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Hayden Supports Her Dad Boyfriend!

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Hayden Panettiere attended the WBC heavyweight fight in Germany featuring Albert Sosnowski and her MUCH older boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko.

This relationship is STILL grossing us out — and the Daddy Issues are pretty transparent!

[Image via WENN.]

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54 comments to “Hayden Supports Her Dad Boyfriend!”

  1. 1

    Daddy issues>?>? youre the one always taking the womens side no matter what MARIO/FUG SISTER

  2. 2

    he's not even old enough to be her dad!

  3. 3

    So she digs older men. Big fucking deal. Your obsession with that girlish looking Beiber kid grosses ME out.

  4. 4

    the chick looks like a straight up DUDE there but amazingly i don't hate it. you see so many stars going to such lengths with extensions and that shit to make sure they've always got long hair but hayden is definitely taking a risk here. shes got short hair and isn't dressed femininely and shes got a look on her face that says, "take it or leave it". kudos to her.

  5. 5

    i can't stand this girl - she scream self entitled to me……..she's like one of those annoying teenagers that follows around older people because they're so much more mature than "kids" their own age……………

  6. 6

    Well, I guess if being attracted to and dating an older man who happens to be gorgeous with a great body means a girl has daddy issues, then put me on the list for some therapy! Because I must have some serious daddy problems!

  7. 7

    How about young guys that date older woman??? Do they have "mommy issues'? I have yet to see you write something about younger guys dating older woman.

  8. 8

    that wasnt her bf fightin, it was her bf's brother who is also a champion and his name is Vitali Klitschko

  9. 9

    Dumb ass, it was his brother Vitali that fought, not Wladamir. Damn, you don't even try do you.

  10. 10

    Not far from your pedophilic tendencies you ass wipe. Get over it..

  11. luvu2 says – reply to this


    she's so pretty

  12. 12

    Heej that's Silvie van der Vaart next to Hayden. She's from the Netherlands

  13. 13

    "But her boyfriend's like her dad, just like her dad"

  14. 14

    Hey! That's our Sylvie Meis right next to her!!! =D

  15. 15

    It was VITALI's fight not Wladimir's… get ur facts straight !

  16. 16

    Shes in her 20s. Hes in his 30s. No daddy issues there dummy

  17. 17

    Go Sylvie you look good Best soccer wife ever!!

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I'd just love to fuck her.

  20. 20

    germans are looking rough. and her boyfriend is gross.

  21. 21

    looks like she went with her girlfriend

  22. 22

    I really do NOT want her in the new Scream movie. Guh.

  23. 23

    Funny, for all of your 'fame' no one has ever seen you in a relationship of any kind. God knows if you somehow managed to hook some sucker you'd post about it ad nauseam.
    Even funnier, one of the key characteristics amongst pedophiles is an INABILITY TO MAINTAIN NORMAL, ADULT RELATIONSHIPS
    it's just a matter of time, Fatboy - it will be fun watching you twist in the wind

  24. 24

    hahaha the only thing interesting about this picture, is the lovely sylvie van der Vaart! She looks amazing with the short hair! Perez you should focus more on her than Hayden!

  25. 25

    He's not THAT much older. There's a larger age gap between Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and no one is grossed out by that (I'm a year younger than her and the thought of going our with a 40 year old who has kids grosses me out). Seems it's going the other way that a young guy who goes out with an older woman is cool, but a younger woman going out with an older man has 'Daddy issues'. What's wrong with wanting a bit of maturity in a man anyway?

  26. 26

    Shut up, Perez. At least she's in a relationship. When was the last time anyone was interested in you?

  27. 27

    Too funny you say she has "daddy" issues and what you call your support of that "GAYland" singer……..little boy issues? pedophile ring a bell

  28. 28

    awe stop hating cause u have child issues with all the justin beiber shyt u talk about u oviously like them real young like looking for young boy band talent come Perz ur the privert! pot calling kettle black!!

  29. 29

    Hey that;s Sylvie van der Vaart next to her on the left, she the wive of Real Madrid player Rafael van der Vaart and she is a presenter in Germany and Holland

  30. 30

    Re: Poindexter-X – THANK YOU!Re: plain jane jones – agreed

  31. 31

    Jesus Christ. She's dating an older guy. BFD. It doesn't mean she has any kind of issues.

  32. 32

    Your a pedophile pervert Perez. Your into little boys. Klitscho is the man. He is a boxing champ. He isn't that much older than her.

  33. 33

    Re: mackson – wtf are you talking about? There's not even one German in the picture. Except maybe the girl with long hair on the left. Don't know who she is. The other ones are dutch, american and ukrainian.

  34. 34

    Well atleast hes hot.

  35. 35

    Since you understand the intrinsic ignorance and harmfullness of heterosexism, Perez, why would you be so ageist?

  36. 36

    Yep on the left is Silvie v.d Vaart, and before you rant about chicks with short hair again, she's a breast cancer survivor who went trough chemo.
    She still looks amazing with short hair though.
    Oh and your daddy issues, my hubby is 16 years older then me, guess i have some daddy issues as well, whahahaha.

  37. 37

    hes just 34 i dont think is that old to be his dad ur are so over exaggerating

  38. 38

    Re: SasjaAmsterdam – I think it's an american thing to talk bad about women with short hair. I've never heard Europeans say shit like that.

  39. 39

    hey .. sylvie meiss!

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wladimir Klitschko, from the Ukraine, is the unified IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine Champion of the world. His older brother, Vitali Klitschko, is the current WBC world heavyweight champion. He has a Ph.D. in Sports Science. and speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, German and English.
    OH, and he's known as 'The Steel Hammer.' D'ya think THAT might be it?

  41. 41

    Is that Silvie van der Vaart?

  42. 42

    Re: AlwaysTrue – I agree with you, You dont hear anything about madonna and her toyboy do you..?

  43. 43

    Our own sylvie is looking great!

  44. 44

    To All the people over here, Sylvie has short hair because she is recovering from cancer.

  45. 45

    next to her is Sylvie van der Vaart.. she is a famous dutch woman living in Germany with her soccerplayer husband Rafael van der Vaart..

    She's amazing!!! and people stop making jokes about dating older men!! Rather an old confident good men than a little insucure boy!!!

    And perez love you too… however aren't you the one with daddy issues since you like men… all men????????????

  46. 46

    The trio looks cool!

  47. 47

    Sylvie van der Vaart!

  48. 48

    Who cares about PainInAss??? ALBERT SOSNOWSKI - IS THE BEST ;) POLAND is PROUD of You

  49. 49

    YOURE WRONG PEREZ! it wasn't her bf who was fighting, it was hin older brother! get your facts right, dont dissapoint me!!! :P

  50. 50

    perez you make NO sense, you're all for EQUALITY and people being allowed to love who they want and then you spew crap like this! you should know more than anyone that you can't control AGE just like you can't control your SEXUALITY so why don't you think about that one!

  51. 51

    Re: Lilygirl27 – same here! no ones business at the end of the day, we can date who we like, 19 years between me and my beau and i aint goin 2 see dr phil bout it :)

  52. 52

    He is abit funny looking, and if they love each other the age difference shouldnt matter. There is a 13yr age difference between my mum and dad and she outlived him, I think he was 28 when they got together, he was 30 and she was 43 when they had me.

  53. 53

    The first I saw him I thought he was her dad

  54. 54

    Re: mackson
    germans are looking rough?! hahahah please use your brain before you write something. And OMG if Hayden wants to date an older man then let her. It's her business and not yours.