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Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!

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Oh, Slutty Cyrus. You're going to be 18 in November. So this is totally acceptable now! Ha

Watch (above) MileyBird's girl-on-girl action during her performance of Can't Be Tamed on Britain's Got Talent Thursday night!

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379 comments to “Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!”

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  1. 101

    my oh my…all the comments on this page are full of jeleousy LOL
    you people are stupid just saying….:D

    you give bad name to hollywood im sure 90 % of you are 10 year old sluts

  2. VGirl says – reply to this


    UGH the old trick to get attention…. I find it so funny that she recently said that she can act like crazy cuz when we are young and in our 20s we all do crazy things….Exactly! Miley is not even 18. E! had an special when psychologists talked about how Britney might be suffering the consequences of being pushed to be so sexy so young. If I remember correctly Britney was already 18 when she really started to be so sexy. Miley was in questionable photoshoots when she was like 15 so….I guess is safe to safe that we should be worry about her

  3. 103

    That was pitiful.

  4. 104

    hmm seems to me like she wanted it to look like kissing so yeah thats just as bad. she sucks at singing period. How is she even in the media? To be honest she isnt even that attractive? Purity ring? mmmmkay Good Singer? mmmmkay we'll go with that….

  5. 105

    Some of you think she has talent? If you actually listen to some of her music, she never sounds the same on the songs, because her voice is so computerized! She is trying way to hard to distance herself from her Hannah Montana character she looks like a complete idiot.

  6. 106

    Didn't she use to date Selena Gomez? She was Selena's first girlfriend.

  7. 107

    Re: BritneyLand – Don't complain about jealousy when you are the one calling people 10 year old sluts for no reason. "You give bad name to hollywood" ….. Huh?

  8. 108

    i wasnt that bad
    i thought the thing with being gay is not wanting to make a big deal out of it
    atleast that the case with me.
    everyone knows shes bi
    atleast everyone knows now.

    it was good. (the performance)

  9. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: Melanopterus – I think the problem is not the kiss because you're right if someone is gay then it would be normal…but please….just for the shock value??? that trick is getting old and I just think is dumbs when you can tell it is just because of that and looks so desperate and so out of place…

  10. 110

    Good god that was horrible. You can tell they tried to cut out a lot of sluttiness in the performance. She is deff not sexy in any form of the word, what a desperate hoe with her ass hanging out like that. GROSS

  11. 111

    SHE'S A FUCKING BIRD MORON! She's mimicking the way bird's feed their young. duh!

  12. 112

    Someone has quite the Joan Jett influence going on. Singing Joan's songs, wearing the same shirt as Joan, and kissing girls now. Maybe she saw The Runaways with Kristen Stewart n Dakota Fanning and has decided to copy it.

  13. odile says – reply to this


    big fucking deal.

  14. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: PinkXplosion – I agree….Britney looked natural and u wouldn't think of it as offensive, this girl IS trying to hard

  15. 115

    And why is it when people comment on how when someone doesn't like a singer, Actress, whatever its because their jealous? That is seriously the most immature thing to say. Its on almost EVERY single page of EVERY gossip site….

  16. 116

    Re: yeahhhhh – Mmmkay you're a retard. Mmmkay you should go fuck yourself. Mmmkay?? Mmmkayyy.

  17. 117


  18. 118

    huh, i never saw her perform before. She's not very good.

  19. 119

    someone is trying to pull off something she KNOWS she cant!

  20. 120

    U ppl are just jealous she sounded great and is MUCH better than gaga, rihanna etc

  21. 121

    Poor Miley - she's trying so hard, but she really isn't in control, or hasn't grown into her body, and she looks like a teeny bopper trying to be an adult, but she sounds like a 4 pack a day smoker. the voice and body don't go together. she looks more like she's playing trick or treat with her costumes, but she handles her body like she's still learning motor skills. so sad.

  22. 122

    Oh my God, even if she didnt kiss her…. i ever see my SEVENTEEN year old daughter doing that or wearing that…..

  23. 123

    Mark My Words…..She won't be around 2 years from now…Really, a NO-TALENT, FUGLY CHIPMUNK HILLBILLY….

  24. 124

    Re: VGirl – actually she never said she can be crazy she said everybody makes mistakes and does stuff they regret when they are younger. And that has nothing ot do with a performance she did. She is a pop star get the straight.

