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KStew Gets Nasty With Fans & Photogs

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This is why we don't like her: she's just so UNPLEASANT!

After equating her fame to being "raped," Kristen Stewart proved how fed up she truly is with Hollywood when she caused a scene in Australia yesterday and disappointed a group of young fans.

KStew is down under with her Twilight comrade, Taylor Lautner, doing promotion for the next flick, Eclipse. Yesterday, the pair were enjoying a harbor cruise in Sydney. When they finally docked, they were greeted by a group of excited fans and a some paparazzi.

KStew wasn't having it!

According to sources, she flipped out and started cursing at the photogs for taking her picture. She then stormed past her fans, refusing to sign any autographs!

This is the gig, girl! And trust us, once these movies are over and NO ONE wants to hire you again, you'll be begging for these days back!

A little gratitude for the kids who help you make bank would be nice!

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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134 comments to “KStew Gets Nasty With Fans & Photogs”

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  1. 1

    What a bitch. Everyone should just give her what she wants and ignore her. Whatever you do, please don't pay any attention to someone who STANDS IN FRONT OF MOVIE CAMERAS FOR A LIVING. Give me a break.

  2. 2

    i understand that the paparazzi can be intrusive, but that's no excuse to ignore your fans and behave in such a despicable manner. also, if you're on a promotional tour then you need to do your job. whether or not its an organised interview or junket, you are being paid to be on your best behaviour at all times. this girl seems to think she's above the industry she works for. i hope she makes some more mediocre indie flicks and pales into obscurity so we won't be subjected to her miserable, ungrateful face at every turn.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    What a BITCH! The only people who could POSSIBLY still like her are the junior high twihards who gotta love their "bella"

  5. 5

    Hey perez where are the photos of her flipping the bird to the paps and fans! She is an ungrateful B***h

  6. 6

    I have to admit there is truth to that. The fans make your career some what so you should try and respect them.

  7. 7

    I'm sure all the fan hysteria would be overwhelming for anyone.

  8. 8

    where's the photographic evidence?

    there are hundreds of videos stopping and laughing and talking with her fans
    i highly doubt this actually happened

  9. 9

    You know I actually don't have a huge problem with her like you Perez, but when she or any other celebrity do stuff like this it pisses me off. She is there to promote a movie so did she really think they were not going to take her picture or that there wasn't going to be fans wanting her autograph? Everyone has things in their job which they hate to do but they do it because that's life. So her thing is the paparazzi and fans wanting an autograph. She needs to learn to deal with it. As an MJ fan there was no one more hounded than him for pictures and autographs yet he always manage to sign autographs for his fans. He didn't curse and storm his way out which sometimes I honestly wouldn't blame him if he did. But if he can do it why can't she especially when she is there to promote a movie she is NOT on vacation.

  10. 10

    Fucking liar, Perez. She took that boat ride on Sunday and the whole day yesterday she did press and took more time signing for fans than her own people allowed for her, staying later. You're full of shit–again.

  11. 11

    But sure nobody got a picture or a video of her flipping out with the millions of Paparrazi there right Perez. Because this story is soo true. Come on, with the supposed group of fans [who would have cameras ready], and the Paps. Yet nobody caught her flipping off or cursing.

  12. 12

    By the way you didn't put the actual picture up but they do exist because I saw them.

  13. 13

    She doesn't look sooo pissed off in these pics. Are we just supposed take your word for it? I call bullshit on you, Piggy P! The only fact is that you're just a jealous, old bitch….grow up!

  14. 14

    I know some twihards are gonna be like, "she's just low key! I understand! Twould be annoying!" well you know what?! that's a part of the job! always has been! always will be! and wah wah wah.. she gets paid 12 million to make the movies. you think with that kind of money she'd be more tolerant of the fans.

