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Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!

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Oh, Slutty Cyrus. You're going to be 18 in November. So this is totally acceptable now! Ha

Watch (above) MileyBird's girl-on-girl action during her performance of Can't Be Tamed on Britain's Got Talent Thursday night!

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379 comments to “Miley Pulls A Britney! Goes Lesbo On Big British TV Performance!”

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  1. 301

    A. Yes, she does look kind of skanky. Granted it's a performance and a lot of dancers wear shocking or revealing outfits, people forget they are COSTUMES.
    B. Perez, I'm surprised you aren't proud of her. Aren't you openly gay? She looked like she kissed that girl, but I'm not sure that she did. Either way, I don't understand why she is considered "slutty" but other gay men or women are applauded for this kind of stuff. Kind of hypocritical?

  2. 302

    Re: iluvrob89 – Oops totally misread your comment … I thought you said that Miley couldn't sing and Britney could! I take my last comment back bc Britney CAN sing & Miley can't

  3. 303

    Spare me.If you're going to do kicks on stage Miley,maybe you should ask Avril how it's done first.You look like you're kicking field goals.She'll probably be happy to help you out with the singing thing too.

  4. 304

    She's great i dont see everyones problem with her. She is gorgeous and trying to move on from 'Hannah Montana'. People are over exagerating her sluttyness to much.. They are forgetting she is still a virgin.

  5. 305

    Miley always could sing, and her previous releases on air were really catchy, this one is ok still catchy. But … hmm she's only 17 and even doing "fake-kissing" is kinda weird. But girls are gonna do what they want. Just in this case, there's really no reprimanding coming from her parents. It was sad when Britney shunned her basically at the award show when Miley was like oh my friend is accepting this award im giving her. But I don't hate Miley, she just kinda dropped all her famous tween stuff and is going for adult stuff.

  6. 306

    It was only a matter of time…although umlike Britney, she actually makes an effort to sing live. Britney SUCKS!

  7. 307

    I hate Miley. The song sucks and she's a slut.

  8. LiaLo says – reply to this


    Re: MissIffySparkles – You are correct she isn't 15 years old anymore, but you also have to understand that she is famous because of her fans. Majority of her fans are of a younger age group, and out of respect to the parents who bought her dvds and cds, you think she would be alittle more "adult" about the situation. She is fortunate to have the job she has, and that is what it is a job, a job to be an entertainer and a role model. You know how many people would love to have her job? (Hey Disney call me up anytime!) I am not saying she can't explore the sexual side of herself, but she doesn't need to jump the kid ship so fast either.

    Last time I checked she isn't an adult till 21, so your arguement is flawed. She is only 17. If she had a kid at her age you would be saying she is too young. I am not saying she can't explore her sexual side but she can also do that in private. What she does in her bedroom is her business, but what she does on stage is a parents business. You can tell she is just starting to get comfy in her own skin, and exploring her sensual side, but it comes off as young and awkward for those who are older.

  9. LiaLo says – reply to this


    She is pretty, and talented. Lip syncing, is not something her 13 year old self would want her to be doing. Don't copy the has beens, that is why they are there. Britney is the exception and it is because of the Media her career is still alive. The youthful singer now has a destroyed voice from the drugs she did, doesn't write her own music or sing it on stage for that matter, and can't play any instruments, she is not an artist anymore. She just dances on stage, she is a shell. A pretty shell, but just a shell.

    Now as for Miley, I just don't think she should bite the hand that has been feeding her career for so long. Just remember Miley, to make it you have to be different, what she is doing now isn't different. Just turning into another sex icon. Boring….

  10. 310

    She did kiss her. In the interview after, her lipstick was all smeared. She needs to sort it out. DESPERATE

  11. 311

    wow the choreography and vocals are terrible

  12. 312

    your flash videos are too old. upgrade them so that we can watch them on the iPad

  13. 313

    Re: ShoeWhore – "I think she saves that for Billy Ray."
    You always make me laugh, Shoewhore! Good one.
    Her white trash origin, really shows when she stomps around like a truck driver…absolutely clueless in knowing how to walk let alone dance.
    That being said, I liked the number.
    It would be good in a nightclub to dance to and go wild with it…
    I can see all the gays acting out, all the way from my house.