  25. 125

    Brit Brit was the same age when Baby One more time came around.

    But you loveeeeddddd that, didnt u Perez?

    Double standard much?

    btw at least Miley's song is ABOUT song. Baby one more time is like a hookup anthem. Miley's song is about being true to yourself in relationships.

  26. 126




    That shit's been done to death. Nothing pioneering, rebellious, or even edgy.


    Just more contemporary pedestrian, lame garbage.


  27. 127

    this seems like some crappy adam lambert reject song and dance

  28. 128

    Her B.O. on stage MUST have been horendous !

  29. 129

    This isn't necessarily slutty, but she has to remember no matter how much she tries to break away from Hannah Montana,she will ALWAYS be Hannah Montana. Go to a playground… I guarantee at least one girl will have a shirt with her face on it. Growing up is not synonymous with acting like a tramp. Also, Miley used to brag about how she had a purity ring and was a huge Christian. You can't play both personas.

  30. 130


  31. 131

    I really truly cannot stand her! I would kill to be as famous as her and be a little bit more positive. INSTEAD OF A SLUT!

  32. 132

    Re: Be-Atch – you haters have been saying that for five years now and shes still on top now shes just getting more popular and mainstream ;)

  33. 133

    Her father says tomorrow in a statement, "I am mad. I dont know why she didnt just go for it. She must share the tongue god gave her. Its only right."

  34. 134

    shes so young shes shouldnt be doing this she should think stradegy and do the taylor swift route, she cant pull this off. i need to be a talent agent or something.

  35. 135

    aie it looked like she was trying to bring up vomitus into that chicks mouth.. like a mama bird feeding her babies.. ah well. It's a little strange hearing her sing such a popish song because you still hear the country in her.

  36. 136

    That performance was fucking fierce! BTW,Mario…She didn't kiss her. You fat lard! >:|

    P.S Miley is much better than Britney. ;]

  37. 137

    I'm so sick of the pseudo-lesbianism today's pop tartlets do in an attempt to be cutting edge. Please get some new ideas!!!

  38. 138

    You know what? I am, actually, starting to like her. She's actually singing (unlike Brit-Brit). She actually very talented (unlike Brit-Brit). She can sing. She's got a great voice. What have you done, lately, Perez? Oh…That's right. Gossip about people. And you got rich off of that. The world is a mighty fucked up place…Thank the lord I'm not bringing children into this mess…

  39. 139

    she did the same thing on DWTS but they edited it out and at least she sings live…plus I've seen younger girls running around in two piece swimsuits that don't need to be wearing them…so everyone needs to chill out…how would you all like for someone to call your sister or female relative a slut, whore or bitch

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    She looks like some big, tall leggy bird from a Mad Max movie. Interesting.

  41. 141

    aww wtf it wont work for me now!!! ughh!

  42. 142

    Re: OppaNuna – Thier in their 20's. She's 17. Britney spears was called a slut for years, dont know where you were. Lady Gaga gets away with it because shes bi. Read a book.

  43. 143

    She's trying to be GagGag and Lindsay at the same time.
    She will never be as amazing as Lindsay.

    Hannah Montana is just a teeny bopper bitch who's copying the greats who went before her.

  44. 144

    Doesn't anyone realize she's trying to emulate GaGa, not Britney.

  45. 145

    damn she is just tryin soooooo hard to not be seen as the disney kid.thats kinda sad and pathetic.she's goin a little too far

  46. 146

    She's never bothered me with her risque antics…. BUT I just wanna say perez that as always, you are such a fucking hypocrite. So it's okay because it's girl on girl right? If it was a guy, you'd be like, "SLUT! You're only 17 omg." I felt her performance was a little bit contrived… she shouldn't do the bird thing every time; mix it up

  47. 147

    Thank you for calling her Slutty Cyrus again. Its who she is and always will be… a slut

  48. 148

    lmaoo shes is like STRUGGLING to sing. it really sounds horrible. and i like keshas voice. that was just annoying to listen to. damn

  49. 149

    This bitch will NEVER hold a candle to Britney Spears, Britney had a unbelievable banging body and she had a beautiful face. I am sorry, Miley is 'cute' but when i see her she reminds me of her father Billy ray. They have a huge round face with buckey beaver cheeks. Plus her body is tall, lanky and awkward. I am just hoping this girl goes away because she bugs the hell out of me.