  15. 15

    i still like this girl and think she is far far far more down to earth than the majority of young actors. for one she doesn't go around slathered in fake tan, hair extensions and tiny dresses in an effort to get noticed. she totally dresses down must of the time and clearly isn't tryin to be noticed. so what?? shes fucking human. she wasn't in a good mode or didn't feel she looked good so she didn't want her pic taken. that is reasonable and i could myself, or any other person reacting this way. you included. she is a great girl to work so says any producer or director she was involved with (unlike the giant slut of the universe megan "i have the libido of a 15 year old boy " fox) and is a total professional and extremely attractive without resorting to fakery. leaver her alone. shes a real girl in a sea of FAKES. and please don't block this comment just cause i disagree with you.

  16. 16

    urghhh….she hasn't deserved it to be a famous rich actress! sooo ungrateful! i wish she would read these comments to see what everybody is thinking of her!

  17. 17

    She is a bitch - everyone should just leave her alone. Besides she is so boring and a bad actress.

  18. 18

    oh and as for the "raped" comment. ffs we AAALL say shit we didn't mean to sound the way it did. more proof that shes not a calculated robot like some other celebs such as ms. aguilria (her last interview was the must put-on, manipulated performance i have ever seen down to every contrived eye flicker and lip licking-the woman is a fraud)

  19. 19

    LIAR PEREZ–the sydney Telegraph just came out with an article today about how Kristen flipped off paps, but that twilight fans were impressed with how much time she spent making sure they all got autographs and greetings from her.

  20. 20

    I have a hard time believing this story. You hate her so much you will do whatever it is you can to make her look like the world's worst person. I'd like to see proof.

  21. 21

    Fuck me, she's going braless a lot lately with those sweet tits of her. If she flipped me off, I'd get a mega boner from it

  22. fiona says – reply to this


    She doesn't have a charming cell in her body. She is an antisocial depressive whiner.

  23. 23

    Sounds like a story. Noooo Mario woulnt tell a lie

  24. 24

    She can flip me off anytime, it's hot when she does it. It means she'd be great in bed

  25. 25

    What the fuck is her problem?

  26. 26

    She's my hero. Fuck the paps.

  27. 27

    so the above pics could be taken and posted but the pics of her being a royal bitch and flipping people off haven't been shown?? with all the technology there would also be a video floating around somewhere showing her "cursing at the photogs" -where is all this????? exactly, because it didn't happen……………..

  28. 28

    hey rosalie haley-stop acting like this matters in your fucking life if this girl flips a bird or not. Who cares.

  29. 29

    dreaming aloud - there is evidence of her flipping of the paps and fans! Look at my previous post to show you where to go for the evidence - like i said i am fan of kristin but after this i am very doubtful she is a role model

  30. 30

    And your track record for accuracy is pretty shitty so I don't believe this at all.

  31. 31

    the truth is she flipped off paps while they screamed things at her from her balcony at the hotel–they got rooms in the building right across from her and were taunting her. She took the bait unfortunately and flipped them off. BUT SHE DID NOT FLIP OFF FANS, NOR ARE FANS COMPLANING. The sydney telegraph just had an article about her behavior, and how all the fans said she was great, and that her surly ways were being directed towards the paps.

  32. 32

    If she flipped me off while she showed off her tits like she was, I'd pull my pants down right there and rub one out in her honor. She's hot, when she's pissed off it's even hotter.

  33. SeeMe says – reply to this


    I cannot stand this person. Using the word rape out of context is equal to using the N word. I was neutral to her before and now she is equal to an evil bitch.

  34. 34

    wait a sec before you jump on her did Taylor sign any autographs cause he was next to her the same time?

  35. 35

    If she is Rob Pattinson's girlfriend, then he must be a rude emo crabass too, but able to hide it.

  36. 36

    and I just heard this interview with her and she's fucking hilarious, she said the worst part about the paps following her is she can't flip off babies anymore…she's fucking hot

  37. 37

    Re: dreaming_aloud – Actually, there are plenty of pics of her flipping off the paps. Just not on this site.

  38. 38

    Would YOU be in a perpetually good mood if every time you went out in public people kept trying to take your picture and asking for autographs?! It must get extremely irritating after a while.

  39. 39

    STFU about the rape comment too. She didn't mean it bad, you all know she didn't, you jealous cows just want another reason to get upset about her and stick another twinkie down your throats and blame it on Kristen.

