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Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!

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Oh, Slutty Cyrus. You're going to be 18 in November. So this is totally acceptable now! Ha

Watch (above) MileyBird's girl-on-girl action during her performance of Can't Be Tamed on Britain's Got Talent Thursday night!

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379 comments to “Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!”

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  1. 201

    Re: celebluvr67 – Thats why everything she does goes #1 so try again…

  2. 202

    This was a good perfprmance, who cares if she did or did not kiss anyone. There is enough of any one music genre for anyone who wants to get a peice. Britney isint the only one! People want to see more than just one entertainer. Someone is a kiss ass!

  3. 203

    If you look at Britney back then she was clearly a sex symbol with her great body. Miley on the other hand looks like a little desperate girl that got into her mother's closet and smoked a lot of cigs. Seriously whats wrong with her fucking voice? Ewww its just getting worse or maybe the song makes it worst.

  4. 204

    There are a few things about Miley that I don't like however, the girl has a great voice and is a wonderful entertainer. Brit can't hold a candle to Miley as far as singing - Britney is a bonifide LIP-SYNC-ER and that is a total rip off for anyone who pays to see her in concert. LIP-SYNC-ING is not cool….

  5. Maedy says – reply to this


    such a slutty little whore…
    i feel so sorry for her parents.

  6. 206

    Can't belive how much she has change its sad

  7. 207

    ohhhh my god she does not have a neck that was sooooo painful sorry she is just so horrible

  8. 208

    The kiss looks super-fake and hesitant — I don't think Ms. Miley was really into it.

  9. 209

    I hate her…..sooooo much! She is no brittney!

  10. 210

    Did I really just watch this?!?

  11. 211

    Her thighs kinda look fat…..not saying mine are perfect….but if you ain't rocking shorts or a skirt to perform internationally you best have some toned legs.

  12. 212

    Hmm. I'm not saying the girl can't sing - but she sure at h*ll isn't singing much during this performance. I think it's safe to say she is lip syncing. badly.

  13. 213

    Re: thepegisin – LOL my thoughts exactly!!

  14. 214

    I love the direction she's going. Stop fucking hating y'all. You'd be shitting bricks to have the opportunities she has.
    Go Miley!

  15. 215

    im so confused might be because im so drunk but me and some guys were talking and miley is so fuckable lmao.

    Compare her to any girl in your high school.
    You'd fuck her.
    And im sure shes down to fuck too.
    We only beak her cause shes way richer, prettier, skinnier, popular then any of us so fuck it whats the point in pointing out her flaws to matter what, shes a celeb so fuck it.

  16. 216

    Seriously can you imagine how bad the judges were cringing at this performance?? Ugh sorry but Miley has no talent in singing..she needs to stick to her Disney acting lol

  17. 217

    She will fall to the curb any day now. No real talent. Just a wanna be from the Disney factory.

  18. 218

    lol… this chick is burning herself faster than the speed of light. Same old slutty bs as the other pop singers before her…

  19. 219

    She needs to hire some one who can teach her to dance in high heels because she looks so damn awkward the 2 times i have seen her dance in high heels. What the hell is wrong with flats anyway?

  20. 220

    she didn't pull a britney.
    she barely kissed that girl.
    which PROVES she's REALLY not into girls

    and ps: she's a TERRIBLE singer.
    esp at the part "i'm not here to SELL ya!"

    Re: brobsoie – agreed
    Re: FUCKING IDIOT – agreed
    Re: AyeeMaryloou – agreed

  21. 221

    A lot of that was really awkward and try-hard. What was with the fake making out? And her stomping behind the judges for no reason? You can tell she really wants to be sexy and a really awesome performer, but she just doesn't have it.

  22. 222

    She doesn't look mature enough to carry off such a look and music style. At least Britney Spears and Christina, looked "sexually" mature enough at 17/18 even if people had a problem with it, they pulled it off.
    Miley looks like she's dressed for a high school Halloween party.

  23. 223

    Her attempt to make this transition just comes off as desperate.
    That being said, she didn't really kiss the girl.

  24. Genn says – reply to this


    i will say one positive thing: her legs are INSANE

  25. 225

    Please put some pants on.
    oh and lol at her not knowing how to walk in them heels.

  26. 226

    I want to say something mean and snarky but I just can't. Bitch belted it out and looked good doing it. *slow clap*

  27. 227

    ahahah so bad.

