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Suri Cruise Has A FANCY New Toy!

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Only the finest of things for the changeling!!

While most aliens kids are happily occupied with a blank placemat and a few crayons while out at a restaurant with their folks, Suri Cruise will simply not stoop down to such a plebeian level!

Sources are claiming that the four year old busied herself on her brand new iPad while dining with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Il Cantinori in NYC!

Before you groan with disgust, give girlfriend some credit! She has a busy life!

We're sure she was just answering some long overdue e-mails and catching the latest episode of Mad Men! LOLz!

It's ridiculous to us that anyone under the age of 18 has one of those things, but we'll let it slide because that poor child has to put up with her psychotic effing parents all day.


[Image via WENN.]

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101 comments to “Suri Cruise Has A FANCY New Toy!”

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  1. 1

    OMG Perez leave the kids alone!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Suri since you seem obsessed with her..knock it off it is unnecessary to keep focusing on little kids.

  2. 2

    Ugh shut up perez. they probably got it for free, and she was probably just playing with it. even if she wasn't, who cares. jesusssss.

  3. Dja says – reply to this


    SO SO SAD LOLLLLLLLL. She doesnt even stand a chance.

  4. Dja says – reply to this


    so sad.

  5. StayC says – reply to this


    too young, she's probably looking up porn

  6. 6

    How do you know it was hers and that she wasn't just playing on daddies to keep her occupied?? It wouldn't be the first time a parent has handed over a bit of technology to get a few minutes of silence, I give my daughter my phone all the time

  7. kayli says – reply to this


    Isn't a part of the charm of the ipad that you can have our internet and all of that, and also hand it off to your kid when you want to keep them busy?

  8. kayli says – reply to this


    I saw a kid at the mall playing with it while his mom was shopping, there's nothing wrong with that

  9. 9

    Not that I typically think the the Cruise's are the perfect example of child rearing, but this is actually brilliant. I have been letting my nephew play with my iphone since he was 6 months old. It totally helps with motor skill and memory development.

  10. 10

    no kid needs something like that…why don't they donate some of that money to the poor?

  11. 11

    Absolutly ridiculous!

  12. 12

    Perez… she's a little kid… who cares (probably Katie's), stop picking on her, other than that… love ya!

  13. 13

    She's probably smarter then you and I'm not joking.. Plus what the fuk are you doing trashing children?? disgusting

  14. 14

    Mario, I think you are still jealous she has the Chanel lip gloss, in 5 shades, in her little purse……………

  15. 15

    Have you ever heard of keeping a child entertained while waiting for their food? Mario you need to lighten up on the children of Hollywood. Hell you need to lighten up period. You put everyone down except Lady Gag Gag and your other little music croonies. Or your homos. Get a life fatboy. Oh wait a minue..Mario doesn't even write his own blog anymore does he? Lighten up ghost writers…

  16. 16

    There's thousands upon thousands of games for it, so why not? Even educational games. & iBooks.. It's an amazing products for any age!

  17. 17

    'It's ridiculous to us that anyone under the age of 18 has one of those things, but we'll let it slide because that poor child has to put up with her psychotic effing parents all day.'

    AMEN!! I feel sorry for that kid, growing up with those nutters as parents. Anyone who believes in Scintology is a moronic, gullible fool.

  18. 18

    im guessing it belongs to her parents..and they were just giving her something to keep her busy….theres nothing wrong with that.

  19. 19

    Is it just me or does Suri always look tired and sickly…she use to look so healthy and cute. What happened to her?

  20. 20

    Its appropriate because its flat and I'm sure there were kid friendly games on it. Its better to take out than the bulky noisy kiddy kinds. Plus, you don't know who it belongs to.

  21. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Leave the kids alone!

  22. 22

    An impossible bitch they're raising.
    The poor bastard, of a first husband, that gets to marry her.
    Suri is already ruined, being the good wife to a good man.

  23. 23

    Meh doesnt bother me. My daughter is the same age and she plays on my Itouch all the time. Todays world is technology. You gotta dig it.

  24. 24

    Who cares what she plays with.. how does this affect anybody? If I had one and my 4 year old would stay quiet long enough for me to have a nice meal.. I'd let her play with it.

  25. 25

    I think it's smart in their part. The kids in today's world that are not computer savy, are the one's that are going to be left behind!

  26. 26

    It was probably one of the parents' ipads, and they gave it to her to play with during dinner because she was bored!

