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MileyBird Finished With Liam?!

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Liam Hemsworth is a free man! Let us at him!!!

Sources are reporting that Miley Cyrus has recently ended things with her BF and The Last Song co-star because of a MASSIVE blowout the pair had at her El Lay home.

As we've been told, the pair were actually living in sin together at Miley's Toluca Lake mansion. However, last month, Miley tossed him out because he was getting too famous to control.

That's right! He was no longer a piece of hot arm candy she could shuffle around and accessorize for red carpets. He is becoming his own person, with his own career, like his upcoming BIG role in Arabian Nights opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins.

He works with knighted Oscar-winners, you work with your dad. Yeah, we could see where you would be jealous!

But Miley's jealousy wasn't the only factor in the split. Sources suggest that the Aussie was fed up with Miley's rents constantly interfering in their relationship. Things came to a head last month and the two had a "vicious" fight. Now, Liam is said to have moved in with his brother Chris Hemsworth in an apartment in Hollywood.

Hey, boys! If things get too crowded, you just give us a call! We'll make up a spare room for you!

Though Liam has yet to confirm the split, one source caught up with MileyBird to ask her about their relationship. She replied: "(We) are on a break."

Another one bites the dust!

Your loss this time, Miley! There is nothing not to like about that boy! Deeeelish!

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