  50. 150

    buckteeth people have to try harder. fact of life

  51. byho says – reply to this


    Not original!!!

  52. 6one9 says – reply to this


    That was SOOOOOOOOOOO not a kiss “ dumb `ass. I watched it “ 3 times.

  53. 153

    I hate how people say shes trying to be Gaga Britney etc news flash shes being a popstar. Every popstar is like this so im guessing they all copy each other?NO its the industry get over it. BTW this performance was fierce!

  54. 154

    Well at least she isn't really kissing BUT i dont like that she's dressing like that. and her singing isn't all that great.

  55. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: fan4lyf – I know it was not eaxactly what she said and it was before this….my point was that she mentioned people "being in their 20s" everybody makes mistakes…..like an excuse….and she's not even 20

  56. 156

    serisouly miley didnt even kiss her, so stfu.

    and perez ur just jealous bc ur not miley and u wish u had her money and fame. ur nothing but a old washed up blogger..so fuck u.

    xo love ya bye!

    and its not slutty cyrus its "slutty selena" get that shit right.

  57. 157

    There was zero girl on girl action in this you douchebag. Everyone blows everythign out of proportion when it comes to miley. Especially perez. I don'y even know why i read this shitty blog anymore.

  58. 158

    lol I don't HATE her but I also don't exactly favor her either. But seriously, she just looks down right awkward during this whole performance.

  59. 159

    I think the main problem with you lot is that no one takes your complaints seriously because your all spelling like third graders and are frankly making no sense…on that note I personally think Miley Cyrus is trying so hard its really difficult to discern whether she has talent or not. Maybe if she calmed the hell down and cooled it with the whole "oh man look at me I'm so edgy!" schtick, someone out there would take her seriously.

  60. 160

    Isn't she supposed to be a good little Christian?
    She can't sing or dance. She should go to school and get a fucking job.

  61. 161

    Oh my goodness. Hahahahaha. What a nasty slut. I was actually talking to my best friend yesterday and we were hoping for some more Miley crazy. I hate her, but all of her antics are oh so entertaining!

  62. 162

    wow…that was about as hot as watchin my grandparents kiss. obviously mommy & daddy put her up to it, she IS their cash cow since daddy isn't worth a shit to the industry anymore…

  63. 163


  64. 164


  65. 165

    oh god. she doesnt even know how to be sexy, i feel shes like trying so hard to be some teen hot sex symbol and just go with it but shes not like htat.. shes such a brat.. and she doesnt even know how to lift her legs itlooks funny.. jaja shes not sexy at all

  66. 166

    this would be PERFECTLY ok….if she wasn't the idol of my 7 yr old sister in her hannah montana days!!!! but she's too kewl to think about that probably…BARF

  67. 167

    super lame….i never thought in my life i would say this, but britney rocked in her hey day. miley is a sad, poor imitation…and who thinks its okay that her parents are pimping out her sorry sixteen year old self? its just sad…have they learned nothing from lilo?

  68. 168

    She's such a wanna be Adam Lambert!!

  69. 169

    She sounds AWFUL live.
    She needs a new HAIRDRESSER, for fuck's sakes.
    That outfit…costume?… is HORRIBLE. It makes her body too short from waist up.
    She needs a butt work, also.

    I wouldn't spend two cents on that mess. Eeww!

  70. 170

    that was just a little pec

  71. 171

    Re: Brides – Her singing was NOT fine at all, my dear.

  72. 172

    YOU ARE ALL STUPID!! She is clearly mimicking a bird feeding her young. Besides Miley has been kissing and licking girls since forever. google it!

  73. 173

    She's trying way too hard to be an adult. What's so wrong with being young?

  74. 174

    Re: oohlalauraa – i know! shes making herself look like a complete fooool. haha

  75. 175

    i can't stand this progressing slut.

  76. 176

    I can't stand this girl! I wish she would go away! Unfortunately I know she's not going anywhere. She is the most annoying fugly slut ever. Where's your purity ring now Miley? Hypocrite

  77. 177


  78. 178

    Re: lameballs – you sound like an ignorant fool just because Mileys putting on a performance for a show doesnot mean shes not a virgin. Worry about your own life.

  79. 179

    Ugh a singing chipmunk. Gawd is she vile.