  28. 228

    I'm soo sick and tired of ppl calling girls SLUTS from left to right! She's not a slut and I think she has the right to do whatever she wants! She didn't even kiss the girl and if she did - who cares???? She's just fallowing the code in Hollywod, whcih is that its COOL to be bi these days

  29. 229

    shes not that good a performer. And shes not that hot

  30. Evil says – reply to this


    Wow…. Girl has absolutley NO rythm in her body. That was so lame and unsexy as it could ever be. Poor girl trying to be someone shes not. Go back to the playground baby cuz u still look like a drunken virgins first night out.

  31. 231


  32. 232

    How in the living hell is this girl beyond rich and famous? She's fugly and shes a horrible single..Like all of these kids are horrible at singing..WHY?

  33. 233

    she cant fucking sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just had to get that one out

  34. 234

    why the hell this new artists wants to hard to be like madonna. madonna was really smart. shes a genious. miley,gaga bla bla all fake. unnatural. at least madonna was always natural. spontanious. genuine. this new generation sucks

  35. 235

    WOW! thanks perez my ears are bleeding now. that was just horrible all the way around nothing good about it.

  36. 236

    …..I don't get this. What was she even DOING? was that even kissing and if not…thats just even WEIRDER. bad singing, weird dancing…

  37. 237

    Re: iluvrob89

    lmao you must be some 12 year old to make a stupid fucking comment like that. Miley is better then britney?? wtf did you grow up?i cant believe you said that.

    Perez does need to stop comparing her to britney…unlike miley, britney started the business at 17 doing the whole sexy shit…she didnt start off as some disney icon for little kids playing a fucking 10 year old popstar…so everyone knew what brit would be about

  38. 238

    HA! What i'm offended by is that manly voice and lazyass dance moves! Ya she pulled a 'Britney', that horrible VMA performance 'Britney'. Which is as far as she'll ever come to even touching Britney!

  39. 239

    That was a poor kiss, at least Britney's made headlines even today + it was with Madonna, Miley is a poor Britney wanna be.
    I don't like Miley at all, I never have, that being said I do like her new song

  40. 240

    Its not HUGELY slutty, but it still feels like seeing toddlers whose mothers have dressed them in mini skirts and high heels… inappropriate and awkward!! It really is Britney all over again, 'innocent' one minute, slutty the next, except only Britney can be Britney. I thought she was a better singer as well, but a cat could sing that song and sound half decent tbh, no tune at all, so repetitive.

  41. 241

    HA HA HA! I didn't see that coming! [/sarcasm] Oh Miley, you're an attention whore.

  42. 242

    are you serious? that was it? dude she didn't even fucking do anything.

  43. 243

    The only positive thing in this performance is that she doesn't lipsynch

  44. 244

    shes walking like that on purpose or she just can't walk with those… heels ?

  45. 245

    Re: Bö!!!SEMICOLON!!!rte Petrarchia – What a great culture england has…NOT!

  46. 246

    Her music is shitty. And then people have the nerve to call other singers out there bad, and than call this shit good? Go the fuck on!

  47. 247

    she is singing live…you have to give her credit for that, but she's trying to hard to look sexy or like Britney. But Brit did it first and better… Miley needs to slow down and enjoy her young age…

  48. 248

    Re: DirrtyWhoresEverywhere – she can't walk in Hills. And when I first saw this performance, I thought she kissed her as well. But she didn't. She did that same kind of move in her video. But this is not MC's best work at all

  49. 249

    those little girl rebel pop songs are so annoyinggg…like lohans failure, Rumors and Britney's Overprotected…

    …oh, and I just know these things! I just know…not..like or anything..so, alright.

  50. 250

    this is the only time ive seen her and though "wow, you really do look like a 17 year old running around in mummmys heels"
    this is really embarassing, the hunchback (mileymodo someone commented, thats HILARIOUS) and the clunky "im a model look at me" walk that just looked hideous.
    stick to hannah montana bb, you can be tamed!

  51. 251

    Next thing you see is Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus & Ke$ha making out at some MTV Awards.

  52. 252

    Was she singing live? I couldn't tell. If so, she did a good job. Awkward, yes, but she'll grow out of it.

  53. 253

    oh my. come to denmark, and you'll see almost every girls act like sluts.. from the age of 12 or 13..