  27. 27

    OMG jealous much Perez? There are plenty of apps that parents can use that will entertian children quietly. I suppose if they gave her a toy that made noise you'd criticize them for allowing her to annoy other people. Give it a rest.

  28. jenry says – reply to this


    Whatever. My two year old has my old iphone… It doesn't have service, but it is loaded with education apps that keep her occupied while we have dinner in a restaurant or during long car rides. I really don't see the problem.

  29. 29

    Re: DogTown – I noticed this about Katie too. I wonder if its some kind of mind alteration or something weird like that, you're right there is something that is not right with them

  30. 30

    There is nothing wrong with a kid having an iPad, if you can afford it, do it, there are so many educational games that keep kids preoccupied and learning… I have seen many parents (esp. mom's) with their young children playing on the latest iPad.

  31. 31

    There are a lot of kid appropriate apps that can be downloaded. My neice is 6 and she plays with my iphone all the time.

  32. 32

    Good for her. There's knowledge to be shared on an iPad. Far more than with crayons and a colouring book.

  33. 33

    What an idiot you are. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who plays with my iPhone and iPad all the time. I've downloaded several toddler-friendly apps and they are a great way to keep kids occupied while out to dinner, on a car trip, etc. You don't have children (thank GOD!) so why don't you keep your parenting opinions to yourself.

  34. 34

    It might not even be hers.

  35. 35

    Tom Cruise was so cool 20 +years ago. Now he acts like a controlling superficial douche bag. I bet ya he cheated on Kate with Cameron Diaz while filming their recent movie…hypocrit

  36. catie says – reply to this


    I saw a 2year old that had one, so Suri having one isn't that bad!

  37. 37

    Ipad is just a computer and all my friends kids play all kinds of nick n disney games on it. Get a life perez…. Most 4yr olds have cell phns… now thats ridiculous

  38. 38

    Tom Cruise was cool 20+ years ago.
    Today he is a superficial, hypocritical, controlling douchebag.
    Suri is innocent because she is a child being brainwashed by money and fame. She will unfortunatley be in therapy one day

  39. 39

    I'm a nanny, and the little girl I take care of is allowed to play with her parents' iPad…it's especially great when I'm fixing meals!! There are educational games that let her practice math and reading, too.

  40. 40

    The ipad is worth less than one of her outfits. Big deal.

  41. 41

    Actually they are awesome for kids. My brother bought one and my 3 year old niece plays it more than he does. It's really really good for movies and she plays games like tap tap (unsuccessfully of course). and he even has educational games on there.

  42. 42

    Perez you do outrageous things for your dog and with your dog, and its an animal, so do not hate on other people that can provide for their children, I would do the same for my 2 year old if it keeps her entertained.

  43. 43

    She was just probably messing around on it. Lots of kids play with their parents iPads from what I've seen.

  44. 44

    Perez, u r a bonafide loser. #1 leave kids alone, what a pig r u????? 2. You don't know ANYTHING about Scientology so shut it 3. Practice Religious Tolerance, you want people to be tolerant because your gay so turn around and do the same thing, be tolerant for someone else's belief's.

  45. 45

    My sister nannies for two kids that have an ipad–they are 1 and 2, now that's young for an ipad.

  46. 46

    It's pathetic to me that anyone would give an iPad to anyone that young. It doesn't matter if the parents got it for free or not, it's the fact that that child will have absolutely no clue about how real kids live. Even Princess Diana took her sons to McDonald's at night and had them stand in line like everyone else so they would understand that not everyone lived in a castle with people doing everything for them. Tom and Katie aren't doing their daughter any favors raising her the way they are.

  47. 47

    I'm going to give her a pass because she is the spawn of a crazy midget and his brainwashed beard.

  48. 48

    She is going to be one fucked up person by the time she's 16. Poor Suri. An annoying ugly mom and a gay dad in the closet with mental problems.

  49. 49

    Who gives a fuck?

  50. whoev says – reply to this


    How do you sleep at night, ridiculing a little kid? Calling her an alien? You should be ashamed.

  51. 51

    As a parent, I see nothing wrong with Suri using an iPad to keep occupied for a little while at a restaurant. I've handed my toddler a iPod touch to keep her occupied. It sure beats whining and crawling all over the chairs. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Nobody under the age of 18 should have an iPad? How jealous are you? Just because you grew up poor doesn't mean everyone else should.