  40. 40

    I found -

    When paparazzi tried to photograph her, Kristen Stewart flipped off reporters in Sydney, Australia. She stands on her balcony in Sydney and flips off photographers several times, and poses for a long hard look.
    being photographed from your personal balcony and promoting a movie are two different things…………..

  41. 41

    Big fucking deal she flipped off paps. It wasn't fans. She”s a fuck hot girl a lot of girls hate cause she's fucking that ugly vampire guy, I'd flip all of you off too if I was her. I wish she actually would so all of you could just slash your wrists together and stop complaining finally about her.

  42. 42

    Perez, I think when you hate on people relentlessly for no reason other than your bitchiness and jealousy, it makes me a fan of theirs by default.

  43. 43

    Sooo… where's the evidence?

  44. 44

    Most of you are so judgemental. Yea theres lots of things ppl have to do for their job that they dont like , but guess what when you go hm your done with you job… These celebs cant go ANYWHERE when they are done. It follows them everywhere every second of the day. First off perez hates her so who knos what the context of this really was. I just think that the ppl here who believe a star should be accessable 24/7 with a smile on their face and a perky personality really needs to get a life! And thats you too perez!!!

  45. 45

    i read that one of the fans said stewart RAN past them because the paps were chasing her. and who the eff really cares? (WHERE ARE ALL THE NEKKID PETA LOVING BITCHES AT WHILE THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS GETTING SOAKED UP BY OIL EVERY DAY??? -THATS WHAT I WANNA KNOW)yes, she could show more class and blahblahblah. maybe one day she will grow up but until then i dont anyone for getting fed up and acting out against the paps every once and awhile; these douches are aholes and im surprised more arent ran over on the daily since half of them do try to get hit just so they can run the pics and story.

  46. 46

    If this is true, and she started screaming at the paparazzi, then shouldn't there be about 50 pictures of it? Where are they?

  47. 47

    Well, if she hates fame so much I'm sure she'll stop making movies. Right? Yeah, didn't think so. Quit complaining if you're going to continue making big movies. You can love and practice your "art" in MANY other ways.

  48. 48

    Can I interject a note of sanity here? Don't you think it's possible that (a) she had to pee or something or (b) she felt queasy after the boat ride or (c) she had something she had to do? For people to assume that someone should just stop what they are doing constantly in response to "fans" is just plain crazy. Think about how that would translate into your own life; you'd never get anything else done and never get anywhere. I grew up around some of the biggest stars that ever lived, and watched how they were constantly interrupted. Fans aren't these polite "just say hi" kind of people - they run up (usually in groups), surround the celeb, and typically start groping him/her, and it's common for them to literally start tearing their clothes etc. as well. They also screech, which is as you might imagine really irritating. Imagine this happening to you DOZENS OF TIMES EVERY SINGLE DAY. Fans don't care if they are interrupting you at anything you might be doing. Do you think you would be okay with that if people were treating you that way? Would not permitting it every single time mean that you were an a**hole? NO.

  49. 49

    OH, and her tits are looking amazing lately!

  50. 50

    I don't believe this story! Where's the evidence? There has to be a least one photo of this, she was flipping off photographers!

  51. 51

    shes not to happy with the changes her body is going thru, suck it up buttercup, life as you know it will never be the same

  52. 52

    oh, and Perez only likes people who like him, and the only people who like him are fame whores who kiss his ass to get more media attention. You think Kristen stewart would ever WHORE herself out to go to perez's birthday party and sit on a fucking elephant for attention? HELL NO.

  53. 53

    Um FYI that wasn't yesterday, that was Sunday. Get your facts straight.
    And I don't think a picture of her frowning classifies as "KStew Gets Nasty".
    You think she's rude for wanting a little privacy? You're rude for twisting her every move in a negative way. Just leave her alone already.
    We get it… you're jealous. Point taken.

  54. 54

    Ugh I can't stand the bitch

  55. 55

    Maybe she was PMSing

  56. 56

    Why does she always look so pissed off? If you can't handle the fame and publicity, then don't fucking become an actress!!!

