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MMA Fighter Horrifically Murders Man After Magic Mushroom Trip Goes Bad.

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If this doesn't deter you from taking hallucinogenics, then nothing will.

A mixed martial arts fighter is facing murder charges for cutting another man's heart out of his chest after taking magic mushrooms.

Jarrod Wyatt and fellow MMA fighter Taylor Powell took the psychedelic drugs and apparently had the worst trip of all time when they became convinced that the world was coming to an end.

Wyatt lost it when he began to allegedly see the devil in Powell's face, so he cut an 18-inch hole in his chest, removed his heart, cut out his tongue, skinned his face off, and then cooked various body parts in a wood stove!


Police Sgt. Elwood Lee responded to the March 21 911 call, and said that Wyatt kept telling him that "Satan was in that dude" and he needed to "stop the devil."

He continues:

"At one point, [Wyatt] asked if we were God, or if we were God coming to save him."

Wyatt is currently facing first-degree murder charges, as well as counts of aggravated mayhem and torture. His attorney argues that his client was having a psychotic break and therefore could not control his actions.

This whole story makes us ill and we don't really want to think any further about it, so hopefully this dude will be thrown into jail or a mental institution for life! We don't care how under the influence you are! How could anyone be capable of such horrific brutality??

Think twice before taking mind altering substances, kiddies!


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129 comments to “MMA Fighter Horrifically Murders Man After Magic Mushroom Trip Goes Bad.”

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  1. SMack says – reply to this


    Re: DeeDee987 – it obviously wasn't pure ecstasy if they were hospitalized… no one has ever died because of PURE ecstasy.. the only way would be if they were bunk pills

  2. 102

    Re: @v@
    Yeah I know, I totally missed the point I was trying to make. lol sorry about not being clear. What I meant was the drugs in this guy here that Perez posted about could have even aggitated something preexisting. A lot of people with mental illnesses go untreated for a long time.

  3. 103

    Forget about the mushrooms, it's called demonic possesion…
    How sick..?

  4. 104

    I sure agree he was having a 'psychotic break' and couldn't control his actions… however the 'psychotic break' occurred as a result of HIM CHOOSING to ingest a hallucinogen, rather than from a natural mental condition. Therefore he should be held just as accountable as if someone with a clear mind had done this.

  5. 105

    i do shrooms every summer with my friends and not once has any of us tripped like that. we laugh a lot. walk. stare at nature and think we are having meaningful conversations that's about it. maybe it was 'roid rage mixed with whatever else mixed with a little bit of shrooms. but there is no way in hell shrooms make you freak out like that. worst case scenario you get a little sad at the end.

  6. 106

    p.s. who the hell still says magic mushrooms? what are you 65? narc.

  7. 107


  8. 108


  9. 109

    laughed my ass off. someone had a bad trip. this is so funny i dont even care that all youi stupid fucks are gona reply to this and say OHMIDGAWSH UR SUCH ADUMB BITCH

    yada yada yada,
    bottom line


  10. 110


  11. 111

    Wow. I wonder if he was on steriods also to make the mushroom trip turn out so violent?!

  12. 112

    it wasnt the mushrooms that caused this! this asshole is a fucked up maniac to begin with… when i was having a bad trip i had just crawled into bed. he obviously mixed the shrooms with other drugs + hes already FUCKED IN THE HEAD.

  13. 113

    Re: eskimo kisses – you're probably really gross and just want the attention. well you got it. got eat your feelings.

  14. 114

    Umm… I've done mushrooms a few times, and it doesn't make you that violent. Quite the opposite, actually. This guy clearly had other issues.

  15. 115

    sorry but shrooms do not make you do that

  16. 116

    see THIS is why you shouldnt compare drugs to pot. you're an ass, mario!

  17. Jaxmo says – reply to this


    you have to have evil inside to do something like that. don't blame it on the sh sh sh sh sh shrooms!!

  18. 118

    Do not blame this on some fungus alone!! I say, steroids! steroids! steroids!

    Regardless, this is a really sad story. Yes, what he did was horrible..But imagine what kind of horrible trip this guy was going through! Holy shit, I am glad I have gotten hallucinogenetic drugs out of my system when I was much younger.

  19. 119

    I knew both of these guys. First of all, Taylor was a complete sweetheart. He is greatly missed and everyone who knew him is devastated. This makes it seem like he was into fighting and some people have commented that they think he was taking steroids, too. He just wasn't like that. If anything, he was just helping Wyatt train because he looked up to him. He thought Wyatt was his friend.

