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KStew Gets Nasty With Fans & Photogs

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This is why we don't like her: she's just so UNPLEASANT!

After equating her fame to being "raped," Kristen Stewart proved how fed up she truly is with Hollywood when she caused a scene in Australia yesterday and disappointed a group of young fans.

KStew is down under with her Twilight comrade, Taylor Lautner, doing promotion for the next flick, Eclipse. Yesterday, the pair were enjoying a harbor cruise in Sydney. When they finally docked, they were greeted by a group of excited fans and a some paparazzi.

KStew wasn't having it!

According to sources, she flipped out and started cursing at the photogs for taking her picture. She then stormed past her fans, refusing to sign any autographs!

This is the gig, girl! And trust us, once these movies are over and NO ONE wants to hire you again, you'll be begging for these days back!

A little gratitude for the kids who help you make bank would be nice!

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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134 comments to “KStew Gets Nasty With Fans & Photogs”

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  1. 101

    Perez, why didn´t you post her picture showing her finger to the paparazzi too? I saw it in a site!It was in the same day!

    I think it´s becoming harder harder for her to hide her problems with drugs. In these photos(and others), she is clearly stoned.

    When you watch Twilight and you see Eclipse she seems so much older and only three years gone by. I don´t think she is ugly at all but she´s vulgar and weird, that´s for sure. Besides, if she can´t handle fame, she should quit acting. Nobody is going to miss her anyway. She is a terrible actress!

  2. 102


  3. 103

    Re: dreaming_aloud – there is photos of her giving the press the bird. I've seen them. Check out Australian New sites for them.

  4. 104

    I used to feel sorry for K-spew until I saw the pics of her giving the press the finger. She is an ungrateful cow. There is a video on ninemsn.com.au of her acting like a cow again at the airport. If she didn't want publicity, then why the hell did she decide to get into acting.

  5. 105

    Re: TheWench – Anyone can have a bad day… and she is only 20 years old!!… and also… some "fans".. can be abusive….

    Kristen is a human being and she can have days when she is not feeling well and that is natural… her true fans can understand that….

    your just jealous and are trying to attack her for NO REASON!!……

  6. 106

    its funny that u are so unpleased with the ONLY person that isnt a famewhore out there, maybe she should just behave like heidy montag but that wont make u pleased either. also she is the ONLY person that would prefer to be herself than to be a famewhore, she is the only one that is not scared of losing fame - keep scaring her perez, it just doesnt work with her, u idiot!

  7. 107

    wow. to do that when visiting another country to promote a shitty ass movie her shitty ass doesn't deserve. what a ugly person, inside and out.

  8. 108

    She's sportin quite a muffin top!

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    I see they elected to get wet without the poncho. Yeah, baby.

  10. 110

    You would think with all the money she is earning that she would get some jeans that don't give her a muffin top…

  11. 111

    U need to get over this u fat fuck.id be pissed off aswell so dont make out shes evil.u need to stop with the jelous hate.ur just pissed cus shes fucking r-pattz and your not.shes 20.its not kool.i hope either him or her kicks your fat ass back to burger king.kristen is awsome and btw if i ever met her id love her 2 flip me off.it just peevs you that she doesnt give a shit.

  12. 112

    Fay-Fay's nose is too fucked up for words. Doesn't he make enough to get that deformity fixed?

  13. 113

    Are you sure she did that to a group of fans?, I knew about the papz but not the fans, people can invent whatever they want, the press said she was nice to the fans, and every person that iterviewed her said she was really sweet and down to earth!

  14. 114

    Re: MJJ – She wasn't rude to the fans just the papz maybe there were some fans mixed, I heard from an article that a fan recieved a no to take a pic but he said she was upset because of the 30 papz not the fans besides Australians said she was vey very nice to fans and interviewers there are a lot of tweets about that, you shouldn't believe everything you read.

  15. 115

    This blog always put the negative things about Kristen all the articles that say she was really nice 2 fans all the interviewers that tweeted she was very sweet n down 2 earth all the funny interviews No! you don't put that here thats y ppl only recieve the negative side of her in here she hates havin papz around her all the time u have no idea y she had to say no 2 taking pics with fans if that even happened and you don't really know if she was rude 2 fans, u are just seing the side this blog wants u 2 see ok she hates papz and sometimes gets rude with them, but they are completely annyoing, she started acting at 9 just as a game n loved it thats y shes still doing this the excesive attention is just secondary and she doesnt love it but she said she's not ungreatfu she cares! I have seen a lot of the australian interviews and she was totally nice an funny. A real fan knows her more than this n I'm not a junior high.