  14. 314

    She is so unoriginal… i don't think she's ever had a thought of her own.

  15. 315

    I think it was a really good performance if i went to see her i would be very entertained and i think that is the point, she is putting on a performance thats all i dont think she is trying to be a slut or get attention and if she is well she is getting it so well done to her!

  16. 316

    first off it was akward at best!

    she looked like a new born deer-throwing her legs out at random moments! she couldn't even STRUT-she tries way to hard to be sexy and you don't have to try that hard to be sexy. the whole time she just reminded me of a newborn animal that can't work their legs yet

    secondly "the kiss" which can't really tell if she did it or not because her hair is thrown over her face-she looked like a mama bird regiratting (sp?) food into a baby's mouth? is this what she was trying to make it look like to go along with her whole "bird" theme?

    she WILL NEVER be britney! she isn't as good as britney! britney makes everything she does effortless and miley just can't do that!

    i thought she was trying to get out of the whole pop scene too-miley will won't be around too much longer. i give it 5 years-she will be a has been like her brother and dad!

  17. 317

    miley's an ugly pig. only retards like her

  18. 318

    Re: fan4lyf – dumbass. miley is the worst singer ever

  19. 319

    Re: hayley2413 – gorgeous? HAHAHA miley is a fucking horsefaced dog

  20. 320

    Re: mileycyrusfanx3 – what a stupid username. miley sux

  21. 321

    Britney and christina ripped off tatu that year.

  22. 322

    Re: lifesaabeach – "She is so unoriginal"
    When you've been around as long as I have, (59 1/2), you'll soon discover, there's not much originality out there…hardly ever!
    Not everything has to be great anyway…just have a good beat…
    that's all we needed when we were watching Dick Clark on Saturday morning, a million years ago…. a good beat.
    True for today as well.
    Herman's Hermits, from the '60's, had a pretty good career based on crap, singing little dittys.

  23. 323

    Re: PinkXplosion – same thing happened to hilary duff. remember she was supposed to "replace" britney at one time.

  24. 324

    actually, Perez i was watching live last night (living in the UK) and from the people i have asked, general comments from others, and around my family group, her performance went down pretty well
    she cannot stay hannah montana forever… what, do you want another 5 albums the same as the last? No!
    Is it only ok for Britney to act like that? Dont be stuck in the past.. Britney is a hasbeen now.. and when she was prominent she couldnt even sing and dance live!
    granted her new persona is on the 'adult' side, however.. way to exaggertate perez, her 'lesbian kiss' was niether a shock to me or commented on..

  25. meggw says – reply to this


    NEWS FLASH!!!! Christina also made out with madonna!!!! Did NO ONE SEE THE PERFORMANCE???
    Also, you cant even TELL that they kissed cuz her fuckin hair is in the way!!! so they might not of

  26. 326

    sigh…i used to love her as an actress and singer. now its just sad to see that she wants to grow up so bad that she'll sink this low. and go with the pole dancing and lap dancing and every other dancing that most parents wouldn't want their children to even think about learning. which is why i blame Billy Ray and her mother. Billy might play a good daddy on Hannah Montana, but he's made extremely poor decisions as a parent. Miley and Noah will turn out the worst out of the whole family.

  27. 327

    @MEMEME4 AGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, Miley works like she's in her 30's, 17 hours a day, less sleep. So she works harder than most people in their 20's and 30's. So don't give me that bullshit of she's just 17. Try to give a better excuse? because the one you gave didn't even make sense.

  28. 328

    wonder what all of her jesus freak fans she and her dad cultivated all these years think of this.
    it's pathetic when people with no talent attempt to make up for it by whoring themselves out.
    this whole family is foul.

