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M.I.A. Debuts Album Cover

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Is this your way of saying that the CIA controls YouTube too, bb??


Check out M.I.A.'s new cover art for her upcoming album, /\/\/\Y/\, which is apparently just a super nonconformist way to spell her name, Maya!

Hardcore! LOLz.

And since she's such an artist, we're going to assume that all the YouTube video control bars blocking her face are alluding to her Born Free video being censored!

Maybe they decided to forgo aesthetically pleasing visuals to focus on the message!


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87 comments to “M.I.A. Debuts Album Cover”

  1. 1

    lol wut

  2. 2

    You are such a dick perez.

  3. 3

    oh mario - how you change your tune so quickly……….at least the girl got what she wanted which is you off her twat……..

  4. 4

    What is wrong with there being a message in the artwork or music? Is everything just about the imagery to you? What's wrong with pop music having a message?

  5. 5

    oh and mario - if she's so "lameballs" why is there 2 posts on her on the first page????? mario's 3 braincells are dumb, dumber and dumbest………….

  6. 6

    /\/\/\Y/\ can not be googled. That's why she "stylized" it that way.

    You're upset that she attack CaCa, so you're posting WEEK old shit about M.I.A. on your site. Wahhhh. At least M.I.A. is pretty.

  7. Brtt says – reply to this


    I love how you hate her b/c she hates GaGa. I hate it her too, but not for the same reasons, but yours are a little more transparent.

  8. 8

    oh nooooes…
    she didn't jump on your gaga bandwagon and suddenly you don't like her….
    shocked! shocked i am at such a thing!

  9. 9

    i dig it. shes a lot more talented and interesting that that manufactured piece of shit gaga, and at least MIA is attractive

  10. 10

    ur so lame perez just because she dsaid some trues about gaga!!!at least MIA is original while gaga keeps copying what is already done. gaga sucks

  11. 11

    I Love Her. Dont hate, player.

  12. 12

    im feelin it

  13. slite says – reply to this


    But when Gaga cover her ugly face you call it art? You are a douchebag

  14. 14

    you're a fucking idiot. you're making fun of mia, but yet still think that lady gaga, of whose ass you can't seem to pry your face out of, is an innovator for wearing birdcages and hair outfits? i really don't get your logic here. lady gaga is weird for the sake of being weird with no substance to it. she stands for nothing and dresses in the getups to create press to sell more albums. i'm more ashamed of lady gaga. nothing she does is original…unless i guess dressing like a fucking lunatic counts. all of her music is pop plastic top forty designed for the mass market. anyways, that's all i gotta say. could really care less, and have no idea why i just spent 5 minutes making an 'avatar' or whatever the fuck this commenting system is.

  15. 15

    Wow, you don't even hide your disdain for her since her feud with Gaga, do you?

  16. 16

    she's very serious about this. the illuminati thing real the government controls everything

  17. ash,* says – reply to this


    are you fucking KIDDING me, pigface? it's really quite incredible how transparent you are. How does it smell up there in gaga's asshole?

  18. 18

    This bitch is so full of herself, what an idiot. But just to be clear, there is no such thing as originality in music anymore. Everything is built on past artists work, just like science. And especially not in the vomit enducing pop music world or the fake wannabe gangsa wrap world.

  19. 19

    I like M.I.A !

    Your only problem with her is that she dislikes GaGa.

  20. 20

    M.I.A IS GOD

  21. 21

    Perez, you wouldn't know art if it slapped you in your fat fucking face.

  22. 22

    Re: MadonnaLive – Oh hush. You're clearly a closet Gaga fan. You NEVER miss a post and you're always one of the first 20 to comment. Who are you trying to kid, bb?

  23. 23

    Boohoo MIA said something not so nice about Lady Gaga. Grow up. First it was Christina and now MIA. 2 singers you loved now you hate. Just because MIA has a different opinion about Lady Gaga you dont have to hate on anything she does.
    You are getting annoying.

  24. 24

    Re: MelissaGirl – EVEN THEN…

  25. 25

    loves it.

