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Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!

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Oh, Slutty Cyrus. You're going to be 18 in November. So this is totally acceptable now! Ha

Watch (above) MileyBird's girl-on-girl action during her performance of Can't Be Tamed on Britain's Got Talent Thursday night!

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379 comments to “Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!”

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  1. 1

    What an attention whore…

  2. 2


  3. 3

    way to exaggerate, perez…

  4. 4

    christian virgin my ass

  5. 5

    She fucking sucks. I don't get it. Look at the clunky way she walks down the stairs and moves…. What a lame-o. Dumb bitch, who cares if she's only 17. She's a shithead.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    The good thing is that it was not a horrible perfomance!

  8. 8

    Ugh she's getting desperate for attention.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Uh, She Didn't Kiss her
    you can tell
    she came close though

  11. 11

    she has fucking problems……

  12. 12

    At least Britney knows when to lip sync….

  13. 13

    Even more startling she came out of the closet as a hunchback! Go Mileymodo!

  14. 14


  15. clo27 says – reply to this


    get your own identity. you'll NEVER be britney.

  16. Rosh says – reply to this


    Why do videos uploaded on your player always take forever to load?

  17. 17

    horrible song, horrendous singer, ugly slutty outfit….and a fugly slut inside it. she is trying way to hard, put back on your blonde wig honey cuz you have no future with this stupid "edgy" bullshit. you're not hott….so do us all a favor, and stop trying.

  18. 18

    Way to exaggerate the fact that there was any 'girl on girl' action going on. Your just jealous because people actually think that she has talent and your fuck buddy Travis Garland is going nowhere with his career.

  19. 19

    WHAT THE FUCK IS HER PROBLEM! SHE'S GOING FUCKING CRAZY! Miley, clam your self fucking down!!!!!

  20. 20

    she's obviously a slut

  21. 21

    …barely, perez..

  22. 22

    i'm not sure she really kissed her, it looked like she was trying to give off that impression but didn't.

    and she's been "pullin britneys" for a while now

    and i really don't know why she's putting so much effort into singing those low unimpressive notes….don't make a face like you're straining to get a note out when it's not even that serious

  23. 23

    Oh wow, she is trying WAY too hard. This is verging on pathetic…oh wait, no…it`s there already…

  24. 24

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOO ROFLMAO ….. that was what? girl on girl action? AAAHAHAHAA… looked like carrion pecking at roadkill…. nooooooooo

  25. 25

    how many people are gonna complain about this as they did with adam lambert? i predict a lot less

  26. 26

    That choreography was bad. Did anyone notice how when she said "Tamed" she just lifts up? It looked so weird…and when she went down the stairs, it's like she had a difficult time doing it. Stop trying so hard, Miley. People would take her more seriously if she actually lived up her own age.

  27. 27

    Well, at least she didn't grab any girls by the scruffs of their necks and force them down on her crotch area. I think she saves that for Billy Ray.

  28. 28

    get it miley work it girl

  29. 29

    SO this is what ABC blocked on Dancing with the Stars ???

  30. 30

    You can totally tell that she didnt actually kiss her.
    Wow people are haterz.

  31. 31

    I love how shes trying to act like gaga now too. She just keeps following one celebrity after another… come up with your own swagga miley, instead of copying everyones.

  32. 32

    she made it look like that but it didnt happen !

    plus she did an amazing job ! way much better live then the DWTS one !

    go miley ! love ya !!

  33. 33

    .. is she actually able to walk in those heels? She appears rather.. stompy. And not in a glitz kind of way.

  34. 34

    haha perez she didn't even kiss her! totally fake.

  35. 35

    I liked it!!

  36. 36

    Totally acceptable now?? It's britain not the USA. Britain and most of the free world is alot more evolved then the US. I thought you would have known this by now Perez. BTW, she's awful!! And has the A** of a 40yr old.

  37. 37

    she tries too hard …………..your not Britney

  38. 38

    omg way to exaggerate i swear she was gonna actually pull a britney…well at least u kno how to grab ppl's attention….

  39. 39

    Lol. Totally saw this coming.

  40. 40

    um, what exactly was slutty about that you fat fuck? Her singing was fine, she was looking pretty cute actually..

  41. 41

    don't you ever get tired of picking on Miley. I mean seriously, it's getting old Perez.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Re: iluvrob89 – Agreeeeed!

  44. 44

    She never seems to know what to do with her legs. She's got a pretty physique, but she comes across as physically awkward many times. She needs to grow into her body some more. The kiss was weird. WHY? Why through that in for no real purpose? For shock? It wasn't shocking, it was yet one more awkward thing Miley has done. The song is great, but doesn't translate to live performances well because it has too many syllabals going on. Oh well, not the best not the worst.