  54. @v@ says – reply to this


    Kids get computer savvy soon enough. The crayons and paper serve to develop small motor skills, and that's important, too, and first.

  55. 55

    But don't you see to her it's NOT a fancy toy…just a toy. She can't comprehend how luxurious her life is. Everything is "just a _____". Right now, to her, life is no different than a surburban four year old. They should all be left alone to enjoy it while it lasts. Don't worry…once she's older and realizes that not everyone vacations on a yacht in the south of France, her internal struggle will begin. Although the lifestyle has got to be nice…how do you even come close to measuring up in your own right?? I guess a thank you is in order to my mom and dad for the Daytona Beach vacations…we've actually been able to surpass them and hit up California!!

  56. 56

    She is so cute!

  57. 57

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  58. 58

    kids love that stuff, my niece loves playing with my iphone theres some gams taht seh loves n theres a lot of super kid friendly apps so whts wrong, she is rich and if she can have an expensive game device why shouldt she im sure she was prolly finger painting or something like that

  59. 59

    why is it rdiculous for anyone under 18 to have one? you watch movies, play games, read books and go on the internet with it. that what kids under 18 do, you moron.

  60. 60

    a 4 year old doesnt need a ipad. I just hope it was her parents letting her goof off on it

  61. 61

    Leave the kid alone and STOP calling her an alien. And actually most kids these days would NOT be happy with crayons and a piece of paper at a restaurant. I see them with electronic devices all the time now. Who cares if she has an iPad! Her parents can afford it….what kid wouldn't want one. You are one sicko when it comes to kids.

  62. 62

    If you can afford it, why not? My five year old has an iPod touch (granted it's from eBay) and it's full of learning apps, kid songs, audio books and old school cartoons. She's rewarded with iTune gift cards for doing her chores instead of money for her doing her chores. I would totally get her an iPad if I could afford it. She's careful enough with her iPod that I would totally trust her with an iPad.

  63. 63

    Got one for my cat, she like's it just fine.

  64. 64

    Stop worrying about Suri. Suri's fine. Worry about the parentless, poor, at-risk children out there without access to modern technology. Our future relies on today's tech-savy children to survive. We don't need some fame-hungry 'mo ragging on the little ones.

  65. 65

    If it really is hers that's ridiculous! But you don't know, it could have been Tom or Katie's.

  66. 66

    Spoiled Little Brat…poor thing,let's wait and see when she's 15…

  67. 67

    My not quite 2 year old niece uses one all the time. It has so many apps aimed at kids her age. It's only like 600 bucks, Tomkat has like 100's of million, Is this really worth writing about?

  68. 68

    Re: DogTown – she is now old enough to be aware and freaked out/annoyed by the many different men paparazzi who follow and shout things at her daily, would be my guess!

  69. 69

    okay who cares if she owns an ipad now. or that her parents gave her one.

    shes obviously smart enough to use it.

  70. 70

    Maybe the gadget belonged to Tom or Katie and Suri was just playing w/it — keeps her occupied so the 'rents can relax.

  71. 71

    u dont know a thing, srry dudeeee ive got an ipad im 17 and i love it i def. need it

  72. 72

    Has it ever occurred to you that it might belong to her parents and she's just playing with it? And teenagers under 18 are the main demographic for this gadget you dumb ass

  73. 73

    In the defense of kids and ipads… While your average everyday kid might not need an expensive toy that won't survive a good drop ( and yeah, natural 1st impression is totally what a spoiled little SOB), these things are showing to be a great tool in treating autism, ADD, fine motor deficit, and other mental and developmental ailments that are afflicting a growing number of kids. Moms and Dads of differently-abled kids, check it out!

  74. 74

    I'm with you PEREZ!!!! Suri has to be the biggest spoiled brat. Every pic or vid I see of her it seems so obvious that she calls all the shots here and get whatever she wants. It's actually kind of annoying to see. It's sad too cause I blame her parents! They have/are creating a monster and they just don't get it!!!

  75. 75

    she seems as if shes growing up to fast. no i am not just talking about the ipad but i am sure it had to be daddies.

  76. 76

    do you really talk like that perez??

    Re: HonestlyNot – agreed!! WTF!

  77. JoeyW says – reply to this


    Bitch please, I see kids playing on their parents' ipods, iphones and Ipads all the freaking time.

  78. 78

    so she was using an ipad. thats pretty smart to learn that. would you rather have her use crayons on the tablecloth. stop picking on tom!