  54. 254

    Fucking donkey face Perez no longer reports gossip, he creates a buzz on this site to get people revved up and post comments so people come back 2 & 3 times giving his website 2 & 3 x the hits. Its all for money. Miley did nothing but he posts it late then waits for all of us to post. Look at the posts… 250 when I did this.
    Why did he not post about the uproar in the UK caused by CaCa. Just after they jailed a cannibal murderer and a couple days after a mass killing. CaCa goes all gross out in her show. The fans were disgusted with what she did. Report that dickhead!

  55. 255

    oh my god, the dance moves looked so awkward.. especially that weird kick at the start haha. i've never been a fan but that was especially cringe worthy

  56. 256

    Does anyone not remember that Christina Aguilera did this too??? I don't really tnink it can be called a "britney moment" when 2 other people were involved…jus sayin'

  57. 257

    i love how she can't sing and 'perform' at the same time. i guess sounding that bad takes A LOT of concentration?! this chik needs to go away a long w/Kesha!

  58. Paty says – reply to this



  59. 259

    Big flamboyant over costumed, over choreographed, musical stage shows = FOR THE GAYS!

  60. 260

    i wish i had legs like that

  61. 261

    Much ado about nothing.

    (Why do you hate women so much, Perez?)

    (And how come people let you call underage girls «sluts» when we can't even call you a f** ?)

  62. 262

    and you supporting it is the # 1 reason why they should not pick as a judge on idol. First the girl sucks and cant sing or really dance, and second you like her

  63. 263

    Re: iluvrob89 – laughed at your comment, your on another planet love

    its was really hard to watch

  64. 264

    She is so awkward. Her dancers are far more graceful than she is.

  65. jhk says – reply to this


    Firstly, I thought she was a country star, this is some shitty pop/country music. second, I though she hated the gays? guess even those "christians" will betray their values in an attempt to stay "relevant"… countdown to the playboy spread

  66. 266

    I hate that these teen's who were child stars feel that they need to do something drastic to "prove" that they are grown ups now! You see it time and again these child stars when they feel that they are older and need to "distance" Themselves from being a child star, that they do something like Pose nude, sex scenes, dress slutty, etc, etc. Ok I can understand when they pull something like that when no kids are around or when the little kids who were thier fans wouldn't be watching (well shouldn't be) something like that. But when they are trying to prove they are adults on a show like this, well little 5 and 6 year olds who love Hannah Montana were probably watching this performance and probably asked their mom or dad why Hannah was kissing a girl? When it is a show like a talent show, little kids I'm sure were watching it. It's not like it was a drama, it was a variety show. Miley needs to be more responsible, she still is on Disney channel and she knows the age of her fan base, that little girls with Miley Barbies are watching her and imitating her. She can transition to adult hood with out resorting to tactics like this! Seriously we are just trying to make our little girls grow up so fast, why not let them be little as long as possible? Miley needs to remember that little girls make up the large amount of her fans and while she is on a show where kids are more than likely watching she needs to keep it age appropriate.

  67. 267

    i noticed she does a lot of standing around when she performs, it's pretty fucking boring

  68. 268

    It's funny how she hates on the show Glee because it's not 'realistic', yet in her music video for this song, she's a giant crazy human-bird!

    ….someone a little upset that Glee butchered her song?

    Slutty Cyrus sounds horrrrriiibbbllleee

  69. 269

    really? what kiss?

  70. 270

    Can't sing. Can't dance. Terrible performer. All the adults who are enabling this average teenager are blood-sucking leeches.

  71. 271

    Okay i agree she didn't kiss her, i didn't need to watch the clip to know that because i watched it live on the day, but i do have to say she is a little slut, her dad let her boyfriend move in when she was 16 so they could so stuff in the house where he could know she was safe wtf and he said its better then her doing stuff outside and behind his back wtf thats so wrong. Also this whore can't sing to save her life, she is croaky and no comparison to britney, we wanted to mute the tv but my little sister some how likes this douche.

  72. 272

    WOW she can't sing worth a shit.

  73. chang says – reply to this


    Wake up dumb fucks….it's called Performing!!!!