  29. 329

    She is fucking ridiculous. I'm done being a fan of her's. I hope her career falls apart. I don't even care if they didn't really kiss…. Her behavior is disgusting.

  30. 330

    She makes me want to vomit. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. We banned Hannah Montana from our house years ago so my daughter could care less about this skank. THANK GOD

  31. 331

    such a disgusting WHORE

  32. 332

    wtf perez, they didn't actually kiss
    ANT and DEC!!!

  33. 333

    Maybe we are very open minded here in the Netherland, but I don't see what the fuss is about. It is just a part of the dance… Nothing more nothing less. This is not slutty…

  34. 334

    laughably pathetic!!

  35. 335

    Re: GOSSiP__xo – Brit's a lip singer hun, the only thing she's getting by on is that she can dance.

  36. 336


  37. 337

    Off with you head perez!

  38. 338

    Shes just a whore!

  39. 339

    This girl makes me sick, even though she didn't actually kiss that girl. WHy would you even pretend to do that? She's such a…a… I can't even explain how annoying and how much of a attention whore she is!

  40. 340

    omg what you all chatting about she was focking awesome she is the best :)

  41. 341

    How dumb this is like a Britney Spears rerun. If you have to keep telling people and showing people that you are grown up…then you're probably not. It's in the way you carry yourself and if you act grown up people will treat you that way. This is a seventeen year old girl trying to prove to the world she isn't a little girl anymore and shes giving a big Fuck you to all the younger girls that make up her fan base by trying to appeal to an older crowd. Well it doesn't matter anyways because she CAN'T BE TAMED! hahahahahaha lame.

  42. 342

    Re: fan4lyf – lol. actually no, you sound like an ignorant fool. Are you 12? Maybe 13? I love the hypocrisy of you telling someone else to worry about their own life when apparently you are completely unable to do anything but troll this site and jump in to defend and rally around someone you have never met. Unless you've had some kind of up close and personal experience with Miley's hymen…you have no more idea of whether or not she is a virgin than anyone else. so shut it.

  43. 343

    She SERIOUSLY has to control those hormones.

  44. 344

    yes yes yes!! now she's a normal girl, not a disney girl anymore!! yay!

  45. 345

    i really don't see what's so horrible about this performance
    she HAS done worse

  46. 346

    I can't stand her, shes just a fucking attention whore, and a regular whore too aha :D
    and shes also very ugly :D

  47. 347

    i agree with jessika nikole and nelly_in_SJ !! dumb bitchhh shes gross !

  48. 348

    bitch is not even her style she doesnt fit haha

  49. 349

    You always pick on her and call her slutty and she is nothing but always nice to you…. She even shows up to your events… If I were her after what you have called her I would show up and stick my hills in your ass…. OH! but you would like that……

  50. 350

    I think her ass sticking out is slutier than the kiss that never happened.

  51. errgg says – reply to this


    lol i dont care if she kissed a girl or not, but omigod, can someone please tell me how she even got a singing career? i swear, my ears are bleeding. my oh my, i wonder what the little kids will think of this. christian my ass. shut the fuck up mileybird.

  52. 352

    honestly i could not tell if that was a guy or girl she supposly "kissed"

  53. 353

    …that really wasn't a kiss. It was the allusion of a kiss, but it really wasn't one. I love how people call her a slut because of a stupid so called kiss in a performance. 95% of girls her age have done things 100000x worse than she has done, but because she's in the public eye people say horrible things about her and call her a slut. It's so stupid. And Perez, get over yourself and cut out the rude and childish nicknames (ie., Slutty Cyrus, Evan Rachel Whore… ect.) it's getting old and dumb.

  54. 354

    slut slut slut! and no im not jelous im 5/5 109 pounds 36 c real chest dark tan skin and long dark hair. (all real) i knew from begginng she would be another brit that is why i kept my daughter away from anything that deals with her. she is NO role model and if i were her mom i would be so very disappointed. she crossed a line and i doubt she will ever return. why would she she has everything here on earth but this on for short time then she will answer to God. and nooooo dont tell me she believes in god and a virgin that is crap and you'all on here no that. all the money she wants and all the material things she wants but she will always have a void regardless what she says because nothing is complete without GOD!