  26. 26

    at least shes not posing half naked and caling it "art."

  27. 27

    LOL! POOR PEREZ- can't handle anything off a mainstream pop protocol. Any expression or artistic expression that isn't bubble gum that has been shoed up his ass goes strait out the window. Oh well- there's always next life time bb!

  28. 28

    I actually like her. Her stuff is different, creative, and it makes you think.

    Better than that mind numbing crap they regurgitate every year in another different pretty young package. Nah mean?

  29. 29

    Re: MadonnaLive
    hey look at this

    you see that huh? you did'nt?
    here it is again

    still don't get it do you?
    well FIY it means STFU
    another Hater Crushed(referring to you) ;P

  30. 30

    Perez, crawl out of Gaga's twat for five seconds and get some air.

  31. 31

    Perez your website has become a childish, bitchy, imature hate blog, all you do is direct hate at anyone who isnt Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or that nobody.. Travis Garland..

    i await the day that you see the sense and see that a blogger should see all sides of an arguement!
    Yes, you have presented us with MIA's new album cover, and yes, it doesnt hurt to include your opinion, but not in such a bias form..
    i think her album cover is effective in presenting consumerism and the power of the internet, coming from a talented musician.

  32. 32

    Perez couldn't come up with an original thought in his head if someone was holding a gun to it. He's a sycophant (if he knows what that means) that blindly follows the latest pop sensations like a lost little lamb. Any music that isn't 100% pure sugary pop is way over his head, especially if it has a message.

  33. 33

    The only thing that is "lameballs" is a 40-something year old man using that word at your age. You have no creditability when it comes to art and music. I mean you still believe Lady Caca is so original, which pretty much says it all.

  34. 34

    MIA' s music sucks!!!!

  35. 35

    Oh Perez. You are so short-sighted. Arguing for vanity over important issues of free speech? Have you consumed the Hollywood-Superficiality Koolaid too?

  36. 36

    I think its pretty cool….

  37. 37

    If anyone is familiar with the dancehall, reggae, d'n'b scene you would know that MIA herself takes ideas from there. There is no such thing as an artist who doesn't copy from others. MIA is just more discrete and her stuff is INTERNATIONAL JACKING!! If you were from a 3rd world country you'd know that her shit is all taken from somewhere else. ALL OF HER SONGS HAVE SAMPLES!

  38. 38

    Wow you are really obsessed with her now. She must of struck a truthful chord in her tirades against NOSE. Get over her. Plus that album cover is a hell of a lot better than this visually unappealing and somewhat questionable malware content contained here

  39. 39

    Excuse me, Perezito, considering the pretentiousness you harbor on this site rooting from a certain desperately non-conformist hack who refuses to take off her sunglasses for interviews and acts as though you should be thankful if she does, I'd say you'd do best to STFU. Do you know what that means? Shut the fuck up.
    MIA comes from the school of hardknocks and she's hardcore, 100% self-made, your little Gags is a product of a million stylists and an archive of Madonna interviews.

  40. 40

    i like both M.I.A. and lady gaga.
    really hard to find a fan of both on this blog..

  41. 41

    I think its funny how Perez used to really like M.I.A and after she started talking shit on Lady Gaga he pretty much hates her….

  42. 42

    He hates M.I.A. now because she said he precious Gaga was a hack which is the only thing about the whole situation that is truly "lameballs"

  43. garyH says – reply to this


    Get a fuckin life Perez. You hate on this poor girl, but yet envy the likes of the trashy Lady GaGa…translating Lady Disgusting. You do the same to Miley Cyrus. I think you truly believe your friends with these stars, which you're not. You talk trash on your site about them and then get pissed if they trash you. You are a piece of garbage. Like the Real Housewife Caroline says…if it stinks like garbage, it probably is.

  44. 44

    you are annoying as all shit. for someone that copies/pastes articles from huffpost you are conveniently leaving out the recent post of M.I.A leaking tapes from that bogus interview i.e., the journalist coaxing her into ordering truffle french fries, as well as taking her grammy quote grossly out of context. you're just pissy that M.I.A trashes lady gaga.

    you are a shameless self-promoter that tweaks the media to meet your own self interest.