  57. 57

    WTF?? Perez you're gettin even more ridiculous,, Sources?? what sources?? well if you think that this sotry is true, why wouldn't you think this one is true too?
    " The pair headed out into the world famous bay just five hours after landing in Australia for the spectacular adrenalin ride, which is hugely popular with tourists. As they got off the boat after the one-hour ride, Kristen and Taylor shook themselves to get rid of some of the water. Kristen then took off on a run, taking off on foot along one of Sydney’s picturesque wharfs.

    At one point she jumped in the air, clapped, yelled “whoop! C’mon!” then ran off around a corner followed by her concerned entourage. Taylor found it all incredibly funny and burst out laughing, and applauded his friend Kristen as she took off on foot.

    He then said he found the whole boat experience: “Very good.”

  58. 58

    "This is why we don't like her: she's just so UNPLEASANT!"

    Oh man! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Dude.. you are one to talk. You're a nasty prick. She's not unpleasant, she's just shy. You on the other hand are just an unpleasant jerk!

  59. 59





  60. 60

    When will her 15 minutes of fame end? Im sick and tired of hearing shit about her. She has zero personality and lacks talent. Gah annoying.

  61. 61

    That bitch! She should just drop out of Twilight and just disappear…

  62. 62

    there was paparazzi there!
    as much as i don't like the girl, i would do the exact same thing!

    and lmao@the first picture, HILARIOUS!

    Re: hows your balls?i think she is far far far more down to earth than the majority of young actors. for one she doesn't go around slathered in fake tan, hair extensions and tiny dresses in an effort to get noticed. she totally dresses down must of the time and clearly isn't tryin to be noticed. so what?? shes fucking human. she wasn't in a good mood or didn't feel she looked good so she didn't want her pic taken. that is reasonable and i could myself, or any other person reacting this way. you included.

  63. hebe says – reply to this


    Do you know how annoying it is with papz and screaming kids/fans when you're stoned? ;)

  64. 64

    she did NOT 'equate her fame to being "raped,"'

    The pair was NOT 'enjoying a harbor cruise yesterday', they were doing interviews all day.

  65. 65

    I love you for saying the truth! :)

  66. 66

    Well unless it was a scheduled event I don't much blame her…she is entitled to somme down time.

  67. 67

    Perez, you're an idiot. You obviously don't understand she NEVER gets privacy. Maybe she was having a bad day or had a headache, and as soon as she got off she just wasn't wanting all that commotion. I can understand. Besides, people are most likely exaggerating it. She was probably trying to get away, couldn't, used some harsh words for the PAPS and then the fans probably thought she was ignoring them. Yes she chose this life, but maybe she was wants some HER time. I know I would.

  68. 68

    I'd love to see video footage of this, but that won't happen because this story is just as fake as you, Perez. Sigh.

  69. 69

    I wish they would kick this ugly whore out and get another Bella. Sick of her she can't act anyway.

  70. 70

    i'm glad to see so many people not immediately buying this story and questioning it. i loved kristin in "into the wild" and even though i detest anything vampire-related, it would have being very sily of her to turn down such a huge part. she's still very young with looks to make most girls go green with envy (myself included) but she has such a nice energy. give me kristin over megan, miley or any of that fake heads. kristin doesn't dye her hair or go around looking like an orange. she's a natural beauty and so WHAT if she walked off. god damn it, she has a right to not be forced into conversation when she's feeling a bit down or whatever. i have a feelin this will be blocked. ps she could do waaaaay beter than that fucking narcisstic shes with.

  71. 71

    Hopefully this isn't true - these kids, fans, made her famous/house hold name! And those paparazzi ppl keep her name a live thru the main sterm! She wouldn't have much of a career without both. She should be used to this already! You take it or leave it! Every job has it's down falls - this is part of it, but don't snub your fans!

  72. 72

    What makes this worse is that she can't even act. I watched the twilight movies because I wanted to get the story line and not have to personally witness the horrific murder of the English language… but I've never seen an actor paid so much to act so poorly. Her voice was MONOTONE the entire time. Neither her inflection nor her facial expressions ever changed. Ive seen middle schoolers perform school plays more convincingly than her. Maybe the character in the books is that lacking in substance, but I really don't think that's possible.