  74. 274

    Yawn. Sorry to disagree with the norm, but she is talented, but agree she is extremely annoying. This song is so Britney-esque, from the fast talking lyrics to that horrendous outfit. Britney could pull it off better, but would sound worse. In the battle of Miley vs. Britney, it's Miley by a longshot. In a perfect world, we'd have neither…

  75. 275

    I thought it was quite a agood performance.. Her singing was not bad..

  76. SaraT says – reply to this


    she did the same on DWTS, she doesn't really kiss her and this isn't new. For the people who are saying she's not going to go anywhere. I think she is, you don't see on this clip but the crowd went wild for her, she couldn't get through her interview with out people shouting that they loved her. No one else got that response on BGT. and compares to pixie lott's performance the day before it was alot better.

  77. 277

    she is not a slut.. she looks amazing. and she can actually SING. bulling a britney would be tone deaf. she looks and sounds amazing. and shes not an attention whore she is a PERFORMER

  78. 278

    That looked really bad.

  79. 279

    It was pretend. are u bitched blind?

  80. 280

    LMFAO at people that actully pay to watch her perform.Brit Twit and Miley both sound like cartoon characters and suck.

  81. 281


  82. 282

    Wow People Are Such HATERS!!! She's good. She's Her Own Person… And What Is going On With All These Comparisons Lately? And Regarding To Her Performance And Outfit: Who Cares, It Is What It Is… I’ve Seen Worse…What’s the Big Deal? Remember Sex Sells…And All Celebrities Know That… So Brace Yourselves, Things Are Only Getting Worse!

  83. 283

    stupid exaggeration! she couldn't even fake it well. like someone told her to kiss a girl and she was totally repulsed by it. this song and whole act is a rip off of adam lambert's FYE. prolly written by the same people but it sounds exactly the same. but this performance is OK because she's America's sweetheart, right? LAME!

  84. 284

    Sex tape (with a banana or a beer bottle) in 3,2,1…

  85. 285

    PPL Need to realize that she is not that innocent little girl anymore. Parents are going to have to realize their younger daughters wont be able to listen to some of her music anymore. Its like Christina Aguleria. My Parents didn't want me to watch that video in it where shes in all leather and basically no clothes on. Miley is about to be 18 shes getting to be grown. She doesn't go out and party in the pubic eye which is what parents like about her. Miley Cryus is not the little 15 year old girl anymore..

  86. 286

    poor thing…she needs to learn to descend a stairway in a much more lady like way

  87. 287


  88. 288

    miley sucks
    and she needs to grow up!

  89. 289

    Re: ScreamVengeance – Oh please, Scream, we all know Adam is gay. He kissed the dude because he felt like it. Then what happens? He gets reprimanded big time. And all-of-a-sudden "grown up" aka SLUTTY Miley decides to do the same thing (but staged) and gets away with it. No complaints, no nothing. Please, child.

  90. 290

    she soundz good here !

  91. 291

    I know she didn't kiss her. But.. she has to think, she fans that r all little girls and they consider her as their role model. Come on, Miley. Are you kidding?. When you started Hannah Montana I WAS a fan of you but since you're all "grown up" NOBODY can be fan of you. You're just ridiculous!!

    Peace OUT! =)

  92. 292

    the fake kissing thing was kind of embarassing. ha

  93. 293

    What is up with the ratty hair?

  94. 294

    It's hard to watch this video because she is so awkward. Britney was genuinely sexy, but Miley looks like a little girl that put on her mom's makeup & clothes. It's just weird, not sexy, edgy or whatever she was going for.

  95. 295

    She looks like a chicken pecking that woman's face..and I say woman, since we all know Miley's dancers are ADULTS, unlike Miley who is still a MINOR!..Sorry honey, it's still KIDDIE PORN until you ACTUALLY turn 18! If you're lucky, then you'll get a SCRAM anklet before you turn 21.

  96. 296

    I am more concerned about her grabbing her crotch and her young fans seeing that then the simulated lezbo kiss

  97. 297

    shes a fucking whore

  98. 298

    she makes my boy parts wiggle.

  99. 299

    why does she think she needs to act like this?
    also: i love how she preached about being a good girl when she was on the disney channel. the second she's off, she becomes a slut.
    who saw this coming?!
    oh yeah. me.
    she's trying to grow up too fast. and by "growing up" she's actually seeming less mature.
    way to suck, miley.

  100. 300

    shes looking hot, by the way as far as I know thats not pulling a Britney…. more like pulling a Madonna….. Britney has always been so hyped

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