  45. 45

    It's soooooooo funny how you loved her until she started bashing Gaga, and now you hate her. I swear, I feel like this site is run by a bunch of 6th graders.

  46. 46

    You're such a hater… get over yourself fatty…

  47. 47

    Perez, you douchebag. M.I.A. could do no wrong until she trashed Gaga. And Maya's sorta right about her too. Gaga is copying Grace Jones and Madonna. Not that original. MIA is very talented, and a hell of a lot more original and innovative than gaga. Face the effin facts

  48. 48

    that looks like shit.

  49. 49

    What's lame is your fucking made up words. Get a life…oh wait…this is your life.

  50. 50

    Anyone who seriously uses the word "lameballs" should not be allowed to have an opinion on anything.

  51. 51

    M.I.A. is one of the most talented artists of our time. Not only has she walked away with Grammies, and countless awards through numerous esteemed publications- but her music carries depth and soul which is so lacking in music today. While rappers are still singing about popping bottles in clubs and titties, M.I.A is creating music we can sing, dance and THINK to. I'm sorry Perez, I love you but bashing an album cover was pretty weak. If you don't enjoy her music, fine, but it seems a little silly to publicly berate her when she is clearly a very, VERY successful artist. Fail.

  52. 52

    fake *ss beef to sell records and shift your focus to music, BTW isn't the entire music owned by jews, we all know they stick together.

  53. 53

    I love how you used to have such a boner for MIA's music, and then when she called out Gaga (who I also love), you totally switched gears. You are so vacuous and spurious that it's not even funny anymore! It's embarrassing.

  54. Laury says – reply to this


    Okay, now you're just being an ass, Perez. You used to like M.I.A., but now you hate her because she dissed Gaga? Look, I love Gaga too but that's not gonna make me hate M.I.A., yes, she can be a bitch sometimes but there's no denying she's an amazing artist.

  55. 55

    pull your head out of lady gaga's ass, perez. you'll probably be wearing a graphic tee done in this style when it's cool next year.

  56. 56

    The only reason you don't like M.I.A. is because of the whole Gaga thing, and it's so obvious because you never said anything bad about her until her Gaga bashing. At least M.I.A. can design her own artwork, make music videos, write music, and was Gaga BEFORE Gaga. I do like Lady Gaga, but she is unoriginal.

  57. 57

    Take the stick out of your ass Perez.

  58. tjoe says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez? You used to LOVE MIA and just because she bad mouths Lady Gaga you have your haterade out. Could your head be any further up Gaga's ASS??? Get a fucking clue mate.

  59. JCPR says – reply to this


    i like it a lot! its different so stfu perez

  60. 60

    Perez used to love her, but now that she bad-mouthed Gaga he hates her and attempts to rip on her (which doesn't work.)

  61. 61

    LOVE the album cover let me guess PIGGY HILTON doesnt like M.I.A anymore for speaking the TRUTH about precious Lady Gaga? He wants everyone to hate EVERY other female artist but copy cat Lady Gaga. Fuck u fatty go eat a twinky

  62. 62

    Interesting artistic cover.

  63. 63

    Oh shut the fuk up. Her opinions and thoughts on Gaga are all true, the only difference is she has a mind of her own and doesn't follow what the "radio" is saying is revolutionized.
    Your just upset cus she's blasting on gaga.

  64. 64

    fuck you perez!
    she's better than gaga's lame ass!