  16. 116

    Re: beowulf56 – These r from fans:
    "haha:) - i said Hi KRISTEn and she was like HI and i said i think your so pretty and a great actress and she said Thankyou so much! then she said .. okay..well bye- and i was like bye!!! AHHHH :) so exciting lol"

    "omg - i talked to kristen for like 15 seconds at luna park - the BEST 15 seconds of my life + I got both Taylor and Kristen's autograph!!!!!! MY LIFe IS FINALLY COMPLETE- I WILL LOVE THEM UNTIL DEATH AND MORE! "

  17. 117

    Kristen wonders why so many bad things are written about her. She can GET OUT OF SHOW BUSINESS if she does not like the price of success. She has a choice. The fans pay for her to live a good life. She can put up with the Twilight craze because it won't last forever. The way she is going, neither will her career. How does she think RPatz deals with his success? He is hundreds of times more popular, more heckled and more stalked than she is.

  18. 118

    Re: Benny1 – That's the sad thing ppl commenting without really knowing everything, you just read this story, that is not even totally true, and you start judging and insulting, mmm just 4 u to know there are a lot of good things written about her too! There r a few written above. She had good time in Australia the only problems were the papz.

  19. 119

    Yeah Perez you are so right! Without us she was nothing in the Twilight Media thing :p

  20. 120

    Re: Anvangima – Most of the stories I have read about Kristen are bad. She is uncomfortable with the fame game. But a lot of little girls look up to her and I think she should show more grace under pressure. Like not flipping off the photogs where all her fans can see. That does not make her a bad person, I agree. I do like the fact that she does not conform to the celebrity lifestyle.

  21. 121

    i get like why shes doing that..but then again she shouldnt..shes gonna end up loosing fans.im a fan of hers and i think its kinda funny…but like give her a break!i mean shes gonna keep acting like that if the paparazzi keep getting in her face & people keep writing stuff about her like uhmmm.. you!but she doesnt need to ignore her fans like that.thats just RUDE!

  22. 122

    She wasn't flipping anyone off - she was showing us her IQ. Either that, or she was showing us the size of Pattinson's sparkly erect willy. LOL

  23. 123

    yeah because its NOT like the fans are the ones going to the theatres buying tickets to see the twilight series movies, or going to hot topic buying the random twilight series themed stuff. she's entirely too ungrateful to the ones putting the silver spoon in her mouth. someone needs to clock this bitch, seriously. she needs to be thanking them because without fans she'd be some z-list asshole that nobody gives a flying fuck about and she'd be doing commericials for fast food or something to put food on the table. some people have zero business being in the industry, fuckin a.

  24. 124

  25. 125

    Re: ellebelle84 – Yeah and it's really true that she flipped of her fans, NOT. That is just BS.
    She flipped of the papz and at the airport maybe some fans wanted an autograph but they (Taylor and Kristen) didn't have time to stop and the papz was surrounding them like they wear animals.
    Kristen is really nice to her fans, people that have meet her have said so.

  26. 126

    Re: Benny1 – Most of the stories you've heard are bad because they're the ones tabloids and papers care about, the good stories, the comments of fans and interviewers saying she's sweet and down to earth, they're never going to be here cause that's not news! Have u even seen the australian interviews or the fan event??? She was nothing but funny n nice! She hates the papz constantly follwing her n is not too comfortable with all the fame but she loves acting n that won't stop her, but like she said she gets angry for like 5 mins that the papz appear n then her life goes on n she's totally fine!

  27. 127

    I've read a lot of stories of fans who have met her and said she was really nice! Just read a story about a muslim girl who met her in Vancouver. She doesn't like being photographed, that's why she's not smiling all the time, and sometimes she gets tired of some questions, true! But does that mean she's an ungrateful b$&%#? No!, she has said a thousand times how she hates when ppl say she's ungrateful cause nobody cares more than she does! And if one day she has to say no to a pic or autograph, well she has a life u know, she might be in a hurry.

    She was rude to the papz, with reason, not the fans. Period! I hope u could b less close minded n see more than ohh she flipped out, she doesn't smile, blah blah blah!

  28. 128

    i despise her. shes so rude. i want to slap her.

  29. 129

    Re: Anvangima – Okay, I believe you. You obviously pay attention to the news about her. I don't want to offend a KStew fan.

  30. 130

    Re: missswiss42 – Ignore her instead and stop wasting you time on her then.

  31. 131

    Re: TheWench – ignore you instead.. LOSER….

  32. 132

    If I had a group of pre-teen girls chasing me down, I'd be flipping out, too.

  33. 133

    I have never read or watched Twilight because it is uninteresting to me. I am not a tween girl. Anyway, Kristen Stewart is not that different from Susan Boyle. Fame was thrust upon her after this movie, which is probably something she never expected. The rise to fame should be gradual, or it is volatile. I feel bad for the girl. If not for this movie she may never have had a big break, and would probably be happier doing independent work anyway.

  34. 134

    [re=5073348]Re: Gyllenhaalic

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