  73. 73

    WHO THE f@$k DOES THIS LITTLE C@#T think she is … ? ! I'd like to tie her boney arse to a tree, cover her with honey, and release the ant farm on her. Really - WHAT a sense of entitlement ! HollyWeird Bitch !

  74. 74

    She has the gay guy with her to protect her ….What is the big deal ? !

  75. 75

    Pathetic Perez!!!! The only reason you don't like KStew is because you have the hots for Rob and are jealous!!! For every man you find handsome, you authomatically can't stand the girlfriend because you just WISH you were dating them. Never going to happen because I have no idea why anyone would want to date a bully like yourself!!! Wow you are such a loser!!!

  76. 76

    yea What a Bitch shes Lame anyway and im probably like the only person who Never watched any of the Twilight movies cuz i dont care about some dam vampires i dont get what the whole buzz is about anyway

  77. 77

    I really like her. She is shy and quiet. Makes people think she is rude. She isnt. She loves her Twilight role and is careful of her words. She is someone who really cares about her character she portrays as so many fans expect her to live up to that and it makes her nervous she will let us down.

  78. 78

    I wish this bitch would remove the stick that is up her ass. She needs to stop thinking she is God's gift to the world, because she ISN'T!
    Yes, she's pretty, but she isn't GORGEOUS!
    Yes, she can act somewhat, but she's no Meryl Streep.
    Yes, she's making a lot of money, but she wont be much longer with this rotton attitude.

  79. 79

    i know everyone should just leave her alone give her what she wants its part of the territory and she needs to get over herself shes not that important

  80. 80

    There is nothing worse that a rich and famous celeb constantly bitching about being rich and famous.boo fuckin hoo.

  81. 81

    as u said "Yesterday, the pair were enjoying a harbor cruise in Sydney." how can u enjoy and relax with tons of ppl watching u 24/7. sure she wouldnt be anyone without her fans , but once in awhile ur going to get crabby if ppl are annoying u and dont allow u a breather.

  82. 82

    We? Is there a mouse in your pocket. I like her. According to "sources". Probably the made up ones in your head.

    She owns you, you fat pig. Stop being so jealous.

  83. Mon says – reply to this


    This is too all the celebrities who have issues with the photogs - GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! You went into this line of work to entertain millions and get paid millions - STOP BITCHING!! If you didn't want to have to deal with the photogs or any form of media, then you are in the wrong business.

    Yes, the photogs can be real pains in the butt, they are getting paid to do a job as well and that is to keep all of your smiling and not so smiling faces in the media, so that people won't forget who you are.

    As for Kristen, if you don't like the photogs taking your picture or asking you questions, then why do you give interviews to complain about them. You took on the Twilight role, which has catapulted your career and all you do is bitch. Then why are you in this business in the first place? It all comes with the terroritory. You either deal with it or leave the business.

  84. 84

    Don't believe this for one minuet, in a talking interview she said that she loves her fans and she wouldn't do something like that. Both of them maybe was in a hurry.

  85. 85

    LOL too cool to wear the raincoats, but they still got soaked! That's probably why she didn't stop for her fans, and even if it didn't happen like you said, I agree with the fact that after these movies are over NO ONE is gonna pay to watch her in anything else due to the fact that her acting is beyond painfully bad :P

  86. 86

    she really doesnt give a shit about 'fame'. she was an unknown happy actress way before twilight. i'd be pissed with the crazy shit they get. its not so bad for the guys, they get praise, she just gets put down even before she didnt give a shit

  87. 87

    i don't believe that kristen was rude to her fans!they made up that story!it came with her flipping to paparazzi.wonder why?she is always nice to her fans.why would she change now?they wrote those things on purpose.in exchange to what she did to paparazzi!you go girl!go fuck these losers!

  88. 88

    wonder why all you girls hate kristen and say bad things about her?is it because she dates rob?i guess that's the truth!so shut up and stop criticise her!she is a better actress than rob!