    Wyatt on the other hand is a complete nutjob and won't be missed at all. He is well known for being violent and he has been like this for years. No one I know is surprised that he murdered someone. Not only did he choose to pursue a career in violence (that is now being glorified… he was a nothing) but he had no problem beating family members and girlfriends. He is a sick fuck.

    As far as the role the drugs played in this- don't drink the kool-aid. I'm not fond of drugs and I think getting high is stupid and juvenile. HOWEVER, this guy was evil from the beginning. Drugs had nothing to do with this. You have to be evil to do the things he did. And not even all the details are in this article. He did far more sick and twisted things. Mushroom tea doesn't make you suddenly evil, he was like that before.

  20. 120

    Guys, it really doesn't matter what he was or wasn't on. All that matters is that this is a clear picture of why it so isn't worth it.

  21. 121

    umm..I've eaten mushrooms plenty of times…desire to stare at pretty lights and random shit for hours on end. yes. desire to mutilate someone. NO.

    time to quit blaming shit on drugs people. this kid clearly had a fucked up head before the shrooms.

  22. mpir says – reply to this


    Important to note, this is not about not doing psychedelics, this is what happens when people conflate beliefs (religious—"Satan was in him!") with reality.

    I would never trip out so badly that I lose the knowledge that reality is what exists AFTER i get off whatever chemical I took (I've experienced Psilocybin (shrooms) numerous times as a teenager).

    This guys a whack-job! Too many times getting hit in the head (MMA fighter) or just a complete sociopath/maniac.

    Perez: You are not helping by just proposing that instead of examining why this happened, we just throw this man away and not look at the underlying issues of why he reacted in such a way. Being afraid of facing the darkness of humanity and instead attempting to gloss it over with easy explanations and a focus on the superficial is what creates more and more ignorant douchebags who choose to put up blogs about celebrity news and conflate real news/opinion alongside.

    Good story! Poor comments (by Perez)!

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: alphabutt – Let's hope the prosecution knows about all that, because the defense attorneys will probably try talking countersuit for bad shrooms.

  24. 124

    This happened in my home town and it was all over the papers for weeks. Scary shit.

  25. 125

    Re: Ew Lanay like wtf?

    Don't forget the copious amounts of meth.

  26. 126

    No it definitely wasnt the mushrooms and…. I think that should be re- worded If you are already a freakin nut wanting to kill people dont take mushrooms. asshole

  27. 127

    they are hallucinogenics yes he's probably real fucked up in the head the drugs just mad it worse ive been around people that had bad ass tripps because they were in a fucked up mood people yall don't know how much he took he could of took a shit load my friend almost killed herself doing that shit because she thought everyone was telling her too so some of the stupid comments on here are probably from people that dont know shit about the drug yea he was probably doing other drugs and no thats sill know excuses speaking from experience u still have a state of mind but we also dnt know how much he consumed and someone said he is bringing up old news hes trying to tell everyone that he's facing murder charges that probably just happened he probably just got charged

  28. 128

    This is a stupid argument, The best days of my life were high on mushrooms. This guy definitely has underlying issues, Hundreds of people have been killed with stake knives! Does that make knives bad? Of course not, Jews were e legal in NAZI Germany, but that didn't make them bad, it was the government that was bad. How many people were killed by mosquitoes? 50 million? that's not going to stop me from going out!……GROW UP!

  29. 129

    FUCK all the dumb bitches who say "drugs are bad" et cetera et cetera. enough already! the world doesn't need any more dumb fucks who bow to common constraints of society without understanding why so many of the people they belittle disagree. Hallucinogenics are a gift. They should be taken by people who RESPECT and welcome the benefits of these mind stretching medications, and take them with INTENTION – an intention to learn, grow, meditate and diverge from this reality/dimension. This fellow is obviously a complete mental case and should NEVER touch mushrooms or any other psychoactive drugs for that matter. Even if he did see the devil in his friends face, no normal human taking mushrooms would ever act in that matter. It simply is not fair to even label this appalling slaughter within the context of mushrooms. This medicine and ones like it have been taken for thousands of years for peaceful, healing, intelligent and shamanistic purposes and it’s not fair, to those who ACTUALLY give a fuck about them, for people shit all over their good name.
    Take a leap from your mediocre, facefuckingly-tarded lives and read a motherfucking book.
    Thanks. :)

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