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What Caused Gary Coleman's Tragic Fall?

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Gary Coleman underwent dialysis sessions three times a week to treat his congenital kidney disease and shortly after he slipped and hit his head leaving him with a one-inch gash.

His friend Jeremy Spence explained that Gary drove himself to the hospital and says:

"Dialysis had taken a lot out of him that day. He just wanted to go home, but he was pretty weak. He had no strength at all."

The fall caused intracranial bleeding and he slipped into a coma before being taken off of life support.

Sad, sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “What Caused Gary Coleman's Tragic Fall?”

  1. 1

    You know it's messed up want happened to Gary, I mean I think they pulled the plug for money…what's his name from Rock of Love had the same thing happen to him and his family stood by him and didn't give up, but this has to with living wills, check the story

    search "Could Gary have survived like Bret wendy phillips" and click on the apleblog post. It's pretty good.

  2. 2

    Something seems really FISHY. The police need to investigate and ask his WIFE how he sim-ly "hit" his head. Why the HELL did she take him off life support so fast? It wasnt even 2 days and she took him off it like he was nothing. VERY suspicious.

  3. 3


  4. jay26 says – reply to this


    The article says his wife called an ambulance for him not that he drove himself Perez. Anyway tis sad nonetheless. I hope now at least maybe he has learned what Willis was talkin about. RIP Gary.

  5. 5

    how many more times this week are you going to tell us how "sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad" it is that he died???????

  6. jay26 says – reply to this


    Re: Ntertainmentguru – Bret Michaels was never on life support, and it was a different kind of brain hemorhage. The doctors wouldn't have just let them pull the plug unless they were pretty certain he would never recover.

  7. 7

    …we know what happened….he was pushed…domestic violence…and he drove himself because SHE wouldn't….

  8. 8

    Yeah, I don't trust the wife…

  9. 9

    As a dialysis technician, I had seen, more frequently than seldom, patients getting really weak after being dialyzed, mostly because too much fluid was pulled or because they have other issues going on. Is always recommended that after treatment patients try to have their care taker or other person with them just in case complications arise. Is really sad that he decided to drive himself after the fall. The protocols after discharge from the treatment are the same at any unit. Why he was alone is beyond my understanding but it proved to be fatal for him. It is a very sad end for someone so talented.

  10. 10

    it was the wife.
    copy & paste fatty? get to work!! and do somethine about that bad skin!

  11. 11

    Dialysis does take a lot out of you. Everyone thinks its a simple thing, but it can be a very grueling thing to endure. Weakness is not uncommon at all. I don't there is any kind of conspiracy to be found here, folks.

  12. 12

    When a person is on dialysis for a long period of time there is circulatory problems within the feet - this can cause gangerene and related slips and falls in those with this condition as they're unable to support their weight.

  13. 13

    well if after years of being beaten by the little fuck she decided to hit back and he died as a result well then boo fucking hoo! The guy was a prick, and I FUCKING HATE when assholes die, then suddenly people start talking about what a tragedy and what a nice guy they were.

  14. 14

    pulling the plug happens when there is no chance of survival. The docs won't let you just do it b/c you want money. I have been there….I know. BUT, we agonized over the decision for a few days. This whole thing just seemed like such a quick decision.

  15. 15

    and the whole "he drove himself" w/ a freaking head wound? That sounds even crazier! I just hope he now has some peace. And his parents do need closure…..even if they were "cut out of his life". It sounds like they never stopped loving him.

  16. 16

    He wasnt close to his parents because they stole all his money…

  17. 17

    Fall my ass. The Gooch got him.

  18. 18

    Re: April 20th – now you can finally see how annoyed i get at perez for saying 'sad sad sad' everytime something unfortunate happens to a celeb. like he has no heart.

  19. 19

    i am soo happy that ppl are smart enough to notice the shady-ness in this situation.. didnt he just go into a coma that morning and a few hours later they pulled the plug? talk about going in for the kill–literally! Its soo beyond sad.. there has been no mention that he was brain-dead/ vegetable, so i can not figure out why they would pull the damn plug sooooooooo fast like that…his wife didnt seem very bright, I am sure the Dr's gave their usual worst case scenario warning, which is merely precautionary. I hope he has found peace.

  20. 20

    People aren'tunderstanding the story.

    HE drove home from the dialysis –and then fell —and then the ambulance picked him up from the house. He didn't drive AFTER the fall.

    However, wifey didn't help him (handed him a towell?? and worried about possibly having a seizure) - wow.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't shove him first, but that's just a guess. She seemed more concerned with having his blood on her than the fact that he could be dying….
    And after Bret's trauma -really?-that's all the help that she gave him was handing him a towell.
    She wanted Gary dead.