  55. 355

    Re: iluvrob89 – lol…….okay. whatever makes you happy. NOT! Not even close and she has the face of a monkey.

  56. 356

    shes a terrible performer. And an ATTENTION WHORE!!! Why would she ACT like she was kissing her?? DUMB

  57. 357

    i don't care what anyone says. i like miley now that she's all slutty haha

  58. 358

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find similarities of her video/concept for this song similar to that of "I'm a Slave 4 U" by Britney?

    I mean, yes..one songs about breaking out and the others about being a slave..but the whole cage, torn clothing, and extreme performance concept–pretty damn close.

  59. 359

    lol she totally wishes she could be brittany

  60. 360

    Re: charrrrk_attack – lol noo, im a slave 4 u is about breaking out as well, just go to read the lyrics.
    and yeah guys, miley CAN sing, she just has an ugly voice, theres a difference. and i agree the performance wasn't that bad, but she can't pull of "sexy" thats something that comes naturally, and she just wasnt born with it. She comes off as very awkward trying.

  61. 361

    younger lindsay lohannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! FUTURE is ahead of u child, ur nothing butta younger lindsay.

  62. 362

    Why TF R u reading Perezhilton.com if u think he's such a loser?? Now thats being a loser to me..

  63. 363

    Personally I don't think its that big a deal! I mean she doesn't want to be seen as a little girl anymore and wants to break away from the Hannah Montana image. All young singers do it eventually, its just that she's jumped from one extreme to the other rather quickly without doing the whole in between stage that a lot of others do. Think of the stick Britney got for "I'm a slave" and Christina for "Dirty". Only difference is she is a "Disney Kid".

  64. 364

    i actually thought it wasnt that bad, i dont even think she is an ugly chick, just doing what every other singer would do, think they all must have the same choreographer, same shitz diff story

  65. 365

    This girl has NO rhythm, no dancing skills or grace and is a hunchback. The song sounds like a cross between county and shitty pop. I’m embarrassed for her.

  66. 366

    you people have serious life issues calling miley a slut because she dances… and saying "christian my ass" like you can be gay and be christian and she's not even gay and you can dance however the fuck you want

  67. 367

    ok so let me get this straight, youre gay but if miley does it then its wrong? wtf is your problem perez get over yourself!

  68. 368

    She's an entertainer in a cruel world. We'll continue to pray for her. WhenMagazine.com

  69. 369

    Please stop comparing young hollywood stars to Britney…I mean one second it's Miley and the next its Lindsay…what's wrong with you ?

  70. 370

    How is that slutty.. sure if she was going at it with her boyfriend on stage, but this is just a badly faked kiss which didnt make much difference as the song still sucks anyway - to her credit though she hasa good voice.

  71. 371

    gosh perez are you so damn desperate for some scandalous news? they didn't actually kiss. it was part of the choreography and you can tell their lips didn't meet AT ALL. not that i like miley cyrus but if you call her a slut, at least do it for the right reasons.

  72. 372

    Duh-does anyone notice the girls are not really kissing?? Why dont the haters realize she not 12 anymore & shouldnt act like she is?? Shes 18-shes here to stay so get over it.

  73. 373

    At what point in the video does this happen? (time) Because I watched the whole thing and didn't see it.

  74. 374

    Re: GOSSiP__xo
    no, britney can't sing. she can't even lip sync properly

  75. 375

    ummmm she doesn't even kiss her

  76. 376

    well … againts the world… i like this girl..and her crazyness….. but its a little too cheap….we need more miley…..give us some exageration..and ur gonna hit it

  77. 377

    Go Miley! That was hottt!!

  78. 378


  79. =] says – reply to this


    so did nobody notice that after the "girl on girl" she went up to a male dancer and was totally grinding up on him from behind with a nasty look on her face. gross. lol

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