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Listen To This: Take Ya For A Ride!

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Australian brother and sister duo are back with a new album and lead single that is so charming we can't get enough of it.

Big Jet Plane is a sweet, nostalgic song. It reminds us of some of our favorite "alternative" songs that were hits in the '90s but would never get radio airplay today!

Check it out below. And then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Angus and Julia Stone.

31 comments to “Listen To This: Take Ya For A Ride!”

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    Jesus fucking Christ, Mario. Again? You're gonna try to "promote" another artist? Unreal. No one comes to your website so you can push singers on us. We come to your site to see you talk shit on Jen Aniston and for the latest on Lindsay's death watch.

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    God this guy looks like Ashton Kutcher. I thought this was his poster for an upcoming flick of his.

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    Are you sure you don't mean "ASHTON" and julia???? Angus is Ashton Kutcher!!!! Right??

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    I am so unbelievably happy to see them promoted on your page. They are one truly amazing act, and I hope this ecourages everyone to go out and buy their previous records as well as their new one. Impeccable talent.

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    so I want to advertize this gorup and mind my spelling today. but this are one of my many ventures for you enjoy!

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    Ashton's twin!

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    I like the song kind of, maybe I'll have to take a few listens oh and that guy is so pretty, he's so like pretty, sucha pretty boy.

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    I really like this song! Very good! Thanks Perez!!!

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    very cool sound - definitely my kind of music

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    Is that Ashton Kutcher???????

    And yes, GAY AS AIDS!

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    dude has some mayyyjah helmet head….seriously, looks like an army helmet with hair on top

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    IT makes me so sad that perez fucking hilton is where we get our source of modern music, jesus fucking christ WAKE UP PEOPL!

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    angus & juliA stone dumbass.

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    I like the music but his voice is just not the best…

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    this is effing hilarious! catch up US! (never thought I would be saying that) lol. Angus and Julia stone are alternative music royalty in Australia (lucky to be snapped up for most of our festival tours)…not only that but 'alternative' music like theirs is ACTUALLY played on mainstream radio here…in the (*gasp*) ….. TOP 40 charts!!! This is only just a sample of what they produce. Tap into our culture and find out that a radio station called 'Triple J' rules the crossover between commercial/dance/indie music. Perhaps check out some amazing artists like; Josh Pyke, Sia, Sarah Blasko, Brooke Fraser, Missy Higgins, The Beautiful Girls, Whitley, Lior…. just to name a few. Trust me, its a refreshing change from your Adam Lamberts', Biebers' and Keshas'. Wanna know more? Check out: www.abc.net.au/triplej ta

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    this song makes me want to smoke a joint and just chill out…enjoyable

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    Re: tona09 – this, the other artists you mentioned & triple j ARE mainstream…and that's the reason why oz music festivals are so jam packed full of cockheads & yobs WHO AREN'T REALLY THERE FOR THE MUSIC
    thank christ for triple z, valley venues, brisvegas bands BRING BACK LIVID

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    Re: blacklily.of.the.valley – yeah i agree about the live venues. obviously the best source to discover music and get into it. and yes, the festivals do become all about the idiots, drugs and 'gettin loose' rather than the music. just saying that for all those pop babies out there raised on britney, rihanna, gaga (bless her strange soul) etc, whose only source has ever been whats served up on TV or radio….that starting with Triple J, artists' like Angus & Julia can open peoples eyes up to what else is out there……in terms of Australian talent…because *not to brag or anything* but we are pretty awesome.

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    Love the song, just bought the album. Does that dude have a million extra hair follicles or something?

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    ok A of all this handsome stud looks nothing like Doucheton Kutcher. B of all, this is one of the greatest songs i've heard in a while amidst all this kesha bullshiz. thanks for exposing it perezzy

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    i love it!
    especially the cello in the background.
    i always loved the cello.
    and i love folk music. so hippy.

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    so bloody talented. I

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    Re: tona09 – ditto to everything - you said it perfectly. the world should know more about these fabulous artists

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    Re: tona09 – thanks for that link.

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    I LOVE Angus and Julia Stone. saw them supporting Newton Faulkner a couple years ago, and have been hooked ever since. saw them on their tour in the Uk last year also absolutely love them.
    Finally plugging some decent music there perez lol. x

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    I love them SO much, saw them live & they were beautiful. One of the best Australian artists right now.

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    they are amazing live. Julia's stage presence pays tribute to stevie nicks. such beautiful music. i think angus sings best in the song- Just a boy

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    Pretty sure Angus Is Top Meat And He Is Some FINEEEEE MEAT!! Yumm Yumm, And His Voice Is Beautiful

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    these two are amazing. I have been following and listening to their music for awhile. promote them more perez! they deserve to me more known!