  89. 89

    I'm so sick of this stuck up bitch, u compare ur fans 2 being raped, Rape is the second most violent crime next to murder and in fact most police & ppl in the justice system consider it more violent because he victom lives thought the crime. You know what should happen @ the Eclipse permiere the photogs should totally ignore her and not take one pic of this manish looking bitch. Raped itsn't a Joke Kristen

  90. 90

    Too bad R-Patz doesnt see her for what she truly is. I hope he opens his eyes and dumps her stupid a** soon. From what I hear he is really grateful with his fans and so is Taylor. Hope this behavior does not rub off on them. I agree with The Wench, we should all just give her what she wants and ignore her and maybe she will just fade into obscurity. She is not that great of an actress anyway. she gives the same performance in every movie she makes.

  91. 91

    Give her a fucking break. She is one of the most real people you will find in hollywood. If you were her you would get really pissed off with people always in your face. Speaking as someone who is trying to start a career in acting, you don't become an actor/actress because you want the attention or fame or money. You become an actor/actress for the love of acting. So yeah, they area normal people and constantly having cameras shoved in your face would be really annoying. How would you feel if you couldn't leave your house without being attacked by papz and fans

  92. 92

    Re: lilltigger7 – Say that to Perez, she meant rape in one other way and not in a sexually way. Rape can means different things and many have used rape (non sexually way) to express what they are feeling, not just her.

  93. 93

    Re: LISA Pattinson – They are all grateful to their fans. It was just the papz thar pissed her of and it hasn't even been confirmed that she stormed out on her fans.
    It hasn't even been confirmed that they are dating so stop with the jealousy.
    If you have actually watched other movies with Kristen you would know that she is a great actress, excluding Twilight but the script sucked and couldn't been saved. They are actors, they have to follow the script which they did.

  94. 94

    Dang, for real? Those fans and photographers are people who watched your dang movie, and gave you that, uh, paycheck! I hate her and Robert anyway, I don't want to see you, as much as you don't want to see those paparazzi! She is like that to fans too, those are the people who got you where you are now.

  95. 95

    honestly, I'm totally on her side. she didn't ask for this fame - it came out of nowhere she had no idea when she got into Twilight. The sound of those fans when she got off the boat pisses me off. I bet they were annoying. she's a person, not a robot, and all those ppl and cameras and all that crap would be srsly annoying after like a day.
    I really can't stand when ppl hate on her. She's not a mean or rude person in anyway, and stories just get twisted all the time and dumb opinions thrown out there to make ppl believe that she is.


  96. 96

    oh man, this story was all over the Aussie media and more; also she flipped the paps at her hotel; combined to the sh*t she's tALKING IN THREE interviews this month alone, in my honest opinion….I think the girl lost her mind!! All jobs have a downside, how dare she demand hers doesn't have any? Especially with that paycheck!!

  97. 97

    What a little bitch- Hollywood takes note of shit like that- They won't want to hire someone who won't love their fans because it's the fans who support the movies they make. She'll learn her lesson the hard way.

  98. 98

    Stewart was branded a brat after flipping the bird to photographers just hours after arriving in Sydney.

    But Twi-Hard Genevieve Begg was impressed by the young actress’ demeanor.

    “She showed a completely different side on Monday night,” she said.

    “She was great to her fans, smiling and stopping to talk to people, hugging them and giving them photos.”

    Melanie Simpson agreed: “People were trying to whisk them away. They were still signing autographs despite being told it was time to leave.

    “I think they went above and beyond what was expected of them.”

  99. 99

    You are suuuuuuuuuuuuch a fucking liar!!!! She flipped off the paps ..but there is no way she would ignore her fans …she was with Taylor the whole time! You might as well say the same shit ’bout him!

    Fuck wtvr…why do I even bother defending her, she doesnt need it, from every fan encounter ive ever read all ive ever heard was how gracious and cool she is, although a bit shy.

  100. 100

    what a fucking sook. get over it. pretty sure there are so many girls idolising her, she needs to appreciate that. people have it much worse than her. the least she could do would put a smile on her face..

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