, and US Weekly.

  27. 127

    Re: ceebeeme – Of course no one is going to print how bad Eddie is; aferall, Leann is paying the media and press for positive press.

  28. 128

    Re: ceebeeme – Eddie did put up fight, which is why Leann had to resort to the stalking. Eddie knew only one thing and that was Leann's money. Eddie is a grown man, and yet he still can't act like a man and keep a promise to his kids. He whined about how his wife went to the press and what is Eddie saying now that Leann is playing EVERYTHING out in the public? NOTHING? Because he is enjoying Leann's money.

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