  45. 45

    i dont c what people r saying is so spectacular and amazing about this performance. it was a typical pop performance. big posing entrancing a "sexy" strut toward center stage, choreographed dancing and basically just prancing around stage while trying to look super sexy and flirting witht he back up dancers. I seen it all before.. I want my money back!!!! tehehe (high school never ends)

  46. 46

    It wasn't really that bad. I've heard worse from other "singers". Perez, why are you always comparing women to each other? I don't understand the purpose. No one in pop music is original, so stop trying to start shit.

  47. 47

    The song is crappy, but her performance wasn't bad.

  48. 48

    It's too bad she doesn't lip sync

  49. 49

    This performance is wrong on so many levels…I don't even know where to begin!

  50. 50

    Re: trixieeeheyy – mte, she's not sexy. She can try all she wants, but she just isnt. She's trying too hard and it reminds alot of people of Britney, except she could pull it off.

  51. 51

    please stop giving this horrible person attention

  52. 52

    Re: BubbledIce – I don't think she can walk in those heels. She came down the stairs awkwardly and then her circle around the judges was very awkward too, you can see her watching the ground like she might fall.

  53. 53

    This girl will run into problems down the road.. she obviously has great parenting skills.. I know my parents wouldn't let me wear shit like that when I was 17..

  54. cbnh3 says – reply to this


    she moves so choppy. and whats with the dumb kicks?

  55. 55

    man i know she wants to grow up but she needs to slow down. Im not into the edgy stuff she's portraying now. anyone else notice she's always wearing black now? also you exaggerated that perez

  56. 56

    I apparently missed it… I don't get why a girl kissing another girl is such a big deal on a site that is all about supporting being gay and being open about it.

    If she did kiss a girl it would hardly be the reason I would think she is slutty and an attention whore. The fact she does a pole dance in her new vid (when she is not even 18), the lap dance she gave to the older man, all that stuff is what makes me dislike her. Kissing another chick *shrugs* who cares that's small beans in comparison to what she's been doing.

    Make out with all the chicks you want Miley just calm the rest of it down BIG TIME is scares the crap out of me that the younger females in my family grew up looking up to her for Hannah Montana and bam 17 and she's pole dancing and giving lap dances. I would rather those same girls look up to a chick that makes out with other girls every once in awhile then a chick that is a complete slut if I had to take my pick (I'd really rather neither but that's never going to happen) so if she pulls back her rebelling to random acts of lesbian kissing then fine go for it

  57. 57

    LMAO she is a horrible performer. When she tries to kick her leg up in the beginning of the performance? Brilliant.

  58. 58

    So awkward. You can tell she's trying so hard.

  59. 59

    Vocally she sounded much better
    Perez you exagerate
    "girl on girl" Wtf.
    i get she's trying to pull out of her disneyness but i think she should calm down just a bit
    i don't think she's a slut
    slut is a person who has 10 boyfriends and sleeps with tons of guys

  60. 60

    wow she didnt even kiss her wtf perez

  61. 61

    ok… so i'm missing the part in this clip where there is "girl-on-girl" action… All the guys who call her a slut all know that they secretly love it… so they all need to shut it… but Perez, i love anything u say so go ahead

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Complete exaggeration.

    She's trying way to hard to distance herself from Hannah Montana.

  64. 64

    yawn. Britney did it ALL first and better. She can't move sexy, that's the problem. She looks like she needs to take a dump.

  65. 65

    perez… really? i mean i love you more than my own mother. but you totally over exaggerated. the heels and the get up was a bit much.. but i can see what she was going for. like… when you said girl on girl.. i thought miley would be shoving her tongue down some chicks throat. she didnt even kiss her. even if she did.. you're gay. shouldnt you be supporting this kinda stuff instead of ripping on someone for it? talk about the pot calling the kettle black..

  66. SpEd says – reply to this


    Listen, I love you Perez and I come here for all of my "HOLLYWOOD" smut, but AT LEAST SHE IS SINGING LIVE! I love BRIT BRIT just as much as another gay, but the betch lip sync's! MILEY do your damn thing girl!!!!

  67. 67

    that was terrible. she cant sing. or dance. or move.
    why is she famous, again?

  68. 68

    You don't need to be 18 to pretend kiss girls in England. I don't know why you have to bring up her becoming "legal" in American terms. Has nothing to do with it at all.

  69. 69

    Miley strikes me as cute, not sexy. She comes across as trying too hard. The difference between her and Britney is Britney can pull sexy off. Miley can't.
    I like her, and I love the song, but her performance was just awkward. It didn't even look like she was kissing the female singer, she looked like a bird pecking at crumbs. It just looked stupid for lack of better words.
    I know she's trying to break free from the Hannah Montana image, but she is trying way, way, too hard. She looks uncomfortable and it's uncomfortable to watch. That's all I gotta say.