  65. 65

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – i'll bet ur even fatter. pathetic loser

  66. 66

    i like MIA and like that shes doing what she wants but this gives me a headache

  67. 67

    Alright, first of all… anyone who says, "lameballs" is fucking lame. You're a fucking disgusiting piece of shit, Perez. I hardly ever go on your website because I just see shit like this and it makes me want to throw my laptop out my window. You're so fucking bias. Go suck Lady Gaga's dick. M.I.A. is one of the most talented and original artists out there unlike Lady Gaga who sings about taking a ride on some guy's "disco stick". wtf do you know about art or music. I hope u fucking burn in hell dumb fat fuck. Ur lameballs. Oh, and I love how u used to always praise M.I.A. and ever since she made those comments about Gaga all u do is bash her. And her song she put out the other day "Haters" listen to it again and actually listen to the lyrics. U deserve to be killed Perez. NO ONE FUCKING LIKES U

  68. 68

    I love MIA, I love this cover, it's very clever and in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing. I know that Perez will never read this comment but, I remember watching a recent interview with you Perez, where the fabulous Margaret Cho asked you questions. One of which you answered that you treated everyone equally on your site, and I must say there is nothing equal about this blog. It is unfair to MIA that many of your posts about her have come to be negative, all because of her stating her opinion of Gaga, which I myself do not agree with. They both are extremely talented and beautiful women that in a perfect world, I would love to see collaborate, but we all know that will never happen.

  69. 69

    Re: flora_tink – I'm a huge fan of both! Long before Paper Planes has MIA been my girl!

  70. 70


  71. 71

    stop trying to make her out like shes crazy. she's smart and she knows whatts going on.

  72. 72

    you hate mia cause she talked a little shit about gaga. her music is still bomb. geeet ovaaa ittt geeez

  73. Stepy says – reply to this


    I remember way back when…when you used to pimp her and her FABOOSH music out all over your site….kinda like you do Gaga's and that terrible terrible Travis Garland.

    Wonder how long it will take for you to turn your backs on them, too…..

  74. 74

    Re: itschoyall – awesome! :) me too.
    although i discovered them from a pineapple express trailer lol (paper planes)

  75. 75

    estas pendejo mario… jajaja, sigue asi de pendejo te queda bien. LOL!

    While's she's successful at what she does, you're crying your eyes out and looking more desperate than Linds and your wifey put together with your "american idol" dream… keep dreaming pereza.

  76. 76

    Oh please perez! You're only hating on her because she said some negative things about Gaga. And as much as I like Gaga, MIA has the right to express her opinion. I'm starting to really dislike your website. I cant believe you are negative toward MIA but praise Miley Cyrus REALLY?! I mean come on! Also that whole Christina Aguilera is copying Gaga umm NO! If thats the case then are you gonna call out Gaga for copying Madonna in her new "Alejandro" video I mean it's only fair don't you think?

  77. 77

    Stop being such a dick Perez. So she doesn't like Gaga, who gives a shit. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Seriously Perez, enough already.

  78. balls says – reply to this



  79. 79

    Seriously perez, this is so pathetic. We get the whole insane Gaga obsession, but this is getting ridiculous. Everyone who says one bad word about her gets slammed: 'lameballllzzz'. We get it ok, you love Gaga. You used to love MIA, you used to love Christina. And that just changes because they don't share your obsession with your "wifey"? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Gaga, I think she's cool, but whether you like it or not, MIA had that "different style", the reason you love gaga so much, WAY before Gaga came along. So don't direspect her, just because she stepped on your toes by not liking gaga. You should really get over that, because it's getting a bit to obvious you just can't stand people having a different opinion than yours.

  80. 80

    listen to the tumor expanding and the fattening of the worm.

  81. 81

    Sorry that the only aspect you like in music is visual appeal, Perez, but some people actually like music that provokes thought. M.I.A. is amazing, she actually has strong views and isn't afraid to voice them, and good on her for not being a conformist.

  82. 82

    That looks like what it probably sounds: like shit.

  83. 83

    Perez jesus, get over yourself, people seem to forget that she was raised in Sri Lanka she's allowed to make born free and she's allowed to think the CIA is controlling her.

  84. 84

    mia sucks ass

  85. 85


  86. 86

    She is an amazing artist… thats funny there??????????

  87. 87

    Maya fights for what she believes in, good for her for not letting it go just because whiny bitches like Perez Hilton make a fuss over nothing. Go back to masturbating to Gagaloo. The album cover looks great, I like it better than the other two.