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| Filed under: Music MinuteR.I.P.


Ali "Ollie" Woodson, former lead singer for The Temptations, passed away yesterday afternoon.

The iconic frontman of the Motown group had been battling leukemia, and died at his home in Cali.

Truly a man of soul!

We send our condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

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29 comments to “R.I.P.”

  1. 1

    That was real music, not profanity with beat these fuck knuckles crank out these days!

  2. 2

    As usual you're a million years late Mario. Read this on another site this morning.

  3. 3

    The Temptations were truly an amazing band

    RIP Ali Woodson

  4. 4

    Loved the Temptations, My girl talking about My Girl.

  5. 5

    RIP Ali Woodson.
    I love The Temptations Music.

  6. 6

    Love teh Temptations!

    But Cali? Are f-ing kidding? You obviously are not from here. No one calls it that except posers and dorks.

  7. 7

    Music has come a long way and wow all I have to say is Thank You for bringing real creative meaningful music and sharing it with us all. Nothing like what we hear on the radio nowadays!

  8. 8


  9. 9


  10. 10

    Well he was the 3rd, celebs always die in 3's.
    So sad, hopefully he isn't suffering anymore.

    Just so you know Perez he wasn't the 1st lead singer he was a replacement, he was only 58 :(

  11. 11


  12. luvu2 says – reply to this


    "My Girl" was one of my all time favorite movies. Brings back so many memories when I hear ther titled track… My giiirl…….. my girl….my girl


  13. 13

    Rest In Peace.
    The Temptations were and still are amazing!
    Beautiful music

  14. 14


  15. 15

    um, why doesnt he have a picture like everyone else that dies?!?! He was from the temptations dude! he deserves a picture at least.

  16. 16

    Motown ruled in it's day, and it still holds true musically. I can't believe you even know who the Temptations are. Where did you cut and paste this one from?

  17. 17

    Aw, what a shame. My condolences to the family.
    I'm such a fan.
    The Temptations were the very best!
    They were so professional, their unique sound and dressed to perfection…here in Texas, we call that,
    - "They had their shit wired tight!"
    They were a vision to see. The kids today missed out on a lot.
    Saw them in 1967, in NYC twice…up in Harlem. My mom wouldn't let me go to Woodstock, but she went with me to see The Temptations.
    Motown was amazing back then. I hated The Beach Boys…for me, Motown and Phil Spector's, 'Wall of Sound', Sonny & Cher, Mama Cass.
    Such Good memories.
    Rest in Peace, Ollie.

  18. 18

    Oh man, I love the temptations :( . So sad, RIP.

  19. 19

    OMG R.I.P….Loved The Tempations!!!! Real music!!!!

  20. 20

    The Temptations are one of the best bands of all time, they defined a generation. "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" is an amazing song. Rest In Peace Mr.Woodson

  21. 21

    :( RIP

  22. 22

    May he R.I.P but hes not even one of the original… so ur comments about those hit songs are wrong…

  23. 23

    Re: sokowgirl – he didn't sing aint too proud to beg… hes not a original member….

  24. 24

    Re: obbie doobie! – Hey doobie love the temps! And my girl is my favortie song. I have it on my Ipod!Re: Big Black Dick – Hey BBD! Where have you been?

  25. 25

    I've got sunshine
    On a cloudy day.
    When it's cold outside,
    I've got the month of May.

    Well, I guess you'll say
    What can make me feel this way?
    My girl. (My girl, my girl)
    Talkin' ’bout my girl. (My girl)

    I've got so much honey
    The bees envy me.
    I've got a sweeter songThan the birds in the trees.

    Well, I guess you'll say
    What can make me feel this way?
    My girl. (My girl, my girl)
    Talkin' ’bout my girl. (My girl)

    Ooooh, Hoooo.

    Hey, hey, hey.
    Hey, hey, hey.

    I don't need no money,
    Fortune or fame.
    I've got all the riches, baby,
    One man can claim.

    Well, I guess you'll say
    What can make me feel this way?
    My girl. (My girl, my girl)
    Talkin' ’bout my girl. (My girl)

    Talkin' bout my girl.
    I've got sushine on cloudy day
    With my girl.
    I've even got the month of MayWith my girl.

  26. 26

    Re: Paris France – HI Paris! :) i think my husband has made me watch the temptations movie at least 100 times. too many good songs to list my favorite! so sad.

  27. 27

    RIP Ali Woodson

  28. 28

    Thank you for your music Ollie, it's made my life richer. God Bless you!

  29. 29

    not part of the original temptations was he? don't think so.
    back when music was music.