  70. 70

    Oh, at least she was singing live. Gotta give her credit for that.

  71. 71

    Re: ShoeWhore – lmfao. i like you.

  72. 72

    That's not a kiss…….

  73. 73

    Way to exaggerate! By the way this was an amazing performance. mileykeeps getting better.

  74. SeeMe says – reply to this



    Song is annoying as is the little girl jumping up and down saying "look at me".

  75. 75

    well at least she actually sings, something Britney hasn't done for years. I know she's not quite 18 yet, but I must say she has the beginnings of some great legs. I still don't think the song is that bad, but she needs to ditch the microphone and get a headset mic if she's going to try to sing and dance at the same time.

    as for the so-called "girl on girl" thing, I barely noticed. besides, who cares - everybody does it nowdays.

  76. 76

    I gotta remember to make my 10 year old cousin stop watching Hannah Montana. Only if Miley was a better performer… only if. Well, that's life: some get major parts in London Opera and some go to cabarets. Miley obviously got the second. YAY for her. (maybe not)

  77. 77

    This is pathetic. The jerky dance moves, the random kiss, and that god awful voice. I can't believe she actually gets up there with THAT on and makes a fool of herself.

  78. 78

    wow. that was a horrid performance.

  79. 79

    at least if she pulled a brit, i'd have some respect 4 her 4 having the balls not 2 care about what people said about her, but this is just stupid n fake. if ur gunna do it do it, dont be a fake

  80. 80

    not only is it slutty but she has all these little kids on disney channel that are 9 and 10 looking up to her every move.

  81. sav says – reply to this


    That was so not like Britney. Britney knows when to lip sync. Miley should have just lip synced that one.

  82. 82

    that was the stupidest performance I have ever witnessed. Her voice makes my ears bleed

  83. 83

    …well it looked like a cross between her gobbling, humping and pecking that dancers face…weird…anyways- i'm no miley fan by anymeans, but you can't call her slutty b/c she's wearing skimpy clothing and dancing suggestively-it comes with the business- pop business that is…that kiss though…..that was a little weird….

  84. 84

    she's no britney, she looks like a creepy monster- and i didn't see any girl-on-girl action.

  85. 85

    omg this girl tries SO hard, it's pretty sad.

  86. 86

    Good lord… can this hillbilly skank just go away already.
    Whoever keeps telling her she's hot needs to be shot in the face.

  87. 87

    Re: iluvrob89 – oh Honey if you think Miley has talent you must be hiding in a closer. Girl can not sing and her dance skills are debatable.

  88. 88

    omfg she doesn't know how to use her body =/ now I feel bad for her. Poor girl.

  89. 89

    Hm… so Adam Lambert can do it, and you're totally up for it but when it's a female you call her slutty..? It just goes to show how homophobic people REALLY are. (In Perez's case he's just hypocritical and sexist) But I like how people are bashing her when she kisses a girl, but if she kisses her boyfriend it's just a normal day.

  90. iCR says – reply to this


    Didn't Dakota Fanning kiss Kristen Stewart in The Runaways? I didn't saw you complaining, and she's younger.

  91. 91

    ps. why does she keep flailing up her legs? it looks a little awkward

  92. 92

    poor Miley she try to be Britney.

  93. 93

    NO more Perez. It's one big billboard. No longer authentic.

  94. 94

    um i dont think she was trying to make it like she was kissing her. more like EATING her or some weird shit.
    and why is she SCREAMING into the mic? even i could fucking do that.

  95. 95

    It's kinda shocking, but the thing is in the UK your considered an adult at 16.

  96. 96

    Why can't someone just do their on thing and not be compared ALL the time. . .

    In 2010, NO music is new. . .just new versions. . .so just enjoy the songs, realize it's not rocekt science, and that no one is curing cancer up there. . .and STOP holding people to such standards, when you don't apply them to your "wifey". . .or to your new Travis man. . .

    They are JUST songs, and entertainment. . .get what is important in life and move on!

  97. 97

    Lol. Geez. Could people be any more uptight? Are your lives so pathetic that you have to bash a 17 year old girl for a performance? The outfit is a COSTUME. You people act like she walks down the street like that.
    Anyway, she didn't even kiss the girl. lol

  98. 98

    it looks like she's throwing up in that girls mouth or something….so gross…

  99. 99

    she obviously CAN be tamed, or she wouldn't pretend to kiss a girl. She's a retard. and her singing is horrible to hear.

  100. 100

    Re: JessikaNikole – oh honey your jealousy is pathetic there is no denying Miley can sing you can stop now. MILEY FTW

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