  79. 79

    This kid is a fucken little spoiled brat!

  80. 80

    A ridiculous statement, Perez. While a lot of kids in America are getting a less than decent education, it is great to see some parents (fucked up or not) giving their kids a leg up.
    I am pretty fucking sure she isn't sitting there watching "EAT DA POO POO" unless of course she comes to your site. If she did, she would learn how to be an ugly person, inside and out. I hope they have a netnanny or something, I would hate for a kid to read about your fucked up agenda.

  81. 81

    Poor child of misguided Scientology parents who used to belong to true religions.
    This child is being guided down the wrong path in life. Sad.

  82. 82

    It isn't Suri's fault. you can't blame her, how could she possibly know any better. I think we should lay off the kiddies, They have it hard enough being in a spotlight that they didn't choice to be in. lets give them a chance to break out of this fish bowl.

  83. 83

    And this is news worthy, why?? We sometimes bring a little portable DVD player with us when we go to a restaurant with our kids so they have something to do while they wait for their meal to arrive…otherwise it's not going to happen and we'd never get to go out. Those stupid placemats and crayons work for about 2 minutes. You gotta do what you gotta do. If you had kids, you'd realize that and stop picking on other parents just because they're rich and famous. Jealous much?

  84. 84

    Seriously my 4 and 2 year old have an ipad! And we are not rich, we are from Flint MI. But you have to realize that its 2010, children are WAY more advanced then we were.

  85. 85

    oh come on, my husband has one and of course we have some apps for the kids. there is a cute 'cookie baking' app that me 3 year old plays with. no biggie! don't be jealous honey!

  86. 86

    My husband and I thought about buying our 6 & 7 year old one. We didn't because we figured they were too young (not too play with one), but they would probably drop it or something and it's an expensive toy to break. 3 or so years, they will probably have one. There are a ton of great apps for kids! & I agree, I hand over my phone for my kids to play with. It could have been just handed over, to occupy her for a while.

  87. balls says – reply to this



  88. 88

    The iPad (and/or iPhone) is awesome for kids! There are a TON of toddler-specific learning games available and the touch screen is easy for them to learn. While my daughter doesn't have her very own iPad, she uses mine EVERY time we go out to dinner. She can draw, do puzzles, watch movies and even "read" books. Don't knock it, Perez.

  89. 89

    You're website should be banned for talking shit about kids! You're an asshole and even with all that weight loss you still look like a hot mess!

  90. 90

    Good for her…It's not like they don't have programs/apps for KIDS on there…and I'm sure it's Tom's or Katie's…Why does that make them "bad parents" for letting their child use a computer?! Not like Tom wouldn't have MILLIONS of websites blocked, as he seems overly-controling… Sounds like you're just jealous Suri has an iPad, and you don't even have a MAC, Mario!!! Surprised you didn't try to plug to be an American Idol judge at the end of this post, too!!!

  91. 91

    My kids had a computer before they were even a year old. As long as you limit the time they are on and watch what they play it can be educational. Weldome to the new Millenium.

  92. 92

    No one that young needs an iPad. Hell, half the world can't fucking afford one!

  93. 93

    she is going to be THE most fucked up teenager EVER.

  94. 94

    Re: Tinalouise – Stfu

  95. 95

    She's rich…. FUCK OFF !!

  96. 96

    well she does carry a 900.00 purse??????? thoughts people on that? thats a fact!

  97. 97

    That kid is always eating cupcakes, sucking on a bottle or eating candy!!! Hope Xenu has a good dental plan for his followers…

  98. 98

    I just got an iPhone and was amazed at all the little kid apps out there. Some are even marketed to BABIES. That's all American children need is more screen time as their brains are developing. Giving it to her as a treat is one thing but people who allow their children continuous access are fing retarded and deserve the ritalin bills in the future.

  99. 99

    you mostly just sound jealous.

  100. 100

    well her daddy is rich, so he can afford it…plus she is prolly lookin up some good info on the stock market so she can talk to her momma later since she is her momma's best girlfriend….and plus she is spoiled little girl so she prolly is hell in public!! no crayons are gonna make her entertained…bring out the clowns!! **clap clap**…no seriously…after3 kids and 3 grandkids…they just want her entertained while her daddy drills her momma on how to act and what she is gonna eat and wear ….etc..etc…blah blah blah…LOVE YA PEREZ!!

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