  80. 180

    Duh Perez its Christina Aguilera that's doing the Lesbian thing right now anyway…

  81. 181

    oh barf. When will people stop paying attention to that hillbilly skank?

  82. 182

    Re: sweetreat2 – considering Miley has way more talent than Kesha andd Britney combined your comment is invalid…

  83. 183

    what?? "If I see my reflectiona bout my intentions
    I'll tell ya I'm not here to sell ya
    Or tell ya to get to hell
    I'm like a puzzle but all of my pieces are jagged
    If you can understand this, we can make some magic
    I'm on like that..
    I wanna fly I wanna drive I wanna go
    ..I wanna be a part of something I don't know
    And if you try to hold me back I might explode
    Baby by now you should know
    I'm not a trick you play, I ride a different way
    I'm not a mistake, I'm not a fake, It's set in my DNA

    –SPOTTED: Another illuminati slut on her way to magic.

  84. 184

    o 1 more thing she sings like a fukin cow geting ran over! i have a head ach because this shit some people call music

  85. 185

    Wow she did great, she was AMAZING!!! best ever performance live from Miley!!

  86. 186

    there was no kiss.

    if she was dressed better and more appropriate. i think the lyrics would have better meaning. i mean clearly she's trying to be provocative and britney liked. personally, i don't like performance or her style now.

  87. 187

    Yay, Miley. You go girl! All the ppl here hating r just jealous! You did gr8t.

  88. 188

    and she actually is a good singer.

  89. 189


  90. 190

    at least shes really singing.

  91. 191

    that wasn't a real kiss people she was pretending to kiss her. why don't you see it more closely and even if she did kiss her so what it's a fucking performance HELLO.

  92. 192

    Her "singing" (if thats what you want to call it) sucked! I can see the she's trying to break away from what ever one sees her as. BUT ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. She Is going to been on one of those terrible day time soap operas if she's lucky. She isn't good and she will never be in my book. Which is kind of comical because so many people love her right now which is bizarre to me.


  93. 193

    gosh stop trying to bring her down so much! the girl rocked that thing, at least she can sing live! and there was no girl on girl action. stupid.

  94. 194

    Its not real look at it in full screen she just breathing on her and the girl is lifting up so milez is trying to stay away from her so she goes up

  95. LiaLo says – reply to this


    I honestly don't have a problem with her as an artist. Not my taste but to each their own. Personally speaking, I can't tell the difference between most female popstars music on the radio anymore. All their voices have been altered so much mixed with heavy dance beats it is hard to tell who is who.

    Now as for people comparing Miley to Lady Gaga or Britney Spears, you folks have aged me quite a bit. For all the 90 babies, look up Madonna, that is where Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have got a lot of their pop ideas from. Their music, crazy costumes and sex appeal all stem from Madonna.

    That being said I think the only thing that does upset me about Miley is how quickly she went from being a kidstar to a popstar. She changed herself from being a kid to an adult almost over night. There are a lot of young girls still who look up to her, and the way she is portraying herself at 17 is kind of disturbing. It isn't the body suit by itself, it is the whole production. The song/lyrics, dance moves, costumes ect. Her music went from singing about having a crush to being sexually charged. There was no inbetween.

  96. LiaLo says – reply to this


    To be perfectly honest I was kind of hoping she would break the "Disney star" stereotype and continue to be a good role model for young girls. I'm a slave for you…. Dirrrty? I know people like these women but they are sellouts. The music they sing isn't theirs. Most of them don't even sing on stage they mouth the words.

    I think the thing that bothers me the most is the size of most of these women. They constantly are watching their weight, on diets and have strict workout routines. I understand they are entertainers and looking good is part of it but they are just as much role models as they are singers. Young girls want to be like the person they ldolize, and most idols aren't even considered "healthy" by doctors standards. You wonder why so many girls have eating disorders now adays? Come on Miley there are popstars out there that don't sell their music souls to the devil, maybe try talking to Kelly Clarkson for some good advice.

  97. 197

    shes not that bad i think shes cute. shes moving on from the disney thing but she just needs to change a couple of things.. and i was expecting something more raunchyy hehe

  98. 198

    That was a really bad choreographed "kiss" move that was so fake. Bad song too.

  99. 199

    does anyone honestly think she has any talent? She can't sing or act, Last resort Reality show.

  100. 200

    it was only a matter of time…

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